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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 24, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Pace fourth High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina saturday Feiru Irv 21. 19 to High Point Enterprise Fult Ehud it Ernona and sunday mornings j p Rawley. Publisher 1915�?1837 r b. Terry president d a. Rawley Sec y and treat. Hammett a. Cecil Gen. Mgr. Ca pus a Waynick editor subscription rates Dally and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby towns twelve month six months three months one month a one week $10.40$ 5 30i 2.w of. -20 carriers in nearby towns Are not permitted to collect for More than Ona we in Advance. Earners in Cit a. Not Parma a the Eow Lect for a period of More than five weeks ii a subscription for a longer Perod la it payment should be made direct n. Trice. User Farsi sir us a local news published therein. Mem bar so Ives entered As a Ond last �ltt�1rnd#tr Fri Post office in ,p�1? shy a it of Contr Eta of March a. National adv represent Auve the John Hudd co. 420 Lexington ave. Nev York City saturday february 24. 1940. Cd Ujj Wuzhi Ona generation pass eth Avay. And another generation cometh hut the Earth Arideth forever. A Eccles Faatea 1 4. A a no Man can Paw into eternity for he is already in it Farr tue work done by do. Glenn Frank for two years one of the country a Ablest phrase makers or. Glenn Frank has Laboured on a declaration of principles and purposes for the Republican party. He brought Forth a document which is Rich in affirmation of what we know As it would have been surprising if this great labor had not resulted in a Fine statement. How much of the Frank utterance will be Woven into the pattern of the ultimate . Platform for the Campaign this year remains to be determined but we conceive it to be an important paper. Despite the presumption that the individuals moral sense is inherent and powerful society needs moral and ethical codes. Quite As surely we need political codes for the necessary regimentation of the Force that manifests itself in government. We Trust that each of the two i eat parties will state As clearly As possible their faiths in order that the Campaign May be something More than a contest Over the National reins Between two men or two groups of men. Perhaps More now than ordinarily Clear statements of purpose and program Are needed in the political life of this nation of ours. Added to the minor grumbling of the people in political disagreement is a menacing external sound a that of people who not Only cherish other ideologies than ours but who attempt to ridicule democracy As we know it. There is no real danger to our system of government As Long As the threat is from the outside Only. But in order that external pressure shall find us too hard a nut to crack we need to be sound and firm in our own Confidence inside the Shell. Reaffirmation of americanism by any party in carefully considered language cannot fail to be helpful in establishment of effective Solidarity. All parties can contribute to that Solidarity if by no other process than the furn ashment of ideas for each party to shoot at. The rhetorical Side of great Russia Moscow reports today that russians Fleet has walked a attempts of English and French warmongers�?T1 to deliver supplies munitions and troops to the finns. They Art trying to Start a War Are they one might conclude from the Way the communique is worded that no fighting is in Progress on the ice covered isthmus of Finland and that the Western allies were attempting to Start something. The following quotation from frat official. Utterance by its Florid language suggests doubt rather than Confidence a your mighty Fleet stands guard on the naval pm tiers ready to conquer any in my dreaming to attack Hie sacred shores of the socialist in View of the exhibition Russia has made in Finland there is some likelihood that the world will reach the judgment that the soviet is stronger in rhetoric than in action. The scandinavian explanation of the presence of British naval Force in Arctic Waters differs from the russian suggestion. The theory is that England is trying to Block the movement of norwegian Iron to Germany and nazi ships from Murmansk homeward. That is More probable than russians notion. England hardly could Hope to land troops or supplies in sufficient number and quantities to be of great help to Finland. If Russia is involved in War with England and France before the end of the year and we deem it quite Likely in All probability the involvement will come through naval clashes and the tightening band of the England blockade on several frontiers. These Frontier will not be limited to the Arctic area but will include those which touch russian interests in Southeastern Europe a would surmise. The indications increase that England and France Are using the Winter months to locate navies and armies with a View to a mighty offensive in the Spring. The eloquence of or. La Guardia among uncomplimentary statements made by mayor la guar Dia about the present aspirants for the Republican presidential nomination is one All embracing remark does the mayor mean a a phooey to that agile youngster who has been credited with a doing a mighty Job on House cleaning for Gotham or. Dewey would the mayor leave the country a right to infer that or. Dewey a efforts appear in a different Light when viewed from the City Hall or. La Guardia is held in High esteem As a House cleaner himself. As a matter of fact this Man who has been Republican Independent Democrat and something other from time to time in his personal political affiliation took on an augean task against the will of tammany. A year or so before the last election of mar la Guardia to succeed himself new York somewhat generally believed he was to prove to be a one term mayor effective in cleaning up but too hostile to the a a boys to win re election. He went Back in office and in the absence of reports to the contrary we had assumed that the Youthful Republican Champion of righteousness was in favor with the mayor As an Aid in making new York a better place. Now of . Candidates individually and collectively the mayor says an important change in newspaper Field Greensboro a excellent newspapers owned and operated by one company is changing general managers in the immediate future. Andrews Joyner or. W to has been at the Helm for the past two years is resigning to return to the general practice of Law. The papers Are not announcing his successor but we assume will do so within the next few weeks since or. Joyner a resignation is effective March 15, or As soon thereafter As the succession can he arranged. We wish the company Well in the important business of selection and our Good wishes follow or. Joyner whose adventure in newspaper management is proving to he relatively Brief. Or. Joyner a dedication of time to his profession was interrupted once before for a term of years. He moved from Greensboro a City attorney ship into City manage ment there and administered Greensboro a business until drawn in 1937 into the work he now is doing. His record As municipal officer was an excellent one. Something More than casual neighbourly interest is Felt about the successor to or. Joyner As we recognize the importance of Greensboro a press in the state and particularly in our part of the state. The news achieved a reputation for vigorous enlightened Public service under the direction of the Able men who founded it and any change in management effecting the continuation of the service is More than interesting. In the news the stanly new s and press bemoans the fact that while there Are a plenty of candidates in the Field nary a Cigar has been tendered. Can it be the new Deal influence a at least it could hardly be called a raw Deal. Goodness knows How Many candidates lost votes in the old Days by passing out bum cigars they the cigars were so bad. Former vice president Marshall was constrained to say that what this country needed was a Good 5-cent Cigar. There Ai Many Good brands now but it takes More than a Cigar to change a hardheaded americans political ideas. With a a Dale. Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people this True Story is about a clerk who waited nine years for his Chance. His name is Wiuf Mikkelsen and if you will go to 393 fourth Avenue new York you can meet him and talk to him. Only he in t a clerk any More. He a the Boss. This is How it happened he was born in Denmark and lived there until he was 18 years old. Then he came to this country Steerage and finally got a Job As a clerk in an Export company which sold articles of american manufacture of foreign countries. Nine slow footed years limped by and he was still a clerk. He was still waiting his Opportunity to distinguish himself. Alongside sat a Man who had had a great Deal More experience and who was his Superior in his office. One Day this Superior tossed a Catalon into the wastebasket. Mikkelsen fished it out of the waste Basket and began thumbing through it. The Catalon was for a new invention which had just come on the Market an outboard motor. Suddenly an idea popped into Mikkelsen a head. Why. An outboard motor would be just the thing for the fishermen of Denmark j then they could be Independent of oars and wind. The More he thought about it the More excited he grew. But before he tried the idea out on the Boss he wrote to the manufacturer and got prices he Mote to Denmark and to Scandinavia he worked on the idea for five months. Finally the Briss called him in and said he was spending too much time on the idea and to give it up. Mikkelsen pleaded for More time. A to give you three More weeks Quot the Hoss said. And Mikkelsen pitched in harder than Ever. The Boss called him again and again Mikkelsen pleaded for More time. The Boss gave him a week. A tide turned. An order for an outboard motor came through. Mikkelsen was delighted. Delighted he was exuberant he hopped a train and went to Milwaukee to see the manufacturer. The company was struggling Hadnot thought of the scandinavian Market. Mikkelsen got a Good contract and came Home. The next month ten orders came in. In one year he had orders for 5,000 motors. That Catalon he had fished out of the wastebasket was the Means of his going into business for himself. He turned in so Many orders to the manufacturer that he built a new factory on the strength of these orders. Mikkelsen the clerk who had waited nine years for his Chance became the big Gest outboard motor agent in the world. And that is what he is doing today. But now he has a magnificent showroom on fourth Avenue. New York. I asked him if he thought other clerks could find chances for themselves. And he said Quot yes. Sooner or later. The thing is to keep trying Day after Day. Finally your Chance will comr. I never dreamed mine would come out of the wastebasket but it Start scrap Rook Many readers Are cutting out these columns and pasting them in scrap books so that they May review and study them As a text Book on Success. Why not Start your Success scrap Book now there were a lot of honest differences on the g. O. P. Program committees report depending mostly on whether the critics were democrats or republicans. A new Type of water proof hat for women will make it unnecessary for them to carry umbrellas. As if rain could de any further damage to some of the current numbers. An emperor Penguin is being brought from Antarctica to the Washington d. A zoo to be penned up. Such is the Fate of crowned Heads these Days. The people of Europe get together to float 9n tis Ujj Toofik european exiles in Havana while away time gambling by George Ross Havana feb. 24. Thousands of refugees from totalitarian countries Are living in and around Havana until their Mast precious Hopes Are realized and they Are granted admission to the United states. Most of them Are German of course and they Supply one of this tropical capitals Many contradictions. For one of the curious features of the current season is the number of refugees who patronize the gaming tables at the Casino the Best bars and hotels. You see Many of these exiles whiling away the time in their temporary Refuge at the races in Oriental Park or in the Casino after dark. # i heard someone of Well informed background Here place a conservative estimate of 17 million dollars As the sums Dej Kvisted by these refugees in the Banks of Cuba assurances of their self support during their stay Here. So that seems to conflict with stories of the impossibility of taking any Money out of the totalitarian countries. But the re Are thousands Here and a great number of them Are by no Means wealthy. I talked to a melancholy refugee this evening a russian who first went to the United states illegally and then came to Cuba in order to legally re enter the u. S. He has been Here six months and his chances look leak. The labor Laws do not permit him to work and the enforced idleness has cast him into the deepest depression. And the same is happening to thousands of others he said. To Delight the inner Man of i were writing about cuban dishes i would mention the Moro crabs which Are the most delicious of the crustacean the tiny but Sweet cuban oysters the Orange egg Yolks the papaya Melon and the smoothest ice Cream served in the Shell of the Small Quot Jelly Quot Coconut. An aptly named gent is Robert love a student at Rensselaer poly in Troy n. Y., who travelled 2000 Miles to see Rosemary Sankey one of the Chester Hale honeys at the Casino stayed Here two Days and started Back lie got nine traffic tickets during the drive. One of the big souvenir shops is run by Adolph Kleinman who tells us he got Quot a wrote up Quot from Abel Greene the head variety Mugg. Rill Stein vice president of music corporation of America was Here scouting a Rumba band called the Lecuona boys. He would like to take them to the san Francisco fair. Weather Max he mph Statesville daily it is is though the weather Man had enlisted is s supporter of commissioner Maxwell in his race for Tho Tov error shop. For in ordering up the worst Winter weather in years he has done things to the Road that throws the spotlight of Public interest on on of the planks in or. Maxwell s platform. While other candidates have pledged themselves in a general Way to the fullest improvements of our highways or. Maxwell recites the pleasing detail that fifty million dollars could be spent on them without calling for additional taxes. And being a tax expert he is taken at i word. It is such a pleasing revelation that the taxpayer does no to bother to join or. Maxwell in wading through the details of the plan for fear that he might Wake up and find it Only a dream. And the astute or. Maxwell is not slow in taking advantage of this seasonal situation while the time is Ripe to drive Home his Point. He tells the Fairmont rotary club that the dirt roads of North Carolina Are the weakest Point in the state s social and economic structures because they serve important communities that become completely impassable in bad weather. A thousands of our Rural population a avs or. Maxwell Quot have been out off from markets schools and churches. I have just Learned of one Community that recently lost Gallons of milk because of impassable roads. Similar conditions obtain in Many sections of the in his fifty million Dollar program of Road improvement without additional taxes. Or. Maxwell proposes to use some of the funds already accumulated in the name of the highways but not available for immediate a pending. We reckon taxpayers living on these undependable highways Are wishing that or. Maxwell had thought of that plan earlier and pressed it a particularly those who lost their milk. Paging father Lime ten years ago local news the Relief store Here will remain open indefinitely the american legion the High Point ministers in their meeting this it orning discussed Quot pastoral Vinita or. Wesley Taylor of Greensboro addressed the Junior and senior member of High Point High school this morning on the subject Quot debunking the sex about people Mianne Duncan non and Leland Comer spent the weekend at Calhoun Falls s. A with relatives. Jack Kemp left saturday for Harrisonburg Ato Start work with the Pennsylvania Highway commission. Mrs. W. A Hargett spent sunday afternoon with relatives in Thomasville. News briefs eleven persons were killed in a train wreck near Kenosha wig., last night. The Hoover Mountain school has been opened at dark hollow Justice Hughes has taken the oath of office. The next War May come with the awful rapidity of a mid Western Tornado. We must make our plans in peace to offset the Shock of that Secretary of War Harry h. Woodring. The administration has steadily spread the idea that government should control labor capital and agriculture. It has set up such controls. It has taught our people to look to Washington for a living. District attorney Thomas e. Dewey of new York in Campaign speech at Cheyenne Wyo. Wor Keils of the world new York Herald Tribune what would what could Karl Marx any if he read the piece in the paper that the new nazi cry was worker of the world unit a it is fantastic this brotherly love Between the two former super enemies but it does not a Hock the average american Reader hardened to moral shocks Ainee Moscow and Merlin joined hands As much As it must Shock the True advocates of the marxian theory. What Auch information would bring in reply from the father of the movement could not be printed for Public consumption. Do Robert Ley who in head of Hitler a labor front had the unpleasant task of making this new premise of nazism known to the world. Or. Ley has told the German labourer who has far less Freedom and probably even less Comfort and daily life than the Moat Servile Feudal Bondman that he a Hall grasp the English and French worker by the Arm to overthrow a a English Aud to accomplish this he must borrow from the soviet whose workers hands Are cold and bloody with a heartless invasion of a tiny anti unobtrusive neighbor. Quot workers of the world a a unite a it will carry very Little weight this Hitler endorsement of the May Day phrase. To the american Workingman surely the sound is hollow on an empty drum. Twenty years ago local news saturday. February 28 will he Spring opening Day among High Point stores and gorgeous styles will be shown. The Early arrival of faster has moved Hack the customary Spring opening. The Charity drive Here la still quite Active and will soon reach us goal. Building permits Here since january i total almost $100,000. About people Willard Dyer was a business visitor to Greensboro yesterday. Or. W. J. My anally left yesterday for Florida. J. W. Tomlinson has returned from a trip to Miami. Miss Grace Clodfelter returned yesterday from Lexington. New briefs five men and one woman lost their lives in Staunton va., last night As the result of a fire which destroyed the Beverly hotel. President Wilson says he will take time to study the new Railroad Bill to which the unions Are objecting. The English government is saying that bolshevism horrors must be ended before the world can negotiate with the soviet government. He said it any great Story that has been going for 1000 years must have some thing and is Good for another 1000 years. The hard thing is to get such a Story Erskine. American writer. It is not so much opposition from the Treasury and Trade unions that we women Are up against but the failure of government officials to realize the necessity of having panels of expert women advisers ready to help mobilize the woman Power immediately it is Astor. British member of parliament. With the criticisms of the present educational system i find myself More than a Little sympathetic. Or James r Conant president Harvard University under the Guise of protecting their blockade against Germany the British Are doing the same reprehensible things they did in 1914. A representative Melvin j. Maas rep. Minn our common goal should be a reciprocal Prosperity based on interdependence. Carlos j. Videla representing Chile in u. S. Reliance on the Good will and Good Faith of nations is the fundamental basis for . James t. Shot Well. Chairman commission to study the organization of peace. Bruce Catton in to Shingto g. O. P. Choice i p to untied delegations Washington feb. 24. there is a big Chance this Spring i candidate will go to the Republic National convened i til enough Dell Gates in his pocket take charge. It looks now As a huge proportion the delegates pc haps even a maj Ltd will be Unin strip de. This is entirely the liking of most the National comm ii k tee i Nen. They of hopeful about n e fall but not Coe they think they can win if they the Best Man but they Don t think is one of those years when Quot you Cou elect a by convention time there will Hai been enough primary contests to git a fair line on the vote getting qual ties of the leading candidates. The one May have que ered himself some Blunder that one May have upon a popular note. No one will a Way out in front. So come convention time the Dell Gates can go Over the whole list Ai figure out which Man ii Moat he to Lead the party to Victory. Road open today for dark horse that at any rate is the picture tamed by talk with the commits men As they gathered for their Watington meeting. Pm Titre can change it a Taft might conceivably change it. His Campaign is Well financed a smartly directed and he is quiet picking up considerable numbers Southern delegates. He might get enough Speed to upset All present cd dilation. Or. Dewey might by a oust rating that ins name is Power at the Polis. As of today that is How it looks. Is a situation full of appealing Post abilities for dark horses. Gannett campaigns enter no primaries that explains the tactics being Lowed by Frank Gannett then it York publisher. Or. Gannett is going to end up major speaking tour in loan he is in close touch with politick and rank and tiie voters Al Arros a country Jan Wadsworth on of to shrewdest of congressmen is Workis with him. Yet or. Gannett is entering no Mary contests and seeking no pledge his entire Effort is based on the Bell that the nominee will finally be chop by a convention which is perfectly to to go in any direction it pleases that also explains Why the Stock governor Bricker of Ohio is still the up Grade. Governor Bricker has bowed Himsl out of the race and will go to to convention As a Taft supporter. But the three leaders Taft Dewey Vandenberg get deadlocked g nor Bricker will have enough or friends at the convention to Start formidable move in his favor. Hoover still in the running done to forget that the actuation frs a Fine Chance for sex presid Hoover. A number of the committeemen talked with feel that the count a vent May yet make or. Hoover logical Choice. The excellent Public he is getting in the present finn Relief Campaign is by no mean lost them. Like the democrats a fortnight fore the republicans came to Wrington full of questions the Dei Erat All wanted to know it he ing to run again the republicans Wert seeking info mat Ion on fit different candidates their own party agreeing that no is very far out in front right now asking not Quot will he run a but Quot a is he Quot to promote realism scent is Bel sprayed on the perfume ads in Illinois paper which will make precarious for a Man even to Bra his newspaper Home to the wife. Swimming suits a ill apparently longer this season. It was obvious til get any Shorter without Elf unating the Industry completely. Izzy Kich Requital hit seems like the objections of senator Quot Cotton quoted Smith to the Quot third terms plan wont Cut much ice in the by National convention. Fer s his Home state is concerned. The v South Carolina Del \ negation has already decided to vote solid Fer preset Roosevelt if he asks them to and senator Smith Quot take a Kinde like it was that time we a Row with the school Board we fell out with the football coach act he got married. But the Board Dij pay us no mind. They went ahead fired the coach. Paw said Quot if the ground Fer firing the coach i he has a team of his own Lama cd

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