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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 1, 1974, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise tuesday january 1,1974 a Energy crisis came in 6th among top news stories of year from Page Toa Pur War because that was when it began. Arabs attacked United nations observers said on two fronts across the Suez canal and on the Golan Heights seeking to restore territory Israel had grabbed during six Days of fighting in 1967. This time the israelis seemed caught off guard. But at a sacrifice of 1,854 men in Battle and $5.5 billion Worth of tanks planes guns fuel and ammunition they made an end run across the canal and eventually trapped the egyptian 3rd army. They also pushed the syrians Back past the Golan Ridge line and Well Down the Road to Damascus before a . Cease fire on oct. 22. The War had a Long Range effect on the rest of the world. The Arab Oil Barons Cut Back production delivering a painful blow to almost All advanced economies in the non communist world. 6. For years the phrase a Energy crisis had been kicked around. In 1973, it became a reality As Gas stations were or dered closed on sundays airline flights Cut Speed limits reduced across the nation big Neon advertising signs turned off cutbacks instituted for Home Industry and business and outdoor Christmas lighting banned. The Federal Energy administration was created. It became a global problem and some european countries banned sunday Auto driving. 7. Boys run away from Home. That is an axiom. In Houston the police counted 5,200 youngsters missing in 1972. Some boys some girls but most boys. Most would Contact their parents and Many would come Home. But not 27, All boys. Their bodies were found scattered in three grave Sites in the Houston area. They ranged in age from 13 to 20 and their Fate came to be known through the shooting death of Dean Corll 33. The testimony that followed revealed three years of homosexual rape torture and murder. Perhaps a dozen of the victims had disappeared from one neighbourhood in Houston but no one had suspected a link Between them. Clearance 8. Lyndon Baines Johnson 36th president of the United states died of a heart attack Jan. 22,1973. He became president when John f. Kennedy was assassinated and won a full term of his own by a landslide. Responsible for More civil rights legislation than any president since Abraham Lincoln Johnson retired to his Texas ranch in 1968. The Day after he died the Vietnam cease fire agreement was announced. 9. Nine men rocketed into Are this Var in three Sena 9. Nine men rocketed Mac space this year in three Sepa rate skylab missions. They were the last manned space flights the United states has planned until a joint . Russian flight in 1975. The skylab i astronauts Charles Conrad jr., Joseph p. Kerwin and Paul j. Weitz stayed in space 28 Days and travelled la million Miles. The skylab 2 astronauts. Alan l. Bean Owen k. Garriott and Jack r. Lousma stayed in space for 59 Days la hours and 9 minutes. The skylab 3 astronauts Gerald p. Carr William r. Pogue and Edward g. Gibson headed into space for an 84-Day Span that would last into 1974. To. Chile a search for a the Road to socialism ended almost three years to the Day after it had begun. The end came in a coup that left 1,000 persons dead including Salvador Allende the first freely elected marxist president in the Western hemisphere. Chile had been paralysed by general strikes a faltering Economy and unrest when an anti communist military Junta attacked the presidential Palace. Our Best Selling bras at a Low most quantities limited save 26.12 Sears travel knit suits. A lace Cross Over bras regular $85 travel knit suits Are made for men on the move. Stretch Comfort teams up with distinctive styling to make the travel knit a real Winner. Polyester fabric is double knitted for wrinkle resistance. Available in bold patterns and stylish solid colors. 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Starstruck astrologers cultists and self described a Comet freaks Call the fiery phenomenon a portent of War peace natural disasters the Energy crisis and further watergate revelations. Quot the great Comet warning. Forty Days and Ninevah shall be proclaim pamphlets distributed by the children of god fundamentalist sect who roam Market Street. They Call the Comet a a Christmas monster warning of a the total downfall of american As it approached its celestial rendezvous with the Sun. Radio stations have been deluged with Calls about the comets Mellow or malignant vibrations. A we get a lot of crazy people on the phone telling us of their magical feelings about it a said a spokesman for san. A everyone i talk to thinks Kohoutek has an explosive kind of Energy a said Yvonne Lewin who Sells metaphysical books in Berkeley. A a it a intensifying everything in the atmosphere so that when things Are going Well for people they re really going Well. And when they re bad. They re really she said. John Perry a psychiatrist said Kohoutek May seriously disturb those who Are bordering on psychosis. A these people Are very sensitive to and upset by any kind of new spiritual moves or ideas a he said but Kohoutek bodes Only Bountiful business for merchants who report a Boom in Sale of telescopes and binoculars. Some stores report astronomical sales of Comet emblazoned to shirts at $4.50 each and $6 Silver rings which one clerk said could be a consecrated to cast whatever spell you a san Franisco astrologer who Calls herself Ione she does no to like last names makes these observations of the Comet a a Kohoutek first passed through the Constellation of Virgo. That would mean the banishment of servants of the King. If you substitute the head of state it could mean the White House staff. A Kohoutek currently is entering the House of this signifies great wars or rebellion changes of kingdoms great perils the death of some eminent Man and continued Scarcity of the fruits of the followers Here of the a one perfect the 16-year-old guru Maharaj i vow that Kohoutek heralds a a thousand years of in 1910, when Hailey a Comet reappeared end of the world parties were in Vogue. So far no such celebrations have been reported for Kohoutek. Wallace rally set in Raleigh Raleigh apr state sen. Herman Moore. A Mecklen Burg and Don Matthews a Martin county Farmer businessman will coordinate plans for the appearance of Alabama gov. George Wallace at a rally in Raleigh feb. 16. State democratic chairman James r. Sugg announced he had named Moore chairman and Martin vice chairman of the arrangements committee Wallace will speak at the rally at Dorton Arena. Matthews has been a staunch supporter of Wallace. Moore supported former gov. Terry Sanford in the 1972 presidential primary. Robot recipes Moscow a russians first robot chef has been installed in the Rossiya hotel Here pravda reported. The computer is capable of writing recipes for 10,000 different dishes the newspaper said. Free parking Many outstanding values throughout the store pl9i Grubby a Ford 1-40 a Hwy. 66 Kernersville . Q rent a cab As Low As $5 a Day Quot Small a do the Mai Vav could f do hip 273-7431 pm a

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