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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - February 22, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Hal incurably Iii hangs up his typewriter us base Lentz feared by Hal Boyle new York Are times when a Man should go full Speed and there Are times when he should slow Down after writing some 7680 columns in More than 30 years it seems to me the time has come to slow Down so from now on i have decided to become an intermittent columnist like an old Hen i will Lay fewer eggs and spend More time brooding several factors impelled me to this decision first if i have failed to make a better world in 30 years perhaps Ive tried to Rush things and now need to plan for a More systematic attack second unlike a Dairy cow a daily philosopher is not valued directly by his output overproduction is undervalued the Oracle is Best remembered who Speaks least thirdly my conscience began to bother me it takes a lot of pulpwood to print nearly 8000 columns in several Hundred newspapers Over three decades and my dreams have been haunted by visions of countless denuded Hills Bare and tree free finally the biggest reason i decided to Cut Down on my regular output of columns is Hal Boyle that i became the first Guy on my Block to acquire a rare and Little known malady Amy trophic lateral sclerosis this is often called Lou Gehrig disease because it benched a generation ago the famous Iron horse the first baseman for the new York Yankees it is a mysterious affliction of the spinal Cord which cripples a body through atrophy of the voluntary Muscles the disease is progressive and terminal within two to five years after Onset its cause is obscure and there is no treatment for it Only two Nice things can be said about it it Doest affect the Milid and it is More fatiguing and uncomfortable than painful the irony of it to me is that after surviving three wars without a scratch i come Down with an ailment that on the average strikes Only one out of every 100000 people it is so rare you organize a reunion of als sufferers i hate to relinquish my daily column because writing it has been More than bread and butter to me it has been a magic adventure that enabled me to meet thousands of people 67 countries and every continent but the Antarctic i turned 63 yesterday i am somewhat abashed that my word age output is four times that of William Shakespeare but i savor the fact that it enabled me to have More byline stories on the main wires of the associated press than any other writer in its 126 years i guess this is the place to express my deeply Felt thanks to All the readers who through All the years made the journey with me and shored up my spirits with kind letters of cheer suggestion and criticism see you later pay raise veto blocked by Jim Adams associated press writer Washington a veto action against president Nixon pay raise proposal for congressmen and other top Federal officials has been blocked in the House but a vote is reported Likely in the Senate Senate democratic whip Robert c Byrd of West Virginia said thursday he got the impression from other democratic leaders that a vote very Likely will occur possibly next thurs Day or Friday the Senate Post office committee is scheduled to meet tuesday to determine whether to recommend veto of the presidents pay raise proposal or some modification such As elimination or reduction of the pay raise for congressmen congressmen Federal judges and top administration officials get the pay raises recommended by president Nixon feb 4 unless either the House or Senate vetoes or modifies them by March 6 House action on a veto Resolution against the pay raise was blocked in the House Post office committee thursday when 14 members stayed away preventing a quorum to vote on reporting it out to the full House rep or Gross Iowa who tried to Force the com Mittee vote then introduced a discharge petition to try to Force the veto Resolution on to the House floor but Gross said he was not optimistic that the discharge petition procedure could Force a House vote before the March 6 deadline president Nixon pay raise proposal would boost congressional salaries from their present a year to next year in 1975 and in 1976 closings delayed by Fred s Hoffman a military writer Washington a the Pentagon probably will delay any major new shutdowns and reductions at military bases until at least late this year this change apparently stems from growing concern about a possible economic recession and May have been suggested if not ordered by top Nixon administration officials we read the Tea leaves said one Pentagon source in acknowledging the delay but he stressed there Are going to be some reductions in the base Structure because of a number of reorganizations headquarter staff cutbacks and other streamlining actions being taken by the armed serv ices putting off major base closings until late in the year would give Pentagon officials time to see How Congress treats the record billion defense budget relatively Light cuts in that budget might ease the urgency for stringent economies furthermore officials Are hopeful that the Economy will regain its health and that jobs will become More plentiful by next fall if that happens base closings might be less difficult politically particularly if they come after the november con Gressional elections a new round of base actions has been in the works since last summer when the Pentagon acknowledged that it expected to produce a significant base closure package within the for Sheable future 72 wage hike is goal by Robert a Dobkin a labor writer Miami Beach Fla a calling government wage Price controls a fraud that should be ended the Al Cio has set a 12 per cent goal for wage hikes this year there can be no j us Tifi Ca Tion w whatsoever for a 55 per cent Standard for wage increases in the face of living costs that Are rising almost twice As fast the of Lucios ruling executive Council declared thursday in an economic statement issued at its annual mid Winter meeting the statement signalled an end to organized labors cooperation with the Nixon administrations controls program first imposed in August 1971 the statement added in fact economic Justice would dictate that workers wages reflect at least increases in the Cost of living plus productivity this would indicate a wage boost of 12 per cent based on the nearly 9 per cent Rise in the Cost of living last year plus the historic 3 per cent yearly increase in productivity despite last years inflation rate highest in 25 years wage increases in major 1973 labor contracts adhered to government guidelines but in recent weeks Rankan file pres sure for More Money has been building As the administration forecasts continued High inflation this year thirty months of the Nixon administrations so called stabilization program have proven its Complete and utter failure the Council said it has done nothing to curb inflation and must not be renewed in any Guise the administration has proposed that Congress drop controls on All but the health food and Petroleum industries when authorizing legislation expires april 30 another family weekly exclusive february 24 the Cantaf Fordiat stereo you Cali of Ford your children we Mph your to masked do you mkt a ctr dieting our Means its Votint time Star super scope r330 stereo receiver now you con afford the Quality and performance you would normally pass up in a higher priced receiver proof take a look at the Many outstanding features fhe super scope r330 stereo receiver has of offer theres a full loudness contour switch for optimum listening a the lowest volume Levels and the tape Monitor switch provides for easy conversion to 4channel sound in addition 10 allowing you to Monitor any Tope White recording looking ahead the r330 incorporates a 4channel pm decoder output for adaptation to 4channei pm multiplex broadcasting when approved and standardized by the acc on the am Side theres an internal Antenna plus inputs for a 300 ohm pm or am Antenna a five position input 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visited with show Biz perennial Jack Benny to review the highlights of a lengthy and spectacularly Success Ful career and an unusually eventful life that began on Valentines Day 80 years ago a serious Benny shares his observations based on perceptions honed by uniquely varied experiences on everything from the permissive Ness that pervades our society to the threat of backlash that might result in restrictive censor ship in your copy of the High Point Enterprise office bugged says paper Raleigh a North Carolina Secretary of transportation Bruce a Lentz or dered his office checked twice in 1973 for wiretaps and electronic listening devices a Raleigh newspaper reported in today editions the news and observer said Lentz confirmed the action in an interview thursday he said checks by Southern Bell Telephone co technicians and transportation department investigators came As a result of the suspicion at the beginning of a new administration Lentz said neither search revealed anything however the newspaper quoted Jack Childs news Secretary to gov Jim Holshouser As saying somebody went to Lentz and told him High Point Enterprise Friday february 221914 a ecu vote postponed Raleigh showdown vote on the East Carolina University medical school in the North Carolina legislature has been postponed the vote originally scheduled for today in the House and Senate appropriations committees is now scheduled for tuesday sen Ralph Scott Dala Mance in announcing the postponement said several legislators had asked him for a delay because they did not expect to be in Raleigh today rep Carl Stewart d Gaston chairman of the House committee said he knew of several legislators who did not want to vote on the measure until after the reelection filing deadline which is monday the committees will be voting on several Bills to overrule the University of North Carolina Board of governors and expand the current oneyear medical education program at ecu thursday a handful of committee members attended the last of three Public hearings on the Issue they heard the Rev Coy Privette a Kannapolis minister put the anti liquor Christian action league on record in support of ecu expansion Privette said his Church group which previously has confined itself to liquor questions was taking an interest in ecu because Jesus had a lot More to say about Healing than he did about liquor Bakers group sees possible bread sewing machines for upholstery draperies Home sewing also the popular Gold Seal shears Glenns sewing machine co inc our 50th year 713 n main 8831922 sewing machine specialists Washington a the american Bakers association says immediate government action is needed to Avert a possible bread shortage people May have to stand in line for a loaf of bread at much higher prices the Way they now wait in line to buy gasoline Aba president Robert j Wager said in a statement thursday Wager said agriculture department figures As of feb 1 show a 23mihion Bushel deficit for hard red Winter wheat the Basic Type for bread the Aba asked the agriculture department to determine the minimum wheat Supply necessary for Domestic consumption during the second Quarter of 1974 and develop a plan to assure that Supply unless the government takes immediate action there could be no bread on our tables for up to four weeks this Spring said a report by the Bakers association and we this free Luper sized stufkdd06 j a Chance for a 3 Day free trip for 2 to or Blanks available Al All participating or Notrevo no i Cerf Purchase necessary to enter Bonk Lor additional information Ana Luiei this promotion does not cons Laruie an of Adaton or an endorsement of or by Disneyland or Disney world 01 any of their related companies a Pix Taton cd Kofl Monck 222e4 Guilford optical co free parking enter from main St next to building 654 Telephone Al fun 8852647 serving this area since 1947 Large selection of latest fashions in frames let us fill your next prescription for glasses four registered opticians to 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