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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - February 17, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Lets talk about your kid Joe Namath Andall the Way an open better to new York jets quarterback Joe Namath dear or Namath Ive always been a real fan of yours remember when you and that Perkins boy were setting the Woods afire for Ole Bear Bryant in Alabama Man i knew then you were Destine for the big time no matter what those Yankee sportscasters said and when you sounded off for two weeks before that super bowl3ame about How you were going to Lay it Oji Baltimore i think i was the Only person in my town who thought you really could do it and you did youre a real Winner Why even my football hating wife began to soften up when you did that series of television commercials with the Little boys and talked about my old pal and when you showed up on the Brady Bunch my three girls started asking me questions about draw plays screen passes and bombs Well can i Call you Joe i mean i want to get real personal you see Ive got a problem that you might help me with the other night i was watching television with my wife and three girls and you came on the screen we All sat up and nobody dared say a word you started talking about getting your Knees Hurt and i really Felt for you and when you talked about How committed to your team you were i believed every word of it you pulled a Good fake when you told about that stuff that supposed to make you smell Good i guess i should have been ready after that series of whew commercials but this bomb really caught me by Surprise if youre not going All the Way go at All you asked my wife gasped for air and my oldest daughters now fourteen looked dazed daddy she said by Tom Watson where i go Tosch pol that Means having i want surprised it Means the same thing to most every kid i know you see we happen to be old fashioned enough to believe that sex ought to be reserved for marriage but when you Guys Start promoting it on television you really Riddle our defences Joe Willy i know times Are hard and you probably have a pretty rough time living on the salary you get from the jets i thought maybe those restaurants you own might help some but if Money is that tight id be glad to take up an offering for you at our Little weekly meeting of Jesus people it might not be much but maybe it would help some but theres More to the problem As a minister to troubled youths i counsel with girls who Are pregnant some kids who have venereal diseases others who live with tremendous feelings of guilt this one was just sixteen came to me a couple of years ago and told me she was pregnant reluctantly she agreed to go with me to talk to her Mother Joe Willy have you Ever gone with a brokenhearted teenager to Tell her widowed Mother she is pregnant yes i know All the stuff about the Pill but there Are More illegitimate babies than Ever Well this girls Mother asked about the boy the girl cried As she told her Mother that he was the Tybe that said he Date a girl that go All the Way but when she turned up pregnant he went All the Way across town situation Over the Mother and daughter decided that an was the answer they borrowed the and she checked into use Hospital it really shot Down the family Christmas that year there was a mix up somehow and the girl saw the twelve Eskold fetus Shes been on the Brink of a nervous breakdown Ever since twice she tried to kill herself the next time she tries that would it be All right to Send her up to talk to you now Joe Willy in not crazy enough to think you Are the Only one into the business of Selling sex maybe this letter ought to be addressed to the network presidents or television station managers but i dont know them As Well As i know you i know i you quit there would still be the girls talking about All their men wearing a certain Cologne or nothing at All and then there is the one about tooth paste that makes a girl too appealing its just that i dont know How to Cope with the problem of people cashing in on All the human misery that goes along with the sexual revolution i thought about Selling my television set but in not ready to sleep outside maybe we could picket television station but then we would probably end up on their eleven Oclock news and they get More mileage than Ever out fit censorship might be the answer but so far nobody has come up with a formula that works a Boycott by Christian peo ple against those companies that rely on sex Appeal to sell their products might get the Point theres an idea Well i khow youve got to go shoot some More commercials so ill let you go just Hope those new ones Are not worse than the latest series i just thought id Call this to your attention because i know you care Hope your Knees Are better by next season an avid fan Tom Watson lost articles in one year 380353 umbrellas 256031 pairs of glasses arid 170189 shoes were left behind by passengers on japanese trains Japan National railways also collected a Large Quantity of false Teeth and artificial eyeballs that had been left on the trains serving High Point business with office supplies for Over 72 years Jarrett stationery company 106 Wrenn St 8821618 High Point Enterprise sunday february 171974 open House today itt executive Park townhouse condominiums executive Park is Large enough to offer such amenities As a Tennis court and a swimming Pool but Small enough so that you know All of your neighbors there Are Only two units remain ing out of a total of 26 units two bedrooms 1157 Square feet of living space three bedrooms 1344 Square feet of living space 90 financing available through Piedmont savings and loan association Call 8692726 compare before you buy directions Corner of Johnson Street and Eastchester drive Highway 68 open House today congratulations to George Shepard or and to the new homeowners of the executive Park condominiums congratulations to the executive Park associates on the successful conversion of executive Par apartments to condominium units this Twenty six unit Complex is located at the intersection of Johnson Street and Eastchester drive it is now affording individual Home ownership for each of its new owners 1833d Johnson Street High Point North Carolina january 30 1974 or w d Lee or Piedmont savings and loan Assn 700 North main Street High Point North Carolina 27260 dear w d Piedmont Park to condominiums had it not been for you and not have been Able to Days i Best regards for the coming year it As j Lulu jew the largest financial institutions sincerely George e Shepard or d executive Park associates it has been Piedmont savings and loan associations pleasure to have provided financial support to this project we cite this As an example of How things begin to happen when Developer Bank and savings and loan Combine to make an idea into a reality Piedmont solicited your savings investments so that we May continue to make investments such As these in our Community As Well As the financing of individual Homes after All for More than 60 years Piedmont has been encouraging Thrift and Home ownership in this Community Piedmont use our driven window or Fork free in our big lot Call 8834116 700 North main

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