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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 10, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Curing squeaky floors the number of things that can cause a floor to squeak would make a list stretching from Here to the Bottom of this Page. The causes therefore will be passed Over to allow space for the cures. And most of those cures Are possible simply with the proper use of the proper nails. Since the underside of the floor cannot be reached except in the Case of a floor Over an unfinished basemen the attack must be made from above. Occasionally a squeak can be pinpointed just by standing on a particular Board and jumping up and Down on it a Little. Most of the time however the squeaking noise is a bit elusive. You think it s coming from one spot then you decide no it s coming from another. A sure Way to Trace the exact area of a squeak is to have someone walk Back and Forth Over every part of the floor perhaps two or three times. Get Down on All fours and every time you hear a noise Mark it with a piece of Chalk i should have told you that you d better forget about the whole thing if you can t lift the Rug and work directly on the surface of the Wood. Now at each chalked Point drive two nails into the Wood at an Angle so that the Points nearly come together. If driven properly and if you could see through the Wood you would see that the two nails roughly form a be sure to use threaded or grooved finishing nails. If the floor is made of softwood Pine for instance first Drill a Pilot Hole smaller than the thickness of the Nail then Hammer the Nail into that opening remember to Drill each of those holes at the suggested Angle. Replace old weather stripping Check talking on outside of House draw draperies at night open Dupin amp Dav when fireplace is n0t in use Oose Damps common sense can save heat by or. Fix with the nation facing an Energy crisis conserving fuel has become a matter of National necessity. But there is no need for drastic measures. Common sense procedures which a few efficient Economy minded homeowners have been practising for years already Are All that is needed. Even without a fuel shortage the increasing costs of utilities make these practices important for economic reasons. You have to conserve to make up for the increase in costs. While Many people Are getting around to making sure the lights Are turned off in empty rooms How about doing the same for the heat As Well if there Are rooms unused for much of the Day close the registers and close the doors. If you have a fireplace use it when you can when it is not in use close the Damper or Block the fireplace to keep warm air from going up the Chimney humidity too Little or too much people have two types of complaints about humidity. There s either too much of it or too Little of it. Most areas usually get too much of it in the summer. Since we re not too far from the season of the year when Many of us get too Little of it let s discuss that aspect How do we know when there s too Little of it by having a Humidistat in the Home is one Way. But Only a Small percentage of houses have them. There Are other ways to Tell when there s not enough moisture in the House. One is when you walk across a Rug and touch a Doorknob or Metal handle or something similar and Are startled by the Static electricity you feel. Another is when you get a dry skin condition known As a Winter itch Quot or you May feel Cool even though the temperature is Between 75 and 80 degrees. Relative humidity is the amount of moisture in the air compared with the amount of moisture which air at that temperature could hold. Thus if the air has half As much moisture As it could hold at a certain temperature the relative humidity is 50 per cent. Change the temperature and you also change the relative humidity since warm air can hold More moisture than cold air. Too Little humidity is a troublemaker. As the relative humidity of air is lowered it begins to steal moisture from everything it touches a the furniture parts of the building even your body. Wood shrinks paint cracks floors separate and crack paintings Check and veneers Peel to name just a few of the results of excessive dryness. People Are More susceptible to respiratory infections when Low humidity dries the mucous membranes lining the nasal passages. There Are differing opinions about precise necessary humidity Levels but it is generally believed that when the inside temperatures is at 70, the relative humidity should be 50 per cent for human Comfort. When it is at 71, the humidity should be 40 per cent at 72, it should be 30 per cent. How do we Correct conditions of too Low humidity by adding moisture to the air. Grandma did it to a degree by placing pans of water on the radiators when the heat was on. Today it is Felt that we should add one gallon of water per room per Day under most conditions. And the Best Way this can be done is with a Humidifier. If you decide to get one take along a hateful of facts with you so that your dealer can help you decide the Type and size to use. The facts should include the kind of House the number of rooms the layout whether there Are storm windows the Type of heating the number of persons living in the House Etc. The better humidifiers have automatic Humidistat to control the output of water. They turn themselves off when sufficient moisture has been released to bring the relative humidity to an acceptable level. Lock windows that Are closed to Seal them better. Renew weatherstripping wherever it is worn. Use storm doors and keep them tightly latched. Close draperies at night but keep them open during the Day when the Sun is warm. Turn your thermostat Down at night but not More than about six degrees. Any greater amount will require so much extra fuel to get the temperature Back where you want it that savings Are cancelled out a keep Furnace filters clean or replaced. A dirty filter slows Down the movement of air. Regularly vacuum heat registers in All rooms for the same reason. Install or have installed a Humidifier. With adequate moisture in the air you will be comfortable at a lower temperature. Seek out drafts and install weatherstripping where necessary. Pick a pleasant Day to Check caulking on the outside of your House a around door and window frames where siding meets foundation inside Corners where Walls meet. You can Cut Down your electric Bill considerably by keeping just a few things in mind fluorescent lights use less electricity than Tungsten bulbs. A 40-Watt fluorescent lamp produces As much or More Light than a too Watt Tungsten bulb a Large Light bulb provides More Light than several Small bulbs of equivalent wattage. Prevention of rust important metals which contain Iron Are subject to rust. Commercially made Metal products sold to the general Public Are coated with some kind of rust inhibiting material but when even a tiny portion of this coating wears off or is knocked off rust takes Over. It is because rust spreads that it is necessary to take immediate action to remove or control it. A piece of outdoor Metal furniture for instance May have developed a Bare spot no larger than a dime. Ignore it and it will become Rusty. Continue to ignore it and it will spread even if the remainder of the object is completely painted. That s because rust moves underneath the paint until it gets such a secure hold that it dislodge the other coating. To prevent rust therefore it is essential that Metal be covered with some substance that prevents air and moisture from attacking it. These coatings can be paint oils primers waxes silicone greases varnishes lacquers and at least a dozen other products. Once any part of that coating is no longer there it should be replaced at once. And that does no to mean the next Day since even a few hours can permit rust to take hold especially outdoors in Damp weather. Once rust has made an appearance it should be removed quickly. This can be done with steel Wool Emery cloth or any Brasic used. Alone or in conjunction with one of the Many rust removing liquids and jellies on the Market. Since these latter products Are chemicals it is important that they be used exactly according to instructions on the containers. Where possible it is Best to get Down to the Bare Metal before repainting or re coating realty transfers High Point Enterprise sunday february to 1174 ii Jamestown township Katie j. Davit to Shirley j. Anderson. Ion i Forestdale subdivision. Sandy a. Hick and Wilt to Donald e. Hicks and Wile. Lot. Town and country Kila let. December 19,1973 Nich Point township Don Sellito and Ait Colatei inc. To Michael d. Samuel and wife lot. Oak hollow Entiat. Don setoff and associates inc. To Sheila r. Samuel lot. Oak hollow estates. Timothy j. Leonard and Wile to Laura Morris and wife lot Ridgecrest subdivision. John r. Hallam and wife to memorial Parks 13.4203 acres rotary drive. Hugh a. Houi a and wife to Carolyn w. Hughes lot g. L. Taylor subdivision. January 4,1974 High Point township Larry p Newsome to Carol w Newsom lot. Fielders subdivision r Clyde Lewis and wife to George v. Black and wife lot High Point development co. Jamestown township Calvin d. Poteet or. To Brenda c Bates lot Sycamore hit i subdivision. Hubert h. Morgan and wife to Robert l. Cur Ruttger and wife lot Camelot estates. Donald b. Buchanan and wife to Philip g. Bean and Wile. Lot Hamlin acres. C. C. Gilbreath and wife to Clay c Gilbreath property Highway 2. January 7,1974 High Point township Margie b Queen to Granville l. Queen lots. Blair estates. Donald a Morton or. And wife to Timothy h Gordon and wife lot Bra Crest Avenue. Kenneth a. Campbell and wife to Craven Johnson Poi Ock inc., property in High Point Craven Johnson Pollock inc. To j a. Marsh and Wile property High Point. Deep River township James r. Pleasants and Wile to Fred j. Mat and wife lots Bunker Hill Forest. January 8,1974 High Point township English Woods West corp. To Paul e. Burkhart and Wile lot county club acres. Wayne h. Honeycutt and wife to e. Caruso Marsh and wife. Lot Oakview estates. Paul g Houser and wife to Lester l. Houser and wife. Lot High Point real estate and Trust property Albert c Morgan and wife to Carroll h. Thompson and wife. Lots Allendale Heights. Jack w. Sherin Jet Al to Melvin h. Ingram lot Sherwood Park. James e Perryman or. To Willie a Perryman two tracts. Jamestown township Gene a Williamson and wife to James b Dillon and wife. Lots. Forestdale. Julta s Jones to Charles r. Anderson lot Cedarwood Donald b Buchanan and wife to Shirley d Long builders inc., lots. Cedarwood. Deep River township r n Lin tiie Etel to James w. Oldham Here a a hot buy on our 52 Gal. Water Heater. Sail f of 882-352? # it a six if a a a Quot a Ltd mob lighting a a. By to Thomas a ism snits is chandelier dark Walnut and antique brats finishes antique capper finished shades. Spread 24&Quot. Height 22&Quot length in 40 we have Complete Home furnishings in lighting fixtures decorative mirrors Medicine cabinets. Shop by our showroom and choose from our Large selection on Dis play. Timmy sales Jamestown . Located behind Duke Power amp melt Orin Mon. Eri. R s a sat. 30 i phone 434-3443 or 454-3712 2 save to 07 Reg. 79.95 Sale 69.88 gallon custom electric water Heater delivers 70 Gallons of hot water the first hour at 100� Rise. A easy installation no venting necessary. Reg 69.95. Sale 61.88. 42 Gol. Heater. A Penney we know what you re looking for. Yet you an charge it All at pc Pattay in wast Castar mall. Shop monday thru saturday 10 00 to 9 30. Or. And wit lots Mill ton estates. January 9,1974 High Point township Wachovia Bank and Trust co. Trusts. And executor at Al to Edward n. Post and Wilt tots. Washington Terrace subdivision. Wolf Chestor Tom inc. To Liberty properties inc. Property. Westchester drive. Liberty properties inc. To pc of inc. Property. Westchester drive. Kenneth a. Trenti or. To Mark a. Craven property Hillcrest drive. D. L. Kersey and wit to Chilom c Wall or. And wife lots Amos Brothers subdivision to. 2. Jamestown township Stria no lid. To Jock Weaver lot Lindsay mine deep River township Mary p Potts to Duke Power co of acres Charles j. Hathcox or and wife to equitable life Assurance society of Tho u. Slot fieldstone. Robert e. Eidman and wit to John r. Wagner and wife. Lot. Timber Lake subdivision. Alton j. Mai pass it at to Forrest e. Peters and wife property Soi Wise St. Jamestown township Stafford and Lackey inc. To Ronald l. Huber and wit lot Trai Wood acres. Lack b. Weave and wife to George w. Lyles Iii it Al. Lots Lindsay mine tract. Geraldine b. English to James l. Martin and wife live acres. Jackson Lake Road. January 15,1974 it january i High Point to 1974 High Point township Ona Plaza Center inc to Neuse inc., lot. Redevelopment commission of High Point property. Gold Culp realty corp to Herman Bernard it Al. 173 acres and 16 734 acres. Robert c. Johnson and wife to got Dot j. G Jones lot. Brown and Tabor lands. High Point business development corp. To Brentwood development corp. Of High Point lots Gavin place Farmington Forest. J Richard Kallam and wife to housing authority of the City of High Point 110, j. N Campbell subdivision of c. L. Moon property. George l thrower to stagers thrower tot. Oakview estates t. R. Galloway property w Jamestown township b Payne or. End wife to Douglas he not and wife lot. Hickory hollow subdivision january la 1974 High Point township j Fred Andrews and wife to Jimmy r. Wiliams and wife lot. Grimsley and Snyder property. Marion b Bottoms to Sarah e. Lane lots. College Terrace key Homes of Winston a Lem inc to Herbert m Wood and wife. Lot Wiltshire subdivision. Deep River township Wilma j Marshall it Al to Barringer and Gaither inc., 4.405 acres 1-40 Quality Oil co. To Barringer and Gaither inc., 41 acres 1-4. January 14,1974 High Point township Dennis m Eads and wit to Herbert e. Tee and wife lots Stanton and ring subdivision Carey a Newton and wife to Fred i. Chilton and wife. Lots Sunrise Hills Herbert e tear and wife to Dennis m. Ends and wife. Lot ring and Stanton subdivision _ High Point township Brian Wood to Sharon g. Wood iof d. Hedgecock property. William h Plytha and wit to Charles m Mendenhall or. It at lots Emerywood addition. David w. Cole and wit to William h. Flythe and wife property. Emery drive. Jimmy Mitchell inc. To Edward s. Silver property intersection Potts Avenue and Prospect Street Jamestown township Richard Brothers and wife to Patricia b. Cole lot j. Allen Austin subdivision. Deep River township William a Stigler or. My wit to Clarence w. Brown and Witt lots j. J. Routh subdivision. January 16,1974 High Pont township Ralph w. Slate estate it Ai to Wachovia Bank and Trust co. Trustee it Al lot. Roberson Penny Kirkman lands Richard p. Michael and wife to Leonard l Macon lot Blair Park division no i. Quinter inc. To Strafford farms inc. Lots. Emerywood Forest inc subdivision. Robert l. Honbarier set Al to of on Hauser Odom building property Lindsay Street. John r Wagner and Wile to George m. Smith and wife 6 142 acres Highway 61. Jamestown township Michael j. Fischer and wife to equitable Lite Assurance society at the u. S., lots Cedarwood. Deep River township Robert d. Hawks it Al to Harman a. Long and wife. Lot Cedarbrook subdivision. Harman m. Long at Al to Robert d. Hawks and wife lots. Cedarwood sub dish non. Hrman m. Long it Al to chants m. Bertrand or. And wife lots. Cedarbrook subdivision. Robert d Hawks at Al to Herman m. Long and wife lots. Cedarbrook subdivision. Herman a. Long at Al to David l. Lucas and wit lot Cedarbrook subdivision. Monde Boyd to Luther Boydjr. It it l l acres. January 17,1974 int High Point township Richard d. Cullom to Alice m. Cullom lots Deik and Mann property. Franklin e. Lewis and wit to Junior Chandler lots Goi Crast development no. 2 Ralph e. Osborne and wife to a Vest co., lots. Yates subdivision. Eugene j. Miliar and wife to r c. Dawson and wife tot Wiltshire subdivision. Abner Cresset Al to Elmer w. Cevin Esi or. And Wilt property 506 w. Green or. Jamestown township Carroll d Holder and wit to Clarence r. Glenn and wife lot. Sycamore Hills january 18,1974 High Point town in Linda Vagit to Linda Cep e and husband. Lots. Lake triangles first Bibi missionary it hot High Point to Wesleyan Bible holiness Church inc 3 061 acres. Kivitt drive Thomas bout Din inc at Ai to John w. Bout do cart interest two tracts. High Post. Thomas bout do inc. It Ai to William c. Bout do part interest two tracts. High Pont Thomas bout do inc. To Thomas s bout do or part interest two tracts High Post. Roy l. Montgomery and wife to f. Stephen Alexander and wit lots Johnson piece Snow lumber go. Insulate and save fiberglas 6 Quot amp 3�?� insulation could save you Over $3,000 toward your mortgage payments Over the life of your mortgage 6 of insulation can save you thousands of dollars on your heating and Ait conditioning Bills. Lower fuel Bills can increase the resale value of your Home ton a saves on heating and Cooling costs a increases Comfort meets environmental Comfort standards easy to install 7 per so. It. 13 per so. It. Every year you re paying for insulation even if you Don t have it. In your heating and air conditioning Bills and the discomfort of a poorly insulated Home. Insulating your Home is economical and easy and pays for itself Many times Over. Some other fuel saving ideas install storm window doors get wore for your Money reduce heat loss by As much As 10%. Storm windows $ 60 14 storm doors 3350 weatherstrip doors a close off cracks infiltration causes heat loss drafts Jamb up weather strip a clouded aluminium strip with Vinyl insert Tor am Standard int Wood or Metal doors. A tacks in Plack easily. A gives full Seal Protection against drafts. A completely packaged with nails. $2 85 unconditionally guaranteed builder Mart paints professional Latex Wall paint this paint is a High hiding late that will completely cover any similar color with one coat when it is applied of the rate of 400 Square feet per gallon. Dees fast and will clean up easily with soap and water. Of per Gal. Aluminium door Bottom makes flush Contact with threshold for Complete weather scaling. Cd traded aluminium strip with Vir insert. Vinyl aluminium threshold heavy gauge aluminium replaceable Vinyl insert install Over any Lype floor 90 $335 guarantee ill a a4w� id a i a a t at a in. H a a a it me a a it a i i or i Ltd i. Bir Matt it a Al Oka Mic. Polyethylene sheeting to x too $ 4 Milts thick Ideal for Prelec ting shrubs closing in breezeway winterizing porches Etc. Tough body but yet a is soft and pliable. Comes in so and i too it. Rolls. To rely on caulking compound sea cracks around doors stairways and Access panels to attics garages 71 and storage spaces. 40 where service and Quality Are guaranteed Snow 200 e. Springdale lumber company 2-Iqi 4 phone 882-3396 i 4

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