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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 25, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Nday february 2.1, 10hi the High Point Enterprise Piermo Center of men pot North Capri a or. Risk r we. Dido How Fossil by i r ooh Psi cd Wanda. Los thing of writing a column both have one thing in common week la not the Lead pipe Jure. That a what or. Web Calls a Quot cinch Quot. So Many in think it is. Particularly i your subjects refuse to talk surely it can to be because the along the Row Are Quot feared Quot i edit must be because Are behaving themselves. Over Quot chiggers sometimes red to As Quot sleepy Quot Moffitt or a me off the furniture City unless need wanted to buy thing. Of he what a swell be to get even with him. Ger Quot said they should t a Man sleepy just because hied and ate breakfast one before coming to work and consequence was late. What a breakfast he must a get Quot. George Washington Jack Burris. Need i Tell cads Gate City motor. They have the same Natal Day Happy birthday to you Jack. There is another Jack at Gate Cit Yand that is Jack Cable who will be showing you Chrysler Page the Shade of Ponce de Leon. Discoverer of the Quot Fountain of youth. A card received from Quot Granny mrs. Irene Albertson. Who is sojourning near the Waters of this famous Fountain. Says that Quot Granny does t believe its going to do her a bit of Goodnow ainu to that just too at the Pontiac place Atkinson motors need. Found two new faces a. Aycock and Dennis Richardson. Dennis is an old Friend in the column in a new Job Aycock is new but just As Welcome. Lonnie Holmes. Pontiac District manager says that business is so Good that the factory is going full blast and even then can t Supply dealers with cars enough. Ronnie Nuenke. Pontiac zone manager from Charlotte was a visitor recently. Sorry to report that Tom English. A. Ford dealer. Is out sick English motors just does t seem tile same with Toms smiling face missing. Hurry up and get j Well. Tom. Boy it Suggs sitting in the Doghouse with his fee i stuck inside the stove trying to West Ussin wont Start it or present far a be a Ady Drain a on your pocket it besides Ca my a exhaling delay. W Hen a car he this the it it Wise to no about replacing it. Now t does no to alway mean a new in fart you can make an client Trade on one of our Caret Chrysler fluid drive performance Given High Praise tar performs safely Anc efficiently Iii deep Snow and on icy pavements among the outstanding Advant aces claimed for Chrysler fluid drive is the ability of a car so equipped to perform safely and efficiently on icy pavements and in deep Snow. B. D. Mcintyre president of the Monroe Auto equipment co. Of Monroe. Michi Gan recently had an Opportunity to put these qualities to the test and he was so enthusiastic that he wrote the following letter to David a. Wallace president of the Chrysler sales division Chrysler corporation a i am inspired to write this letter As a result of a recent trip to Florida and return with my family. Our party consisted of three adults and four children and i did the driving. Coming through the mountainous country in Tennessee and Kentucky we ran into conditions that just about paralysed traffic in some sections. Cars were off the Road every few Miles and in some of the towns we met motorists who had completely abandoned the idea of trying to drive any farther until Road conditions had improved. One party said that it had been held up two Days wait ing for the roads to get less Glassy. Frankly i never saw More Slippery going and you can imagine what a combination of Glare ice winding roads and stiff grades would mean Quot vet with my Chrysler Crown Imperial equipped with fluid warm them Boh had his shoes drive and without chains i can off hut had about five pair socks truthfully say that i not Only was i Onye de. Believes that he Able to keep going constantly but would have had two shoes on each that i did not once have so much foot if he could. Glad to learn As the suggestion of a skid. I took that Grady Phillips. Lyles Hill that cars equipped with Chevrolet Mechanic. Is Recap chains had failed to negotiate. I relating from a recent illness. Naturally with four children and Coy Rhodes admitted that ills Ham two ladles in the car i drove and eggs had run out but that he j cautiously so As not to make anyway going up to Virginne and get body nervous hut i was Able to i Plymouth de luxe 2 r Sedan Ila heat Dan Kajy rur ate. Of Doug luxe 2 $485 $485 Plymouth de luxe 2-Sedan new some More today. Addition to Horace g. Alderton staff we l. Webb in the parts department. W. L., you know was More recently at English motors. Harvey . That tall lanky boy at Tho Dodge place grieving about something. Need. Never saw anyone with a More woebegone look on their face than Harvey hade was so sorrowful he talk without choking up let All break Down and cry. Country boy makes Good i since moving to Tow Clarence Haley. Recently moved to the big Cit has just sold a big Dodge powered bus for a new bus line. And is that boy proud learn about wiring from her attractive Sonya Mykytyn of the Dodge body wiring department explains the new patented Thermo plastic process a by which the electrical wiring of Dodge cars and trucks is rendered water Oil gasoline acid and flame proof to Fred j. Lamborn Dodge vice president in charge of manufacturing. Engineer Fred Glassford responsible for the special machine and heat treating equipment used in the process is seen at the left. Horace g. Ilderton inc., Commerce at Willowbrook is local Dodge dealer. Oldsmobile adds a station Wagon submarine wiring in Dodges affords unique Protection Ford de Lute or Medan. 7 Ford an. Tudor Dodge an $145 4 Plymouth Hford cd. O Ford m Odel a for net i Fin. It 5 a $65 be have several Lei a Ford at prices other Hargan ate City motor co. Used car lot opposite Post office phone 4893 maintain a decent Pace even Over the worst places. I found that the fluid drive was equally efficacious going up or Down the Slippery Hills. Because of the even. I smooth api cation of Power the car was Able to get traction to mount the steepest Grade no mat-1 ter How icy the Roadway. Going i Down a Slippery Hill the engine with the clutch engaged at nil times acted As a Brake and the cushioning of fluid drive was such As to keep the wheels turning evenly without Jerk or skid. Quot my driving technique was simply to keep the car constantly in High rear. In fact i never a out of High on the entire round and Here trip to Florida. That meant that that wind the Eugine always was pulling just enough to do the work required whether braking or driving Forward. The whole driving i mechanism accommodated itself i exactly to the Road conditions and according to information from Dodge engineering Headquarters the 19 40 models of Dodge luxury liners and Dodge trucks now incorporate a novel Protection which is also used in latest naval construction especially in submarines. As employed by Dodge the innovation takes the form of combining All Chassis body and in Trumen panel wiring in compact harnesses which by a unique painted treatment Are rendered wat a gasoline Oil acid and Flameproof. The Basic element of the wiring safety treatment is a recently perfected Thermo plastic which is first wound around the wiring i by specially designed machines and then processed in oven in which the plastic substance is subjected to heat of 240 degrees fahrenheit. On emerging from the ovens i the windings of Thermo plastic wave become continuous elastic extremely Tough permanent en-1 Delopes incapable of being of Mercury Chassis design based on proved features incorporates features of construction proved in service Over recent years felted by any of the factors which in previous practice were held responsible for occasional Short circuits in the electrical wiring of automobiles. The Chassis of the 1940 Mercury with its powerful 95 horsepower v-8 engine presents an entirely new design. Incorporating features of construction proved in service Over recent years in both of his achievement. We Are again about shield on the firt truck at Mechanicsville. Seems to me that the City fathers could do something about that. Why even the garbage trucks have windshields. In fact closed cabs. The police cruise about town in closed cars in Comfort and ease.,but Here we have an important emergency vehicle with no Protection i in fluid drive a the engine is Al from the elements at All. Y-1 is ayes doing la work through the a. Admits he does t know Whit i whirling Oil that transmits the it would Cost to install one. But at j Energy and supplies the great flexibility. Thorough checking for All Desoos Check and double Check is Creed of experts special to the Enterprise Detroit feb. 24.�?Check and double Check the phrase made famous by Amos n Andy is the i daily Creed of a Small army of ture from Correct angles. Twice a Day the fixture is tested for accuracy with master gauges from the layout room. But As a Back Check on this fixture there is also a swivelled steel plate in the floor along the final inspection line and the front wheels of each completed car must Roll Over this plate. If camber Caster or toe in is incorrect the plate swivel to one Side an electric Contact is made and a Bel rings so car that rings the Bell an be released for shipment until the exactly to the Road condition and a Quot ,0 a the Power went to Tho rear wheel. A min i a Brj a Quot of As smoothly As of the car had been Hytt a a dial million a testers is Busy All Day Ion i i t ii ii j enu i. To mobiles a year go out to Pur jnj5 rare of ran Ioni from electrically propelled. The. Peri led by of the Quot no. To part of it is that you Are always i. 7 in 7 i a. Akm to Lincoln Zephyr and Ford v-8 cars. I the transverse Spring suspend i i Sion system la used. This system includes not Only the Spring and new ride Stabilizer. But also the use of front radius rods and full i torque tube drive with rear radius rods to maintain the alignment of both front and rear axles. The front Spring is approximately 2 inches longer than when the car was originally introduced and the front Spring shackles now hang in a substantially vertical position to provide utmost Freedom of Spring action necessary ride stability is supplied by the ride Stabilizer. The increase in length makes the Spring More flexible As does a decrease in the number of Spring leaves. Improvements made in the Springs and i new Shock absorbers which Are used Are a material Aid toward i greater Riding Comfort. Springs Are equipped with Metal Spring least the Cost would be Small com pared to the amount of Protection it would afford the Driver of that truck not to say anything about the greater safety in driving. More sales records Are set by Pontiac continue record breaking pare in february retail sales of new font Lac cars during the first to Days of february continued the record breaking Pace the divisions sales organization Bas set in 1 940, it was announced today by la. I. Bath Rick. General sales manager of Pontiac motor division. I Sod car sales by Pontiac dealers also set a record for Tho period. In february a initial sales period 4718 new Pontiac were sold which is a 55.7 per cent increase Over the same period in january there is no need shift gears either manually mechanically. In effect there j designers and engineers. This army of inspectors starts work when new models Are merely batches of Blue prints and to i continues until the last finished or car of a Model run is loaded into is i a Box car Only one gear and that one suffices for All speeds and All loads encountered in Slippery driving. Quot it seems to me that other Chrysler owners might be interested to learn that their fluid drive Haw talents that they May never have suspected because they never have had the Opportunity to teat them. They May get lame satisfaction out of knowing that Winter can bring no Road conditions that fluid drive cannot surmount. Incidentally. Fluid drive works As Well in Snow As on ice you can get traction where even the Best set of chains wont do the work Quot Gate City motors 115 South Wrenn Street has 19 40 Chrysler on display. Ready for immediate delivery Dodge luxury liners Road King and de Plymouth luxe e in and Trade for a new car. Right now our used car k is Low and we Are prepared to give you a Good Trade. Orace g. Ilderton Inch it i o it a t k i Dodge a Pieree at blow Brook Plymouth phone 2721 this year Sod 59 per cent Over february 19.19. Thus continuing to crack every similar sales record in its history. Used car sales for the period were 10,737 or 56 per cent above january this year and 29 Lier cent above february 1919. Pontiac a unfilled orders now Are More than four times is great As a year ago. Used car inventories Are declared satisfactory. Quot Spring seems to be already Here so far As the sales records Are concerned a Bathrick said. Quot it takes More Thna just a few Jones to break National sales records As Pontiac has done and la doing. Sales Are uniformly satisfactory from coast to coast and the figures seem to Point to the definite end of the Quot lets wait until warmer weather attitude on the car buyers part. Quot the rapid turnover of used cars in Pontiac dealerships is also a source of great satisfaction to the management and to the dealers. With the Sale of used cars 66 per cent above january Confidence is still higher sales As the year progresses does not seem to be Atkinson motors 129-til South Wrenn Street Are local dealers for Pontiac. W Arm no feb fogs Staunton a. Feb. 2 4 i i mrs. C. J. Blackburn put a new twist to that Quot hair of the dog Quot business. She font i he hair shed by her pet Chow a to a Canadian yarn concern. It was spun into Wool almost As Fine As Angora mrs. Blackburn is right proud of the by Weer she knitted from it. First Point of inspection is usually the factory layout room. Here is where vendors samples Are checked against engineering Blue prints for conformity to dimensions and general specifications. At the de Soto division of Chrysler corp., for instance measurements to one ten thousandth of an Inch can be made with the various gauges at band in the layout room and any variation in submitted samples must be corrected before the Check Aud double Check boys will give the purchasing department the Quot go signal for placing Quality orders. After samples have been approved. And shipments by the Carload begin to arrive the inspection department swings into the Job of seeing that there is no deviation from the approved Quality of the samples even such relatively Quot Staples items As nuts and bolts will not be released into the production line without an of k. From the inspection department on each shipment received and where a part is highly important to tile proper operation and service of an automobile a too per cent Check May be specified. Among the items Given too per cent inspection by de Soto Are speedometers and propeller shafts. Speedometers for instance. Must be accurate within one mile per hour up to a Speed of 60 m. P. H. And there is s machine to which each incoming speedometer is attached that gives it an accuracy test at various speeds. Propeller shafts must show no whip or vibration Al speeds up to 3000 r. P. Rn., and each incoming Shaft is mounted in a testing machine which has electric lights that Flicker at the slightest sign of unbalance As the Shaft whirls. Having checked Sample items and double checked Quantity shipments t h e inspectors next turn their attention to the production lines. Aud Here again they Are not satisfied with a Quot once Over Quot but have their work so systematized that each important Job is Cross checked at least twice As an example the line up of front wheels is an operation that receives close attention at de Soto for a slight variation Here will affect steering tire Wear and safety. A Tram fixture which sets the camber hid toe in exactly is used in attaching the steering Assembly and gauges on this i turn disclose the slightest Depar Frame is of the double front end alignment has been Cor expert in the Automo reefed. Manufacturing world who in addition to the checking in the important assignment id the factory a staff of Road g select the end j Rov a it hem Over 1 a 10-mile Quot demonstration rout a mrs pm member Type the a Mern just to be Anre that everything it inv a a a their flanges turned is As it should be. Outward. Where these members it is estimated that including Moin hide channels. The flanges the inspection made by the veil of Ted lightly within those of Dors of some 42000 different Sid channels and riveted in parts which Are needed for Emch to ful1 to met Iona. These Sec-1940 Model More than 12.000 Tion continue to both ends of o. have been Given each new de Soto before it is purchased. Furniture City motors 792 North main Street is local de Soto dealer. Nineteen new Pontiac Are registered in City in the Story of new car and truck registrations in High Point during the month of january carried on this Page last sunday the registration of Pontiac cars was inadvertently omitted. The number of new Pontiac registered at the Carolina motor club a office during this period was Nineteen. Iring in it of set pay Frank in mass feb. 25.�? a3 a a the town treasurer paid off 350 Snow shovel Lei s today the town collector stood beside Bim and put. The Finger on tax delinquents collected on the spot. The Side channels adding materially to the rigidity of the entire Frame. Body distortion from twisting of the Frame is thus minimized. Because the Over All weight of the Mercury 8 is Low a High rear Axle gear ratio in conjunction i with the powerful engine provides Economy with Fine performance. The transmission is of the Quot Blocker Type Quot in which the gears cannot be engaged until they Are running at the same Speed. Gear clashing becomes virtually impossible with this Type of mechanism. Smooth quiet gear shifting is assured under most Adverse conditions. Four Chassis improvements contribute to quiet operations a new Finger tip gearshift new clutch pedal relay lever new Brake Drums and curved disc wheels. English motor company 201 East Washington Street is local dealer for Mercury cars. On the outside looking in we re on the a a rights end of till lubrication business because we know what going on in that car of hours. From where we stand it mighty serious. Ami Jou can bet that Ive give your car the same attention wed give our own. Of course there a Standard method for lubricating All Chi but it takes an expert to detect warning sign of xxx ear and to know what to do. Think we re bragging give us a Cham Trade with Quot Friendly people Quot Atkinson motors us 8. Wrenn at. Y o i next to j. C. Welch motor co phone uss it p o n t i a Ltd d k \ ii k it opt evenings i nth s of of clock has been designed to meet demands for luxury Type announcement of a handsomely styled station Wagon As an addition to the Oldsmobile offerings for 1 940 was made recently by d. Pm Ralston general sales manager for Oldsmobile. The new Model has been designed to meet the growing demands of Oldsmobile dealers for a luxury Type station Wagon built to Oldsmobile standards. Ralston stated. Introduced on the popular and Low priced Oldsmobile series sixty Chasis with an Over All length of More than 201 inches the new station Wagon offers accommodations for eight passengers including the Driver. A Large space for baggage is also provided. The body Frame construction of specially selected White Ash. With Hardwood body panels in Walnut finish is unusually sturdy and attractive and combines with Oldsmobile passenger car front end styling for a harmonious result. The four door body style with window regulators in each door is a unique feature. Passenger car hardware modern Interior trim and harmonizing upholstery characterize the Quality treatment throughout the new Model. I test safety plate Glass Iii the windshields safety plate Glass in All other windows sealed Ebay safety headlights and super Hydraulic brakes head a Long list of regular passenger car safety features that have been included. Quadri coi Spring a four Way stabilization with knee action front wheele a Large Low pressure tires contribute to greater Riding Comfort. Oldsmobile sensational Hydra mat in drive will be available of the new station Wagon at extra Cost. The All silent transmission with Handi shift gear control will be Standard equipment. Tile new station Wagon is powered by the proven six Cylinder 95 horsepower phone master engine with too per cent full pressure lubrication system. The spare wheel and tire with Metal cover Are mounted on the Tail Gate. The rear seats Are easily removed when additional Luggage room is required. The front seat is adjustable. Bile i a a ii Villi Tau is to be the Standard color the new station Wagon will be available Iii several color options at no extra Cost including egyptian Ivory Cherbourg Blue Catalina Gray and Shir Van Green. Highland motors inc., 805 North main Street is local dealer for Oldsmobile. This and 0 free Wash and lubrication of Lour name appear Ifert Ray Nibbelink care of loin i in on of High Point this week s offer expires Friday March i a service with a smile neglect caused tills von can prevent it Lff your far i Check pm at frequent intervals by an experienced Mechanic with a warmer season ahead we Mildest that you let us Cheek the motor and lubrication. A motor rfpa1rs a i t Iiri Canon a Houy kit ii a pc to tainting a fender work furniture City motors 792 North main Street phone 4376 do St fio a ply Moi the v. Smith manager treat car a Fine sex ice a a Square Deal your Ford Mercury Lincoln Zephyr dealer invites you to try the new Ford ride English motor company authorized dealer 201 e. Washington r High Point n c phone 2191 hitch your License to a Star 1940 Chevrolet St a r for performance a 4w just touch Chevrolet set id ti14 Ive vacuum Power shift Sud feel the hidden Power Cylinder Supply $0% of the of diluting Effort automatically As no other a a steering column gearshift can do. Step on the throttle and see How Chevrolet out accelerate and out climbs All other Low priced cars. Relax As you enjoy Quot the ride Royal the smoothest safest steadies ride known. Yes try it and then you la know that Chevrolet a the a Star for performance Quot among All Economy cars a on special do luxe and master la luxe series a a Chevrolet a first again a 721-33 North main St. Phydim suit

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