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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 16, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 6c High Point Enterprise i ask i wednesday feb. 16, 1972 i Andy to Osk a question of Andy address postal cards a not letters a to ask Andy care of the High Point enter prise. Be sure to include your name age name of your parents and address. Valuable prizes Are Given to those whose questions Are selected for the column. Andy sends a Complete 20-volume set of the a Ltd Book encyclopedia to Nan Williams Are to of Ruston Louisiana for Ber question Why Coes the cold make us of ,7 for itself. B c j it on the that we wondrous and not too Irne it can changes in re i e e i int 11 the Down Low. By because in itself As ? the time for us to think of a Way to warm things up. We can turn up the Furnace or Crouch by the fire we can add a warm sweater or go for a Frisky walk. The Furnace and the fire make us comfortable again by warming the air around us. The extra sweater helps by holding the body s own heat close to the skin so that cold air cannot Teal it. The brisk walk of course is exercise. It warms us up because the moving Muscles Burn up sugary food and give off heat. Exercise is the body s own favorite Way for keeping warm. And it has its own Way of telling about when we feel Chilly suppose we do nothing at All to make things warmer. The body gets More uncomfortable and quite impatient. But unless we decide to act it cannot turn up the in Trace or add extra clothing by itself. It cannot move it does around. St it can. Without tile brain sends signals Long the nerve fibres. They ill the big Muscles in the ack. Arms and legs to Start Loving a even though they Annot go anywhere without permission. The Muscles do shivering and shaking. Now a feel really uncomfortable Bough this is not the reason those shivering Muscles Are tally exercising. Arid when hey exercise they Burn up Uel and give off heat True. His is not much exercise and t Dot yes not give off much heat iut shivering really docs in Ovid a Little extra warmth or the body. What a More it Knolly makes us feel so Serab v uncomfortable that sometimes All we can do is Light a fire or turn up the Furnace. Sometimes we can do the Job better. This Calls for two operations. I irme wrap in in warm outdoor clothing. Then we go outside and enjoy a brisk walk or a Peppy game which is even better. This sort of exercise is just the thing to Chase the Shivers right out of a Chilly Day. Andy Sonds a world Book Glebe to Sara Solaun Are la of Rochester new York for her question what really makes the Clouds Movo we can say that the winds blow the Clouds along. This is True but nothing in this world is quite that simple. The winds Are moving air and the turbulent atmosphere is governed by mighty forces. The Sun and the rotating Earth up l the strings that make them blow a and they carry along the floating Clouds. Some Clouds see ask Andy on 7-c prices in this and Good Only in Cut so High Point mfg creamy velvet a Eastgate shopping Center open nightly a til 9 00 a 1300 North main St. Open thursday amp Friday nights til 9 00 open saturdays til 7 00 a 918 East Green St. Open nightly a til 9 00 use your Bank am Ricard for your grocery purchases at any High Point big Bear or the Thomasville big Bear store a cab ban Kamer i card. Us my 4pm. Ballard cresent Rolls. S3 v Ballard i oct. Flaky biscuits. 196 Ballard butter Tastin biscuits. Lcr.19 Valleydale sliced Bacon Valleydale Franks High Point Enterprise wednesday feb. 16, 1972 7c 100-foot Roll my. Bog Luzianne red Label Coffee 75� ss265 a Charmin White or assorted colors tissue 39 Cut up pan ready fryers. A whole fryers packed 2 in a bag Unk pork 5au5agc Del Monte assorted a grape a tropical fruit punch a Orange a pineapple Cherry drinks fruit drinks 46-0z. Can a Sunshine Graham crackers color bleach detergent Rinso 16-oz. Box 49-oz. Giant Box Only dry bleach Borden pet United or sea test a fresh $ gallon we Milit $ oni Hormel Little sizzlers 12-0. Pkg. A a \ a a b pure vegetable Wesson 24-oz. Bottle Clorox fresh Green cabbage Florida White or Pink Grapefruit 24-oz. Box tuna beef or liver amp Chicken a a Sass 9-lives 1 a. Dry cat food la v. Sara Lee Frozen cakes Frozen Pound n of 80 Frozen Coffee .12 0,88 All Sara Lee Frozen foods available at big Bear s Low prices 14-0z. Box is Bijj Al 7-seas 8-oz. _ i by j y Green goddess .49 in 7-seas 8-oz. 9 a Law calorie French dressing .e39 great combination too. _ Kraft Sharp lir i c Cracker barrel cheeses .k.87 Luck s Pinto Beans.?.24�?~ Luck s Blackeye peas. Iv.24c Luck s Navy Beans., ?.24 Luck sir. Northern Beans. 24� chef boy a Dee be Faroni 0 15-oz can 38 Green giant 7-oz. Giblets Corn. Green giant 8-oz Green . Green giant 10-oz. Cut asparagus Dawn fresh 5-oz. 4 4 0 Steak sauce. I v Lesueur shoe Peg 12-oz White a chef boy a Dee 5 Al 10a Chili with Beans .c.�.n.4io 19 21 43 Teize fantastic cleaner .1l85 Kraft extra Sharp 10-oz. _. La of Cracker barrel cheese .src.k.91 Teize Spray starch .5v Gafkay .55 Teize bleach % 67 aunt Jemima syrup 12-01. Bottle 43 aunt it nifty Oom Alfh. A Mem f r fam re a aunt Jemima Complete Pancake mix 2-lb. Box 59 White or chocolate Quot Tiff a 7 i go. J a Jiffy frosting mix White or yellow 9-oz. Jiffy cake mix.b.�.\.17 pie in or self rising Gold medal flour in Anish Pas a weekend specials Apple pie reg.95�?~ special Eastgate shopping Conter phone 185-2313 Deli Kitche a weekend features it Home style Spaghetti with meat sauce. La. 49 fresh Crisp in of tossed salad.�.\59 mild pimiento cheese spread. La. 48 a fresh made sandwiches Eastgate shopping Center Tel. Bis-231 j North Arin . 112-2913 Frozen Piccadilly circles a Ham amp cheese with Mustard a pizza sauce amp ground beef a Cheddar cheese amp Chicken i of of. Package any flavor pack of 4 cans Hunt s snack pack desserts .69� chef boy a Dee 15-oz. Spaghetti amp meat balls.,.c.a&Quot.38c tasters Choice instant Coffee $i25 pet Coffee Creamer 39 in h u Green Stamps with this Coupon and $5.00 or Mort Purchase 8 of. Jar $015 Peanut 16-oz. Jot any Flavo Carnation instant breakfast 79 6�envelope package Peanut butter a bananas. Poa aut butter a Jolly a ant butter a Jam.  8-oz. Jar 18-oz. Jar limit one per customer Coupon Good thru wed., feb. 23, 1972 so Stimso m Green Stamps with thie Coupon and Purchase of one i la. Package staplers country hem limit one per customer Coupon Good thru wed., feb. 23.1972 Brilliant play is foiled 18 North d a ska up a a a Kyj 5 do q105 2 West East aq762 a 3 v q j to 7 v k 9 6 4 a 83 4972 a a j 9 k8764 South a aj1098 up 853 2 a 1064 a 3 both vulnerable wait North feet South i a pass i a per 3 a pass 3 a peal 4 a pud Pom Pas opening Lead up q by Oswald amp James Jacoby our old Friend the unlucky expert looked less woebegone than usual. We asked him if his Luck had changed. A not at All Quot was the reply. A i just made one of the Best plays of my career though. Unfortunately it did no to do me a bit of the professor was Declarer. He won the first trick with the Ace of hearts in Dummy led a Spade and finessed the Jack a i could Sec that it would t do me any Good to take that trick with my Queen so i let him hold the trick without so much As a quiver to indicate that i could have won a the promptly led the ten of Spades. I played Low. He paused for a moment and then made the extraordinary play of Low Spade from Dummy. After that it was a simple matter for him to Cash Dummy a King of Spades return to i hand with the ten of diamonds and mane five Odd Quot for once we really sympathize with our Friend. He had made a Brilliant play and if the professor had simply Pla ted Dummy s King of Spades next the hand would have collapsed however the professor had not really improvised. The idea of finessing both ways for a missing Queen a wars absurd and would be absurd if the fact that a finesse worked the first time meant that it had actually succeeded. There is no Law requiring a defender to win a trick merely because he can do so. Ask Andy from Page a sail along six Miles or More above the Earth but actually i All of them Are slowly sinking a because Gravity gradually pulls them Down i he w ids blow because masses of dense heavy air tend to flow into masses of lighter air somewhat like water flowing downhill. The Sun warms the Earth and the Earth warms the air in uneven patches this starts the winds blowing and the spinning Earth tends to direct the Breezy tra a Fie in circles around the Glube. In our latitudes most of the Clouds move eastward because this is the Way most of the winds blow. Andy Sand a world Book Atlas to Jim Renda Aga 17, of Youngstown Ohio for his question what is Gege Schein the Gege Schein is the zodiacal Light alias the counter grow the Zodiac gives a clue to its whereabouts we expect to see it up in the sky. Located among the constellations of the Zodiac. But let s expect to observe it Only on rare occasions. In our latitudes we Are More Likely to see it in Early evenings during March and april and again in september and october. This time just before Dawn its Pale Light seems to fan up from the Sun. Which is just below the horizon it j slopes through the Zodiac sometimes to the top of the sky. The Light of the Gege Schein is no brighter than a sixth magnitude Star which is the dimmest Star visible it cannot be seen when tile sky is illumined by a full or almost full Moon the sky must be Clear of Clouds and dust and a blurred by City lights. Even then. The Pale zodiacal Light is barely visible and lasts but a Short while. Astronomers explain it As sunlight reflected from meteoric particles that swarm around on a level with j the Earth s orbit

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