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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 13, 1974, High Point, North Carolina To your Good health on emf if a it Soma common characteristics of no rms to people troubled with hem two Tho Steson a d mor Rhouds. The first is that Offort Meson iat most of them feel somewhat act pfc longstanding shy about having a doctor a Quot treat them until after result in heart no. Of Nally they be had the first visit and death or sin Abd final Thal the doctor ukes a a a11 Tolj i up As a matter of course. Then �?�i3nh�tlma be strained by the patient relaxes too. And emphysema Over the years a the right ventricle pumps con unused fort when z Carmichael lungs have been damaged by emphysema can make that 1 chamber of the heart become enlarged and weakened that in turn can Lead to heart failure. However heart failure is not the same As an infarction or Quot heart attack which implies an obstruction of a coronary artery. Such heart attacks of course Are not common but the emphysema would have no bearing on it. However there is no reason Why emphysema and a heart attack could not occur in the same patient even though they would be Independent of each other if the emphysema is causing heart failure the symptoms plus an Electrocardiogram. Would reveal it dear or Thosteson i am 17 years old and have haemorrhoids. They never were too bothersome but now they Are bleeding and it really hurts. But i really Don t want to go to the doctor because in a very shy. Is there any other Way a b. B in a afraid if you done to go to the doctor the Only alternative is to go on suffering and have the trouble become progressively worse. But i ii Tell you this there Are two the Harris Survey Congress plummets in Public s rating the second characteristic is to put off treatment until it becomes unbearable a and finally the patient wonders Why he waited so Long. Meantime while you Are making up your mind that the Only sensible thing is to go to the doctor read my Booklet a the real cure for haemorrhoids a so you will have a better idea of exactly what the trouble is. And also what you can do to prevent a recurrence. Send 25 cents and a Long stamped self addressed envelope to me in care of name of newspaper for the Booklet. Dear or. Thosteson How do you get rid of head lice i am 74 and retired. I have been using a treatment of washing with warm water and vinegar every four hours and then using kerosene and wrapping a Towel around my head before i go to bed. It does not work for me. A j l s. High Point Enterprise wednesday february 13,1974 5e lice whether head lice body lice or crab lice have become a very widespread problem in recent years. Best and quickest Way to subdue them is to use Kwell. You will need a doctors prescription to get it but usually two applications will get rid of the pests. Dear or. Thosteson would like to ask if a be. Colin is the same As a Escherichia does this concern Low blood sugar heredity or what a mrs. , yes that s what pm Coli Means. There Are various types of Escherichia germ and the a a Colin identifies the species that abounds in the intestinal tract. Also commonly called the a Colon As you probably Are aware there Are useful As Well As harmful bacteria. Generally speaking a and in its proper place a pm Coll is useful. But there Are some strains of it which if they get in the wrong place can be pathogenic meaning causing disease. Commonest mischief involves urinary infections but e. Coli can at times cause ulcers or infections elsewhere. can be controlled. To learn How to live with this serious lung disease write to or. Thosteson in care of this newspaper requesting a copy of the Booklet. A How to control emphysema enclosing a Long self addressed use zip code stamped envelope and 20 in Coin to cover Cost of printing and handling. Or. Thosteson welcomes All Reader mail but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received daily he is unable to answer individual letters. Headers questions Are incorporated in his column whenever possible. It by lolis Harris the Public a rating of Congress fell to 69-21 per cent negative in january the lowest Ever recorded for that _ body by the Harris sur vey. This is even lower than the Overall Job rating for president Nixon also at its lowest Point 68-30 per cent negative. Public Confidence in the Federal establishment thus has touched Bottom. Surprisingly with the exception of watergate presi Harris possible in this kind of Republic. Between january 18 and 22, a Cross Section of 1,594 households across the country was asked a How do you rate the Job Congress is doing a excellent pretty Good Only fair or poor a rating of Congress Jan. P be. 74 73 % % positive Good excellent 21 38 negative Only fair poor 69 45 not sure to 17 this Reading on Congress is the lowest the Harris Survey has recorded for the Federal Dent Nixon receives slightly legislative Branch in Over to better Marks from the Public years of measuring the stand than does Congress on eight my of that body among the specific issues. However the american people. The Previ massive Story that emerges from these results is that both the executive and legislative branches of the Federal government have come As close to losing the Confidence of the Ous Low occurred in 1970 when Congress received a 63-26 per cent negative standing. The High Point through the years for Congress was 1965 when it received a 64-26 per cent Posi Public completely As might be five rating. Answer to previous Puzzle Iran across i persian poet a Modem Persia to twin of Pollux myth a ii creature i reluctant 14 thin plate 15persian tam i heavy weight 17 Crow like Bird 18 persian settlers in India Var a 22timepavt 25 prevarication 2t� set lesson so capital cd Iran a Van 32 zoroastrian sacred Book 34 wartime partners 35 r Rench revolutions s 38 Winter \ chicle 37 iranian Export item 31 choose a River of Syria 43 express disapproval 4t fruit drink 47 Spanish River 51 zoroastrian deity i Var a >3 King Diani tent Persia 55 traps a fishhooks 57 Creek goddess. Of discord 58 spirited horse now \ i put aside Jacob s son i lib Var a j aweigh input i 4 Dower proper \ 5 child h silly 7 Edge 8 surrounded by 9 Zola heroine 10 head covering to medicinal Plant 12 jurisprudence la Mao lung 19 Wing like parts 20 frees 21 British gun 22 near East garments 23 rancor 24 make Eves at 27 concerning a 2 wats i 28 halt 29 Herman philosopher 31 Queen of Carthage 32 mine Entrance 33 Valley poet i 37 individual 40 demolishes 41 probability pm. T 42 worsted fabric 43 cattle Genus 44 French River 43 persian poet Kha vain 48 Gall 49 regretted 50 world War la group Tab 52 Swiss Canton 53 German article 54 Emmet newspaper enter pm be Assn i Sawyer slide projectors % v a a St a Bell amp Howell projectors Multi motion zoom dual-8 projector 10988 0reg. 129.88 3-speeds a Normal slow or step motion 2 frames per second Forward / reverse. Auto Load. Self carry Case. Dual-8 zoom movie projector 66 86 manual 39.88 Reg. 99.88 project super-8 or regular 8mm. Automatic threading. Still picture control dial focus and framing More manual or Remote control manual operation automatic focus Reg. 44.88 39 88 3 Days Reg. 85.88 69 88 charge it Semi automatic push pull operation easy focus self contained Case 100-slide Roto tray full Remote control operation Forward and reverse automatic focus f3 5 Lens 500-w brilliance self carrying Case slide trays 146 j 76 rotary Carousel Universal Type rotary tray holds too 2x2&Quot, 125 and 35 my size slides. Carousel or Constellation tray holds 80 slides same size toilet seat Peg jj"88 6 88 5 solid posts. Colors White. Exselon tile 66 to 45 a a i piece n press self adhering floor tile 12 12 squares i of is it. I a a if a a to v it oink Morfut isms f3acrylic i Latex Wall paint Latex Wall paint a 44 Gal. Reg. 6.44 Interior acrylic Latex. White custom colors. It Kem glo4 enamel 84 at. Interior exterior gloss finish. White colors Reg. 3.67 2 Armstrong free custom tinting to Over 700 colors. I,7 7 Quot r i Iii. Vul you Iii \ t \ u \ 11a i a 11 Quot Quot 1 1a n i 1\ i1v1�1111 ii i i a v11 1v i i of ii11111 v i la i ii \11,11 1 a l i 1 a a a i i i i i a i k a v a i y i i i 1 if Iii i Htit Yvo m11 1 vi1, a us was 11 v i a a. I i i u 11 i im11by Laam Evv. 1a j 11 i i j i it i i i a a m Bath tub enclosure 66 la i of a ii a a. I Reg. 27.44 4 Days 16 tub enclosure hcs two door sliding panels in Olive Amber or Crystal plastic. Towel bar. 5812&Quot Long. Reg. 37.67 enclosure. 24.66 Arf Lustra tile panels Reg. 4.17 22 4 Days pkg. Covers Jug 6 8sq.ft. Self sticking dimensional 12x 241 Vinyl panels 6 to 8 in package depending on pattern. Pecolor Vinyl rugs 88 folding door Reg. 8.88 your Choice 7 Reg. 9.54 4 Days my 88 just unroll and use these Tough Vinyl 9x12 rugs by Armstrong. Many colors and designs. 32x80&Quot Dopey hard plastic folding door mahogany look. Hardware and track. 2300 North main St. Of at Eastchester

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