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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 20, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Homes for americans wrench Bolt Cutter re Eraser a a _ in i he ii u ii la i i ill what s new on the Market a new features what s new on the Market the product a wrench especially for use on under sink pipes and manufacturers claim a that this wrench will do away with the problem of removing the pipe nuts under a sink which often defy the efforts of do it yourself Home owners without professional plumbing tools. That the two open ends of the wrench one 2 inches and one us inches will fit 99 per cent of All gooseneck nuts. That the wrench has a corrosion resistant gunmetal finish on steel and that because it will fit the nut exactly. There will be no marring of the goosenecks Chrome coating. Redress threads on machine bolts and threaded rods that the Cutter has a nose cutting feature that lets you Cut Chain fencing and Long wire. And that the Cutter is so designed that it also can be used for bending Metal Stock up to one Quarter of an Inch thick. Modified split level for ranch style living this Home requires Square feet plus garage. Service facilities including laundry lavatory service Entrance storage and two car garage Are All close to the Kitchen. A half flight up from the reception foyer Are three bedrooms and two Baths. Half a flight Down is a Large recreation room with fireplace two additional bedrooms and a stall lower. Plaa ha7i2p was designed by architect Samuel Paul 107-40 Queens blvd. Forest hint. N.y., 1117k a formation on obtaining blueprints is available by writing to the architect. Tup product a Bolt Cutter with a unique shearing action. Manufacturers claim a that the action of this Cutter enables chains rods and threaded bolts to be Cut cleanly. That there is no need to the product an abrasive Eraser for removing rust. Manufacturers claim a that a Finger sized abrasive handbag wipes away rust oth using from Page i a not be stored. Surfaces must be wet before painting. The Portland Cement paints Are heavy and you will have to Brush them on. Latex paints can be rolled on. Neither of the mentioned paints is suitable for basement floors. Buy a floor paint which is a kind of paint especially made to withstand abrasion. Newspaper Enterprise Assn Here s the answer a q. A soon i will be finishing our basement into three rooms a an entertainment Center a workshop and a laundry. It gets quite Cool there during the Winter. What kind of heat should i use and How much will it Cost a. A i Haven to the faintest idea and neither does anyone else who Hasni to inspected your premises and does t know the entire situation. Among the factors to be considered Are the size of the rooms the kind of heat used for the House and whether it can be extended into the basement whether the Furnace can handle the Don t neglect your tools added Burden what you mean by a quite cools and How Many hours during a Normal Day it will be necessary to heat the basement. Your heating dealer or local Utility company should be Able to offer you advice after sending a Man to look things Over and give you estimates on installation and operation costs. It May be that three separate electric units will fill the Bill. By or. Fix neglect probably destroys As Many tools As misuse. Rust can destroy a tool in the Long run it can also Cut Down its efficiency Over the Short haul. Right now As you put the Garden tools away is the time to make sure they Are still useful in the Spring. Other tools that have been sitting in the basement during the warm humid months of summer May need cleaning up before you can use them. Any hardware store carries a variety of rust preventatives. Remember that before you can use any of them you must remove All existing rust. Steel Wool and Emery cloth Are your chief tools in cleaning up Rusty surfaces. Use steel Wool on Small and irregular surfaces Emery cloth Over Large Flat surfaces. Steel Wool will Cut through the rust faster with the application of a few drops of Oil either to the steel Wool or to the Rusty surface. There Are commercial rust removers that work Well for Light accumulations of rust in every Case follow the manufacturers instructions. Ammonium citrate available in most drugstores i s sometimes used to soak off rust. Apply and leave on the surface for about 30 minutes. Then rub off. Saw Blades not Only accumulate rust they pick up pitch when used on some lumber. This should be cleaned off. If you have tools that you done to handle often protect them with a Light coat of Oil. Wrap Drill bits in oily rags. Light grease or even Petroleum Jelly can be used to protect Power saw Blades and Wood bits. For tools you have to handle or tools with Large Flat surfaces try using paste Wax. Unlike a greased surface a waxed surface can be handled afterwards. Use paste Wax on the table of a Power saw so that you done to stain Wood you Are cutting. Use Wax or paraffin on planes Hammer Heads and axes. Those Garden tools you Are putting in storage should be thoroughly cleaned of dirt and rust. You can use grease on the Metal parts. When you Start using the tool the grease will come right off. Put a few drops of Oil in cans or jars filled with nails and screws. Add extra drops of Oil to moving parts on wrenches. Q _ More than a dozen Trees on our property were destroyed this year by some kind of disease. I have heard that such losses Are tax deductible. Is this so a a in most cases the loss of Trees and shrubbery from tornadoes hurricanes floods and the like is tax deductible. Losses from Plant diseases and insects Are not. Q. A we expect to repaint the stucco portion of our House. The stucco is in excellent condition but we want to change the color of it. Can q a painted my House a year ago. It now has a lot of wrinkles in it. Looks almost like leather. What causes this a. _ the most common cause of this condition is the application of a too heavy coat of paint. Were you trying to put it on thickly because you wanted to be sure one coat would cover a clean rout carpet. Deep steam extraction a it it by to a Pic Dot a a a a get Ltd toed too. A to Ikon to Wpm it it to Poi �l0� re a cmdr "9 a a Ltd of a Quot i oct put a no Tvedt Quot Fot. A a Ltd of a it Quality carpet cleaning of Al 47$.jill of Ati join special prices on Central air conditioning during january. February and March phone 882-2225 free estimates Harris heat Hui a Aho air mho Lenorm Iwon Eriq by Chrysler corporation w ant to Bly the Best a no paint Home siding in Archdale Check or prices before Yoc Bly Radnor paint amp aluminium co. Dealers in Alcoa amp Reynolds so Ino 1 3512 s. Main is. Archdale Telephone 431-5680 v1 love and War live Side by Side in the history of Man. A world of sad and often cruel contrasts. I it ask Why Ivy poverty in a land of plenty 7 Why alienation when we Are All born to the same family of man7 7be aching chasm Between the real and the Ideal everywhere provokes the question. Why in a world looking for answers maybe god is the place to Start. God is Hope. God is now. _ fit or corrosion or spots from Metal surfaces leaving Bright finishes that it eliminates surface preparation and can be handled without gloves. That it can also be used for removing scuffs stains and discolorations from composition flooring ceramics plastics rubber Glass fiber Wood Brick and Stone. A. A the vapor Barrier con its of a waterproofing material which forms a kind of skin Over the insulation itself. It is placed there to prevent moisture from entering the insulation and condensing there which would destroy its effectiveness. It is installed toward the Interior of the House because it is from there that the warm moist air emanates and condenses on the cooler insulation. The same process takes place in Many heated houses during the Winter when warm moist air settles on a Cool window pane and condenses. When installing the insulation blankets be sure the vapor Barrier is continuous since condensation can form on even a tiny area which is unprotected. For either of Andy Lang a booklets a a we Ood finishing in the Home a and a simple plumbing repairs a Send 30 cents and a Long stamped self addressed envelope t o know How to. Box 477, Huntington , 11743. Be sure to specify which Booklet you want we use the same kind of paint on the stucco that we used last year on the Wood trim1�?T a. A if. As is Likely the trim paint was Oil based the answer is a no a stucco contains Cement and Cement contains Alkali which attacks o i i paints. Use a Latex paint de j signed for exterior masonry. Q. A can you Tell me whether a pigmented stain is better than one without pigment a. A heavily pigmented stains usually Are More durable but they hide most of the Woods Grain texture. Lighter bodied stains permit the Grain to show. Coat i outside White a no Omin to i House mint one coat gives 2 coat Protection spacial Proca 95 pot saw Tim a Money stays White my toe resistant easy to apply $ 5 regular $8 95 Gai. Save $3 of per Gal. A a Street paint company 321 a. Mhz Iii. Itz test feel miserable in hot weather feel the difference fast Carrier room air conditioners Start Cooling in just ten seconds. A Complete selection 9 styles a 32 models 5,000 to 34,000 Btu s 115-, 208-, 230-volts Carrier builds them with care to take the heat off you fast. A touch control Comfort Center a two Speed Day night Cooling a flexible air flow controls a automatic eve temp thermostat a extra Large washable filter a sound absorbing insulation a corrosion resistant casing a models for special window now is the Best time to buy Bonus. New Tim Saver installation kit there s a lot of Nice differences with Carrier Purcell Supply co. 725 w Green or pm. 882-1411 i roller tray i kit i a Fol a la f la $ 109 Rev Satin Latex Flat Wall paint a a a a great Wall paint with Superior j was ability j a select from Over 1200 i fashion right colors j a applies dreamily a Lap or Brush Marks i i a fut it by 40 i Tex Wall pain in i urn pm p. Tai a atm 04 s520 a spa a air11&Quot j a a mfr Gal you lava is 20 super durable Latex or Oil Interior finishes a at. A Sliawa a a Fili ally Sio ii j6 20 Rev Clow Latex Semi gloss subdued gloss finish cd freely washable soap n water clean up perfect for kitchens bathrooms wherever a washable finish is desired ret glow Mumm St ssh alkyd Semi gloss a super washable Low odor enamel a Ideal for kitchens Baths cabinets a provides an appealing subdued gloss $r65 j Gal Tou Saye sj4s Stop wet basements basement waterproofing i of mall re conto a $2 of a for All masonry surfaces inside and out a seals most surfaces in one coat a easy to use no Ming a a Fili ally is 7$ to Gal a a a it a Southland apply co. 711 Greensboro re. Phone 8889937

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