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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 16, 1972, High Point, North Carolina A wire photo dirigible crashing into ground High Point Enterprise wednesday feb. 16, 1972 5c general s methods examined Meo tribesmen Strong Force due to Gen. Vang Pao by Carl Strock Long Cheng. Laos a North Vietnam a dry season offensive this year has Hurt maj. Gen. Vang Pao More than anyone else. Its Early stages Cost Vang Pao most of his territory and More than 1.000 troops. This Mountain stronghold Headquarters has been seriously threatened for the first time. But Vang Pao. The Jaunty widely admired commander in Northern Laos Leader of the Meo tribal minority talks about the War with his customary enthusiasm. A win not he English peppered with can military Slang. A but we fight sure. Wants to take our country. We must fight for our i Vang Pao has been fighting communists since 1946. As a 16-year-old he joined the French forces re occupying Vientiane. Laos administrative capital in the aftermath of the japanese surrender. Vang Pao devised his own tactics to suit rugged terrain. When the pro communist path it lao routed government forces from the Plain of jars in 1965 he led his Meo people into the surrounding mountains where he organized guerrilla bands to harass the enemy. Into a major Effort. . Officials generally regard Vang Pao As the most reliable Leader in a nation of generals who sometimes seem to be comic opera figures. The support includes training program for Vang pan s troops Cia advisers plus helicopter and air plane backing provided by air America a charter firm sometimes called a Scia air been quietly suspended when the i drug crisis developed in Vietnam. Vang Pao managed to broaden his political strength among the Meo longtime observers have said by taking a wife from each of the tribe s major clans. Ile has six wives and 27 children. A at people a once about 40 per cent of the Laos population of 2 8 million have no future As a separate culture. For this reason he has forbidden the teaching of the Meo language in schools and urges his Mountain people to adopt Lowland customs As their Only Chance to survive. A we Are All he says. The general has earned a reputation for honesty in distributing his troops payroll a virtual phenomenon in itself this is one reason his men remain fiercely Loyal some of his american backers say. But he is held partly responsible by some Mountain people for their casualties in recent years casualties which have caused concern for the tribes survival. Some . Officers also say privately that Vang Pao is too fanatical about leading his people Back to ancestral villages in the Plain of jars. Each Monsoon season they go Home and each dry season they arc driven out by the North vietnamese. Critics of the backed operations have contended that at least 10 per cent of the Meo do not survive such moves and suggested that such attrition helps account for the fact that Vang Paov a army of 10.000 to 15,000 is increasingly made up of other tribesmen. Quot Vang Pao is the most hated Man in the mountains a one observer said recently in arguing that his followers loyalty grows out of american air deliveries of Rice to dislocated tribesmen. But Vang Pao remains primarily a Soldier. A the Best Dier in this part of the one thing that Drew attention says one of his american aconite Vang Pao in the Early Days Rirs. Was that he could give the us he has been wounded three since then he has been one of pers Vitious an i Clannish Meo an times and is the Only laotian the country a few recognized outlet for their precious opium general Ever wounded in com says in heroes. He also has been the crop. Ifs asserted naturally Bat after winning his stars. He Ameri daring of the . Central in without proof that arrange also survived the crash of a Tell gence Agency. The Cia has ments were made for air plane a few years ago. Hanoi furnished arms ammunition America to pick up the raw although he is the a knowl and Rice to keep his army and poppy sap from dirt airstrips in edged Leader of the Meo Vang people going. Remote areas and Fly it out. Pao is not a Meo nationalist. This assistance has grown this is understood to have he believes in fact that the in anti nazi plot author states leftist destroyed Hindenburg new York apr author i found in the wreckage but in Michael Macdonald Mooney dictated that investigators were says the fire that consumed the pressured not to charge Sabo Hindenburg and killed m per age because we Don t want sons in 1937 was caused by a an incident on our phosphate bomb planted by a Mooney described Spehl As a leftist crewman who wanted to Catholic who hated Hitler and destroy the dirigible As a sym meant to destroy the dirigible Bol of nazism. After it had been vacated by Mooney whose Book a the the 97 persons on Board. A Hindenburg will be published thunders to. In delayed its Moor by Dodd Meade feb. 28. Said ing and the timer set the device monday that american invests off prematurely he said gators who blamed the fire on natural causes were under orders to Rule out sabotage. 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