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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - February 17, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b Terry president co publisher p a Rawley co publisher David a Rawley or vice pres mrs c h Lockwood vice pres Joseph p Sawley Gen mgr Joe Brown editor sunday february 171974 state fluffing coastal duties Good morning North Carolinas coast is a line of Beauty that is fading fast under the Impact of development several coastal areas Are already crippled from overuse of septic tanks ground water supplies Are threatened by both human and Industrial wastes pollution is taking its toll among Oyster and shrimp Beds the land itself is being opened to excessive wind and water erosion As development is pushed right to the Edge of the Beach the Outlook for halting this destruction is riot encouraging legislation that would provide a measure of Protection to coastal areas is being gutted in the Gen eral Assembly before the onslaught of real estate developers property own ers local government units Bankers Industry and Utility companies their successful pressure is evident in action last thursday by the House committee on water and air resources in giving its approval to eight amendments to the coastal area management act in its original form the act Calls for the establishment of controls to protect coastal areas threatened by overdevelopment the controls designed to guide development along the coast in an orderly and beneficial fashion would be administered by a 12member commission whose majority would be from the coastal Region appointed by the governor the act has been drastically altered however by the amendments approved by the House committee one amendment for example exempts Power companies and other utilities from regulation by the act the responsibility for judging the Impact on coastal environment of new electric Power plants and other Utility developments is left to the state utilities commission an arrangement favored by Carolina Power and Light co the major Utility in Eastern North Carolina similarly another amendment sought by the lumber Industry exempts Roach building operations in logging areas from control of the coastal management commission still another amendment would make the commission nothing More than the Handmaiden of local government units whose apathy is responsible for the present coastal mess the amendment gives each of the 22 coastal county boards of commissioners the responsibility to name three persons for the commission from this list the governor would appoint a commission of 15 members the result would be not a state or even a regional commission of any real authority but merely another governmental adjunct with hardly More than an advisory function the Fate of the coastal area management statewide concern a similar proposal is in the offing for the Mountain Region of Western North Carolina and the Piedmont is not without its own need obviously for regional planning and development controls the consequence of Lack of planning and controls Over development is evident in Many of our Honky Tonk resort areas both in the mountains and on the coast in the crumbling inner Core of our Piedmont cities and in suburban sprawl developers make their profits but the ultimate Cost returns to the taxpayer when foresight and fortitude have been lacking for sensible planning and orderly growth the coastal area management act Marks the difference Between development and exploitation the distinction needs to be recognized by the general Assembly no glory in kidnapping the kidnapping of Patricia Hearst is described by the Fri As the first political kidnapping in the history of the United states this places the abduction of the daughter of William Randolph Hearst in the same category As those carried out by terrorist and revolutionary groups in Argentina recently in one instance Ford motor co paid out million in food and medical supplies for the Freedom of one of its executives who had been kidnapped a similar response by Hearst is demanded by the sym ionese liberation army which claims it has his daughter in custody the Sla has demanded that Hearst provide in free food for every needy person in California the Cost of such a response could go As High As million state officials have said that the kidnapping of miss Hearst May indeed be a political act is no Small Comfort it Only increases concern for her safety and it gives to her abduction an air of legitimacy to which Many people will respond favourably most welfare organizations in California Are disassociating themselves from the Sla action but some Are defending it As beneficial As Long As the girl is not harmed kidnapping is a crime however and to glorify it As something else will Only create More problems for the future Sermon both Are needed Martha was distracted with much serv ing Luke Rev let us not be too hard on Martha housework is Day after burdensome Day by no Means an easy Job the making of Beds the sweeping of floors the cooking of meals the washing of dishes yes and petting of fretful children the satisfying of husbands appetite plus dozen other matters from room to room can bring most any woman to distraction and sometimes to violent temper All this must be considered in the life and characteristics of our Friend Martha of Bethany in that Home there were no More pleasant Welcome for the master than these three friends Mary Martha and Lazarus offered he was most delighted to be in the modest household and with those adoring people it was his Good and gracious enjoyment to visit this Trio on Many occasions whenever he came to Jerusalem that door was Ever open to his coming and he always Felt More at Home there than perhaps anywhere else in the land we Call holy what then was marthas problem Why was she so Cross on the particular Day when the lord Christ was her guest Why Fly up with a Cross disposition in the very presence of the incarnate Christ Well she did and she should have known better than to show off her bad Side before Jesus we feel sure that our master understood marthas ill emotions on that warm Day with the heat of the cooking adding to her fury there was no air conditioning in that Long ago time hardly a fan to Cool fevered faces besides All this sister Mary was not helping a bit with the duties of the family seemingly she was unemployed that morning of the Busy Day at the feet of Jesus and listening to his words of truth and inspiration yes she could hear the pans dishes cooking Ware knives and Forks and spoons All rattling in the Kitchen Why did she not offer a hand and perform a portion of the work a there Are two types of people there is always the Martha Type one devoted to the practical matters of the Normal Boose and its duties this Type is constantly planning meals keeping the Home spotless brushing Down cobwebs cleaning out the darkened Corners carrying trash to the garbage dump and organizing with heart and hand every detail of family living what would we do in this world without such women As Martha a sad world it would be without the practical Type the other kind is like Mary and goes far beyond the practical she is idealistic visionary intellectual exploring the new and the inner reaches of heart and soul she can even go without the Call of the dinner Bell the thought of food Bacon and Beans bread and meat she reads books discourses on themes of mind and profound thought listens to the of the Wise the philosophical ideas beyond sight and sound that Day she was listening to him who could lift her mind into the skies of High theology explaining the nature of god dealing in the ethical requirements of the inner living a Mary was All this and More and there she sat in seeming indifference to the industrious Sis Ter cooking meals so the conflict was on and marthas Tongue spoke out in furious condemnation we will always have these two natures among men and women As Long As people Are human we All should have an understanding of such natures in the very beginning we must have both kinds of people those who work with their hands or As we say manual workers we also need those sitting at desks in the classrooms in libraries with books and ideas for the planning of mens labors the writing of volumes for direction of fellow labourers in their daily tasks let not one despise the other both Are needed for the on going of human society and the work of the whole world Jesus himself possessed both natures for eighteen years he worked with his hands a the Carpenter shop in Nazareth and what practical objects he turned out tables and chairs plows and yokes for oxen then he made his great decision to go Forth As teacher guide inspirer and Savior of men As a result we have the gospel of life and Light and salvation his sacrificial toil ing for the redemption of the human race your life and mine thank god cer by Enterprise editor emeritus As political activity begins warming up for the Spring primaries it looks again As if voters Here will be looking More to the party in choosing those to whom they entrust government at county and state Levels Dale Montgomery announcement that he will seek fourth term on the county Board of commissioners where he has served Well and characterful was greeted warmly not Only in his Home Community but also countywide for he has Strong support throughout Guilford now if senator Lynwood Smith will come on out and join senator Coolidge Murre we bidding for yet another term in the state Senate its Likely and republicans alike will find it practical and acceptable to Cross lines for both have served ably and Well there in fact rarely has there been such willing acceptance for continuing three such Able local men in offices for which they Are admittedly so equipped by temperament and experience a local democratic politician called a Friend of his party the other my pruning to inquire of him whom democrats could offer to beat Dale Montgomery the prompt reply was nobody that reflects the feeling of most democrats As Well As republicans and justifiably for Dale Montgomery Lynwood Smith and Coolidge Murrow have shown themselves bigger than partisan politics while serving their respective constituencies in a manner justifying that kind of Faith in their return to office work is underway readying the former Indian head hosiery Mill at the Eastern end of West Point Avenue for conversion textile operations for j p Stevens co recent buyer of the Large Structure which housed hosiery manufacturing operations in the near future in Dian head disposed of the hosiery machinery and cleared the building for Stevens to convert to its own purposes of Mil a Crook chief hut Well have to la if up our Lejsal staff Here to prove it Washington merry ground Stevens a major textile i irm and first rate corporate Citi zen is moving into the High Point Industrial scene for the first time although it has extensive operations in greens Boro and other places in North Carolina and the a what week it was for the j v Morgan family As Honor upon Horr Vail richly Ide upon j v Dot and Jim Morgan in Quick sue Jim was one of five outstanding younger North carolinians signally state Jay Clesas you Rifman the year then within four Days j of of Mote than 20 years a Jne Miber arid sometime chairman of the High Point historical commission was presented the Mary lib Joyce award for the most outstanding service to historicity in his Home City deeply appreciative of his manifold contributions to its betterment then the High poin Thomasville red Cross chapter elected mrs j v Morgan vice chairperson of its voluntary service unit All honors exceedingly Well met for the morgans Are a distinguished and highly ser vice Ful High Point family High Point memorial Hospital sailed through its biennial re accreditation test with flying colors and no major criticisms although some helpful suggestions came Artim the accreditation team of drs William j peeled and Philip j Hall they went Over the institution its practice policies and purposes carefully and thoroughly to find nothing More seriously delinquent than some few doctors behind on furnishing medical records of patients treated there that is a constant complaint one that upon another occasion brought suspension of delinquents until those reports were Complete the visiting doctors met with representative trustees officials doctors and staff in a concluding session at which they were Praise Ful of the Hospital and its re accreditation William r Henderson who Heads the Carolin Cape fear corporation which is developing Bald head As last of the undeveloped sub tropical islands remaining off the East delighted that granted a Permil Mpr a Marina at the Mouth Fotte Cape fear River f bribe feds that just about Clear Jive Way for total of the property of engineers is Ify that action Wittin the week for it is a key facility in providing prospective Home owners acc feb to the Island it has been a Long Tough fight that Henderson and his associates have waged to bring balt head to its present stat of develop ment but Light show sat the end of that t that is a magnify client gift a Buada Tion which warranted Suim ing of High Point colleges newest r arid Itsjo Strnod Ern fully air conditioned dorm to be Given the name of Mary Irwin Belk late Mother of that great merchandising chains founder while amount of the gift was not announced by request of the donors it is known to run in to six figures fully funded in a single Check members of the Belk family have Long maintained close association with friends Here but not until High Point col Leges Appeal had any Large gift come Here from that source it is appreciated and it gives new impetus to the Golden decade Campaign now Well on the Way toward goal which it Hopes to reach Ere graduation time May 19 Myca officials from eight North Carolina cities and one in Virginia gathered Here tuesday to shape a Mancial development pro Grain for 1974 emphasizing internalizing the endowment development program that work so Well in Many cities John Mcbean a top Quality development consultant from Detroit Laid out a program that appealed to the la staff teams in attendance at a Allday conference in the sky room Bob Culler past ident of the local Myca a accepted chairmanship of the project locally the y has just exceeded the 000 Mark in memberships against a goal Urt Der the driving leadership of Dick Meisky and Roger hip Bard emphasizing new memberships to broaden the base of local support for that Busy United fund Agency natural Gas profiteers gain an enemy by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington senator John Pastore has described in an angry memo meant Only for Senate Commerce investigators his plans to Block Oil profiteers from doing the same thing to natural Gas users that they have done to motorists Exxon Gulf Shell Phillips and other Oil giants have already gotten away with upping gasoline prices a third or More in the last few months ominously the same big Oil firms also produce most of americas natural Gas while successive presidents have permitted this monopoly to build up the one Check on natural Gas prices was supposed to be the Federal Power commission but the pc has been More concerned with Industry profits than with consumer Protection in an internal memorandum ordering the staff to gear up for his Commerce committee hearings next week the Rhode Island Democrat threatens to swing away at the pc preparing for these hearings he instructed we want to be sure that this message is Clear Congress will not tolerate an abdication of the pcs consumer Protection Mission lately it appears that the consumer has been forgotten and the Oil industries views adopted by the pc what Pastore referred to was a Threet two vote by the pc jacking up wellhead natural Gas prices from about 25 cents to 55 cents per thousand cubic feet by the time the Gas gets to the housewives stove this will be a 25 per cent Rise Over last year it also sets a disastrous precedent for future Cost increases Only pc chairman John Nassikas a Nixon appointee who has grown in office and commissioner William Stringer stood up to big Oil the swing Man Don Smith a supposed consumer advocate National whirligig whose backers now View him As a turncoat joined the pcs Petroleum pets Albert Brooke and Rush Moody to give the Oil Industry what it wanted now at the Lith hour Pastore is trying to keep the Oil Barons from getting their Way with natural Gas prices by pegging them to gasoline Type Price rises Oil when it comes out of the ground must go through an elaborate and expensive refining process Pastore wrote natural Gasis almost ready for use when it comes out Gas is far cheaper to produce and Market losing a longstanding Friend by Ernest Cuneo North american newspaper Alliance Washington the ancient and not quite honorable Anglo american Alliance is disintegrating rapidly As represented by the Wasp ruling classes in both countries the unspoken but Ironbound commitment was in effect for a Century and half and in fact ruled the world great Britain has senior partner the Royal Navy took care of All the seas East of the azores through the Mediterranean across the Indian Ocean arid up the China seas to Shanghai the u s Navy assumed the comparatively Light Burden of Western hemisphere defense and Pacific Security up to the Philippines twice when great Britain was in trouble the u s state department knowingly and wilfully wangled the United states into War in support of the British american Alliance the Only to Puble was that a Good result was obtained by surreptitious Means the United states needed the British Alliance far More than the British needed the american Alliance until comparatively recently but the English speaking Peoples like the greek speaking Peoples never had the Genius to coalesce politically magnificent were the greek Cit states they could a great literature a great philosophy and a great Art but they could not unite a great state the British were worse for failure to admit to parliament the few members necessary to give the american colonists some representation great Britain lost a continent compounding the stupidity instead of enlarging parliament to admit its dominions representation it fragmented its own Empire by granting them Independence As the United states became More powerful it became the senior partner the United states had full Power and full inia Tive in 1945 since great Britain and its Empire were utterly exhausted by the War Effort when president Franklin d Roosevelt called for Post suggestions the Oss through Gen William Donovan and this writer suggested the formation of a permanent English speaking defense parliament com posed of the United states great Britain Canada Australia and new zealand taxing Powers per capita and a new and distinct com Mon citizenship such Citi Zens to be called can Ambri ans this would have reassembled the English speaking Peoples into one parliament using substantially the same pattern As was used to fashion the american colonies into on nation that is dual citizenship under one Constitution however As everyone but the americans know the americans blew the Only real Chance for world peace by being bamboozled bullied blackmailed and four flushed by Stalin until he had equal weapons in the Long list of american fathead Dean Acheson who would not turn his Back on Agler Hiss Henry Wallace who denounced his native America As imperialist Only to confess on his deathbed that he had been completely fooled by the communists Adlai Stevenson the vain Little ladies Man who actually believed that the hinge of history swung on a Well turned phrase and sen j William Fulbright the Liv ing proof that you can take a boy out of the ozarks but you cant take the ozarks out of the boy Are outstanding in the happily Short list but in one of those foggy for which the Eastern intellectual establishment is justly infamous the United states adopted the fixed firm and Stern policy of forcing great Britain into the common Market it never occurred to the United states state department that it was re enacting 1776 in reverse As the Ajner ican colonists had been in 1776 by 1956 great Britain was the most Valu Able Colony of the United states economically financially diplomatically arid militarily this was perfectly obvious to trained european diplomats including the British but the know stalls the Beautiful people proceeded to expel great Britain from the american orbit into the european common Market which and make no mistake about it is our avid economic and financial competitor this representation of americas prime Colony to the common Market is now having about the same effect on americas foreign policy As the expulsion of the american colonies had upon great Britain in 1776 today great Britain forced into a new orbit could not Honor the old unspoken Anglo american Alliance if it wished unfortunately in addition Secretary Kissinger excruciatingly bad manners generally include treating her majesty ministers in particular As if they were doormen at his favorite san Souci watering place his american Bredec esst secretaries of state neutralized great Britain by forcing her into the common Market but Secretary Kissinger by his brutal condescension and rude conduct is making great Britain an enemy and historically this is something the Wisest of european diplomats have Learned to avoid Dol if lightly

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