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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 10, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Year softens jagged edges for expos sex pow capt. Richard Francis Heads for flight line at Seymour fab by John t. Wheeler a new feature writer at night almost any night some american expos Are Back in the squalid North vietnamese prisons their bodies fled a year ago but their minds cannot wholly escape. An air Force major attending a service school wakes in the morning turns on his biggest smile eats breakfast and drives through quiet Southern streets to his first class. The Only clue his wife has that her Man once faced a North vietnamese firing squad was Jer King movements in bed during the night. Another sex pow dresses in his freshly laundered and highly starched uniform. He Only half remembers holding his prison cellmate As his buddy slipped into final delirium. He has been told repeatedly there was nothing More he could have done and during the Day he is mostly convinced but guilt lies like Lead in the Man s stomach. Wasny to there something else he could have done or not done to save his Friend in the Middle of the night an sex pow wakes to a ringing Telephone. It s an old cellmate calling for help. He so a up against the Black Wall Quot again the Point where he fears for his sanity. There is a Long conversation a near repeat of Many conversations As cellmate As the Man fights depression trying in pow language Quot to get his guts Back up he does. Both men go Back to sleep. The first of 566 pos were released to . Officials at Hanoi a Gia Lam Airport one year ago on monday. They were greeted with cheers of Welcome and tears of Joy on arrival at Clark air Force base in the Philippines the following Day. Then they were National heroes almost the Only ones to emerge from the Vietnam War. Nearly All the hoopla is Over now. There Are a few speeches Here and there. But for the majority it is Back to the daily grind of service life. A minority Are in civilian clothes. A few Are still being treated for wounds. But for most it has been impossible to tear All the barbed wire from their minds. The dreams the depressions the guilt the suppressed anger in some cases Ever harder drinking and thoughts of suicide. These things cannot be easily boxed and put away with the tin cups spoons and other mementos of prison life. Military experts say that outwardly most of the men seem to have returned to Normal lives. But this has involved a lot of self discipline. The big fear among doctors in and out of the Pentagon was for the emotional Strain of the first Christmas Home that the emotions of the Holiday season would drive some beyond their abilities to endure. Quot we held our collective breaths Quot a Pentagon official said. Nothing serious happened. This and the fact that the men had been Home almost a year prompted one army spokesman who talked recently with nearly All his services sex prisoners to say Quot in a word things with the pos Are however an air Force medical expert said Quot we re not out of the Woods yet. The sad Side of their pow experiences could emerge in six months six years or to years. It was the same in world War ii and nevertheless there Are advantages for the Vietnam expos. They Are fewer and both the Pentagon and veterans administration Are deeply involved in monitoring their Progress. So far there have been two suicides at least one a suicide gesture a an automobile death a a few Quot cases of serious alcoholism More than 60 divorces and More family split . About 30 men have needed treatment for psychoses or neuroses. In All a far cry from what some experts feared a year ago. Quot but we May not see the worst until they Are All further downstream Home longer Quot said one medical specialist. There also was some talk that because the pos had been so brutalized and dehumanized they might prove dangerously prone to violence. So far the Only reported incident was a minor fistfight that grew out of a traffic Accident. On the other hand one sex prisoner was mugged beaten and then injured critically when he passed out trying to drive himself to a Hospital. Discussing the Long Range prospects for the pos or. John Nardini says the euphoria Felt by the men after their release inevitably will Lead to depression and other problems. Or. Nardini was a prisoner of the japanese during world War la and is the air Force surgeon general a National consultant on psychiatry. He writes Quot it is not possible for a Man exposed to severe degrees of abuse isolation and deprivation not to develop depression born out of extreme rage repressed Over a Long period of time. It is simply a question of when and How the depressive reaction will surface and Manifest of the Quot hang Tough men the air Force says you certainly have to count maj. Norman Mcdaniel 35, of Greensboro n c. An aircraft electronics officer shot Down near Hanoi in 1966, he spent nearly seven years in prison 14 months of it in solitary confinement. During interrogation and despite the fact he was wounded Mcdaniel a known As Mac a was hanged by his captors but survived. He was tortured repeatedly and of the beatings meted out by the guards he says Quot my goodness there were so Many there was no Way of keeping Mac and his wife Jean said there were rough moments during the first six months after his return but macs nightmares gradually slowed Down to Only one every couple of weeks. The Mcdaniels suffered too during those Early months from what medical experts said would plague most of the Lon term pos a difficulties in settling Down to everyday male female roles in America s More liberated society. The problem doctors said was that the older pos and their wives almost inevitably had gone through a role reversal during the prison years. The wife had of necessity become the main decision maker and even the father figure while her husband faced with torture and beatings had become submissive in order to survive. When he first returned Mac seemed to shy away from Money management and other decisions. He even had trouble driving a car because he was out of practice dealing with something As Complex As keeping the car in its Lane and out of the Way of other vehicles and pedestrians. In the past six months Mac says he has Learned to see marriage More As a give and take situation and that much of the tension has disappeared. He now says Quot some of the changes in the women s role in society Over the past years have been but he adds Quot if they try to make us identical they will destroy the vitality and Beauty of married Jean says that before Mac went to Southeast Asia she was the average submissive service wife. No More. Quot when Mac came Home he wanted to go Back to where we were. I done to think i could or even want to. Quot i wondered before he came Home if i would look at him and feel anything. It took several months before the butterflies i had before marriage were Back. In a Way we Are stronger now than Ever before. He can accept me disagreeing with him and a lot of other things he an air Force expert said the suicide of capt. Edward Brudno last year involved his inability to adjust to americans More liberated women. It also has been the cause of Many pow divorces Pentagon officials say. Jean Mcdaniel still worries about her future role. Quot i want to go Back to work but then Mac would have to do some of the housework and i know what he thinks of that. But i have to find something else other than just keeping House. In a even watching soap operas. Its so dumb but i get involved with the serials even arguing with the the Mcdaniels have two children. Mac who graduated cum laude in engineering finds that the solitary confinement and intellectually Barren years of his imprisonment still leave him groping for words in conversation. Since his release he has completed the armed forces staff College course but now faces a stiffer Challenge in a two year master s degree program at a civilian College. He remains in the air Force while studying. Slowly macs prison mentality is changing. Jean says he can be More spontaneous now and has recovered some of his pre War sense of humor. Only six months ago Mac could become angry if his wife made a Detour to the supermarket without telling him. In prison any deviation from prescribed rules was dealt with severely by the guards. Although his dreams Are farther apart now they Are still there. The ones Mac remembers and the ones he does no to. The nightmares involving execution and torture a during which Bamboo splinters Are driven under his fingernails a come a month or More apart now. Mac says. His wife says the thrashing in bed is less but there is a lot of pushing and shoving none of which Mac remembers in the morning. Sometimes he wakes up laughing now to the Layman a possibly positive note. But a psychiatrist said it is a sign of stress that could turn into crying fits later. Capt. James e. Hiteshew 43, stationed at Seymour Johnson air Force base at Goldsboro n.c., is a Man who considers himself very Lucky. A prisoner for six years Hiteshew says there simply Wasny to any readjustment needed in his marriage. Quot both my wife and i were surprised that there were no he says. Quot everything from the first Telephone Call was real natural. It just did t seem i had been gone that Long my wife saw it As see year on 2d two buses form Lexington s Quot mass transit Fleet by Ven Carver Enterprise staff writer Lexington a computers Aren t mandatory equipment at Lexington s City bus lines for a bystander watching a single bus go past is looking at half of the line s Fleet. Essential or not computers Are employed by the tiny bus company but they Arentt what make the line special. City bus lines is unusual because no City in North Carolina the size of Lexington is served by a Public transit system assuming of course the term a a system embraces a two bus operation. George Kapp who owns cab companies in Lexington High Point and Burlington is the proprietor of City bus lines. Echoing reports heard in other cities Kapp says the bus business in t profitable any More. The last time his firm made Money was Over three years ago when school children still patronized commercial transportation. With the Advent of Universal school busing he started losing Money. In 1971, the company took in $30,199, losing $451. In 1972, the income was smaller. $29,340. And the loss was greater $497. Deficits for 1973 have not yet been computed but the company income was Down substantially to $27,123. How Long will bus service continue in Lexington a recent fare hike approved by the City Council raising the Price of a ride from a Quarter to 35 cents will keep the company afloat for the time being Kapp Hopes. But he sees a Bleak future in the Long run he says Quot unless the City Federal or state government comes in to help prospects for help from the City seem dim. Lexington mayor Eddie Smith who helped Kappa a father organize City bus lines before world War ii does no to foresee a municipal takeover of the transit system. Quot if it Ever came to that Point Quot he says Quot i done to think a Small town like Lexington could justify it on the basis of the number of people who ride the Smith left the transportation business in 1946, and he now owns a mail order House in Lexington Kapp says he s been told by officials that the City would probably not enter the transit business unless each property owner is assured direct Access to buses. Even where bus lines Are in reasonably sound financial condition service so extensive As that is not deemed practical. As Smith Points out the number of people who now patronize the buses is probably too Small to warrant a City operated transit system. Kappa a estimates show that the number of riders on any Day monday through thursday averages 125. Fridays and saturdays business picks up around 210 people a Day take the bus on weekends. Following the example of most Intra City systems in this area the company Here does not operate on sunday. A decade ago. Sunday service was part of the picture but like other amenities City bus lines determined that runs on the Sabbath were Lexington Lexington City bus routes indicated on the map by Gray dotted lines the routes maintained by Lexington a two City buses All originate at the courthouse Square the Black rectangle at the Center of the map. From there each bus completes one route returns to the Square and proceeds Over its second assigned route. George Kapp owner and Man Ager of City bus lines estimates his buses cover about to Miles of the City a total Street mileage. As the map shows coverage is primarily in the Northeast Northwest and Southeast quadrants. The More affluent Southwest Section is provided no service. Expendable. Other More recent cutbacks include elimination of night service about five years ago and the deactivation of one bus 3 years ago reducing the Fleet to its present complement of two vehicles. On the accompanying map showing present bus routes coverage by City bus lines appears substantial and indeed compares favourably in proportional terms to the area served by the More metropolitan High Point bus system. But the delineations on the map Are possibly deceptive. Since there Are Only two buses each is generally required to traverse two routes. In metropolitan situations one bus for each route is taken for granted. Sometimes when loads Are heavy the big City systems will dispatch two buses to the same route. As a result of the limited rolling Stock Here therefore service is about one half As frequent in most locations As it might be under More prosperous circumstances. By juggling his routes. Kapp manages to have both buses go into Lexington s Parkertown District. Parkertown is one of two sections of the City heavily populated by Blacks. Blacks As might be deduced make up the greatest part of Kapp s clientele. In this respect the Lexington bus company in t much different from others for oftentimes Black riders sustain Public transit. Since they Are on the Bottom of the economic scale and they Are usually found concentrated in specific residential areas Blacks Are especially Choice patrons for bus companies. The other Black Section served by City bus lines is Wal town in Southern Lexington. There Are also Blacks in East Lexington another regular route and they Are scattered in other parts of the City As Well. It is evident however the bus company does not seek to carry Blacks exclusively. For example one bus goes to Erlanger a Community predominantly composed of White Mill employees other areas covered include Moore drive s. Main Street and Cotton Grove Hoad. Where do the riders go when they Board one of the two coaches according to Kapp some of them go to work. Mostly though they Are headed toward town a natural destination since All of the bus routes converge at the courthouse Square. This inclination perhaps explains the Rise in the average daily fares collected on fridays and saturdays people Are headed downtown to do their weekend shopping. All told the buses travel about 140 Miles a Day starting at 6 a. In. And finishing 6 p. In. Because Only three Drivers Are employed by the company schedules Are continuous Only on saturday. Monday through Friday each bus is sidelined for about two hours each Day. The break periods Are staggered but there is a lapse around noon when service ceases altogether despite the shortcomings just reviewed targeting City bus lines for criticism is not necessarily warranted. In fact. Lexington shaving any kind of bus service could in itself be counted As remarkable. Instead of criticism it would perhaps be More appropriate to speculate on How Kapp manages to serve the City As Well As he does without losing his shirt he runs his buses to to 12 hours a Day. Yet on weekdays he averages Only 125 passengers he could carry half that number on his two buses at one time. More than Likely moreover the average Small City cab company could t sustain itself with 125 fares a Day. Voters in High Point will have a Chance to bail their faltering bus service out this Spring. In Lexington no such Relief is in sight. Without plans for a City takeover Here chances Are slim for help from the state or Federal government. Consequently when the two to year old buses Wear out a Prospect Kapp does not immediately anticipate bus service Here will Likely disappear. Its passing whenever the inevitable happens will probably be Little noticed. After All the 125 regular passengers 210 on weekend represent a minuscule proportion of Lexington a 17,000 people. However Small in number though the regular patrons Are dependent on the bus service. Kapp recognizes this dependency and if he can keep his two aging coaches in condition Long enough a miraculous surge in patronage might occur. Just maybe he muses if the gasoline shortage persists. In a Wop. .y.�?z. A a. Mem a a is it it amp 4$.to 7 i us a Quot a it Quot ,-7 v4 the High Point Enterprise sunday morning february to 1974section d

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