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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 20, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 18a High Point Enterprise sunday february 20, 1972 a the Iii Friend the Twig branching out a bit by Dick Kleiner Hollywood i aka a the boy Friend Quot is a split level film As far As Twiggy is concerned it is on the surface a part she wanted to play and a movie she wanted to make. But after you be been talking to her for awhile you realize there is More to it than that. A the boy Friend spells vindication to her. Twiggy and her Jug time associate and Friend it and perhaps husband Justin de Villeneuve. Wanted to show the Public that Twiggy is a person. Quot we were fed up with the Public s impression of us a says Twiggy or twigs As Justin Calls her. A they think i m a Sven Gali a Justin says a and that twigs is a mindless creature i made and controlled there s More to twigs than there i indeed she a a Bright cheerful articulate girl with a twinkle in her Eye and More flesh on her Bones than rumours would have it. And she wants to be somebody. A couple of years ago she saw a the boy Friend As a stage revival in London a it knocked me she says. From the moment the cur Tain fell she wanted to play that part in the film version Justin went along and together they set about to realize her dream. They got hold of director Ken Russell they a known him Long before he hit it big with a women in love a and put the package together. They own a healthy percentage of Hie finished film a when this picture is out for Twiggy says a maybe Stop asking me what i have for breakfast what my measurements Are and All that sort of thing and maybe they la Stop making jokes about me Many of which Are rude and in England Justin says All the jokes and embarrassing questions have made them Burrow into their Shell. They give no interviews at Home Twiggy makes no to appearances they Are a private three years ago Twiggy gave up All her modelling her line of clothes and makeup it was a formidable financial sacrifice made simply so they could get out of the Public Eye a we made about $120,000 a year off her clothes a Justin says a and another $70,000 off the make up. It could have gone on for another few and they live High a we live extravagantly beyond our Twiggy says. Justin estimates that it costs them $1,000 a week to live. A we have a very Good Cook a he says a and we have the Rolls and we have our clothes and All they did no to give that up. But they had to tighten their belts a bit for awhile. This they were willing and eager to do in order to get out of the ugly acting and dancing and singing to get ready for a the boy now its out and As far As Twiggy personally is concerned it s a hit. Lier reviews have been fantastic. She has the transition from whatever she was to movie Star. They Are Well into planning their next film. It will be a 30s musical. A i love that period a she says. A and i love old pictures and old clothes. I love old movies like Waterloo Bridges and a Camille and the old stars like Joan Crawford and Marilyn after that film they want to do a romantic picture because Twiggy is a sentimentalist. Office furniture used As stage Boston api song and dance numbers from a fiddler on the roof Quot were performed thursday on atty Cen. Robert h Quinn a office table. Karol Kosta and Ron Cora Lian offered the costumed interlude during a meeting with Dunn to set plans to present the musical at Walpole state prison March 3. A a it a a tremendous idea a Quinn said. Adding that he would try to attend. The show currently is running in Framingham. Or Nisi served cafeteria style no waiting us fria Soith mom St 888-7? a a a a a a a a f it a it eng Chai Thaoma Center a in Sam t i now playing it takes two to make a special one up. Paul Newman Lee Marvin Quot pocket Money Quot at 1 25-3 20 5 20-7 15 9 15 soon John Wayne s newest a cowboys no More series for 3-time loser by Dick Kleiner Hollywood Nea Burt Reynolds Neile Adams and Don Gordon were sitting around Burts dressing room during the lunch break from the movie. there was a Knock at the door and a Man asked if he could see Burt for a few minutes. Burt went out to talk to him and then came Back. A you know who that was a he said. Quot that was Alexander Cohen the big Broadway producer. Head flown All the Way from new York to talk to my. He wanted to sound me out on doing a to version o f he said that in a a comedian but i done to realize it. I told him that Wasny to what i wanted to he says what he wants to do is to make movies from scripts that done to have fingerprints on them. By that he Means he wants to do roles that Are offered to him first. A a fuzzy is like that. There were no fingerprints on the script when he got it. Another one of the same sort will be released first. Reynolds has the Lead in a deliverance a the movie John Boorman made from James Dickey a bestseller. A Boorman is a very Gutty Guy a Reynolds says. A the saw me on the Johnny Carson show a i got More jobs from that show a and he called me in. We talked for 15 minutes and he offered me the Lead in a a fuzzy is different. He a playing a copy in a kind of a pm a s he like Black comedy. Its his first comedy role although first drama class grads Are ready to face world by William Glover a drama writer new York a can the class that plays together St a together that a the question now confronting the first or a graduates of renowned Juilliard school. As John Houseman says a it s a very Tricky Houseman an urbane fomented of Many major theatrical ventures during the past Quarter plus Century set up the innovative program which Aims at annually turning out a a a rounded ensemble of performers after four years of i depth training. A we take enormous pain to keep a girl from freezing into a Kansas City ingenue and to not have a handsome youth play All the romantic the director says in stressing the purpose of versatility. Just How effectively this academic artistic theory works was disclosed during a recent series of Public performances by the 18 survivors of the 32 hopefuls who launched the Juilliard theater division in 1%8 press critics loudly praised the troupe s ability to Range from restoration elegance to can Modem. Craft professionals voiced highly favourable reactions. A we wanted to see if we were As Good As we thought we were a Houseman says. A until we were certain we did t dare explore too Between now and springtime graduation moves Are afoot to establish some sort o f permanent organization for the ensemble. As far As he knows this is the first time an attempt has been made to keep a student group intact after graduation an advantage of a deliberately Small class. A i think they Are Good enough to fill the function of a Young touring company which is needed in this country and which none of the troupes in existence can provide a says Houseman with a glance at regional Enterprise. Such an undertaking lie toss info Chat orc theatre Zoys shopping Center 7200 Wutti Chetter or 885 4427 my Keb or Mee emm Kim John Houseman admits a is beyond t h c capacity of Juilliard a in Case any foundations or private sponsors Are interested. A there Are numerous feelers for Legal or other technical reasons a functioning postgraduate entity might simply have to adopt a name like the company with word of Mouth As the solid reputation link to the High prestige music institution origin. The drama vision was established when Juilliard became part of Lincoln Center for the performing arts. As envisioned by Houseman each years a rounded ensemble upon emergence from the student cocoon would merge into the yet to be organized permanent setup. Normal attrition would keep the company from ultimate unwieldy obesity. A we would t want any monastic the director Points out. A people could leave and come Back Over the the potential advantage of permanent association Over individual Job dispersion after graduation the usual Fate of drama school alumni is to Houseman t h e qualitative contribution that could be made to Cross country theatricals. A there s a great hunger for such drama and no Way of satisfying it now a he says. The Juilliard thespians last year began performing Short programs for High school audiences All Over new York state As part of training. The about to graduate ensemble is test marketing among a More mature clientele during february and March with University visits to Cambridge mass. Princeton . Ann Arbor Mich. And Toledo Ohio. What sort of drama the company might eventually specialize in is the least of his worries. A i m concerned with them being Able to do every style of theater a Houseman underlines the training purpose. If they want to do Street theater that s Okay As Long As Thev can also do the classics. You atrophy otherwise besides i think you do Street theater better if you can do the Houseman began stirring up i see first drama on i a he a known around Hollywood As a genuinely funnyman. He was talking to Neile the sex dancer who is mrs. Steve Mcqueen and plays Burts deaf mute wife in a fuzz a and they were talking about Burts old series. He a done four of them a riverboat gun smoke Hawk and last seasons Dan August. A i never even heard of Hawk a Neile said. A i must have been out of the country a you could have been out of the room and missed it a Burt said. He thinks it was his time Slot that mined him with Dan August. The show was opposite Hawaii 5-0. A Given the Choice of Jack lord in Hawaii or me in Oxnard a he says. A a in a watch Hawaii 5-0 he believes that the time Slot is the All important thing on to. And he Points to Marcus Welby As exhibit a of his theory. A we lbs is a Good show a he says a shut it has no opposition. In that time Slot you could have somebody peeling bananas and get a top 20 at the moment he a not interested in another series. He won t Rule out the possibility completely of course but head rather not he does no to think television is a Good medium for actors. A comparing to and the he says a is like this. Suppose you sit Van Gogh and Picasso Down and you say a Vincent you have 15 minutes to paint a picture. And Pablo give yours to me when its finished a to is like giving Van Gogh 15 minutes but movies Are done when they re finished. Not to a schedule a he says there should be sub title on to screens but a particular kind of subtitle. Quot they would read something like this a he says. A in this scene the other actor was drunk and the director was upset and we had three minutes to shoot it before we went on overtime so please excuse the poor Reynolds stars in a a fuzzy Birt Reynolds with Raquel Welch y u i Brynner Tom Skerritt Jack Weston Steve Ihnat Gordon and miss adms. If the idea of a cop with a deaf mute wife sounds familiar you probably remember the to show. 87th precinct. This film is from the same source material the de Mcbain books. Early show Tonitte see both hits and get sleep too. Show starts at 6 30�?see both and get out at 10 pm i i lit outdoor in color no i at 6 30 and to of something is after Jessica. Something very cold very wet. And very dead. Quot Only in my dreams Quot a to May a 30 7 30 a also Motel confidential Quot today 3 of 6 of -9 of in color a wild animals a sparkling streams a breathtaking scenery a a True wildlife adventure movie ratings for parents Ano Youn people the Tkv l a a icy a i in Tim East a it atari to in it a it a by tic a a Tan to Tai Tawny Fey Toca Quot mde a it g up All Ages admitted Oana it a 4a>n<at o All Ages admitted a a a a Ai ov>4a�ta Luffa and o r restricted under i a to of Tell get Yii Date a Advt Gwo Dion o no oni Unm i Montio i a. In Quot May Vav a act Taia n p $1 Vagt he Isth in u. No a Moke Xuat Ltd com a it a it i woo the above is published As a Public service by the High Point Enterprise seafood restaurant lunch special rib Eye Steak baked potato touted salad bread 11 30 . To 3 . Notice new saturday hours 1718 n Mam St i i to a m to 9 a n too a a i c a Hwy. Res jigs pm Row Priori a Neci in a 8 a. J Roux a a a let a scare Jessica if death no 2 at 8 21 a j j0 whats the Colo him baited artists ice <3 of bbl Raynalds Shamy Winter on any sunday a Rah by muck mown with Steve Mcqueen and All the top Cycle riders of today a also a a rage for Speed. An urge for women. A Rdv Dumott rom Box office Orens at 6 30 i it movie at 7oo by a beginning february 22nd Neil Simon s a last of the red hot lovers premiere special february 22 amp 23 5.25 per person beginning wednesday night february 23rd live music by Bob Hazel and the Wolf pack the barn Tunner theatre with new Tork Casta the a it Agic Stags How Lay open 6 30 show starts 7 00 he robbed Bonks held up trams broke out of jails it was bold and Lawless Ute All of of like to to sometimes a. Elvis Presley in a a Clambake in 01 >0 him it j 0097 a woman is his target. No Cage can Holt ibis lust for revenge. Oliver Reed i Jill St. John i ing target Quot a a Martin twin i to i Westchester drive/885 0097 delicious soft ice Cream 1412 n. Main St. Sunday special ?

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