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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - February 17, 1974, High Point, North Carolina High 1oim Fame rpm ise sunday february 171974 5a personality profile mrs Norman Andrews by Robert Marks Enterprise sufi writer mrs Norman Andrews remembers when she was a Little girl and would walk with her father Down main Street past Tufe Snow someplace she was entranced by the Gingerbread on the huge House and she would think that the House one of the finer Home places of Early High Point should be a museum the House never became a museum it was demolished to be replaced by what is now Holiday inn downtown in the 200 Block of s main Street but High Point does have a museum High Point museum on e Lexington Avenue and one of the people who worked hard and diligently for the establishment and construction of that museum is mrs Norman Andrews a member of the High Point historical society since its organization in 1966 she was elected president of the society last week one of her goals for the next year she said is to make High Point citizens More aware of their past and of the Community asset they have in the museum i am proud of what the citizens of High Point have done in building the museum mrs Andrews said i want the rest of the state of North Carolina to know what we have Here i have always loved High Point the City is not As old As some of the towns in Eastern North Carolina but the history of this area is interesting and vital in the development of North Carolina High Point is unique and its history should be preserved before this year is Over i would like to see every citizen of High Point a member of the historical society mrs Andrew said the museum belongs to them mrs Andrews feels that news preserving High Point history her own interest in High Points history is a heritage from her father Allen Welborn his father d n Doc Welborn owned the first furniture retail store in High Point the store was known first As Welborne furniture store and later As Peoples furniture Allen Welborn himself his daughter remembers enjoyed walking Over the City noting the older buildings and commenting about the people who had built them i always went with him at every Opportunity fascinated by the places we saw and what my father had to say about them mrs Andrews remembers her father is now dead and her widowed Mother lives in the Welborn Home with the Andrews family on w Farriss Avenue coincidentally mrs Davidson dateline Andrews pointed out her father and s c Clark were close friends during their lifetimes Clark was the father of mrs Fred Joyce who in turn has been a Leader in the historical society and in the development of the High Point museum the historical society Mary lib Joyce award is named in her Honor Anne Welborn was born in High Point and attended Public schools in the City until she went to St marys in Raleigh where she completed her High school education she was a student at High Point College when she met Norman Andrews the son of a methodist minister now retired the Rev c j Andrews resides in Hillsborough Andrewss loan officer at first Federal savings and loan Assn he and his wife Are the parents of a son Allen who is named after his Grandfather the historical society is but one outlet for mrs Andrews involvement in Community service she is assistant treasurer of the Junior league and attended a Junior league workshop in Charlotte for two Days last week a member of Kappa Delta sorority she is a past president of its Beta province which includes North Carolina and South Carolina at Wesley memorial United methodist Church mrs Andrews has taught sunday school class and is a member of the Church committee for weddings she has been a member of the Board of directors of the historical society since 1966 she has served As assistant Secretary and treasurer for the Board As vice president and As chairman of the historic Sites committee Progress has been slow but satisfying nevertheless in the development of the museum and its site As a historical Park for High Point in addition to the museum the site also includes the Haley House and the Blacksmith shop restoration is under Way on the weaving House and the Streetcar which Are also on the site ahead lies the Bicentennial Celebration of the american revolution mrs Andrews and others in the historical society Are researching events of that period in the High Point area we have found a duplicate of the British orderly Book for the army of lord Cornwa his when it passed through this area before the Battle at Guilford courthouse mrs Andrews said that tells a lot sunday accent the responsibility is now ours by Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer what words were said Between Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Heinrich Boll As they walked together about bolls farm in the Eifel mountains of West Germany last week the russian and the Ger Man fought As enemies during the second world War now they were great novelists winners of the Nobel prize for literature and in their books they wrote about the same themes separation alienation loneliness the terrible things that have Bee done to the human spirit in their lifetimes and the indomitable Quality of that spirit Boll fought on both the Eastern and the Western fronts As a sergeant in the German army after the War he returned to Cologne and was overwhelmed at the sight of the great Cathedral standing Over the bombed ruins of the Central City the image became for him a theme for his novels As Melvin Maddocks comments in Christian science Monitor Boll too has written of displaced per sons the germans of world War ii who trooped like ghosts past bombed cathedrals and later past affluent technological wastelands looking in vain for Home Solzhenitsyn did not come Home from the War until 1956 an artillery Captain in the russian army he was sent to a prison Camp in Siberia in 1945 for referring to Stalin As that whiskered one those 11 years in prison became for Solzhenitsyn a Burden of conscience to speak out Motre forcefully against a that sent millions of its citizens off to prison and incredible hardships for the crime Only of speaking what was on their minds in the manner of a great artist Solzhenitsyn has made his conscience speak also for ours in exile he is now particularly our responsibility his own people have not yet heard his voice fully Solzhenitsyn has Long feared what might happen to him he refused to go to Stockholm to accept his Nobel prize because he was afraid the Kremlin would not allow him to return to the very end he was one Man speaking in the name of the russian people against the treatment of their own government upon them through his novels we Are aware of his concern his own people Are not now Solzhenitsyn among usin the flesh questions Maddocks notes no longer is what will Solzhenitsyn do but what will his readers his fellow writers the world do about him Mizell goes for another strikeout byte Carver Enterprise staff writer Thomasville Wilmer Mizell whose Campaign slogans used to profess Universal Friendship has decided to play it Safe this year he wont be challenging Robert Morgan the leading democratic contender in the us Senate race instead Mizell will return to the fifth District to hold Forth against a democratic congressional challenger presently a nebulous individual no democrats having yet filed and what does Mizels decision portend merely that he will be representing us in Congress for at least two More and possibly longer another Senate election will not take place until 1978it seems unlikely that he will run even then for the seat coming due is occupied by Jesse Helms another Republican and a Carbon copy viewpoint Wise of Mizell of course there is the governors race just two years away whether Mizell will Exchange the cosmopolitan Aura of Washington for the More provincial atmosphere of Raleigh is a matter for conjecture however moreover he is probably keeping an Eye on the present Republican governor Jim Holshouser who cant make a move without provoking criticism from either the members of his own party or the democratic legislature with these considerations in mind we can Likely count on an indefinite congressional tenure for Mizell As suming he makes no colossal blunders the democrats have conceded the last two elections an there is no indication they have a or Charisma waiting in the wings will Rogers once observed Ever time Congress makes a joke its a Law and Ever time they make a Law its a joke when Wilmer Mizell announced he was seeking election to Congress on feb 6 1968 savants in Winston Salem thought it was a joke his formal statement on that Date remains one of the More obtuse examples of political rhetoric the Viet Nam War was raging then Mizell said he didst know whether our troops should be there or not but regardless they should be extracted victoriously and honorable perhaps the know stalls chuckled at this Homespun character with the infectious some might say disingenuous Grin on election Day their laughter ceased Mizell became the first modern Republican and first professional baseball player to represent the fifth District he is a politician whose fortunes Rose me heroically hardly anyone outside of a few Rabid baseball fans had Ever heard of Wilmer Mize he ran for the Davidson county Board of commissioners that year and was instrumental in ejecting the local democratic regime regarded by Manyas torpid spotlight on education roaming the Piedmont new technologies of Boon to colleges lifetime memory by or Benjamin Fine North american newspaper Alliance new York the Carnegie commission on higher education wants the Federal government to spend More than million annually to bring technology onto the College campuses and into the classrooms instructional technology benefiting from recent advances in1electronic communications computer and learning theory has the potential of vastly extending and improving colleges and universities and at substantial Cash savings it can provide students pith a Richer variety of 6ourses and More individual than is now available to them moreover according to or Clark Kerr chairman of the Carnegie commission and former president of the of California it can release faculty members from some of their More teaching tasks going beyond that technology can extend higher education to millions of who have been unable to take advantage of it i in the past some of the major implications of the greater use of technology Are As centers for the storage and retrieval of knowledge in whatever form Jet is recorded will become even More Central than they Are now to the instructional v process instruction of adults May be the first to feel the full Impact of instructional technology and May become both the most expanding and segment of pos secondary education 1 students May in the future elect to pursue at least some of their studies off Campus and get credit by examination multimedia specialists will join the Campus payroll to assist faculty members in the design and production of instructional segments and programs High school teachers and College and University faculty will need More training in the use of the new technology less remedial instruction will take place on Campus As opportunities expand for such learning to be acquired independently with the use of the new technology despite this enormous potential the commission warns against expecting too much too soon for one thing despite substantial investments by the Federal government in the advancement of instructional technology generally there has been sluggish Effort to introduce it onto the nations campuses some of this caution is necessary the commission warns we believe that technology should be the servant and not the master of instruction it should not be adopted merely because an institution fears that it will be left behind the Parade of Progress without it two major obstacles stand in the Way of Early full scale adoption of instructional technology the current High Cost of introducing it onto a Campus and the grossly inadequate Supply of Good Quality instructional materials that can be used with the new Media the new technology had Vances can bring education to the sick the handicapped the aged the prisoners members of tie armed forces persons in Remote areas and to Many adults who could attend classes on Campus but who find instruction at Home convenient by Braxton Younts Enterprise staff writer Many have been kind enough to commiserate with my family in the recent death of my father in my personal opinion and i admit to prejudice an Era passed along with him while he was not financially Rich in any sense of the word he was one who believed that while Money might be Nice it not everything his great interest in life was his work a thing he lived and breathed most of his waking hours and this did not diminish following his retirement he still wanted to talk Sopor newspaper every time i was Able of visit him after he moved to Charlotte and the methodist Home insofar As he was Able he kept abreast of changes which Are being made in the production of today newspapers his work Span bridged Many changes in paper work in his Early he worked on papers which had no Access to a Linotype the weekly pages were set character by character in a Job stick and transferred into the Page then with the Advent of the Linotype he became proficient in operating this Type of machine but his main interest was in being a floor Man and assembling the Type and ads into the finished Page when i was a youngster in the 20s he taught me Many things about printing which have stuck with me since in those Days the Enterprise bought its first Elrod a strip casting machine and dad was one of the first to learn its operation in starting those sometimes cantankerous machines one had to be careful that All was just so if one got too careless he stood the possibility of being the target of a squirt of hot Metal if this hot Metal should hit any portion of the skin one had a Blister fast if the Metal struck clothing especially Woolen clothing the fluid stuff would seep into the fabric and Weld itself there it was then a Case of wearing Metal on the clothes or getting More reason for the explanation is that i recall an Elrod squirt dad got while i was watching him Start the thing up the hot Metal burned him and stuck to his clothing but he managed to keep from saying the proper words i am sure because of my presence one thing i also recall about those Days when the paper was on the East Side of n main was a splinter in my foot being a Man of direct action dad leaned me against his body extricated the lengthy splinter and poured the Hole full of iodine that is when i Felt like mouthing the proper words but managed to refrain i do not believe molten Type Metal would have been much hotter in that deep Hole than was that iodine this is just a couple of the recollections of a childhood in which my father sought to teach me something of the game of life if there was one thing he tried to instill in his Subtle Way it was that work is wonderful and one would be in sad shape if he did not have a worthwhile occupation one in which the person took Pride he said that work meaning printing was both his vocation and his avocation i thank those who have expressed condolences in his death the participating parties must of necessity be nameless but 1 got quite a kick out of the homemade Valentine one Mother sent her son on the epistle she penned the years have come and the years have flown i can hardly realize you Are grown i do not know Why we always fight because i know i am always right Virgil Matthews old grandson of Polly and Tom Greene of High Point got in the news at his Carpinteria Calif Hometown recently by Way of explanation the town has a Law forbidding nude bathing on the Beach there so when Virgil ventured out of his Home sans clothing and headed toward the Ocean who should spot him but the papers photographer with the caption nudes have come to Carpinteria Young Virgil made his newspaper pictorial debut and before he could get too far Ocean Ward his Mother the former Amanda Greene rescued him and made sure that he no longer broke the Law and degenerate selected As chairman of the Board by his fellow commissioners Mizell Felt sufficiently versed politically to enter the National Arena exactly 14 months later and what has he accomplished in Washington his big Issue has been school busing a sensitive subject he has also opened fire on the appalachian Power project mainly because two counties in his District Allegheny and Ashe would be partially submerged if it were completed on Basic issues he has taken Hartline conservative stands Law and order and welfare loafers receive prodigious attention supporting the president at almost every turn Early on he has backed away some what with the Advent of watergate he has maintained however that All the facts have not yet been presented and that no prejudgment of anyone culpability should be made major newspapers serving the counties of the fifth District have largely been hostile editorially denouncing Mizels strict adherence to conservative ideology the Greensboro daily news called him a Flat earther last week after he had made his announcement for re election but the Winston Salem journal May have undergone some reorientation before the election of 1972 the paper published an unsettling expose revealing the circumstances behind Mizels hardship draft deferment granted him during his baseball career last week a different attitude seemed to be emerging evidenced by a benign editorial acknowledging that Mizels performance in Congress has been less than Brilliant the editorial proceeded to bestow tepid Praise on him for diligently representing the will of his constituents it Doest matter what the newspapers say really whether they loathe him or love him the fifth District will continue to have a Friend in Washington named vinegar Bend an editors Outlook the Golden Chance is now for president Nixon by Jenkin Lloyd Jones general features Syndicate so Complete is Richard Nixon political disaster that he can afford Todo what no us president with the possible exception of George Washington could Ever do he can Tell us the truth he can level with the american people about the state of the nation and its status in the world he can let us in on his honest worries he can speak his mind on those pressure groups which he May feel Are doing Disser vice to America he can violate All the taboos and blow the whistle on any bloc of voters for whether he is impeached or not politically he is finished he Hast a thing to lose Many presidents who were ready to retire have been prevented from speaking their minds out of consideration for their parties other party members hoped for election or reelection and presidents Bave Felt an obligation not to Rock their boats but president Nixon is the Only president since George Washington who has no party some republicans Are trying to set themselves up for reelection by out shouting the democrats for his blood boost of the rest Are holding him at far arms length and wishing he would vanish he has no Fence ending to do because he has no fences he is a wanderer on a vast Prairie Richard Nixon Doest seem to understand this yet he behaves like a Man who is Busy trying to retrieve the situation the situation will not be retrieved even if All the sorry mess of watergate the burglar ies the Bol fixed tapes the illegal solicitation of Campaign funds the Token in come tax should prove to be sins of omission rather than commission his ene Mies intend to tear him to pieces and his friends have fled even if Congress cannot find the definition of High crimes and misdemeanours sufficiently elastic to throw him out of office the damage has been done the tragedy is that until and unless president Nixon realizes this he May pursue policies against his own judgment policies that could damage the country for example last year was to be the year of remember it was to be the year in which the Nixon administration would negotiate great disarmament treaties and Hatch the egg of Lon term peace it didst work out of course the deeper president Nixon fell into trouble with the more1 the russians stalled on the Salt talks and the More fractious or erstwhile West european allies became the danger now is that in an Effort to show some accomplishment president Nixon May Ove Compromise and increase the Hazard of a successful russian arms blackmail be disastrous to human free Dom everywhere or consider his comment in the state of the Union message that he would break the Back of the fuel crisis this Yea within a week administration officials were Craw fishing and trying to explain it away it was not an honest statement was it born in his desperation to bring Good whatever May have been his personal lapses that led his administration into watergate Richard Nixon is a very smart and Gutsy Man he also has at Bis disposal a vast mass of information produced by overt and co Vert intelligence he is in a position to come to conclusions of vital interest to the future of All americans How does president Nixon really feel about our defense posture Are we spending our billions on the Ever fancier wages and care of a Volunteer Force of deteriorating Quality while armaments soar if so what does he think we ought to do about it

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