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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 12, 1972, High Point, North Carolina To your Good health we your Good health of can he get along on one meal a Day by George c. Thosteson . Dear or. Thosteson my husband refuses to eat anything for breakfast and quite often goes without eating through lunch time but will eat a Well balanced meal at dinner time. I say this is nutritionally pc schedules guest lecturer or. Wasley k r o g d a h i professor of astronomy at the University of Kentucky will be a guest lecturer at High Point College on feb. 15-16. Or. Krogdahle a two Day visit to High Point College is part of the program of visiting professors i n astronomy. Under the auspices of the american astronomical society and the National science foundation. The lectures which Are open to the Public will be held tuesday at 7 30 . In the Haworth Hall of science and wednesday at to a m. In the same building. Or. Krogdahl will discuss a creation of the universe at the tuesday lecture and a life in the universe at the wednesday lecture. A seminar will also be held wednesday afternoon at 4 00 . In Haworth Hall the topic will be a quasars pulsars and Black holes police charge fund Raiser Charlotte a police say they have charged a professional fund Raiser. William l. Simpson with failing to give the National laymen s and evangelistic association of Charlotte any part of five contributions he received for it the police said he was under contract to give the association 25 per cent of the Money he raised. Self defense classes forming for 12 to 18 Yoor Olds combination of Koroton judo end other mortal Arn. J pm. 883-9651 ofter 5 . Unsound and could contribute to malnutrition. This is an unending disagreement in our Home. It h a t do you say a a. A. Ill have to answer with two or three if he gets a really balanced meal for dinner and gets enough calories to Supply his body a need for Energy then getting along on one meal a Day or sometimes two will contribute to malnutrition. But whether a person who often eats Only dinner will have a truly balanced diet is another question. Ifs possible but it takes some doing. For one thing perhaps the main question what about his Supply of that Vitamin is Wise and prolonged deprivation of it leads to trouble As was found out a Long time ago when sailors on Long voyages deprived of Vitamin a developed scurvy. The custom has grown up generally of having Citrus or Tomato juice for breakfast just to make certain of getting Vitamin c. Although other vegetables contain some. Second reason in a suspicious of one meal a Dav regimens is that a person often is As efficient As he could be unless he has some nourishment in the morning. Third reason eating one meal a Day instead of three has been tried by a Good Many folks As a Means of reducing weight. Studies show it does t work and that actually a person is More Likely to gain weight probably because such i people being Hearty eaters by nature too often develop such an appetite by evening that they eat too much although necessarily the foods they need for Good health. For those reasons i cast a jaundiced Eye at trying to get along on one meal a Day even though if a person is careful. He can get along safely that Way. The trouble is people Aren t always As careful As they need to be. Dear or. Thosteson How effective is the diaphragm for contraceptive purposes can a person get pregnant with one is it placed by the doctor or special prices on Central air conditioning during january february and March phone 882-2225 free estimates Harris heating Ano air conditioning a Impf Inerio it Chrysler corporation a l i s Foh u l am haute to Foh action Vista is ton action when you Hove something you would like to Exchange for Cash. An apartment to rent. House to sell. Job to fill or whatever we re As close As your Telephone mail Box or downtown. The action includes Quick processing and placing your Low Cost want and in print in the shortest possible time. And last but least Active responses your want and. Ail want ads Recti to up to 4 30 pm will be in the next Days editions. You May cancel your and up to 9 30 am Day of publication. 3 lines 15 words 8 Days Only 3.36 885-2177 the h1ch Point Enterprise classified advertising can i put it in can it be inserted wrong can one Ever be defective a a t. Quite effective when properly used somewhere in the upper 90s in percentage of reliability. It must be fitted in the first place by a physician but after that you can do it yourself. With reasonable care there is scant Chance of inserting wrong. It should be coated on both sides with a spermicidal Cream each time. I dare say a diaphragm like anything else could be defective that is. Get a Hole in it but you should easily spot that. Have one take a look and see whether your trouble i s adenoids polyps deviated septum or some other obstruction in the nose. If its one of those other troubles i certainly would have the adenoids out. Dear or. Thosteson i breathe through my Mouth. I can breathe through my nose but it is very uncomfortable for me. Should i have my adenoids removed i am 19.-g.r. Before trying to decide whether to have your adenoids out. You a better have a nose Throat specialist or maybe your regular doctor if you about Birds across i mourning 5 sea Bird 8 Small singing Bird 12 greek goddess of Wisdom 13 bullfight cheer 14 opera by Verdi 15 River dam 16 Pacific turmeric 17 Pace 18 Short poem 20 musical drama 21 Kast moving 24 South american rodents 28 forms notion 33 press 34 time past 35 Apple Center 36 tidy 37 Honey pharm 38 journey 39 italian astronomer 41 relieves 42 nullify 44 Bird of prey 48 reeks 53 operatic Solo 5 4-Gull 56 direction 57 health comb form 58 Robins 59 unas pirated 60 former russian ruler. 61 affliction 62 eject violently ix7wn 1 Crow like Birds 2 Margarine 3 blood vessel 4 Merit 5 Large artery 6 Cauchy 7 new zealand Parrot 8 stinging insect 9 ceremony 10 european Stream 11 kind of Glove leather 19 bitter vetch 20 poem 22 Young Dove 23 false god 24 Sharp sound 25 plane surface 26 combustible Mineral 27 against 29 official acts 30 Rocky peaks 31 great Lake 32 old world Lizard 34 prayer ending 40 new Guinea seaport 41 Shade tree 43 custom 44 the Orient 45 macaws 46 italian girls name 47 Den 49 nocturnal Birds of prey 50 retain 51 Domestic slave 52 seethe 54 stitch 55 self esteem i 2 3 4 a Quot 6 7 to 9 Roll 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 in 21 1 24 25 26 27i co pm 29 30 31 p2 33 i i t be $5 i r j a 38 3$ a 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 66 57 58 59 60 61 62 17 Jacoby on Bridge honest Abe is Tricky by Oswald a James Jacoby a Why did t you split Dummy a Spade honors or. President a asked Seward. A if you had i would never have made a a Rick with my King of Spades a a you May be right. Or. Secretary a replied president Lincoln. A in my youth i used to split rails. That does t mean i should split honors at this stage of my life needless to say or Linco n had a Good reason to play that Low Spade from Dummy at trick one. He won that trick with the Ace and went after clubs. General Grant sitting East won the third club Lead and led his King of diamonds but e president a t slapped his Ace on it and led a Spade Seward took his King and automatic car Wasli a a s High Point i Only full service Cor Woith twin Oaks car Wash 2013 n. Main Street North in aqj2 �754 a 83 4> k q 9 8 2 West fast a k to 8 7 6 a 9 3 �86 a q j109 a 652 a k q j 7 a 6 53 a a 7 4 South Dot a a54 a a k 3 2 a a to 9 4 a Jio North South vulnerable went North East sooth i . Pass 2 it. Pass 3 . Pass pass pass opening Lead a gave Grant two Diamond tricks whereupon or Lincoln claimed the rest of the tricks and his contract. Now see what would have happened if the great rail splitter had been a bad Honor splitter. Dummy a Queen of Spades would hold the first trick later on there Rould be no Way to get to Dummy to run the clubs provided East held Back his Ace of clubs just one time South would probably be Able to scrounge eight tricks although it is possible he would have been held to seven. The difference Between seven and eight is unimportant. The difference Between eight and nine that the Low Spade guaranteed is All the difference in the world. Choose your new 1972 Triumph tr-6 now Good selection of colors and equipment Meredith Auto sales it 819 North main St. Phone 883-1216 a is. Low blood sugar a puzzler until correctly identified is often the cause of faintness headaches visual and emotional disturbances. To learn How it can be identified and brought under control write to or. Thosteson in care of this newspaper for a copy of his Booklet. A help for hypoglycemia a enclosing a Long self addressed use zip code stamped envelope and 25 cents in Coin to cover Cost of printing and handling. Or. Thosteson welcomes All Reader mail but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received daily he is unable to answer individual letters. Readers questions Are incorporated into his column whenever possible. Answer to Proton Poult ass to ask a question of Andy address postal cards a letters a to ask Andy care of Tho High Point Enterprise. Be sure to include your name age name of your parents and address. Valuable prix is Are Given to those whose questions Are selected for the column. High Point Enterprise saturday feb. 12, 1972 3b Andy sends a Complete 20-volume set of the world Book encyclopedia to Patti Tori age la of Des Moines Iowa for her question what made my Turtle s Shell go soft a pretty pet Turtle needs to live in a Small world of his is much trouble but things must be just right for him. One thing he needs is his own private swimming Pool with a dry Beach where he can enjoy just enough Sunshine he dines on a mixed diet of fresh meat and vegetables. When something is missing from his Little world. He becomes sickly. If his Shell becomes soft something is missing from his diet. Of his eyes become sore and running. He needs More Sunshine Mother nature provides All the things that turtles need Iii the wilds. But a pet Turtle is a captive and naturally he cannot Tell you what he needs to stay healthy. His Shell should be hard because it is meant to protect him from his enemies. In the wilds he gets the right foods to keep it in a healthy condition a pet Turtle needs Bone meal and a Little cod liver Oil mixed with his meat of his Shell has become soft you can help by putting a smallish Lump of plaster of Paris in his water his body will use these ingredients to strengthen and Harden his Shell. But this cannot be done in a hurry. A soft Shell Means that he has been suffering from malnutrition for quite a while. It will take time to repair the damage and rebuild it. So please be patient. His poor Shell May be a Little firmer after a week or so. In a month or two it should be hard and healthy again however your pet begins to feel better just As soon As you Start the proper treatment. A water Turtle dines under water. If he is healthy he May need Only one meal a week. But a sickly Turtle May need to eat More often the secret is to serve him the kind of foods he eats in the wilds. He is very grateful when you catch him an earthworm but a Helpin gof raw hamburger is just As Good for him besides you can mix his Bone meal and a Little cod liver Oil with the fresh ground meat. For his vegetable course he enjoys a bit of lettuce or some other tender salad greenery. For dessert you May give him a Small helping of fruit. Nature serves no cooked meals so All his food should be fresh and raw. It is Wise to feed him by hand. He has no Teeth but his hard Bony jaws might bite you by Accident. Out in the wilds the trash and garbage decay and change into chemicals that can be reused As Plant foods. This is How nature keeps things clean and healthy. But it does work for your captive pet. So if is up to you to do his House cleaning. After each meal clean out his Box change his water a and remember to replace the plaster of Paris if he needed it. A Turtle spends a lot of time in the water and his private pfc it i should be big enough for a comfortable swim however he also needs to dry off in the air and soak up some Sunshine he needs a Rock or a Small Beach just above water level so that he can scramble ashore if his eyes get sore and Runny gently dab them with boric acid a and rearrange his Small world so that he can get More Sunshine. Local want and rates a Days i 3 4 5 7 8 .30 line rate .50 .20 .18 .17 .15 .14 .13 minimum space j lines is words 3 lines re i of 2u 2&Quot 3&Quot a Quot la Quot 4 lines 200 a Emo am 3 430 448 15&Quot 5 lines a Tso am 3m yrs 43s 53s Sao 19�?� 6 lines 3n 4 5,# o Quot 6�?� 234&Quot 7 lines 3 420 5m 50s is / jul 27 Quot 8 lines fit 40 5tfc 6m �40 8h 3130 9 lines 4 a a a �?�6 7 Jas 10nk 35l# insertion deadline 4 45 Day before publication 12 noon saturday for sunday and monday. Cancellation deadline 9 30 am Day of publication 12 noon saturday for sunday. Minimum charge of 50c for ads set in Typo and cancelled prior to publication. Dial 885-2177 to place your and Legal notices Legal notices notice to creditors having qualified at executrix of Enate of Rufolo c Petty Doncea a a notice of Public my amino notice thereby Given thai the Board of county commit voters of Guilford county Render to a Magu fiord a Clinty Ilford county. Norm Carolina. Zoning ordinance at a Public bearing to he it a a a All persons rim and be held on february 21 in at Corpora Ion cow a a a a a a estate to present them to Thelma m janitor finds fake bomb Charlotte api fifty children were evacuated from a Church kindergarten thursday after a janitor found what appeared to be a bomb in the boiler room. 9 of a v in the commissioners room the county administration building 200 s Greene Street Geens Sor North Carolina at which hearing All citizens Snail be Given an Opportunity to be heard the proposed amendments to be considered at said hearing would rezone the property described below a s indicated at i of a v i on the North Side of Tarpon Road or ,3417, approximately inc feet West it its enter Section with Hagan Stone Park Road. Or 3411 being parcel no 8 of Glock no 433 of Guilford county tax map no 581. Fentress township owned by Paul m Glass. Or from a l agricultural to r 20$ residential 7 in the Southeast quadrant of Mcconn Road. Up Ioco and Brookhaven Mui a Joad or 3077 Beng parcel no $ of Oryk no 338sw and parcel no i of Block no 36 of Guilford county tax map no 219 Jet arson township owned by Wade m Foy and Adi Acene property Beng parcel no i of Block no 338sw of a d tax map owned by Conrad r key and requested by me Guilford county planning Board from a l agricultural to r to residential at 0 is a m 3 in a h a Northeast audran to the intersection of tangle Hook Road. Or 1824. And skeet club a it ads 1870. Being parcel no i of Block no 17 of Guilford county tax map no 652 Kaep River and High Point townships owned by Jerome c Procton from a l agricultural to a to residential agricultural 4 in the intersection of Summit Avenue up 2sca and Brown Summit Road or 25is. Being a part of parcel no a a Block no 444 of Guilford county Tex map nates. Monroe township owned by Charlie h Upton rom r-70s residential to by business j on the a t s it d e of pleasant Garden Road or 1437 approximately 2400 teat South of its intersection with Nazarene Road. Up 3434, being parcel no 17 of Block no 544 of Guilford county tax map no Isa Fentress township owned by or Harry Johnson and requested by Robert Amey. From a i agriculture to b 3 business of 30 a m a in i h t Southwest quadrant of the intersection it Blue lantern Road up 2809. End Morgan Summers Road or 2877. Being parcels no 37 end 38 of Block no 208 of Guilford county tax map no. 117$, Rock Creek township owned by d Lawson Morgan end requested by William in Patton of Robert e. Wilson inc end adjacent properties being parcels no 24 0md by j a Bigelow no 79 owned by Alfred roust. No i and 3$ owned by Jessie Summers and no 32 owned by Charles h Taylor of said Block and tax map and requested by f h Guilford county planning Board. From Al agricultural to r 20$ residential 7 on the North Side of skeet club Road or 1820. Beginning approximately 1600 tent East of its intersection with rest even Rood. Or 1171. End end no approximately 300 feet East of Duwors Road. Or 1824. Being parcels no 2. A s. And part of no 3 of mock no 1319 of Guiford county tax map no 4952 and certain lots or parts of lots in v a Lackey subdivision of mock no 1197 of said tax map. Deep River townships owned of and requested by t Paul Jones and others list on tile in the Guilford county planning department from Rajo residential agriculture to a a i agricultural. At a 45 a m i on the South Side of i is a proximal 2400 a re West of its intersection with Groom Fown Road. Or 1179, be no a part of Par eel no 12 of mock no is of Guilford county tax map no 115, Sumner and Jamestown townships owned by j a Groome heirs and requested by j Patrick Adams attorney from a l agriculture to m-1 Industrial at to to a v 9 on the East Side of Lawndale drive 2303. Approximately 1000 feet South of its intersection with Lake Brendt Road or 7347, being a part of parcel no to of mock no 724 of Guilford county tax map no. 357, Center Grove township owned by Carne Taylor and requested by Quot Barie e Dameron attorney trom a 40 residential agriculture and a i agricultural to r-12s residential and r 12m Multi family residential. A modification of the request was recommended of the Guilford county pm Annm Board to create a res residential zoo around three sides of the property Dale c Montgomery chairman Board of county commissioners 2 5. 12 in the general court of Justice Superior court division High Point notice to creditors North Carolina Guilford county in the matter of Woodroe inc. In receivership to All parties Hotdog claims in the above entitled matter you Are hereby notified that on the 24th Day of january 1972. The undersigned was appointed permanent state court receiver by the honorable Sammie chess jr., judge of the Superior court division of the general court of Justice you and each of you Are hereby notified o present your claims duly itemized and verified together with a statement of sure is or priorities if any or respect to said claims to the undersigned receiver at his office in the professional building High Point North Cero a on or before the 31st Day of july 1972, or your claims will be barred from participation in the distribution of the assets of this receiver ship. This the ?9ih Day of january 1972. Donald l. Boone state court receiver Woodroe. Inc professional building 107 West Green drive High Point n c. 27240 i 29 2 5, 12, 19 Petty Aoa East Ferriss Avenue High Point North Carolina 27247. On or be torn the 7th Day of August. 1477. Or this no tee win be pleaded in bar of their recovery All persons firms and corporations in a to said estate will Mease make immediate payment to said Thelma w Petty executrix this the 1st Day of february 1a72 Thelma h Petty executrix of the estate of Buford c Petty Roberson Haworth a Reese attorneys p o Box 1550 High Point n c j 5e 12, 1a Ara 24 a policeman from the Char a Lotte crime Laboratory removed the device which later was found to be explosive. One detective said it apparently was the work of a prankster. The device was found at the holy comforter episcopal Church. Shop the classified ads announcement announcements i. Announcements ifs inexpensive to it in Rug. A up very with Btu Lustre rent electric Shampooer s Huffman paint a Walt paper j. I of amp found lost b ack Pood e too Rockford re name Andy Quot. Wear no Coil with name Quot a r Heyworth Reward Tor return 1300 la 4239 lost i we old German Shepherd Puppy Englewood Forest area please Call 431 7437 it seen Reward uttered lost smell Brown dog male Vicinity Oakview so hoc Reward offered cell Al 34487 i. Personals the Enterprise want and Index dial 885-2177 to place your adv. Announcements. I articles miscellaneous 62 Antiques 45 appliances 43 apis houses furnished 26 apts Mouths unfurnished 27 auctions general 55 Auto accessories 90 auctions real state 40 Auto Loans. 94 Auto repair. 9 automobiles for Solo. Too automobiles wonted. 92 boots�?trailers.97 bookkeeping bldg Materiel supplies. 51 business opportunfies.84 cameras�?jewelry.49 campers a trailers. 99 card of thanks. 2 cemetery plots. 37 child Core 76 clothing. 4 7 commercial property rent 30 commercial property Solo. 39 form a Garden equipment. 46 feeds poultry. Ii female or Mal help. 64 female help furniture. 70 female help a hosiery. .71 female help solos. 72 female help miscellaneous. 73 Flowers seeds. 54 food48 garage sales 53 Gordon a farm equipment. 46 Homos for solo34 household furnishings.44 houses apts. Furnished. 26 houses apts unfurnished 27 instructions. 5 insurance. 86 jewelry cameras 49 jobs wonted77 land for Solo 33 landscaping Yor Dwork. 13 lost a found. 3 lots residential 35 male or female help. 64 male help a furniture.65 mole help hosiery66 male help sales. 67 male help miscellaneous. 68 Mobile Homes space rent. 28 Mobile Homes spokes Sale. 36 Money to loan.8 7 mortgage Loans. 85 scooters. 98 musical equipment 50 painting�?remodeling.14 personals. 4 pots�?livestock79 pet supplies .80 poultry 0 feeds. By property wanted .41 radios to repair.16 radios to sales.56 remodelling pointing.14 residential lots sole.35 residential Homes sole. 34 resort a rent.29 resort�?Sale.38 room a Board.24 rooms�?rent.25 seeds�?flowers54 septic tank service. �?T5 sporting goods52 Tai �?bookkeeping.18 travel opportunities7 marriage ave gement co males w the m 2 hrs a a m to pm monday through Friday Ca a Tor appt Nomen 882 2454. C c Hughe Dana to h dial a message 48 54912 5 instruction a private guitar lesson.? phone 88vj3s9 after 4pm services and repairs 13. Landscaping a Yard work Sandrock topsoil a gravel install septic tanks Phona 889 309 c amp b tree service 1 f ref trimming removal Cavil 11. Landscaping a shrubbery work 1 us a is yrs Toerien let firewood sit-4ua tractor work turning dishing gush hog work driveways scraped Buck brawn la 15313 after 4pm for grading end Lawn ted no a ,0 s Nurock or gravel. Cell Branson Holland 431-1654 Tringale landscaping Yard sowing Hector work lots cleared foundations Etc 431 7424 or 4 1-4254 Call Robert off son for Gad no Sand Ryk gravel fill d of cell 4xs 4 a 48 7 81 1. Landscaping driveways Vam maintenance Garden blowing a mow no vacant lots Call Albert Hunt 183-434 tractor Bosn hog. Backhoe a loader work clean lots sow grass a Cut drive ways a Andrecic. Gravel Wood s b sin Mons to 23749 Gallimore a landscaping a gracing Backhoe tractor septic tank server Tendrock gravel dirt Sony gras be n i-,1 e a sat 47? j 44_ in remodelling a fainting Don Rickert. Pard contractor. Tenor Ritenor Home commercial the Austria free estimates ib2-3is Carpenter work to years sex per enc doors w endows room additions pane ing ate Larry Proctor 431 5221 Home building a remodelling we spec Alite in room additions carports. Panelling. Floor covering Cabinet disappearing stairways a air cond i on holes Cut All work guaranteed 20 yrs experience r v. Proctor 885-4292 Raynor paint amp aluminium 3512 s main St Archdale dealer of Alcoa a Reynolds Glumic urn Sid no storm doors windows a awnings 4 1-5480 custom built in cabinets years of experience reasonable prices free estimates cell 88 54408 King s Cabinet shop. Kitchen a Bate room cab nets Home carpentry work painting. 475 895 remodelling a repairing storm windows a doors roofing also will do excavating or custom ditching 25 yes experience will also wreck houses Call Mike Owens 431 7549 or 431-7210. For porch repair Root work re roofing and House painting Call Homer made. Is 30873 Tom building by Ain Kitchen cabinets Zebine a oui Coy no repair work. Put no j j. White 183 2204, Mike White 89 754$ Patch cracks in Piaster sprayed Tex tured ceilings Interior a exterior painting 833-0835 or 498 7379 Randleman we install Alcoa aluminium sidings. Gutter awnings carports shutters storm windows and doors financing available Huffman paint a wallpaper 742 n Mam St 882-8147. Trucks amp campers.99 tv�?radio�?repair16 to �?radio�?sales.56 upholstering a repairing. 17 wanted to buy63 wanted to rent31 Yard work a landscaping13 3 lines 15 words 8 Days only�?3.36 charge it i. Announcements announcing new Telephone numbers 886-4548 or 882 9021 Arnold Jones i Oil service train now to earn $12,000 a year take a big step Forward in an exciting new career As a tractor Trauer Driver re co. The largest Resi Dent school in Atlantic area. Will Tram you on All makes and models of equipment both Gas and diesel tractors. 35 and 40 it Van Type trailers train full or part time Day or night weekend classes also available Job placement assistance guaranteed upon completion of 4 to 6 week training program 773m, tractor trailer training inc for Complete information any time Cam Wastel Salta 722-$284

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