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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 13, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 12b High Point Enterprise sunday february 13, 1972 unc lady philosopher also is Good Auto Mechanic a Anne Jones one group interviewed local pet philosophy to give them inc if Vou want to yet students Quot is wry a ukr i by Anne Jones Chapel Hill a i done to feel any conflict Between being a woman and being a professor a said Janice Moulton. A you Don t have to talk in a deep voice to sound smart a or. Moulton is a visiting assistant professor of philosophy at i no Here and she just turned 3ft. She got her h a at Cornell University and then spent three years there As a Secretary in what she Calls the a respectable Way to Hitchhike around the country and find one truth she found was one she never expected or thought she wanted that she would return to graduate school. She then went to the University of Chicago where she earned her m a. And pm d. In philosophy writing her dissertation on causation and referential opacity. This is her first year at Carolina. Or. Moulton puts a lot of Energy and imagination into her teaching. She works with her students As individuals even going Over their Homework assignments with them and she dresses to look younger Deli for an informal one group interviewed local policemen to find out what they considered to be the purpose of punishment. Another visited and studied Central prison and the women a prison in Raleigh to learn How punishment works. This semester she a teaching introductory philosophy ethics and punishment and a freshman seminar on causation. What gets students turned off of philosophy0 a they expect philosophy to give them answers. But it wont a said or Moulton. A College is All about making your own decisions after All. And philosophy really teaches How we go about finding the answers not what the answers she loves teaching and is a interested in anything that was that gets students interested. One thing is essential a she said a a you be got to be interested in what you re teach ing if you want to get students interested. But its also up to the student. Too Many done to think they should do anything in a class and expect a one Man show from the teacher. That can make it very or. Moulton is v e r y Happy with the department Here. A a it a very exciting Lively with a lot of communication within the department. People Here Are interested in More than just their own she is the Only woman professor in her department. How does she feel about women a lib a a women a lib is Fine a said or Moulton. A i have no objections to any part of it. Radical groups Are As important As the c o Neil Satorv slower moving groups for the Success of any political movement. And what women a lib is All about after All is giving women and men More a actually i think the Gay lib people Are the bravest people of All a she continued. A a they re doing some real ice breaking. The problem that All the liberation groups Are fighting is that the culture has standards of normality that need questioning. Why the Standard be kindness for example not dress or sex has she been discriminated against because of her sex a live had a number of unpleasant experiences a non of them Here a but i done to think in be Ever suffered per see unc on 13-b lately i her Apps ident it or desk Are photo a play presented by in her introductory based on a Story by Karel Capek. And dramatizes the last judgment. God though Isnit the judge a since he understands everything he can t judge and serves in Tead be in an ethics course. Or. Lout on a students work on projects As groups Arni pre it their results before the lass in a group written paper. 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