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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 14, 1974, High Point, North Carolina To your Good health trouble infected cause by George . That Gums can c. Dear or. Thosteson i went to the dentist to have a Loose tooth pulled and he told me i had Pyo Rhea and All of my Teeth were infected and it would ruin my health. He suggested that i have All of them pulled As quickly As possible. What i would like to know is what kind of trouble can they cause i know i Don t feel Good at All anymore but i thought maybe it was from the change of life. Just what kind of trouble can my Teeth cause if they Are not pulled right now a mrs. C y. Almost any kind of misery Pyo Rhea involves loosening of the Gums from the Teeth. As a result pockets form in the Gums and Jacoby it it a on become infected. This is called a focal infection a a continuing infection that saps your Energy in general and May be a source of trouble anywhere in your system. The infection May spread to the kidneys but that is just one of Many possibilities. Anyway those infected Gums Are quite Likely the reason for your a a feeling to illustrate the importance of gum infections i have known physicians who refuse to undertake a Complete physical examination until the patient has been cleared by a dentist As being free from tooth and gum problems. Sometimes surgery on the Gums can control Pyo Rhea successfully but after the condition has progressed to a certain Point extraction is the Only Way to eliminate the infection. This would have to be judged by your dentist. I urge that you not postpone the matter. Dear or. Thosteson i have a bad hernia on both sides. I have tried two or three trusses without Success. I am 72 and have High blood pressure. The hernia does not Hurt me but feels uncomfortable. Would you advise an operation at my age a we. I am guessing from your letter that you have been advised to have surgery. A hernia operation carries a very Low surgical risk in a healthy patient and if your blood pressure has been brought under reasonable control and you have no other health problems the operation should be Well tolerated. If. On the other hand you have been advised by your doctor to have surgery my advice is that you ask him about it. He can give you a More valid answer than at this distance i can. Dear or. Thosteson what causes hives is it an allergy if so an allergy to what?. Hives generally Are the result of allergy but when you ask what you Are asking the impossible. It May be a food drugs or something you touch or breathe. Allergy is an individual thing a reaction to something a particular person is hypersensitive to ifs not the same thing for everybody. Dear or. Thosteson in a a Little confused about giving hormones to women in menopause. Doctors seem to differ on this. My doctor refused he said a because of his exact . . Hormones done to cause cancer but they May increase the Speed of growth if the cancer already exists. It depends on the kind of hormones and the kind of cancer because in some cases certain hormones Are Given to relieve a cancer patient and slow the growth a thus if a woman already had cancer i would be reluctant to give oestrogen female hormone for menopause symptoms and would rely on sedatives instead if her symptoms demanded treatment. For the average woman oestrogen is entirely warranted to relieve severe menopausal discomfort. Done to be misled Eek erd s la to guarantee you Low everyday prescription prices in fact eckers was first to bring discount prescriptions to the Southeast. And has consistently done so for 75 years. The reasons Why Eckerd s fills Over 8,000,000 prescriptions a year Are Price. Quality service and Quality buying now of Eckerd a bord Erless silk color prints a have larger picture area than Standard prints. 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