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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 10, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 2d High Point Enterprise sunday february to uti Czar William Simon has plenty of Energy to spare by Bill Neikirk associated press writer Washington a we Ham Simon is a Wall Street millionaire with two government jobs a Low boiling Point and two shifts of secretaries to keep up with his 15-hour workdays. There Are those who see a bit of Public relations in the hurry up style of the Federal Energy chief. But nobody questions his ability to make decisions and get things done in what has become one of the hottest most demanding jobs in Washington. Quot what Day is this. Anyway a Simon asks his chauffeur As he Heads across town from one meeting to another. He a Given up his limousine for a Sedan to save gasoline. His carefully combed Black hair is getting Long but Simon says it is not a matter of style Quot i just done to have time to get to the he is 46, made a Fortune reported to be about $3 million in the Wall Street Bond Market and joined the administration 14 months ago As Deputy Secretary of the Treasury. Now he is director of the Federal Energy office As Well and that Job is where the clout is. Whether or not the arabs lift their embargo Simon a is the hand on the Oil pipe in a National Energy Pinch that promises to go on for years. One of Washington a most powerful officials he can get Jet fuel from the Pentagon for use by commercial airlines despite military opposition. He allocates fuel among industries. His decisions have an Impact on every american How much gasoline is available to the Motorist How much heating Oil the Householder can get Simon resigned As a partner of the new York investment banking firm of Salomon Brothers to become the Treasury departments no. 2 official at $42,500 a year. He said the income loss Wasny to a consideration. A Why should it be Money in t the most important thing in the world a he said adjusting his thick rimmed glasses. What is Quot doing things i enjoy doing. The Opportunity to serve my country. I know that sounds corny but i happen to believe those around Simon see a Man who has made his Fortune and wanted to broaden his experience. Power obviously has proved to Simon a liking. He is regarded As the logical Choice to succeed Treasury Secretary George p. Shultz. But he probably can have the Energy Job for As Long As he wants it. There Are Many government officials who watch Simon warily some enviously. Quot you cannot be a one Man show in government said one official who asserted that Simon will have to mend some of his abrupt abrasive ways with subordinates. Quot another month is going to Tell the Story on Simon a the official said. Quot i have seen people like him come on like gangbusters in government Only to be forgotten in six or eight months. You have to learn to stories abound of Simon s temper with his staff. He has at various times called aides Clumsy slow shallow and inefficient. Quot i am impatient a Simon concedes. Quot i have no idea Why. I done to like a wiry 170 pounds Simon sounds off in a booming voice when he a angry. But Many staffers remain Loyal despite his outbursts. Quot his bark is worse than his bite and he s never vindictive a said one. Simon can turn on his Charm As quickly As his temper. After bawling out one aide for a mistake on gasoline regulations Simon sat Back and laughed Quot you know six months from now Well have forgotten about this a he said. Quot he becomes upset by unresponsiveness a said his top aide Gerald Parsky. Quot he is a very h a r a working hard driving Man and he does t like to be when Simon came to the government he knew Little about the Energy situation. But he took hold and Learned fast using a Quick memory for facts and figures. Quot he san instant expert a remarked a government colleague who also worries that Simon Slack of an Energy background May be a weakness As he deals with a Complex Industry. Simon is a fast Man with a decision an ability he gained in the competitive Arena of the new York Bond Market where action Means Money. Quot his whole Day is oriented toward Parsky said. Quot i have a sense of when an Issue has been sufficiently studied a Simon said. The biggest decision of is life will come later this year when he recommends whether the nation should have gasoline rationing for the first time since world War ii. It is an Issue the nation May face whether or not the arabs end Oil embargo. Although Simon classifies himself As a conservative with a firm distaste for Federal controls he is flexible on that question. If lines at gasoline stations get too Long he says he wont hesitate to recommend rationing. A i think the response to rationing by the american people is predictable see Czar on 4d Lack of credibility complicating efforts to beat Energy crisis Simon editor s a Ott a credibility has been a major concern of Federal Energy chief it Illiam e. Simon in dealing with the Energy crisis. In the following article written for the associated press Simon discusses problem and his efforts to overcome it. By William e. Simon Washington a during the two months since the Federal Energy office was created a primary concern of mine has been getting our message out to the people across this country. We at the Feo have a responsibility for communicating to the american people. We must present the truth As we can perceive it about americans Energy and problems prospects about alternatives for the future about what government is doing and has done. Done. The Energy crisis is real. We have fuel shortages now and we re going to have them for several years to come. We americans consume More fuel than we produce. We have thus become increasingly dependent upon imported Oil a a dependency which has an Impact not Only upon our Domestic Economy but also upon our balance of payments position As Well. We must respond now. That is by definition a crisis. We be been telling the american people this but in a not sure they re listening and accepting what we say. Here. I will focus upon the major obstacle we face in turning today a objectives into tomorrows achievements. The latest surveys indicate that More than a third of the Public believes that the Federal government is most responsible for the Energy crisis crisis. Pollster Lou Harris called it the Quot crisis of and he said two months ago that Quot Public Confidence in government must generally be reported As being lower than a constituent democracy can the Energy crisis and this crisis of Confidence Are integrated. We cannot consider one without the other. We cannot solve one without solving the other. We cannot fail to solve one without failing to solve the other. It was exposure to the Public through management responsibility for the Energy crisis that brought me to realize the magnitude of our National disillusionment. Without question the most serious impediment to the effective performance of my Job has been and continues to be that sad and overworked word credibility. This has been a year of great stress for governmental credibility. The fact is that the Public is no longer willing to give Public officials the Benefit of the doubt. If there is doubt most of the citizenry these Days will presume they Are being misled until the doubt can be dispelled. The american people have lost Confidence. They have however not transferred this Confidence from the executive Branch to the Congress or the supreme court. No the american people have simply lost Confidence in All government. And they have lost Confidence in Medicine in higher education the military organized religion and labor big business and virtually every institution you and i were brought up to Trust. This trend must be reversed. I have been accustomed to being believed. I like to think this is because i Lay the facts on the table i Tell the truth As Best i can and so does my staff. We All should be greatly disturbed by growing cynicism in William e. Simon the land. As a father of seven children i wonder what happens to a generation of kids growing up with the notion that their government and their Basic institutions Are not to be trusted in the Federal Energy office where we must have the cooperation of the american people in conservation efforts we Are especially concerned about this a crisis of Confidence a if people done to believe us when we Tell them there is an Energy crisis if they think we Are acting in cahoots with the major Oil companies to Boot profits at the expense of the people then they will not cooperate. They will not conserve. And if that happens the current crisis could come to be a catastrophe. If there was any single outstanding lesson for Public officials to learn from that Harris Survey it is that the american people crave openness in government. The relationship Between government information policies and democracy is close and direct. The rights to vote or run for office mean Little without the rights to know the activities of the incumbent government and make or hear informed criticism of Public officials and policies. As president Nixon observed in his state of the Union address last week a society a Freedom can be measured by the extent to which it protects the right of personal privacy. A democracy a Validity can be measured by the extent to which a people can know about the affairs of the government. If the government knows or can find out what the people Are up to but the people do not know and cannot find out what the government up to then the people Don t control their government it controls them. We at Feo need the Confidence of the american people because we need the voluntary cooperation of the american people. How can we get that Confidence if the people hold their government in such Low regard that they doubt its word before it Speaks we can get that Confidence by earning it. One Way to earn it is through being open a not just when we Are right and proud of what we have done because we think people will like it. But also when we Are wrong when we have goofed. The Federal Freedom of information act attempts to countermand inherent tendencies toward secrecy in government. Nearly seven years after the Foi act went into effect we All know that it has not eliminated unwarranted secrecy. By the admission of the congressional committee that wrote the Law it does no to work. Information that belongs in the Public Domain is withheld and this compounds the entire problem. At the Federal Energy office we want to design Freedom of information mechanisms to provide maximum possible Access to information. At the same time we have some concerns that militate against simply throwing open the doors and drawers and telling people to help yourselves. But the american people do not want excuses. They have seen government agencies cover up mistakes incompetence and possible illegalities under the claim that the information was exempt from the Freedom of information act. Curtailing secrecy is one thing we can do to help restore Confidence in government. Being open the Federal Energy office can ask for Public Confidence. If it were a closed Agency we could to restore Public Confidence is not an option for this government any More than collecting taxes is an option. This is an imperative. We can quibble about How it is to be done but it must be done. Only then can we achieve to use Lou Harris Fine words again America and indeed a world in which a spirit abounds where people Are in a mood to attack their common problems instead of attacking each it is perhaps inefficient to run an open Agency. The time we spend answering queries from the press could be devoted to other work. It costs time and Money. The same can be said for the process of democratic elections it ties up the time of pub Lic officials and costs the taxpayers a lot of Money. It is a part of the Price we As citizens pay for the right to run our government. To keep that right we must see that Public business is truly Public business. Year softens jagged edges from Page to just another Long try temporary duty assignment a Hiteshew whose left Elbow is partially Frozen due to a fracture improperly set in prison is trying hard to get Back on flying status and Hopes to have the necessary waiver soon. Quot my wife is on my Side in this. She says if that s what makes me Happy that a what makes her Happy. Service wives Are a special Breed something civilians can to really statistically the majority of the fliers who made up the overwhelming Mimer of pos have either been sent to ground schools or assigned ground duties. Capt. Richard Francis 30, of Bartlesville okla., is Back in the cockpit of an f4 despite his air Force monitors urgings to go a Little slower. His avowed is to spend As much time in the wild Blue As possible. He could easily be forgiven if he Felt otherwise. His f4 phantom took a direct hit from a Sam Over Hanoi. The blast killed the aircraft commander and seriously wounded Francis who managed not Only to bail out but to get a Tourniquet on his to Stop the spurting blood As he drifted Down into the Middle of an enemy truck Park. The Park was Only 500 Yards from the Quot zoo a one of the More infamous North vietnamese prisoner of War Camps. He stand because of a fractured vertebrae. How did he respond to his first flight in an f4 when he returned to flying status he vomited violently into the cockpit the first and Only time he has become sick in a plane. Capt. John Alpers 34. Of Boulder colo., still is trying to get Back on flying status. He stands a full Inch and one half Shorter now than he did before he was shot Down during his second combat tour. Four vertebrae were crushed when he Quot punched out of his Widly plummeting plane. During three years Captivity he contracted viral hepatitis and nearly died. Both Alpers and Francis Are seasoned veterans the sort that Are the Backbone of the present . Military. But their attitudes reflect the experience of their imprisonment. Francis fairly glows when he talks about combat and his love for flying. But renewed combat Francis said Quot some men and he clearly indicated he was one of them really enjoy combat. It s the greatest kind of flying you la Ever do in life. It demands precision guts expertise. Danger sure but its accompanied by the greatest satisfaction you la Ever know when the guns Are shooting and the Sams Are up. Quot i Don t really want to go Back to combat again. I doubt if i would Volunteer to go it s not fair to the family. But when the Bell rings i u be there. In a a professional. There s just no question that when the time comes ill do Alpers too is trying to get Back onto flying status. But he seems to View it More As a career necessity. Quot i d go Back into combat sure. I bought my ticket to years ago when he enlisted. If there s another world War ii ill be in the front line of volunteers. Quot but i done to want to get into a philosophical discussion on Southeast asian politics a he added closing his Mouth and the subject firmly. The expos make no Effort to conceal their determined patriotism a stance they know is not As popular As it once was. Quot we tend to Fly the Flag pretty High at my House a Alpers said. The question of the More than 1,000 men listed As missing in action still haunts Homes across the country. Hope Dies hard. A Pentagon official says there is not one shred of evidence to Back up rumours that More americans Sui Are being held prisoner in Indochina. Some wives have pressed to have their husbands declared officially dead. They want to Start new lives for themselves and their children. In the past year one sex pow married the former wife of a Man carried As missing. Moves to have husbands declared dead often Are violently opposed by the menus parents. A Pentagon medical expert said Quot the wives can have a new life. But for the parents it Means the end to hop to a piece of their lives Quot some wives Are Content to let the ambiguity Roll on. They continue to get their husbands full pay and allowances including flight and combat pay. The pos and their families by and Large Are glad their period of prominence is Over that the nation has turned to other topics the Pentagon is More than Happy with the trend. Quot we want no professional pos a one spokesman said. Among other things it raises doubts Over readjustment. A the longer they stay on the Pedestal the greater the danger they might tall and Hurt themselves Quot a doctor said v i Quot i Hurricane kerosene Oil lamps colonial antique Highway 109 to Cloniger or. Thomasville open daily 9 . To 9 . Sundays i to 6 . We Reserve the right to limit quantities with reflector for Black outs and emergencies spark guards discount Price fire grates 33&Quot x 44 a a tat 16� while they last special Purchase 30&Quot Coal or Wood 7 baseboard Heaters just All the features 30&Quot and 36&Quot to 49 97 heat tapes and insulation plastic window covers a plastic porch screens a masking tape Many More

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