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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 24, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Ati Lav february 2i, 10jo t Ftp Hugn Point Enterprise of Moni Center of Industry Fri Oft Point. North Carolina Pace five he Enterprise Page of entertainment for the family Cross word puzz 0 Royal heir iori/1 n i Al rumanian Crown Pinner. Printed latin Dove cry. To furnish anew with men. Russian Village. Inborn. Glass Marble. To prepare for publication. Beneath. Work of Genu. Apia you Plant. Resembling a Star. I ugly old woman. I those that nurse. Data. North Africa. Untruth. Old Wagon track. Answer to previous Puzzle 36 second test. 38 Wattle tree. 39 furtive watcher. 42 preposition. 43 Mouth like opening. 46 three. 48 to strike. 31 invariably. 32 musical note 53 exterior. 54 new England. 53 i land is in the a a of Europe. 10 spiders nests 11 part of Eye. 14 fertilizer. 16 capital of his land. To formed As a mosaic. Ism s3sl. With air. 25 one that tunes. 27 god of sky. 28 pistol. 30 priest. 31 tapering Inlet. 36 worthless person. 37 crystalline substance. 38 enticement. 40 pair. 41 to scream. 44 Kiln. 43 form of Quot a 47 Large of. 48 male offspring 49 Genus of rodents. 50 before. A a serial Story$15 a week by Louise Holmes co a Toht 1040, Nia service e Ray s Cornera Little saturday talk a Nii a sets 56 he was King under vertical 2 portrait statue. 3 heavy string 4 Sharpens a razor. 3 age. 6 lawful. 7 wickerwork. 8 United. 9 reforms oneself. It the appearance of a suit perfect for Hie warm Spring weather. This was wednesday she and lonely might meet before the end of the week. How did two strangers know each other a Flower on the Lapel was the accepted sign she believed. Saturday you could buy at cents in the collection plate the neighbourhood Church. The budget was ironclad hut now and then a few cents remained from the food fund of rationally a pair of Hose proved to be Macle of sterner stuff than its Bellows. It was by hoarding these Small pittance that the Astop cd a it after Ann brow a orphan daughter of a Gambler alone in an unfriendly City. Pail Hayden Stock room boy with ambition. Stalk t la Mboi r v of a weal thy Playboy. Clara Broo Khz Del me store counter girl. Gardenias fora dim on saturday j Silver spoons were made possible. Irene Templon society Deb saturday Monte. That evening Ann prepared i by one then knives a see Atli ate a Moat sketchy supper linens and dishes. I is i Arrax sets Ion on her adventure beckoned and and vet during her lunch hour Ann tires at the Center a not noun Tine made necessary a new dress i lingered in the Linen department Ity House for girls Ann retell also Matching hat. She had a i of Hie big stores touching the her fathers watch probably won Clever idea in mind two pancakes heavy damask with aching Fin i. .,.-.Iii. ,. Dark Blue taffeta the top pan gets. After much Wishful shop cake lilting upward at the hark. Ping. She had chosen her dishes the finished creation to be worn creamy Wedgewood with a quaint Over one Eyebrow held there by Spray of Flowers on each Piec a shirred elastic. It would Cost often she went to look at her almost nothing. Dishes. Could she afford a new pair of yes she could afford a pair of gloves she consulted her budget gloves dark Blue kid la and the in a card game. The inscription a to Peter Temple a a a intrigued her. She remembers her letter to not to Send it. 9 w we Harrison in Hollywood c manics of picture making Thralls visitors to studios by Pai i. H x re i St in St a service staff writer Lyu non. Fab it on s Art nit to a studio nearly Avine quickly becomes More in item in the actual shooting of scenes than in staring at stars. I enjoy taking out of guests around the sets of finally. Their reactions remind that fans ate forever curious it Deisis which i m inclined Ike for granted Taring a sound stage a Ger always is bewildered in Alf gloom by a Mare of bravado which Are the backs of he Steps gingerly Over the i Sud Niika a s angles of i Cle cables on the floor. When Eves Are accustomed to the Light he looks around and get that sound so age a s a for a hit hollow japs a a be an-1 a Quot Gore f Quot floor to rift sound stage usually la chit j id with alg or eight sets rep i a Ting rooms offices and Auch. I Tom i me exteriors Ami in j i through a drawing room period furniture Oriental rugs j Milken Walls in it i find a dirt Eoll or a bowery Saloon and j a it. A still til in to him Lak ii mime ill m h a a a mix i Clote inspection vist lors Alit exclaim about How met ten in everything is done even to Richness of materials and carefully chosen Colod scheme which you a think Register on Black and White film. The tourists Are guided around tip toeing and whispering until they reach the set actually in use it Only one company can w Ork in a building because there must he absolute silence while the camera is turning near the working set Are parked fhe portable Dre a ing i rooms for the prominent players. The sound Booth to glassed in truck and Large hand trucks j holding supplies for the property j Man. Electricians Ami carpenters j behind fhe camera la a disorderly sew Circle of chairs also wooden Pla forms and Metal stands holding various kinds of lights xxx Lien Vivien Leigh or loan on or Ford or any woman Star i pointed out visitors usually sat a mow Little she is i had no ideas a Quot Hornet lines they a it a with concern whether i Ai ref to x otitis or retie Davis a been.Iii a a she s so thin Quot most of the actresses Are slim Mer and smaller than fans imagine them. A a a \ Fitl Torfli Muf Good it Huo i if ing Pla x Kwh visitors often can identify every player even Small time Barat ter people on a set. They aet Dom ask the name of the director of a picture. Usually they mistake the assistant director or the pm a path it Viann did not destroy the answer to k29.v personal. The element of uncertainty and excitement connected with its writing had lightened her mood Given her a most unusual sense of elation dangerous or not she had to follow the tiny thread of adventure a after All a she thought Quot it might Lead somewhere. I la just wait arid see what happens. I can make a Graceful exit any she mailed fhe Lefter in a hex on Wabash. Her step a Light Grid her eyes sparkled As she hurried to mrs pringles shop. Working Over a Brown moire i hat trying to modernize its obsolete lines she mentioned the subject of newspaper personals to a los Pringle. She mentioned it tit a general Way a do you Ever read the personal column in the paper a she asked. A i never have time to look at a paper Quot Quot i wonder what sort of person use that Means of the untidy woman looked at i Ann shrewdly. Quot matrimonial a preach a she inquired. A i Don t know just any kind. Might no to an individual be so desperately lonely that he or she would put a feeler in the paper a Ann s head was Bent Over the steaming machine. A i think he. Or so would he pretty hard there was a Allene while Ann smoothed the Crown. Mrs Pringle Drew a Long thread from a and snipped it off with hot coloured the he Oung girls should t fool around with thins like thai Quot she said at last. Quot theres too much Devi try going on in s City like this too Many racketeers on the Lookout for girls who Arr alone and unprotected Quot Ann nodded Quot i was just thinking she said. In spite of the Sag advice. Ann was excited what would lonely say w Hen he wrote a Ain of Hia gnawed sounded All right if they arranged a meeting her re dress would he just the thing. The double breasted jacket gave the budget always had the last word. Only by strict adherence to its dictates was she Able to keep men. And keeping Aven a an obsession with Ann her mind bad been scorched sine childhood by he la k of Money at a Given Lime and fhe subsequent problems. Tete bad been airy on fun social subjects Annas Mother uncomplaining adapting herself to the spending whims of her husband it was Ann who had worried and fretted. A had become a Dollar Stretcher of not. Now. With lift a week Al her disposal aha spread it thin and efficiently. Ten dollars a month for room rent ten dollars for food warfare his was quite an item clothe cosmetics she had Learned that Large quantities pair Ina ii rant a this provided hospitalization and a neat burial if necessary. Once a week my took herself to a picture show ii a an extravagance but her youth demanded some Small Joy. Often she sat twice through the picture absorbing the Beauty and Romance reluctant to step from the simmering world of make believe Hack into her own drab Niche each sunday morning she put 13 spool or Dis i the family doctor Survey shows careless drug clerks make a diagnoses sell quack remedies by should t spy on Ixia but Why does no the draw his Blind a she never tarried in the Hall. The Landlady had a pallid faced Sun whom she preferred hoi to meet. Walking briskly to the Center she wondered about the Young Mau in the lighted window. His voice had been kind if casual. What happened when he smiled did he j later Orka Wen to he added one i have a Sens of humor after that j Quot i Hope lonely has a sense of humor a she thought. You be got to see the Tunny Side Hies Days. People like us could t stand it if we took things a the dressmaking went Well that night. One More session and the Irene Temple dress would he finished. A Little of Ann s thrilled excitement went into the dress in the form of extravagantly stitched pockets Sud a pleated Hustle affect lit the Hack. Two strange girls talked a they made evening gowns of cheap Lazy materials. Ann listened idly to their chatter. He s the cutest fells i Ever one of the girls said a and can he dance just like Fred Astaire. In a telling yeah a the other girl answered. Quot but Gimme the trumpet player. I been working on that Guy for six months and he finally gave me a Tumble we re getting hitched next a gee you re she spoke enviously. A fall the girls Are getting married los the life sit in Annas Brief experience she had not iced that marriage a the everlasting Aid. Most of the girls in the to cent stoles and the ital gain basements wore wedding rings. The girl St the notion counter Tad her Eye on a truck Driver in was her Quot boy Friend a in most instances tile bridegrooms to he. And the Young husbands. Were poorly paid Slot k boys or delivery men making no More j thin the girls whom they married. It simply meant that some uncomfortable apartment would House a Man and a Girt instead of two girls. The Odd thing about it waa the Pride and smug satisfaction with which the brides flaunted their wedding Rungi. Why was a wedding ring of j such vast importance Ann could not figure of out she had never Hen in love and had no Intel Hon of experimenting with the emotion her mind ran along a tax. Ann alway sighed Over the tax. It broken into so Many Nick Els. For a moment her mind dwelt longingly on Blue kid shoes. The budget was sternly Adamant and she pigeonholed the longing. She made a practice of pigeonholing her wishes not putting them entirely from her mind. Some Day she would have Blue kid shoes Ann had once Lead a if you want a thing badly enough Aud Are willing to work you will attain that thing a she heartily endorsed the theory having no Confidence in the Quot wishing will make it so a school of thought. As she started for the Center that night her room was faintly illuminated by a glow and so turned hark. Hand on the door Knob. The Young Man threw off his suit coat and stretched Wear Fly he looked Strong when he stretched. Ann noted the breadth of his should and the bigness of his Chest he stood beside his table absently looking Over a pile of books apparently Chang lug his mind a sat Down at the table with his Hack to Ann she saw him dip a pen into a bottle of Ink. Ann closed her door and ran Down the stairs thinking a i real the last Day of this Mouth will he leap years Day. It is an extra Day which is Given to one year in four. Sometimes babies Are born on the 29th of february in later life they May worry that they have a birthday Only once in four years. Robert Lamia Stevenson w Rote a letter to a Little girl who was born on leap years Day and in it a gave her the right to use his birthday As her own the child accepted the sift and in the years afterwards she celebrated her birthday on nov. 13. In general the leap years Day babies find another Way of hand Ling the birthday question. Of they want to have a party they can hold it on the last Day of february in any year whether la last Day is the 28th or the 29th. Xxx e have a hit of trouble with our Calendar but not nearly so much As people did in ancient times. Two or three thousand years ago the Calendar was mixed up in several Way i he main trouble has come from fhe fact that the year does not have an even number of Dysya. A Day la the time it takes the Earth to twist around or totals once. It in happens that it a Ken a hit More than 365 twists in its yearly journey around the Sun. Sometimes people say that fhe True year has 365 and one fourth Days. That la close to the fact but it is not quite exact. If you want the exact leg to of a year Here it is three Hundred sixty five Days five hour forty eight minutes and forty five and a half seconds in ancient times it waa a custom in some places to count Tim by the Moon. Twelve or 13 Moons or a a month or Quot Moon a mad a year. A 12-Moon year was too Short and a 13-Moon years was too Long. When a 2 65-Day year was chosen people ame closer to having the Light year. Yet that extra part of a Day kept adding up. In the space of 400 years it made a difference of 97 Days la old summer season was changed to Spring Spring was changed to Winter and Wanter to autumn. Thing be earn better when hit leap year idea grew up. One year in every four was Given an extra Day. And that made the Calendar work in almost exactly the right Way. There still was a hit of trouble however since the year has about 11 minutes less than a Quarter of a Day extra. That was axed in the Gregorian Calendar. Which we use nowadays. We have leap year every four years except in certain Century Mark Yeara. The year 1900 was a Cen tury Mark year in w hich the usual leap or s Day was skipped Uncle Ray of Pon for War leaflet to i net Ray t a of the High Point end Capri t aeolian. High Point. North Imar into Hay i want leaflet and i in log a a to myself. To obtain a copy of the new xxx Are tamped envelop carefully addressed name Street or r. Of Cliv male or province this a Nutt How can i by Anne Ashley a a Howard Miliru cranium crackers glances xxx he said it so Many Clever things have been said by to Many Clever people that no one can hop to remember All of the worlds wit. With Only four names to choose from after each of the follow my quotations it May he Railer for you to identify the author of each 1. A what is not fully understood is not possessed a a Leonide h Goethe of Byron id Voltaire. 2. A Good manners Are made tip of Petty sacrifice a lord Chesterfield by Carlyle of Emerson tilt Franklin. 3. A eth May of life Bloom Only once to Schiller t tvs Tennyson c Bryant d Muj ton. I a Law Are silent in the midst of a Plato the Zola to Shakespeare d Cicero. 5. A i would rather be right Titan he Ai George m. Cohan the Henry in a. Cd William k. Horah Ltd Theodore Roosevelt. A a Wen. On xxx Aid cd Page or. Ii x Iai Erh the spa Kwake Forest. Fell 2 3 or. Allen Knight Chalmers pastor of the Broadway to he act of new York City will speak to Yak Forest College students on the Aube t of a a pacifism it a convocation her monday feb Ary 26. This is Hie second of four articles by or fight in on venereal disease quackery by or. Morris Fishbein i editor i on no i of the american medical association and of Levgia Hie health Magazine a Survey made in 193 8 and 1 939. Under the auspices of the United state Public health service by the american social Hygiene association involved study i drugs of drug store practices in a a Hon to venereal disease in 35 cities located in 26 different states. The investigator made Contact with till drug store telling the Story of the first symptom of gonorrhoea. If the druggist seemed interested the investigator then described Soma of the symptom of syphilis. The Story was alway told As of it affected Annie third person. This was done he Caus a few preliminary trials had shown that druggist sometimes asked prospective customer to com behind the counter for a personal examination. Only 7 per cent of the drug Glass refused to make any attempt to diagnose a disease or sell a remedy. Some of these even took the trouble to warn the customer and to give him a Short Lector on the dangers of venereal diseases. In residential areas 50 per cent of the manage of drug store offered to diagnose and sell remedies and in slum areas 77 per Lent were guilty of such practice. # a thirty different preparation were recommended by druggists some of them recognized but in every instance the recognized drugs were powerful preparation capable of doing great harm when taken without proper control of dosage. Many of the other preparations had been examined from time to time Ivy fhe Bureau of investigation of the american made Al association most of them were either watery solutions of boric acid or products containing sandalwood Oil. Home of them were preparations of mild antiseptics to he injected. Actually of course there ate hundreds of such preparations developed and designed by some unprincipled Vendor of nostrums to capitalize on the fears and Sham of those who had been infected Enne of pm to and achievement. A. Listening to the Man chatter of j it to Ord you ars about to look at the two girls she was horrified j 2 Mcmond a Hal von tat her own Wake a in the Ottav text Mon Dat j answered la personal xxx Lien i j whits you Are Reading the Acta. The i was All said and done a she j events they describe Are actually taking not employing the Sam methods j place what happens in in minute on la puh Earth. A world la in motion As the girls who went lie Dane Hall in search of companionship in spit of a guilty conscience so went to sleep with the eager thought of receiving a Letiecq from lonely on the Morrow to lie continued lessons in English it xxx. I. Gordon next Xen Errel disease twin in brought opt in open. Be be so is Sis Vici. Low for gosh Rake. Mother urn we get Over to the hire avg Don t keep calling nit a baby in Hhd cameraman for thelic it it because the former a Keg my of the noise and the photographer dons All the bossing of the camera set up. Lights and exact positions of fhe players. The head cameraman never operate his machine. Thai the Job of his fit St assistant. Watching the filming of ii shot for hic first time usually is a disappointment lost of i Bein last Only a few seconds Aud contain a few line of meaningless dialog. Xxx Lien till is done several times perhaps a vital a conference or two lit Between there a a longer Walt while lights Are readjusted Ami lha it camera moved in for an Angle shot Cir a closeup of Hie same hit of action. Guest invariably comment on these delay and Marvel that pie lures Ever Are completed i always explain that a director i Satis fled if he can average three min it of Fini hed rim dining a hard Day work. Mckenney on Bridge Canfield solitaire looks easy but just try to win a game by we. F. Mckenney America s card authority Canfield is one of the bes known solitaires. It is played with one deck of 52 cards after shuffling count off 13 cards fare Down from tie Fop of the pack. Then place them face up in in squared up stack at your left. This pile is the Stock the 14th Caid is turned up. And b become the Hist foundation. Place this card to the right and above til Stock Titan turn up four More cards placing them in a Row to the right of the Stock Telow the foundation. These four card form the tableau. Her is an example layout foundations cd h-8 a a d-2 c-5 ski Stock tableau Talon 24 building on he foundations is in suit and ascending sequence i he cards rank around the Corner a a q. A a 2, Etc. On the tableau Hii ild ii descending sequence and alternating colors. In Hie example above. The a May be built on d2, and ulv on Here too the cards tank . Do not build on be Stock tills is a special Reservoir of cards the top of which is always available for play onto s foundation or tableau. Spades in Lite tableau must lie filled from the Stock. Only when the stoc k i exhausted May spaces he ii Chi from Talon or the pack in hand. Each tableau pile is transferred As one unit. Suppose that after the moves described ahoy the two spaces Are filled from the Stock thee Aid under he proving to it #3. Now the entire pile having 12 at Bottom May he moved onto s3. Usage differs As to whether cards May he removed from tableau piles other than to a played on foundations we recommend the Rule that tableau pile May tie arranged provided that Only one card at a time is removed from a pile in other words you May move a fall or but May not break a pile in the Middle. And of course you May not utilize spares for this purpose Aine each space As it occur must at once be ailed from the Stock after move in the original layout have come to a standstill turn to ii cards from the Park in batches of three. The uppermost card of each Bate it is available for play in pity releases thee Ard below words often misused do not say a a new pair of stockings. While this expression is commonly used Quot a pair of new stocking is preferable. Often mispronounced banquet. Pronounce bang Kwet a As in an and not ban Kwet. Often misspelled Vicinity three i a. Synonym expectancy expectation. Anticipation hopefulness Confidence Trust. Word study a use a word three times and it la yours a let a increase our vocabulary by mastering Otto word each Day. Today sword prejudice noun a judgment or opinion formed without due examination. 11�?Tionounre Prev of Dis e a in Bat of As in Inok i a in it accent first syllable i Quot Commerce tend to Wear off those prejudice which maintain distinction Aud animosity bet Ween . Modern etiquette by Roberta Lee a when planning to make an informal Call on a Friend is it permissible to Telephone first to lie sure that a is at Home a. Yes this is All right and is a Wise thing to do if Hie Friend lives quite a distance away j should the Silver he placed v 11ii the end about three or four inches from Edge of table a no the ends of the Silver shun id he Only a half Inch to an Inch from he Edge of the table q. When a Man is introduced to a girl at a dance la he supposed to ask her for a darn a. Yes. Aud so on the batches of three Hie placed in a single Talon or waste pile face up caution when you count of three cards of a Hatch from the top of the deck done to reverse their order after Tho entire pack has been into through and turned into a Talon pick up the Talon turn it face Clown Aud go through it again by threes. Vou May thus run through the pack As Many times As you wish until play conies to a standstill if course whenever you turn up or find elsewhere available one of the other three card of life same denomination a your first foundation set it in the foundation Row tile game is won if you get All 32 cards built up by suits on the four foundations n la i xxx Elk Klondike. Destiny unfolds Ita Sll by Iima Reading american factories turn out t dozen pairs of Suspender every 6o seconds. Americans us so much tooth paste and toilet soap they pay almost 115 a minute in sales tax j on them. The Swiss import f.3 Worth of children a toys every minute a from nazi Germany Norway possible victim in Europe aggressive drives instituted j by the reds and fhe nails has an output of 240 pounds of meat i every so second. Hail for Belt tightening War stricken aggressor nations Girlie come in tremendous quantities from Chile Wetra they Export 35 pounds of it every minute of every hour. Foreign vessel Are getting Hunker Coal now from Portugal a which to supplying them with an average of More than Sou pounds of Coal each minute of the Day and night. Mechanical refrigerators a now so popular in the United states that taxes on them alone yield the american government almost $20 each minute Stop Reading. I improve the oiled russet q. How can appearance of a Hoe a the boiled russet Aho can he made to look like new if they Are cleaned with Lemon juice and then polished with a solution of beeswax dissolved in turpentine. Q How can i treat a Tough Steak ? a. Mix a Small Quantity of vinegar and Olive Oil thoroughly dub or on both sides of the Steak and allow it to stand for about two hours before cooking. Q How ran i refinish a room on the North Side of the House to make of brighter and Mora cheerful a paint it or paper it a Daffodil yellow. Look and learn by i i. Ii Rudov i Why is Bourbon whiskey be named ? 2. With what movement in behalf of women la the Nam of Anna Howard Shaw connected 3. When Arth idea of March 4. Who is the author of the phase. A fool Rush in in Here Angels fear to tread Quot it which is the largest All Canadian River an sex Kra 1. Because it originally Cam from Bourbon county Kentucky 2, woman suffrage i. The 15th, 4, Alexander pop it. Mackenzie River. Flapper Fanny by Sylvia Cees t4ti Avnia ass View it ? in u i sat see a Why it you Chuck 11 did no to know your grand Mother in visiting you in

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