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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 14, 1974, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise thursday february 14,1974 5d to Vicki a to love you is one thing and to be loved by you is another. To Ove and be loved Means everything to me. Love you always. Bobby to Jean roses Are red violets Are Blue in All of heaven there s no Angel like you. Buddy to daddy i love you even More than you love your Peanut butter. Love Gwen to Roger Happy Valentines Day and always i love you. Peggy to Margaret my wonderful wife. I love you forever. Stafford to Roger d. Even though we be never had the time to do All the things we want to i cherish the memories of times spent with you. P. G. To Nancy Happy Valentine s Day to a wonderful wife Lover and Mother to be. Love daddy and Michelob Tor Hon Dano one could Ever take your place. On May 10th i intend to prove it. Imi love you forever. Love j to Iler Bif m. I i Lave Vau Mare today than sri Trulay bul i to a in aril a tomorrow. Lava Cathy la o to Patty babe be my Valentine Joe bunk to Julie this paper in t big enough to Tell you about my love for you Julie. Love Craig to Burford f not for you i could t find he door could t see the floor i d be sad and Blue of not for you. Of not for you the Winter would hold no Spring could t hear the Robins sing i d be lost without a clue of not for you. Love blur to Mark c. Always remember that you mean very much to me. I love you. Zarenda to Isabel w. I love your lunchroom cooking and you Are my favorite Valentine. Love baby to Don love is giving love is caring love is living love is sharing. Love is us. Love Elaine to Steve when i think of the two happiest years of my life i think of my years with you. Happy Valentines Day Honey. Love Phyllis to daddy Happy Alentine a Day i love you All my love a a Kinky to Sandy we treasure your love and we give you our love now and forever. O Chris 8. Daddy to Quot Billy Joe Penners. Roger Dee Quot roses Are red violets Are Blue. Of your submarine does t sink Well be waiting Tor you. Quot a and Quot mar dear Bubber thanks Tor All the memories especially Quot april 21&Quot. Love k. T. O. To Nancy we love you very much. Happy Valentines Day. Bill. John 8. Dad Missy you re the Valentine in world. Best the to Chic you la always be our Valentine we miss you so much. Love always. Evelyn Terri 8, Marty o to Donnie the Man that will be my husband. Love always. Happy Valentines Day. Connie to my sweetest Douglas May we have love peace and happiness in the near future. May god allow you to love me As much As i love you. Eternal love Ann to my Dearest skipper the love of my life. I love you and i always will. Happy Valentines Day. I love you forever. Joyce to John e. To love is one thing to be loved another but to love amp be loved is everything to the love of my Lite Barbara to to Happy Valentines Day to someone who is from someone who did t use to be. In love. Love Kem to Kathy Happy birthday to a special Valentine on her 6th birthday. Love Mommy amp daddy to Nanni i wish every boy and girl could have a grandmother like you from your granddaughter Winky to Larry i May not Tell you often of the love within my heart. But you should know to some degree exactly what you mean to me practically everything. Signed Lynn i love Earl and Ray. Love Ruth. It to Barbara i love you Imo r e than life itself and i always will. Happy Valentine s Day. Love Charles to Richard a a a ditto by <0 Darling to my Darling Lynn without you and your love this would not be Valentines Day. I love you. Jerry to Joe love you forever and a Day. Happy Valentines Day. Love bootes to Willie my one in a million whom i love so much with All my heart Happy Valentine Day Letha to Wayne my love for you is special so Strong and sincere. The kind of love that lasts and lasts and turns Days into years. All my love to you Honey. G. B. A to Honey it Only takes a blink of the Eye to Tell you i love thee. Don to Mickey Happy Valentines Day and Happy anniversary to someone i love. Luv o my Quot Booger Quot you Are the Flower of my heart and the Blooming idiot of my mind. I love you Cathy to Sug never knew it was possible to care so much. I love you and want you to always be mine. Love Sam to Raye Awe Ani Jill a Lapp Valentines Day. All my love to the two ladies in my life. Love daddy. To will Mclamb a i love you in Honey a Bev Mclamb a to Adrian my one and Only i love you now until that Day and forever. Love Susan to Sandy we treasure your love and we give you our love now and forever. Chris amp daddy to Mcgee baby to the Best looking Guy in the world i will always love you. You Are one More hunk of Man. Happy Valentines Day. Nile Happy Valentines to All our nannies amp Papas love Kim amp Stephanie to Pat Darling you Are now and always have been and always will be the Only one for me. I love you. Mon Happy Valentine s Day. Love Steve to Anita 8, misty Dawn Happy Valentines from daddy who loves you both very much. Freddie c. To Ricky the past five years have been great. We can make the ones to come even better. I love you. Brenda to Kart to Debbie c. To love someone is great to have someone love you is greater yet to love and to be loved is the greatest. Be my Valentine love always. Richard w. To Tasha you re the end of the Rainbow you re daddy s pot of Gold you re sugar and spice and everything Nice and you re daddy s Little girl. Love daddy to Cary f. I want you i need you i love you. Quot poo Quot soft Clar Ieese Talbert Sweet replies and love lit eyes that glitter gleam and Shine the perfect wife my love my life my one Sweet Valentine love your husband to Leroy i love you Honey and always will. Be my Valentine. Love Bambi to precious rags e Ven though your fingernails Are always dirty and a Little too Skinny. You re still the greatest in my life. Love bugs to Debbie i love you Bert to la Rue my love for you is True and no other love will do because he made Only one la Rue. All my love Gene Happy Valentine s Day to Ethel Dalton. From Amos and Donnie to Brenda you will always be my Valen Tine. I love you very much Happy Valentines Day. Love daddy #8 s. To Ricky Quot Moron Quot love is. Knowing that someone like you cares about me. Happy Valentine s Day love Quot me Quot Kita to Vicki my one and Only Valentine i la love you always. Love Cliff Happy Valentines Day you re the greatest. Love c. C. L. E. To sue wanted to buy a of ult Page but my budget could n t stand the Strain. So within this sea space let me say love you and please always be my your Dave Ito Jerry it7s funny How loves Start As friends but when Friendship Dies Here is nothing. To care. Phyllis to Irma All my life i be oved you True nope that you still love me too. Leroy. To nerd love a Lee. Love sweetie o Bubble b. Love you More today than yesterday but not As much As tomorrow. Love Paul to Ray my husband who i leva now and always will. Happy Valentine Day Anita to my husband. Buddy. With All my Lova. Happy Valentlna s Day Bonila. 0� a to Elizabeth the woman i married. Love to you today and for always. Happy Valentines Day. Lewis Max Happy Valentlna s Day May our Lova Navar end. I Lova you for avar Annalia. To Donald to a loved is wonderful. To have you is ecstasy. Happy Valentinas Darling. Love for avar and always. Backy. To Jerry vol a Keall i think Abolt. Whenever i think Abott Lon e. Forever Linda Honey Haw an a Zyi amp Yin Lap it Valentines to in not so roman tie but very loveable i Bibbs. In to the Quot special Quot people in my Lite. A much love this Day As everyday. Karen Craven. To sir. With love on this special occasion. Karen c. To Jeff. I love you love Cherty to Jack c. You have been and always will be the one and Only True Valentine of mine ail my love Helen Gaba. Happy Valentine s Day we love you very much. Drew and Jennifer. To Richard my almost new husband i love you More than Ever and forever. Your Wile Carol. To mrs. David Rogers a be t Aime plus que Hier coins que love David to Beau Luv a anyway be mine Quot Sweet Quot to mom. To love is one thing. To by loved another but to love and be lord in everything. All our love forever. Pele amp kids. To Bill baby i reached out to touch you and you returned my touch. I love you. Babi to mama i wanted to let you know How much i love you but i ran out of numbers. That s How much i love you. Gwen to Nellie la you Are a Luve of a sister. Happy Valentines Sissy to Chicke Little Sho nut loves to Long time. Happy Valentines l. Babe to Shirlee and Bonnie our parents with love on Valentines Day. Arrow and Dowa to Wavel h. My wonderful mom i love you. Happy Valentines Day. Keith to Louise i will love you Darling for the rest of my life because you Are a wonderful wife love Ken to Marlyn who i with Allm heart. Anil will always be a a aum Ink. Hon to Tom the Valentine of my life with love. Ava to Lance s. I love you More with each passing Day. You re the greatest and i want the world to know that i love you. Your wife Belinda. To grandma Lee All my love now and forever and Ever. Love Tasha to Poppee and Nannie All our love now and forever and Ever love Wendy and Tasha to a. I love you dear but gracious diamonds Ara so ostentatious. Signed w. To Brownie forever and a Oay. Love Donna to the Best of All Quot big Quot Sisters. My sister Branch. Much love today As always and forever. Kyc. To Joey i love you very much. Happy Valentine s Day. Love your wife Debbie. To Maria 8, Beth Happy Valentine s Day to the Best captains in be Ever known. Keep up the Good work. Susan. To my mom and dad i la love you forever. Lisa to Don be my Valentine forever. I do i do i do. Love Shirley Kaye c Here s hoping a super sorority sister will have a super Valentines Day your secret sister to Cindy b. With All my love now and forever. And especially the 19th Tor the rest of our lives. Chuck m to Bob we love you. Happy Valentines Day Sandy and Robbia to mom 8. Dad Batcha never expected this despite All of our arguing and fussing we love Youl the brats a a 8. A to Quot Tomy Quot perhaps by the time you read this you l have your Valentine Gilt. Anyway love you yours forever Keith. To Ozzie Pat and Steven Welcome Home you have and always will a the Velentine love of my heart. Virgie. My Darling Ricky s. Beside you always Happy Valentine s Day. Love sue e. Greetings to Granddaddy mine a Happy Valentine s Sweet hugs and kisses and warm birthday wishes. Love Andrea to Belinda my wonderful wife. Thanks Tor Loving me and for sharing your life with me i be always loved you and always will. Be mine forever. Your love. Lance to Pooh Bear t love you Darling and always will. Happy Valentines Oay your Loving Bride to be. Reggie to Quot kill to Haw loved you is one thing. To have been loved by you is another. But to Loe and be Loed by you is it frvling. All my love forever cd to my husband Robert i love you sweetie. Happy Valentine s Oay Helen. Ronnie i love you and i always will Happy Valentlna s Day Lova Jean. Steve Happy Valentlna s Oay i Lova you love for avar Pam to Larry you Are the love i have always searched for and finally found. Happy Valentine s Day love child love Cindy to Sandra Good wives Are hard to find. Great wives Are even harder. And one As dear As you is once or never love you Terry to l. L. . A i love you not Only for what you Are but for what i believe you Are becoming. This Marks our 3rd Valentine s Day Quot together Quot and although you Are much dearer to me now i m never forget the magic of the first one and the Wishbone Quot boo Quot to Rayvon b you have made me the happiest person in the world. I thank god Tor Blessing us so richly. Imi always love you Happy Valentine s Day. Your Loving Alta. Kathy. To my wonderful husband Richie our love for each other is special because you make it that Way. All my love forever Sarah to Faber some Are loved by one. Some Are loved by two. Not everyone is loved by so Many. Staff of the Brentwood school a to Pat amp Evie Ousterman our Nanna and pop pop amp mom amp dad we love and miss you very much. You Are the greatest god bless you xxx000 from Bob Deb Robby 8, Jamy to Johnny Happy birthday amp Valentine s Day to the greatest husband Ever. With love Janice a to Charles r. Happy Valentine s Day to a wonderful Man. My lovingly your Quot sweetie pie Quot to Dale to love is one thing to be loved another but to love and be loved is everything love Smoothie Diane Darling thanks for Nae i in me for allowing it to show cause that one thing s More meaningful than you could Ever know. I love you. Monty. To Pap pow Sam Elliott our heart beats Only for you. Hugs amp kisses Kristy amp Karen to Wayne Happy Valentine s Day to the Guy i m going to marry i love you now and for always. All my love Brenda we love you mom amp dad Johnnie Linda John jr., Danny Paul Cathy Frankee Gene Kenny Carol Jeanette Karen Wanda Steve James to my Sweet Quot Sam Quot hello Beautiful Valentine. Please be mine. You be got me on top of the world. Gene. To Marcia Molly Allison amp Stephen. Have a Happy Valentine s Day save me some Candy love daddy to Gus sorry we could t be together. Happy Valentine s love Brenda to Harles Thomas Duvall la Happy Valentine s Day babe May god bless our love. Jane Charlie you think that i am not aware maybe this will show i care. Happy Valentine s Day love Becky to Bob my favorite Bungy Nunu and the Best husband in the whole world. Heppy Velentine s Day All my love forever. Martha to Donnie Glascoe the greatest daddy in the world. We love you Tamara amp Daniel Glascoe

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