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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - February 13, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Rental parents accepted Philadelphia a if youre planning to take a trip but dont know what to do with the i children consider renting some parents in the past three years a Vil Lanova firm has rented parents to some 1500 families for a Day University Home services will provide a liven couple they will watch the kids clean the House Cook the meals do the shopping and even take their turn at the carpool they will also sit for plants and pets or just empty houses some 150 couples usually Young and married Are rented out University Home services director de Rockower 30 said his couples have House and children sat for As Long As six weeks although the average is 10 Days the couples Are paid a week plus their food and housing Edward Guy and his wife Helen who have served As rental parents say that once they had 11 children to watch Over High Point Enterprise wednesday february 131974 in Midline Admiral tops list of Lum Walts no replacement Washington a adm James l Holloway Iii who steers a Middle course on Navy Reform is reported the front runner among candidates to become the next chief of naval operations Pentagon sources said they expect president Nixon to act within the next few weeks on nominating a successor to adm Elmo r Zumwalt or whose fou year terms ends in july meanwhile there Are reports Navy Secretary John w Warner will resign soon to head the National Bicentennial administration preparing for the country 200th birthday Celebration if so the Navy would get new civilian and military leadership this year the Navy officer corps split Over Reform instituted by Zumwalt is especially concerned about the selection of Zum Waits successor Warner refuses to say whom he is proposing but he has indicated he believes it is time to slow the Pace of Reform Warner has had adm Zumwalt several conferences with Secretary of defense James r Schlesinger whose recommendation to president Nixon probably will be Deci Sive Pentagon sources said Holloway now leads at least four other admirals under consideration adm Holloway the South Carolin Aborn Holloway currently vice chief of naval operations is described by those who have known him for years As an enlightened traditionalist Holloway would be a Middle of the Road no said one source he would not go to either extreme of pushing Forward with any revolutionary new changes or coming Back All the Way Hes smart enough to see the benefits of some of the Thines Zumwalt did Many of Zumwalt changes designed to improve Navy life particularly for enlisted men won considerable support but Many older officers charged that some of Zum Walts innovations smacked of permissiveness and led to a breakdown of discipline a House armed services subcommittee echoed those accusations last year after investigating a serious racial outbreak aboard the Carrier Kitty Hawk Holloway is not identified with pro or ant Zumwalt factions Hes nobody Man said a senior officer a combat Veteran of three wars Holloway is an aviator and an expert in nuclear ship propulsion he commanded the us 7th Fleet during the late stages of the Vietnam War Soldier rescuer has tearful reunion machine helps migraine sufferers former i Stanley Taxel right is shown last week in Poughkeepsie by As he is reunited with 80yearold Dragutin Cvijanovic who sheltered Tazel and 11 other us soldiers who had business Mirror been shot Down Over Yugoslavia nearly 29 years ago Cvijanovic his wife and six children repeatedly risked their lives to keep the americans out of German hands Adwir photo keep an Eye on four bellwether industries Huntington Eva a once a week Angela Green attaches her right Index Finger to an electrode and thinks warm thoughts for a desk sized instrument studded with dials and knobs its her Way of fighting migraine headaches Angela 22 began having severe headaches five years ago she tried various drugs but said nothing was really satisfactory then one Day while experiencing the excruciating throbbing Best described As something Between having a darning Needle sticking in my temples and having a Vise clamped Over the head some thing caught my Eye she re called it was an advertisement last summer in the Marshall University student newspaper that said the psychology department was seeking migraine sufferers willing to try biofeedback a method of training a person to control parts of the body now Angela is one of about 20 persons who make regular visits to be linked to the new York a four industries automotive air line steel and rails Are Worth watching during the next few months because of the role they play As bellwethers although reluctant ones they can successfully adjust to the Brave new of shortages rising prices and changing demand then there is Hope for other less critically involved industries nobody knows if they can do so will the automotive Industry that persisted in turning out big cars for big profits be Able to work Down to a world of minibars and still maintain its profits the attempt is under Way general motors for example is said to be considering an Economy Cadillac and to be weighing the merits of turning out Small cars at Buick Pontiac and Oldsmobile plants Small cars Are expected to take More than 60 per cent of the Market this year despite rising prices these cars sell at much lower figures than their big mates consequently at less profit to the maker the airlines Industry is fac ing an equally Uncertain year also because of the Energy shortfall can they reduce their number of flights pay higher prices for fuel and still turn a profit some airline executives be Lieve not and forecast serious disruptions pan american world airways lost nearly s20 million in the final three months of the year partly be cause of High fuel costs that kind of loss can be sustained by a company As Large As pan am if it Doest happen too often but pan am and some other airlines had Finan Cial difficulties Long before the Oil crisis now with the future of travel Uncertain and with fuel Price rising its and other lines fortunes carry a critical signal companies the steel Industry also is confronted by a situation that will put management to the again because of fuel shortages and rising prices Bethlehem steel the second largest producer has just announced an 8 per cent Cut in output because of a shortage of metallurgical Coal reduced Oil supplies have forced some utilities to compete for the same Coal if other companies suffer Bethlehem plight and there Are reasons to believe they will it could add to the economic woes the country must undergo and Lessen prospects for a return to normalcy the situation for the rail roads is different in their Case a shortage could work to their advantage enabling them to pick up passengers who deserted other forms of trans portion especially the car for years the railroads argued that they com Pete with the conveniences and sometimes even the luxuries of travel by car plane and bus now each of their competitors is to some degree weakened by costs and shortages departments Cousin of a lie records biological responses hooked to the machine an Gela murmurs phrases designed to soothe and relax i am quiet relaxed my hands and arms Are heavy and warm i feel very quiet my whole body is relaxed and my hands Are warm relaxed and warm the electrode senses the heat of angelas Finger and the machine displays the temperature on a graph that she can see Donald Chezik director of clinical training for the psychology department said the idea is to train a subject to raise the heat of the hands by watching the graphs display of skin temperature the theory is that migraine headaches Are caused by the expansion of arteries in the brain and that by warming up the hands you Channel the blood flow there and relieve the pressure in the head Chezik said he estimated 10 per cent of the population especially women is tormented by migraines we dont have a lot of Evi Dence yet but most of the people weve treated have been very pleased he said i used to have three or four headaches a week including a couple each month that would completely debilitate me an Gela said the figures Down to about one a month now and its been since last fall that one stopped me cold february Sale we must clean House of All Winter at once mens dress shoes oxfords loafers boots Over 70 styles manufacturer samples famous name brands size 8 Reg is 695 now Reg now 5 9 boys dress shoes oxfords loafers mfr samples Over 25 styles colors size 5 Reg si295 now 4 j our Complete Stock of ladies dress shoes 4 famous name brands Winter styles colors Good sizes Zales of whips Westchester mall phone 8831640 number one Zales revolving charge Zales custom charge Banka Dericard master charge american express diners club layaway illustrations enlarged Reg to u s1895 now regt s995 now ladies blouses Long sleeves a Beautiful selection Fine Quality All first Quality Reg 5795 to 51200 values 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