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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 16, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 4c High Point Enterprise wedge Tupy feb. 16, 1972 Marianne Moore a poet and a fan a new York Nea Marianne Moore viewed sport As it ought to be and sparingly More. A it is a legitimate mate Triumph As a feat of skill like writing a a she once told me. She valued a self Mastery a and the Joy of deep involvement a a in a foolish about Willie Mays. He is just full of intellectual Energy. He kind cd lets everything go for the end in View. Quite scientific and he certainly gets around the bases a a Marianne Moore a slight i5-3gray haired woman who favored Tri Corn hats died on february 5 at age 84. She was one of americans most celebrated poets. A her t. S. Eliot has said a is a part of the Small body of durable poetry written in our she possessed captivating Genius to see and Delight in the interweaving of seeming disparities. She will be profoundly missed. In her poem a baseball and she said a writing is exciting a and baseball is like writing a you can never Tell with either a How it will go a or what you will she said in an interview a few years ago. A sport has its counterpart in life and i can hardly credit a person who thinks sport is mindless. An a intellectual who is above sports really Isnit an Intel-a1.�?� she saw that a sound technique is indispensable to the musician Painter Engineer Mechanic athlete fencer Boxer a she could be a carried away by Grace of performance about the great race horse Tom fool. She wrote a Tom fool is a a Handy with a chiselled foot. You be the beat a of a dancer to a measure of harmonious Rush a cd a porpoise at the prow where the racers All win easily a like centaurs legs in tune As when Kettle Drums compete a nose rigid and suede nostrils spread a Light left hand on the a rein till a Well a this is a fortitude a a finesse a e qui pose a a expert Ness a a the Miracle of were highly admired by Marianne Moore. She became a solid dodger fan when watching the a a vim with which Roy Campanella went about his catching chores a i remember his walking Back to the Mound to give some Earnest advice to the Pitcher. Earl Spooner. Then Roy hastened Back to the plate. His brisk confident Roll was very repossessing and i thought. A i guess ill have to keep an Eye on him a a she saw the game and the players with a Pristine and wondrously Odd Eye. For example a a with cruel Puma . Elston Howard lumbers lightly Back to plate a she knew several top athletes personally. The first was Jim Thorpe in a quirk of Fate Marianne Moore taught typing and shorthand at the Carlisle a i Indian school Thorpe was her student in 1912 and 1913. A James was the most pleasant athlete to she said. A the was so Limber and could perform wonderful feats with the Grace of a Leopard. And then take n0 credit for his achieve mints. A very unaffected person a she once met Muhammad Ali in a restaurant and the Boxer to it it of her outside and demonstrated his a Ali shuffle a she recalled. She developed a Friendship with Floyd Patterson respected his Triumph Over a troubled youth. Wrote Marianne Moore about Patterson a autobiography. A Victory Over myself a the Victory involved a application and concentration a age old formula for results n any kind of work profession Art recreation a powerful feeling and the Talent to use perhaps she understood so Well the struggles and Joys of mind and body in orchestra All poetry excerpts from a the Complete poems of Marianne Moore a 1967. 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Tion because she herself had participated in sports. On learning to ride a bicycle As a teen Ager a Riding itself was hard but i delighted in sweeping Down smooth roads and looking at Trees in Blossom. That was she once played Tennis almost every Day and often her face a would become Scarlet because i was trying so hard but i had to a after All i would perish if i try hard. A but in sport you must learn to accept grieving situations like losing by a slight accent. That was nearly unbearable for me. But you can to cry on someone a shoulder. You can task people to give credit for what you done to do. Yet i liked something i once read in the Boston transcript about a Scull race that Harvard had lost. The paper said. A win or lose their Speed is Harvard still was a Winner in a sense a in her 80s, in her Small Greenwich Village apartment Marianne Moore would still exercise by swinging from a bar in the doorway of her bedroom. She also had a photograph of Honus Wagner which she valued a whenever in a despondent i turn to this picture if puts me in Good humor. Honus has a look Here of impeccable optimism. Maybe that s too general but he has no Chip on his shoulder not malicious in any she was both buoyant and dogged and found these traits inseparable from the Pursuit of Joy in sport and life. This was Well expressed in her Pithy poem a i May i might i must Quot a if you will Tell me Why the Fen a appears impassable i then a will Tell you Why i think that i a can get across it if i the Mer method a Athl ctr or to Cadt aim approach shots at top of Fla stick in h ill bet that if anyone Ever studied the subject they would find that most greens have More Sand and water in front than in Back. Yet most golfers invariably fall Short of the Green More often than they go Over. If they Are not Short of the Green itself they usually Are Short of the Fla stick. To counteract this tendency to fall Short i suggest that instead of aiming for the Hole golfers should aim for the top of the Fla stick. This will automatically cause approach shots to carry deeper into the Green and More often than not closer to the Hole. Do. Log 1971 Nati. Maw. Lye. 44� Graham avoids coaching and Boos put Power Back into your swing with the help of Arnold Palmer s illustrated Booklet a tee shots and Fairway Woods. Send 20< and a self addressed stamped envelope to Amo d Palmer Iri care of this newspaper. San Juan puerto Rico a Nea a Atter teaming with Joe Dimaggio in the recent american airlines Golf classic Here Otto Graham returned quietly to the . Coast guard Academy in new London. Conn. Graham is the athletic director at the Academy and knows when he returns that he will not be the object of a stadium mfg of Boos will not have to hide like a vile Knave when the football team loses will not have to be a an s o b All the in Short Otto Graham is no longer a professional football head coach. Graham coached the Washington redskins from 1966 through 1968. His first and Only full time experience As a pro head coach. A and i la never do it said Graham. A not the Way the pro game is Lassiter upsets Breit in billiard championship Graham said he used to have talks about theory with his successor at Washington Vince Lombardi. A Vince told me that it was a dog eat dog business a recalls Graham. A the said that to be successful at it you be got to be an s o b. Too per cent of the time. I think he a right. That a Why in a glad in a out of it. I like to win sure but i done to want to win at any one of the finest quarterbacks in pro football history Graham led the Cleveland Browns to a league or division title in each of his to playing seasons from 1946-1955. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame at Canton in 1965 at age 51. Graham remains competitive playing Golf and Tennis and handball often and he says intensely. He says he also tries to instill a winning spirit in the coaches under him at the Academy. A but when the game is Over you be got to get on with the oth a facets of your life like your family a said Graham. A you can t do that As a pro football coach. Football has to be your whole life almost every minute of every Day year round. Football is just not that important to a a in la never forget something Don Shula told me when he was coaching the Baltimore Colts. The Colts had lost a couple games in a Row at the Start of this season. Shula got a Call from vice president Agnew who wanted Shula to play Golf with him and Bob Hope. I think most people would be jumped at that Chance. I know i would. But Shula turned it Down. He told my a fans would be thinking How come in a playing Golf How come in a not Home working on new plays a a i remember when the redskins were losing and How guilty i d feel going to a movie at night. I d practically walk into the theater with my coat Over my in three seasons the redskins Best record under Graham was 7-7. He was booed with gusto called inglorious names. The press belted him too. Los Angeles api Luther a a wimpy Lassiter of Elizabeth City nc., upset Jack Breit of Houston 150-103 monday night in action of world pocket billiards championship. Dropping Breit into second place. On other matches. Joe Balsis Minersville pa., whipped Jim Marino of Culver City calif., 150-44 Irving Crane Rochester. N y., edged Dan Diliberto of Miami 150-145 scan Walsh of Phoenix ariz., clobbered Kazoo Fujima Japan. 150-97 Joe Russo Trenton. N j., took Richie Florence Torrance. Calif 150-106, and Gene Nagy new York City Defeated Dan Gartner. Newark. N 150-112 both Balsis and Crane won giving them 13-1 records. Lou Butera of North Hollywood calif., who had a Lye. Also is 13-1 but Breitz a defeat dropped him to 12-2 Lassiter is 10-5 in the 20-Man round Robin which concludes saturday. First prize is $5,000, choose your new 1972 Triumph tr-6 now wow Fol Good selection of colors and equipment Meredith Auto sales f bl9 North main St. Phone 883-1216 belted or Quot w 1 m i non belted tires Fisk Safti classic �?�42 month guarantee �?�p01yester Coro Fiir i ass reit a wide 78 series tread tuber so sit Brand code 3b 18 Blackwell Price each Whitewall Price each Piu fed. A. 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