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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 20, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Center theatre sunday saturday a pocket Money a with Lee Marvin and Paul Newman in color. Saturday morning show for children from 9 30 in. Until 11 30 a m. A ghost and or. Chicken a am with Don Knotts in color. Martin twin theatres now playing a Cougar country a in color at twin i. A sitting target a with Oliver Reed and Jill St. John in color at twin 2. Towne theatre sunday wednesday a Farouk starts thursday a such Good with Dyan Cannon in color. Saturday morning show for children from to a m. Until 12 noon a Jack and the giant trans Lux theatre now playing a Only in my also a Motel Midway drive in sunday thursday a a let a scare Jessica to death a with Barton Keyman in color. Also a a what a the matter with Helen a with Debbie Reynolds and Shelley Winters in color. Friday saturday a Tower of the screaming virgins a with Jean Fiat in color. Also a daughters of with John Karlen in color. Pointer drive in sunday thursday a Jesse James a with Henry Fonda in color. Also a Clambake a with Elvis Presley in color. Starts Friday a no greater also 4 birth of French connection is escapist entertainment your horoscope1 by Jeane Dixon monday feb. 21 your birthday monday your whole coming year is one Long Campaign for increased strength career stability sounder financial basis. Working conditions improve. Home life May be squeezed a trifle for time and convenience becomes More significant. You accept people More for what they Are than what they say. Today a natives Are versatile diplomatic capable of original thinking. Aries March 21apri 19 the week begins with surprises. Discrepancies Between promises and fulfilment Odd twists of circumstance. Take nothing for granted. Taurus april 20 May 20 strive for the right impression despite Adverse comment. Ask questions before you say what you think your mate is about. Wait to see what is intended. Gemini May 21-june 20 financial arrangements Are Best left alone particularly if Guesswork is involved anything you do must be kept simple to make sure its understood. Cancer june 21-july 22 a slow Start for an eventually important week. Take time to think thru the tangles of facts figures and theories. Relaxing is the Best preparation. Leo july 23-aug. 22 this is one of those Days where there a a real Challenge. A direct answer Isnit the most suitable course think before you react. Virgo aug. 23sept. 22 look thru your Home with an be for safety extra space. Things like outdated prescriptions can be cleared out. Of you travel select Onrush hours. Libra sept. 23-oct. 22 a favor for a Friend involves More labor and time than expected. Your thoughts Are drawn to thinking about Long Range goals insurance savings. Scorpio oct. 23 nov. 21 take your Days Effort in Short intense rushes. Much is gained by even superficial changes. Friends Are indifferent or in disagreement but Only Short term. Sagittarius nov. 22 Doc. 21 your tact in t any better at weeks Start than it was before. An extra word brings confusion leave Well enough alone. Capricorn Doc. 22-Jan. 19 documents proving your argument and depending on them Are two different things. Tell the Story like it is and show proof where you have to. Prefer younger company today. Aquarius Jan. 20 Fob. 18 no matter How Well thought out your system an exception goes contrary to the major pattern of your theories. Done to abandon the ideas or make drastic changes. Pisces Fob. 19 Mach 20 do what is expected of you but leave people to their own devices. They have to straighten things out without intervention. By Dick Kleiner Hollywood Nea a the French connection is a wild and wonderful film. It May win some awards but what a More important is it will make millions and give a whole lot of people a couple of hours of splendid escape entertainment. If they give oscars for chases have to make a the French connection a Winner. There a a Chase in which Gene Hackman As a new York detective named Popeye Doyle commanders a car and goes z Ping along following a gunman who is overhead in an elevated train. A the French connection is based on a True Story but the Chase Wasny to part of the real thing. Producer Philip of Antoni stuck it in for Good Luck a and Good entertainment. A the real life Chase. Do Antoni says a was Only about two blocks Long. But i d had so much Success with the Chase scene in my first movie a bullitts a that i enlarged it. I wrote it in and plotted it very that Chase was done under what Hollywood Calls a a controlled conditions meaning All the vehicles you see Are driven by stuntmen and the police have blocked off All other traffic. Bill Hickman the second unit director and stunt coordinator was in charge. It was done on 86th Street near Coney Island in Brooklyn Hickman says that Hackman be sure to keep your Hickman and Hackman straight did 85 per cent of his own driving a a he san old race Driver and i taught him a the no Sanh he caught on real Quick a Hickman save. A Gene is a re1 Cool Driver a Hickman rays they cracked in $15,600 Worth of Cas in the Cha a scene the chief vehicle was a specially built Pontiac lemans. A i did the Hackman says a for As much As i could because i Felt it made it look More real. The funny thing was that the big crash scene was a mistake. It happened on the first Day Bill Hickman was driving the other car. And we crashed. A a do Antoni and director Billy Friedkin decided to leave the scene in. But we had no coverage a there was Only one camera going at the time. So we had to restate it do it All Over do Antoni says All the rest of the on Street stuff was shot without any controls. He says the principals walked or ran around new York and Brooklyn streets with the cameras hidden either in trucks or in second Story windows. The Story deals with the drug ring busting work of two real new York cops Eddie Egan changed to Popeye Doyle for the film and Sonny Grosso. Both Egan and Grosso worked on the film and appeared in it. Grosso has since done other acting a he s in a the godfather a and he says he likes acting but in t about to give up police work. Egan is currently involved in another narcotic Case he has been charged with holding Back drugs he obtained on police raids when they were casting the picture do Antoni let Egan and look Over the prospective actors. A i just could t see Hackman paying Egan s first drama from Page 18 a theater sobriety during depression Era Federal projects organized the Mercury theater with Orson Welles and subsequently has participated in such other matters As american Shakespeare festival a t Stratford. Conn and the Urcla group that evolved into resident activity at the los Angeles music Center. A the Prospect of starting my eighth theater is rather the 70-year-old director says. A but if i can possibly swing it. I will. Not out of possessiveness but because of a feeling that a real need to rental rent to own 882-8319 a Ca to end stereos Wong s a Muse restaurant 2872 n. Main Tel. 885-8862 open 7 Days week serving the finest in chinese and american food orders to go Call 885-8862 Motorola a a los a it liver Jubilee of Bio value now open Fin amp fur pet shop 2295 re Grody Owr a a a a sorry we will be unable to give free movie passes to the Towne movie theatre this monday Buce Aboo ranch High Point 1711 n. Main Street free Cherry turh0ver with a big Shef monday Only special family restaurants 1 91 2 s. Mai n St. Hie always treat you right. High Point Enterprise sunday february 20, 1972 19a television log Grosso says. A at least not at first. The first time i met him he was i n Bel Bottoms a Lovely shirt a Mustache Lovely hair. He was gorgeous. But i came around and he did a helluva in fact. Grosso s Mother saw the picture and got very angry. She thought Hackman looked so authentic he must be a cop. And she was mad about it a she figured if they were going to let a real cop play the Pirt. Thev should have Given it to Egan. Everybody 5 glad now they stuck with Hackman. He s sure to get an Oscar nomination and the Way it looks now. The voting should go Down to the wire Between him and Topol for a fiddler on the 7 00 Lassie 7 30 wild kingdom 8 00 the Fri ugh pts j a my or a Niborg i a Btu Charlotte 4 Wunch University station a a Gap High Point a soc Charlotte of Wols Roanoke q2 Wujs Winston atom 12.00 noon 2 lbs Golf classic 3j Fred Kirby s rascals 8 focus 3 no Miracle. To invitation to life a Bonnie Lou and Buster 12 30 . 8 help yourself 9 eyewitness report to House Hunting 12 Jack Mccloskey 1 00 p my 2 outdoors 3 Nashville music 33 direct 9 to 12 meet the press 1 30 . 2 Dean Smith 3 Wilburn Bros. 8 issues amp answers 9 Sherlock Holmes 10 project Kuta 12 secret agent 7 00 . 2j Nat. Hockey league 3 sunday picture 8 Aba basketball 2 30 . To movie 12 champions 3 . 9j lost in space 3 30 . Go great decisions 12 championship Tennis 4 00 pm. 4 French chef Csc Star trek 3d Ben Casey 4 30 . 3d a amp to report 4 now 8 Nashville music to movie go water world j 3 kid talk 5 00 pm. 4 Ericourt forum 8 Porter Wagoner 9, movie 5 30 . Chi i g j animal world 8 Wilburn Brothers 4 Folk guitar 12 i a tourney 4 00 5 3 is news special 1 8 red 12 comment 4 30 4 n c. People 8 f troop to 12 no news 7 00 pm. 2 3 news 4 vibrations 8 to Lassie 5 wild kingdom 15 circus 7 30 . 3 3d sunday movie 3 wild kingdom ,93 Roll Walt Disney 1 00 . I firing line Chi Fri 1 30 . Be to u Jimmy Stewart 9 00 . Us masterpiece theatre 8j sunday movie 9j,10 12 Bonanza 9 30 . 33 China trip 3 they be killed Lincoln 10 00 . 9 to 15 bold ones 10 30 . 33 for the record to 3 presidential China trip 11 00 . 3 news 33 scene tonight 9 news to news 13 felony squad 11 30 . 33 Ai App 8 Abc news 9 Perry Mason Cio 12 tonight in . Circus 1 30 . Wonderful world of Disney i 76 monday 4 a m. 2 Sun ise semester 4 30 a m. To on the farm 2 go d morning show 7 00 a m. A lbs morning news 8 u. Of Michigan Jajjo 12 today s a a t 30 a m. 23 lbs news 3 the morning scene cd triad in perspective 4 00 a m 2 Good morning show 3, capt. Kangaroo 8 30 a m. 2 did rebel show p romper room 9 to 12 today 9 00 a m. 23 capt. Kangaroo 3 Hazel he Virginia Graham 8 dealing for dollars movie 53 Mike Douglas 12 today Ai Home a a of a m. X Lunier Pyle 4 physical science 01 Virginia Graham �?T0 00 a m. 2 3 Lucy show 4 sesame Street 10 12 Dinah s place 10 30 a m. 2 3 my three sons 9 to 12 concentration 11 00 a m. 2 33 family affair 4. Nobody but yourself 8j bewitched 3 10 15 Sale of the Century la 30 a m. 5 33 love of life 4, math .j9 10 12 Hollywood Square cd that girl 12 00 menu 2 where the heart is 3 the scene at noon 4 consultation 8 eyewitness news 9 news to 12 jeopardy 12 30 . 2 3 search Tor Morrow 4 electric company 8 password to news 9 12 who what where game 1 00 . 2 today s woman 31 a try Feezor 8 All my children 9 jeopardy 10 12 Somerset 1 30 . 3 3 As the a rid turns 4 physical science 8 lets make a Deal 9 Roll three on a match 2 00 . 2 3 Many Splendore thing 43 ready set go 8 Aba basketball cd 19 la Days of our lives 2 30 2333 guiding Light 5 10 j5 doctors 3 00 . 333 secret storm 4 world of science 53 id ii another world Bay City 3 30 . 3 3 Edge of night 4 film f Lassie ill Bright Promise 4 00 2 Comer Pyle gds Daniel Boone 4 nobody but yourself 8 movie of Flintstones in Rifleman 12 one step beyond 4 30 2 Flintstones 4 its Verogers 9 Gilligan a Island ids big Valley 12 the munsters 5 00 . 2 big Valley 3 Green acres 4 sesame Street 9 Petticoat Jun Cloi 12 Gilligan a Island 5 30 . 3 or cons. Re 5 30 news 33 Dick Van Dyke 10 what a my line la wild wild West capsule views of today s evening programs 2 . 2 hockey the nil 2 game Between the Boston Bruins and the Chicago Black Hawks. 3 30 . 3 12 Tennis live coverage the world Tennis champions is in Tor nto Canada. 5 00 . 12 2 kid talk Rod Sterling and sue Anne Langdon talk with Young panellists about the supernatural and communicating with animals. 4 00 . 2 a China a a lbs news g i special explores a Century of myths stereo types and other m misconceptions americans have had about the chinese. 7 00 . 8 a Lassie a Lassie and 12 Young Jimmy Fredericks Bland by for a crash Landing of a Sac b-52 which has lost Power. 7 30 . Lbs movies part two of a Eben hut a with Charlton Heston. Stephen Boyd and Jack Hawkins. Wild kingdom Perkins and Brock travel to g Tod Parla Australia to take part in a Roundup of water Buffalo. Disney a the City Fox a Rusty a curious red Fox inadvertently takes a one Way boat ride from Northern California into san Francisco Bay a ending up lost in the Metropolis. 8 00 . The Fri a inspector Erskine attempts to keep Paul Hale under surveillance As he sets out to pay Ransom for his kidnapped father. 8 30 . Jimmy Stewart Jim a big Success on a television talk show leads to a lucrative Job offer and a Tough decision. 8 Abc movie la the adventures of Nick Carter a with Robert Conrad Shelley Winters. Broderick Crawford Dean Stockwell Neville Brand Pat of Brien Pernell Roberts and Sean Garrison. 12 Bonanza a search in Ben. Out <4 town to transact business mysteriously Falls victim to amnesia and is charged with murder. 9 30 . 2 China trip a a two hour special lbs news program regarding the presidents trip to the Peoples Republic of China. 10 00 . 12 _ the bold ones Jane Wyman guest stars As a paediatrician who must learn a Young boys secrets before she can treat him. 10 30 . I Abc news special coverage of president Nixon strip to China

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