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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 17, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Center theatre sunday thursday a Blume in love a with George Segal Susan Anspach and Kris Kristofferson in color starts Friday a chariots of the Martin twin theatres now playing a the sting a with Paul Newman and Robert Redford in color at twin i. A american Graffiti a with Rony Howard and Richard Dreyfus in color at twin 2. Y Towne theatre now playing a Cinderella Liberty a with James Caan in color. To planning High Point Enterprise sunday february 17,1974 15d jump backward trans Lux theatre now playing a bang the drum slowly a Robert de Niro. With Midway drive in sunday thursday a watch out for the Bummer a with Daniel Clifford. Also a Angels die hard a with Tom Baker. Friday saturday a Kara do the Hong Kong cat a with Fong Yeh also a the friends of Eddie Coyle a with Robert Mitchum thunderbird drive in sunday thursday a i dismembered also a blood splattered starts Friday a Fritz the also a the los Angeles a a peek into the future indicates that television May be on the verge of taking a profitable step backward. The networks May be about to take a stroll Down memory Lane. Its All going to depend on just How popular nostalgia turns out to be. If people really want to be transported Back to the 1940s and �?T50s, the studios \ have Laid in a Supply of Bobby sox and hot rods and stand ready to deliver. A summer of �?T42.�?� a the last picture show a a american Graffiti and other memory movies proved that people would pay Money for another look at those innocent Days. That is innocent in Light of the 1970s. Television has always had problems with shows set in recent times. A the Waltons was the first successful period piece aside from the Western since the programs for Community concerts ill Zakian Duke University professor of sociology will speak on a sociology and philosophy from positivism to phenomenology at 2 30 . In the leak room of Duke memorial Hall at Guilford College. At unc a the Royal tahitian dance company performs in Aycock auditorium at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro wednesday at 8 15 . The company is a combination of the Tahiti Nui Ballet and a group of dancers from the Cook islands. The theatre of unc a presents its production of a or. U. by Karel Capel wednesday through next sunday. Performances Are scheduled at 8 15 . In Taylor theatre wednesday through saturday and at 2 15 . Next sunday. The play focuses on the destructiveness of the machine in contemporary society. Art exhibit Allan Nance director of the arts and crafts Assn. Of Greensboro opens his one Man Art exhibit at Millhaven convalescent Center in Winston Salem today at 2 . The exhibit will hang for two weeks. Auditions performing auditions for the 1974 teenage Talent show sponsored by the Greensboro youth Council and the knights of Columbus will be held feb. 23 and feb. 24 at first presbyterian Church in Greensboro. Variety and dance acts audition Between 9 a m. And noon and vocal auditions will be Between i . And 4 . On saturday. Instrumental acts audition on feb. 24 Euell Gibbons from Page 1401 a Good this particular meal was prepared and eaten in new a Mexico one of the faraway places Gibbons stalks in his new Book. Other natural meals Are eaten in such places As Illinois Maine. New Jersey Ohio Pennsylvania Canada and Mexico. There Are a simplicity of style and a quaintness of Faith in Gibbons accounts of his dinners with Mother nature. Natural is the word Best suited to describe the Man himself. It is the most natural thing in the world for him to go in search of a wild onion for a part of a meal in this act in the very naturalness of it Gibbons now Speaks with a relevancy that transcends his seeming eccentricity. He is calling us to a return to the order and realm of nature of which Man unquestionably is a part. A Man must choose Between the convenience of non returnable bottles and living on the dump for our non returnable no disposable containers will rapidly make the whole Earth into nothing but a junk Heap a he writes. A we must choose Between reusing our sewage and garbage As valuable Plant food or having All our streams polluted very shortly we May have to choose whether we will run our automobiles in the cities or breathe air to foul that it can kill. And some Day we May have to decide whether we will use available oxygen to run engines or to what Gibbons is saying is quite simply that Man should Stop looking on nature As something to conquer and dominate. Rather Man is himself a creature in nature and with each push and pull on nature Man can Only create More problems for himself a if not now in the future. Gibbons argues against what he describes As the a accepted biological fallacies a which hold that evolutionary Progress is made through natural selection governed by the survival of the fittest in which nature is seen As an arrangement of adversary systems with aggression As a Law of nature and that Power and the will to use it is the key to survival. Not so Gibbons declares. A if these views of nature continue to prevail then we Are headed for an ultimate there Are a a countless mercies kindness and much cooperation in nature a Gibbons says a a and i maintain that it is these that typify nature rather than the violence and competitions. My studies have gradually led me to the conclusion that it is the cooperative rather than the competitive that survives. The Meek do inherit the with that Gibbons is revolutionary As much As prophetic. He is indeed a remarkable guide for stalking the faraway places. Between i . And 4 30 . The Talent show will he held in War memorial auditorium on March 16. Dance theatre the world premiere of a the Grey Goose of silence a will be presented by the North Carolina dance theatre in concert in Reynolds auditorium in Winston Salem Friday at 8 15 . A Story of Appalachia the Ballet was created especially for the dance theatre by Norbert wesak. On saturday at 2 15 ., the dance theatre will perform the Winston Salem premiere of Duncan Nobles new Ballet based on Shakespeare so the multimedia associated artists of Winston Salem Are presenting a Multi Media show by Betty Holland and Anne Cash we 11 through March i. Opening today the exhibit is at the Hanes Community Center gallery in Winston Salem a varied display of mixed Media work is being exhibited by the two artists. Welcome aboard w a the Waltons a set in the depression is something of a special Case. It is based on the life of a real family and is blessed with Superior writing and casting a a Mash is set in the Early 1950s during the korean War. But it really does no to Deal with the period directly instead it uses the korean War As a metaphor to talk about All wars the real proof of whether people will tune in week after week appears to rest on a new and unpretentious comedy from Abc called a the Happy of this ,1950s period piece succeeds other series Are waiting in the wings. Garry Marshall said he first developed the show three years ago but what Paramount studios had in mind was a remake of a i remember he is executive producer with Thomas l. Miller and Edward k. Milkis. A i did no to want to do that a he said. A i said if you want to go Back let s go Back to the 1950s. That a the period i grew up in and he tried again with a movie script called a the Howie Rubin Story a which he wrote with Phil Mishkin and his brother inlaw Rob Reiner. Nobody would buy it. Then a american Graffiti a came oui and became a hit. A i Call myself a Buff a said Marshall 39, who also is executive producer of a the Odd couple and creator of a the Brian Keith show a a i liked that period. Some people thought it was painful. The pain i be blocked out. I remember the Good part. A Marshall said a i was also a musician so i was close to the music. When i hear the music. I grew up with that. I played my own songs. I had my own band in College and in the army and even the first years in new York when i worked for the daily he said he sees it As a time when he could act crazy and u Mem Good Ham and sausage biscuits scene from television nostalgia hit Happy Days fool around. A it was the years when i could have been anything a he said a a journalist. Maybe a musician but i did t play that Well it was a period when we had a lot of choices Quot Marshall joined the new York daily news As a copy boy then became a sports. Writer. During that time he 1950s k began writing comedy for Phil Foster Joey Bishop buddy Hackett Allen and Rossi. Rip Taylor and Bob Melvin. In 1960 he left the newspaper to join the writing staff of Jack Paar so a tonight show two years later he came to los Angeles to we rite for the Joey Bishop comedy series. A the Happy Days is what Marshall Calls a a charming gentle the controversies of the 1950s a the cold War brinkmanship mccarthyism a will not be found Here. A a in a picking out the better he said. A i Don t take any shots at anybody. Ive never been a very political person. We re going for comedy not controversy. We May get into some areas. How they looked at dropping out of school pregnancy at the same time he said he does t see the shows As a Ozzie and Harriet revisited. A a we re doing a lot of subjects they do then a he said. A getting drunk strip shows sexy girls. In a pure comedy sense some of the things we do May seem to be leading up that path then we take a tack that Ozzie and Harriet would t take. We can do things Thev could t do then because it would have been shocking a a Story for every one who thinks they can never fall in love again. F. Ii. Up y Ltd 1$ t w Pep Pis pizza 2ior n main St Den Western sin Lin Steak House chopped Steak �?T1.19 new York strip 2.99 11 a m toll pm. Gallimore Dairy re. Ill former showboat location a steaks a seafood a cantonese cuisine ewer a wine a b own bagging for reservations Call 454-2473 open nightly except monday a Airport Market St. 1-40 effective feb 1st Steak amp eggs 6 a m to 11 a m. W banquet rooms i take out service available boo n. Main pm. I8s-b4s4 the barn dinner theatre with new York cast on the Quot magic stage slam Etith Trail near Airport reservations Biol 113-7914 open 7 nights Uch week sunday night special �?T800 per person dinner 7 00 . Show 8 30 . Now playing Quot love on a rooftop a comedy Cinderella Liberty James Caan Ell Wallach r 2 40-4 50-7 00-9 10 $0 Towne theatre l Parris movie ratings ran parents Ano Young people All Ages admitted be foot audience All Ages admitted pore"1 out in Ltd Suga in to Sam incl to i May aet be Tuta of far of to Vagn g is r restricted my 17 requires attorn potent or adult Guod o to no oni under 17 admitted be a is a s is ski o v the motion pc Tbs coh of sue Komi pm the above is published As a Public service by the High Point Enterprise cup this and i Pixie Urillo dinner Buffet a pizza Spaghetti lasagna All you can eat $200 -6 to 9 . Mon. Thru wed. Greensboro Root 5 Points 885 8719 Alite pkg Greensboro Jung s Galley it 74 has in in nil ight Cine theatre Zaire shopping Center-2200 Westchester one a phone 885 4427 Paul Newman Robert Redford the Sung Puj 2 15 4 35 700 19 15 j j Martin twin us 1801 Westchester or /885 0097 because o sat. Amp Sun. Show times 2 00, 3 45, 5 30, 7 15, 900 pm m # acres of front door parking # a a a drive in theatre last 5 nights i St Jun in area. All in color fed up with the lies about the things now together for the first time 2 for the Price of i pizza Choice of Topping Good saturday feb. 16th thru thursday feb. 21st. With this Coupon 2209 n. Main Street Tel. 869-2171 open 7 Days a week Dine in or take out ,4 frenzy of blood High Points f Ines it i eel Ordo 431-411/ a adult. Super shows a very funny love Story of How a Man tries to get his wife Back. ? k George Segal Susan Anspach Kris Kris Wierson Shelley Winters show times 2 57, 4 56, 6 59, 9 00 Center downtown a main St a watch out for the Bummer starring Daniel Clifford from Raleigh n. C. Plus a Angels die hard Quot at 9 2511 adults 1.5ratfrortoon at dusk haunting desires Seething in his mind Lead to a night of ghastly atrocities the Savage revenge of a Young Bride ravaged on her wedding Nighta Quot a i Al though i mis j Ari r ratio of Don t Riccomini Tham for is under Illus blood mama so a starts 7 10

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