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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 10, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Health insurance plan can Cut nation s medical Bill by Carl c. Craft associated press writer Washington a president Nixon a key strategist for National health insurance says that the new administration plan a in All likelihood a could have reduced the nations $100 billion medical Bill if it had been in operation this year. James h. Cavanaugh associate director of the president s Domestic Council said in an interview with the associated press that the proposal would rely upon a Cost consciousness Quot of Consumers to hold Down expenses by requiring co insurance and deductibles up to $1,500 a year. But by making health care available to everyone he added the plan would encourage people to seek treatment before a relatively minor ailment becomes a serious illness. Cavanaugh said the president intends to make National health insurance his a major no. I legislative priority Quot this year. Here Are questions and answers from the interview q. Essentially what is the president s proposal a. Well the president s program transmitted to Congress would provide that any individual in the United states would be Able to participate in a Basic insurance program that would provide financial Protection against the Cost of catastrophic illness As Well As to provide a whole series of health benefits a including unlimited hospitalization physician office visits and prescription drugs. Q. How would this differ from what the Public is getting now a. First the majority of the population today has absolutely no or very Little insurance Protection against the Cost of catastrophic illness. The president s plan would assure that everyone would have Access to that Type of Protection. Secondly his plan would insure out of Hospital services. So that we would remove the incentive which exists today to place a patient in a Hospital bed because that a the financing mechanism that the patient has to pay for his medical services that in instances can be obtained More cheaply outside the Hospital but they Are not today because there in t an insurance mechanism that pro Vides that coverage. Q. Will there be More expense to the individual a. The expense in terms of those who currently have insurance today of a rather Broad nature will be about the same. Q. Is it going to be higher or lower a. It will vary again in terms of the Broad based pack Ages that Are available today in a Range of from five per cent under existing premiums to five per cent Over. Q. Have there been any projections on the total Cost of the economic Impact of this program a both the total Federal Price tag. To the total Cost to states and the total Cost to employers and employees a. The program would not take effect a even if it is enacted this year a until 1976. There have been no firm projections of what would be in menus shoe Sale selected styles by. Florsheim. Crosby ski Are Freeman Avail Streeter slip on boots patents All styles but not every size in each style. Place in the medical Market place in 1976. There have been projections in terms of what the additional Federal Cost would be and what the additional state Cost would be Over and above what is now being expended. That total would approximate $6.9 billion. About $5.9 billion would be increased Federal expenditure about $1 billion would be increased expenditure on the part of the states. Q. The nation s total health expenditures now both Public and private exceed $100 billion a year. If the Nixon administration s plan had been in operation this year would total spending be higher or lower than that a. It is difficult to define. Some of the economists that we have talked to in the development of this program have indicated that in All likelihood it would be lower. That a because of the out of Hospital benefits that would reduce the Cost of hospitalization in the country and. Secondly because of the competitive nature of the insurance program that is envisioned that would actually provide for Competition Between insurance companies on the Benefit package that they would offer above the Basic plan. Q. Critics of the administration s Bill say that it does not place enough emphasis on Cost control. A. The president s plan would have each of the states establish a program that would not Only provide for regulation of the health insurance Industry that would offer policies under his program but would also have a provision for the review of costs that Are billed against the program by providers. Specifically there is a provision that would review. Hospital budgets. There mechanisms established that would review rates that would be paid to providers under the program. In his message the president indicated that he Felt a that the economic stabilization program that portion of it that relates to medical care prices should be extended at the Federal level to control and continue the work that a been done on Price control in the medical Industry until this program were enacted and would be in place. Answer too ays puzzles a a. Mai in Gwo a a to a i an a Quot a a. To a in in j i. Vick paint amp wallpaper co. 120 Church St 882-8425 y un&Quot"0. to 39.95 $ 17 80 Vii 21. of clothing stores Downton muoi poot repack front wheel bearing. Standard brakes $4.50 disc brakes $14.50 align front end. Adjust camber. Caster Tow in Check Complete suspension special. S9.50 tune up now in 0 Jolly Anomie to Quot a Ait Stilt amp sole Wen Biegy Kyc plugs pot a Adjui inter dwell. 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