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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 1, 1974, High Point, North Carolina New Law hikes property worth7 by Forres Cates Enterprise staff writer the House you own or Are paying for is a a Worth More today than it was yesterday. In tax. Not real value that is. This is the Date that a new state statute on property values goes into effect. It decrees that All properties across the state will be put on the various tax books at too per cent of their a a sound value. That Means that the various City and county rates will be applied to the properties on the basis of their a a Market value not a percentage As has been Vav Ater flow heavy at City Lake dam monday staff photo by Sonny Hedgecock 1973 really was All wet by Braxton Younts Enterprise staff writer the year 1973 was Many things a but it was not . Figures from records at the City of High Point filter Plant on Kivett drive reflect that through dec. 27 a total of 53.1 inches of precipitation had fallen. This is 8.31 inches above the 10-year average of 44.79 inches per year. Most of the above average rainfall was received in May june and july. Figures for these three months with the amount of precipitation received first and the Normal Are May 6.13 inches and 2.75 june 6.27 and 4.73 and july 7.32 and 4.0. The heaviest amount of rain recorded in one Day was that entered for july 17, when 3.44 inches had been recorded for the 24-hour period ending at 5 . The second highest daily total was received on May 28, 3.21 inches. And it was noted that the City received a total of six inches of Snow on dec. 16-17. While May june and july had excessive amounts of rainfall september and november came up shy on the 10-year Normal comparisons. September had 1.34 inches As compared to a Normal of 4.29, and september a figures were 1.21 and 2.86. And in the waning Days of december that month was 2.52 inches of precipitation ahead of its 10-year Normal. At 5 . On dec. 27 the filter Plant employees had recorded a total of 5.56 inches with the Normal for the full month being 3.04 inches. While 1973 was More than somewhat wet the record keepers said it was a Well within Normal averages a on temperature ranges. The period from october i through dec. To was a bit warmer than Normal but no records were set. H g la p 0 i n t i n t u l r p r i s g tuesday afternoon january 1,1974 Section b Art Buchwald sentimental 73 says sad Goodby student driving ban is unlikely in chair City Washington grizzled old 1973 was putting the last things into his suitcase As Young Bright eyed 1974 stood nervously in the bedroom a Well a said old �?T73, As he stuffed a few More White House tapes into his bag a that seems to be about it. The place is All yours. Here Are the keys to the House. Of. By the Way keep the thermostat Down to 68 or you May run out of Oil by March. You May run out of it anyway. I done to know what happened. When i moved in in january everything was going great then suddenly in october the Bottom fell out and damned if we did no to have a worldwide Energy crisis. 1972 did no to say a word to me about a by Essie a said 1974. A now a said old �?T73, a there Are the keys to the car. You can drive Only 55 Miles an hour and you re supposed to put Only to Gallons of Gas in your tank a week. In a glad in a getting out because that a going to be a a Titi do the Best i can with what i be got a �?T74 said. Old �?T73 looked at �?T74 quizzically. Quot in a sure you will. Care for a drink a a thank you sir a said �?T74, a but i done to old �?T73 poured a double shot and drank it Down neat. A you Wim before the month is out a a said. A if you done to drink you la really go off your Axis. Listen when i took this Job Over from �?T72, he did no to Tell me one Damn thing. He just said ifs All yours Buster in a getting out of but in a not that kind of year. In a going to level with you. You got lots of a a in a certain i can handle them Quot �?T74 said. A after All i graduated from Harvard. Old �?T73 poured himself another double shot. A Yeh. Well anyhow you can expect a lot of shortages. Its going to be hard to get plastics steel paper Glass and even plywood. There la be worldwide unemployment and an unreal inflation. And to top it off probably impeach the president of the United a if things were perfect there would be no Challenge would there a 74 replied. A you really Are Square a old �?T73 said As he took a swig from the bottle. A Well suppose i told you in a leaving you a Little Ole War in the Middle East to solve and if you done to it could mean High noon for the rus skies and the a a in a certain sane minds will prevail a �?T74 said. Old �?T73 opened another bottle. A boy i must say you re a Cool one. Anyway in mall burned out. Ifs time for me to be getting along. You re a Nice kid. I like your style. Maybe we can get together sometime and you can let me know How you a a in a like that sir a �?T74 said. A can i help you with your bag a a that would be mighty Nice of you. In a just going Down to the bus station by a Okay sir. Just hold on to my As they walked outside they saw a cheering crowd and a band began playing a for he a a Jolly Good fellow a followed by a Sauld Lane tears welled in old �?T73�?Ts eyes. A Titi be damned a he said All choked up a i did no to think anyone cared. Copyright 1974, los Angeles times by Ven Carver Enterprise staff writer Thomasville Thomasville school officials already have a Means to reduce the number of student driven automobiles but supt. Derwood Huneycutt doubts its usefulness in imposing an Energy crisis moratorium on student driving. Last week the Federal Energy office asked school boards to discourage or ban student operated vehicles from High school campuses. The suggestion was issued As one method of reducing the Drain on already Short gasoline supplies. The Thomasville Board of education passed a discipline policy at its August meeting last year. One Section of the statement gives the principal of Thomasville senior High school the Only school with student driving the Power to suspend driving privileges. But his authority according to the policy extends Only to instances of reckless driving on school grounds. At that Huneycutt says the principal could not forbid anyone from driving a car he could Only order that the offending student not Park on school grounds to Date the superintendent reports there have been no applications of that Section of the discipline policy. Even if the school Board passes a Blanket ban on student autos Huneycutt does not see How it could be enforced. A we cannot prevent a kid from driving his car to school a he says. A we can keep him from parking on the school concerning possible action by the Board Huneycutt at the most expects a Resolution encouraging students to leave their cars at Home. Presently about 200 High school students ride buses according to his estimates and there Are about 200 cars parked on the Campus daily should the Board decide to remove student cars from the Campus which Huneycutt regards As unlikely he believes safety hazards could result. The Case. Properties in Guilford for Many years have been assessed on the basis of 70 per cent of their real value. The percentage rate is even lower in neighbouring counties. In Davidson its 60 per cent of True value and in Randolph county Only 50 per cent. The a sound a or a a Market value of the property is described As a the Price estimated in terms of Money at which property would change hands Between a willing buyer and a willing seller neither being under any compulsion to buy or 4 the suspect in slaying is arrested a fourth suspect in the dec. 27 slaying of Richard Jarrell of South Road was taken into custody monday night by police. Warrants on file today indicate that Gail Scott Beck 19, of Barnwell Street in Thomasville has been charged with murder larceny by breaking and entering conspiracy to commit armed robbery and robbery with a dangerous weapon. Others who have been charged in the death of Jarrell Are Joyce Ann Nealey 23, of it. I Thomasville Don Wayne Merriwether 25, of it. 12, Lexington and Sherrill Brown Sechrest 23, of e. Guilford Street Thomasville. In another facet of the Case police monday entered charges of kidnapping against both Sechrest and Merriwether. Each is accused of kidnapping Jarrell from his South Road residence. Jarrell 26, was found dead in his apartment on South Road last thursday morning after he failed to show up for work at Perry s grocery nearby on English Road. His employer found Jarrells bound and gagged body lying on a bed in his apartment. He had been shot in the head police said. Police monday investigated a shooting and armed robbery. Reports on file today indicate that Jerry Snipes. 23, had been shot while in the Home of Howard Lee Holder on Garrison Street. Holder told officers that Snipes had come to his Home Early tuesday morning and had threatened him and his wife with a .22 Caliper pistol. Holder reportedly pulled a pistol on Snipes and then shot him in the leg. Snipes later was arrested in Randolph county on a Public drunkenness count. The armed robbery took place at approximately 4 45 . Monday at Hancock grocery on Nathan Hunt drive. Ernest Wood Hancock 73, told police that a Young Man entered the store and walked up to him at a counter. The Young Man showed Hancock what appeared to be either a sawed off Shotgun or Rifle and told the proprietor to remove the Money from the Cash Register and give it to him. That was the formula which hired evaluators were supposed to have used when they re evaluated property in Guilford about a year ago. The of the state Law is to provide uniformity in applying the various City and county rates in the state. What will it All mean in terms of Money for the taxpayer no change a if City and county officials do not use the jump in valuation to boost governmental revenues. They must make adjustments equivalent to the increase in valuation in the tax rate to avoid taking More from the property owners in taxes. For instance the City tax rate in High Point is now $1.04, levied against 70 per cent of the Market value of properties. To compensate for the jump in the valuation assessment to too per cent the City Council would have to reduce the tax rate to 73 cents per $100 valuation. Any amount Over that would have to be regarded As an increase in the tax rate. Erie Scott assistant to the City manager thinks the a Council probably will make the necessary adjustment in the rate. Any increase in the tax rate would be considered from that county officials already have indicated that they will make the adjustment in the county tax rate which now stands at 61 cents per $100 valuation. The new tax rates will be set when the governing bodies for the City and county adopt budgets this summer for fiscal year 1973-74. The new rates will be used to compute City and county taxes for the Calendar year 1973. Guilford residents must list their properties or taxes this month. I a / Quot a first of 1974 Little Bridgett Denise Bullard joined the world shortly after the Dawn of 1974 to become the first baby born at High Point memorial Hospital in 1974. The daughter of or. And mrs. Jim a. Bullard of 811 Westover dr., Bridgett weighed in at 6 pounds 4 ounces and was born at 1 17 . Bridgett was the first of the year but her claim to this title was not without Challenge. Before 6 of clock this morning three other new babies had made their appearance at memorial and another was planning an Entrance. Stam photo by Sonny Hedgecock Ramseur water expected to be plentiful in 74 Moffitt death Case unsolved the sheriff s department in Madison county said monday that there Are still no substantial leads in the oct. 12 death of miss Sally Bell Moffitt 18, of High Point. The body of the Mars Hill College Sophomore was found about three Miles from the College by a Man on a construction Crew working on a Road widening project. An autopsy showed death was caused when the pulmonary artery was severed by three broken ribs. By Don Wrenn Enterprise staff writer Ramseur As 1974 approaches for the town of Ramseur citizens can look Forward to a year of plentiful water if present plans go through on construction of a huge dam on Sandy Creek. Town officials even though they Are not sure of Public support Are going ahead with plans to construct a huge dam on Sandy Creek thereby creating a 127-acre Lake. The Lake will provide Ramseur with 392 million Gallons of water which is More than this Small Randolph municipality will need for Many Many years to come. Cost of the project is estimated at $1.8 million and the town has already received a state clean water Grant of $360,000 and a Farmer Home administration loan of $14 million. Apparently state and Federal officials View the proposed dam As a regional project since the Lake could possibly Supply the entire Eastern Section of Randolph county with water if it was Ever needed. The dam will be entirely owned by the town of Ramseur which could enter into any agreement with any nearby municipalities it so desired. Ramseur residents have shown very Little interest in the project and a recent Public meeting found Only town officials and invited guests on hand. Town officials say this Means to them that the people Are giving their blessings. There is no question that the residents Are aware of the need of the project because Ramseur for the past several Summers have found itself in desperate need of water. Accidents tuesday leave four injured four persons were reportedly slightly injured in Early tuesday traffic mishaps according to police Accident reports. Two of the injured persons were in a car operated by Robert Gary Payne 16, of country club drive. This car collided with a Utility pole on n. Main Street near Guilford Avenue at approximately 12 50 . Police said that cars operated by Jayne Allen Wolford of it. 3, High Point and John Wayne Branson 23, of it. 6, Thomasville had been involved in a rear end bump up on the wet pavement. They said that Young Payne in order to avoid colliding with one of these cars had swerved his vehicle and collided with the pole. The passengers were identified As Willie Thomas Payne 15, and Linda Beth Payne 13. High Point memorial Hospital authorities said later in the Day that neither had been admitted. At i a in. A car operated by Martha Nelson Morton of e. Lexington Avenue collided with a Utility pole near the Johnson state streets intersection. Is. Morton told officers she had stopped for the Stop sign at the intersection and then started out when an oncoming car caused her to swerve out of its Way and into the pole. Hospital authorities said that neither she nor a passenger in the car Sammy Lee Morton were admitted. Political fires to heat Randolph year by Don Wrenn Enterprise staff writer Asheboro politically 1973 was not particularly interesting to Randolph county residents on a local level except on foe liquor by the drink Issue. But 1974 promises to be different when county voters will go to the polls to elect a sheriff three county commissioners three county Board of education members a fourth District congressman two state House members two state sen to tors a Register of deeds and a clerk of court. The race which will probably capture the most interest in the coming year will be that of sheriff. While there Are no announced candidates speculation puts incumbent sheriff Lloyd Brown of Asheboro against the Field a and possibly the Field might include Randleman mayor j. C. Dawkins who almost won the tightly fought contest four years ago and Asheboro police Captain Robert Mason. Dawkins is a Democrat and Mason a Republican. Brown has not As yet stated his intentions but As the deadline draws near he appears to be getting closer to placing himself into the race. Dawkins an unofficial candidate for four years has become attached to the Job of mayor of Randleman. He was recently re elected to his second term. Dawkins without doubt would like to be sheriff he says so privately but he is also finding the duties As mayor of Randleman appealing and whether he will run for sheriff remains a question. Mason who is assistant police chief in Asheboro is up for retirement and leans heavily in favor of seeking the sheriffs office. He has indicated however that he will not run if Brown decides to seek another term. County commission chairman William Farlow of Archdale will have to run for re election in 1974 along with two other Republican Board members Kenyon Davidson and James Morris both of Asheboro to keep their posts. County Board of education members who will have to run for their offices include Roland Albertson of Archdale Kimber Andrews of Climax and Clinton Comer of Seagrove. The school Board members will be elected in the May primary and will not have to run again in november. Randolph voters will also elect a clerk of court and a Register of deeds. John Skeen of Trinity is clerk of court and mrs. Annie Shaw is Register of deeds. Both Are republicans. A lot of interest is expected to come out of the fourth congressional District race which includes Randolph Wake Durham and Chatham counties. Three men already have indicated they Are interested in running against incumbent congressman Ike Andrews of Siler City. Two Are Wake county democrats former state representative a. A. Archie Mcmillan and state representative Robert w. Wynne. The third possible candidate is Republican Nick Smith of Durham. Randolph alone composes the 24th state House District and its Republican representatives Frank Redding Iii and Roby Garner Are expected to seeks selection. The state Senate race in the 16th District is not As easy to predict since it is composed of mostly heavily democratic counties in addition to Republican Randolph. Making up the 16th District Are Randolph Orange Chatham and Moore counties the incumbent senators Are a b. Coleman of Hillsborough and William Saunders of Southern dines. Neither of the incumbents has indicated whether they will seek to return to the Senate seats they now hold. Asheboro a Russell Walker is the first person to announce interest in the state Senate race but he is not ready As yet to actually make an announcement. Five judgeship Are up for election in the 19th judicial District which takes in Randolph Cabarrus Rowan and Montgomery counties. Seats up for election Are now held by Hal Walker Asheboro l. T. Hammond jr., Asheboro Odell Sapp Salisbury Robert Warren Concord and Frank Montgomery Salisbury

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