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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 10, 1972, High Point, North Carolina By High Point Enterprise thursday feb. To 1972to your Good health treating an overactive thyroid Fly George c. Thosteson . Dear or. Thosteson my doctor prescribed for an overactive thyroid. I have been taking two or three of the pills for a year and i feel Fine. Can this Medicine be taken permanently and can it have any Side effects in the Long run a i heard about a Hospital a few Miles from Here that is supposed to be Able to cure my thyroid condition without surgery. Can you advise me on this mrs. M. P. is an a want thyroid drug and used for cases like yours a to slow Down a thyroid gland that is too Active. It is usually used for a year to 18 months after which the drug is usually stopped and the patient is watched to see whether the condition has been satisfactorily controlled. Yes the a can be Side effects with continued use. Primarily Eft it on the White blood cells skin reactions and fever so naturally a physician keeps watch Over a patient with periodic blood counts to detect trouble if any develops. As to other treatment with out surgery in some cases however surgery is the Best answer there Are other anti thyroid drugs and there is also the so called a atomic cocktail a which contains radioactive iodine. Iodine is automatically attracted toward the thyroid gland and the radioactivity it brings serves to reduce activity. Thus i would take the stories about that Hospital with a Grain of Salt. It May use any or All of the various non surgical treatments and i dare say that your present physician already knows about them. Sounds to me As though he is treating you very successfully and i done to see Why you have the urge to go off Hunting for some other treatment. Dear or. Thosteson my husband had a blood test and discovered he has uric acid. The doctor gave him Little information. Can you enlighten me diet Etc. A mrs. C. D. The doctor must have Given him some information a High uric acid is responsible for gout and often for kidney scones and hence should be kept under control with medication and. To a lesser degree by diet. I suggest that you Send 25 cents and a Long self addressed stamped pm fsr served cafeteria style or ply a no waiting cafeteria Soith 712 5 mom St 888 7242 a a a a a a a envelope for my Booklet a gout the modern Way to Stop which explains what its All about diet medication and so on. Dear or. Thosteson i am 82 and have had minor prostate trouble for 20 years. It suddenly became worse four years ago and i saw a urologist who made a n examination. He said the condition was serious and i needed immediate surgery. I went Home to get ready to go to the Hospital and discovered that the examination had evidently dislodged the obstruction and i could urinate freely. I did not go for surgery but now the trouble is coming on again. At my age would it be better to have surgery or just another examination in Hopes that it will give Relief for several years a h. H. Id say that you were Lucky that the examination served to open up the passageway but it would be tempting Fate to expect to be that Lucky again. Your age however is no bar to have the surgery. It is done with patients older than you Are. In use such As a blood count to determine anaemia. Yes there Are plenty of causes other than that of cramps and diarrhoea note to mrs. M. Care you sure he said a blood test a i Don t know of a blood test for cancer of the Colon but tests of other types Are of course to rental rent of own 882-8319 Ria to and stereos3, water weight problem use Elim he Russ Haler in the body can by uncomfortable. Elim will help you lose excess Haler weight. We at Mann Chi g recommend it. Only $1.50 Minn drug stores a a x s a Mot i v Seif defense classes forming for 12 to 18 a or Olds combination of Karat judo and oth a martial Art. J 4 pm. 883-9651 after 5 . I v Lowr lies a High Point no a it 514 Eft gush of. Pome Vul Una. At u4fiw4 / pleasant atmosphere so serving breakfast lunch and dinner open 7 Days a week 6 am-9 pm mon., tues wed., thurs. And Sun. 6 am to pm Fri. And sat. Benwood restaurant English Road at county line phone 883-0627 Carters restaurant 1524 North main St. Phone 883-7224 Steve s pizza House 11 7 English re. Hours 11am-?am monday saturday a finest pizza and Spaghetti in town Quot i 4 All makes of d r a id up gel Flint All models authorized sales amp service dealer for Admiral Quality to we also offer to and car Antenna installations All at reasonable prices. J 17 Charlies radio amp to service 12 English re. Better Valentine dinner dance saturday february 12 a 7 00 pm a 12 30 am music by . And the notations our delightful menu features. U. S. Prime steaks Ocean fresh seafood live Maine lobster Bountiful free salad bar your favorite beverages a Brown bagging permitted no cover charge for dinner guests for reservations free parking lot Call 885-5825 beside building 9 to Uve american Siy Ike monsters Gilligan a Island wild wild Wes nightly news hour Green acres All 885-89161 -12 Quot Lovi in a phone Booth starring Peper Kastner Dwayne Hickman and Pamela Austin Happy funny kooks and Friendly spooks Man with a net Quot lord Beasley famous Butterfly collector arrives on the Island Quot the night of the Kraken West and Gordon investigate a strange sea monster1 Glen Scott weather Quot Usa has a calf Weil not realy but you can i really be sure 7 <0 Wujs television wild River a National geographic special a thrilling exploration of America s great Waterways and a frightening look at their future tonight 7 30 a my to television log Carol s still to Bright spot by Cynthia Lowry a Tel vision radio writer new York apr after five years As the Star of her own show and before that All those seasons on a the Garry Moore show a Carol Burnett has become such a familiar Light in the television firmament that neither she nor her lbs series receives the attention it deserves. This season in a new Early time spot the weekly hour continues to be a Bright variety spot a pleasant and usually handsome Jumble of music comedy and family feeling. Sometimes the comedy Doest work Well wednesday nights sketch in a stalled elevator was not exactly emmy material but Carol and her regulars work together As though they enjoyed the company and the program and All work to make the guest stars look Good. Eydie Gorst for instance had a great Solo number with interesting photography and a most unusual musical effect. Peter Falk not Only solved a murder without a Corpse in this weeks Abc a mystery theater Quot but directed the program As Well. It was a Well organized murder yarn with an ingenious solution and an unusual background a construction site. Falk s a Colum boy in the Trio of murder stories Racks up higher ratings by a couple of Points than the programs starring Rock Hudson or Dennis Weaver. As the season creaks toward the beginning of summer reruns next month it becomes increasingly evident that the plan to return half an hour a night of prime time programming to local stations has not worked Well from a number of angles including the viewers. The idea promulgated by the Federal communications commission in an Effort to stimulate development of local programs Only has stimulated a raft of syndicated ones. Many Are imitative and inept others Are cancelled network series with a new life and some More Are old shows that died natural deaths and were revived for syndication. A variety a the show business meekly reports that a study of shows seen in larger cities shows that the most successful Are a few programs that moved off the networks into syndication notably a the Lawrence Welk show and a thee among the five a week shows that Are modest hits Are a truth or consequences a a to Tell the truth and a a what a my line a each is older than a lot of its viewers. They Are doing so Well in fact that next season a a in be got a secret will come off the shelf with Art Linkletter in Garry Moore sold spot and so will a the Price is 6 30 to Tell the truth 7 00 truth or consequences 7 30 Mayberry . Ugh b a my Greensboro 3j a Btu Charlotte 4j Wunch University station r10 Wols Roanoke cd a Gap High Point 5 Wujs Winston Salem a soc Charlotte r t 4 00 . 2, Channel 2 news q news 4 electric company 8 Abc news 3d eyewitness news j5j 6 o clock news 4 30 . 3 lbs news 4 political science cd to Tell the truth 9 to 1$ Abc news 7 00 . 3 5 Andy Griffith 3 news 4 evening edition sell do truth or consequences 53 Arthur Smith id nightly news 7 30 . 33 Nat. Geographic special 3 theater three 4 adult Farmer de. Cd Mayberry red 3 Arthur Smith a to Tell the truth it Green acres 8 00 . 41 30 minutes 8 alias Smith Jones 53 to 12. Flip Wilson 8 30 . 4 . People 33 Primus 9 00 . 3 33 lbs movie 4 . The arts 18 Longstreet 33 to olympics 10 00 . 43 world press cd Owen Marshall 11 00 . 3333 news t 8 news 53 news final 10 news 11 news sports and weather 11 30 . 33 Merv Griffin d movie cd Dick Cavett 53imi olympics Psi add 4 00pm love american style 4 30pm the monsters 5 00pm Gilligan Island 5 30pm-wild, wild West i to a uti a a 4 00 . 2 Sunrise semester 4 30 . 33 Good morning show in on the farm 7 00 am. 3 is news 8 University of Michigan 5 to ii today 7 30 . 33 lbs news 33 morning scene 8 triad in perspective 8 00 . 33 Good morning show 3 Captain Kangaroo 8 30 . 33 old rebel 8 romper room 5 to 12 Winter olympics 9 00 2 Captain Kangaroo 33 Hazel 8 dealing for dollars movie d Mike Douglas 15 Virginia Graham show ii today at Home 9 30 . 33 Comer Pyle 4 physical science ii Virginia Graham 10 00 . 3 3 Lucy show 4 sesame Street id a Dinah a place 10 30 . 3 33 my three sons cb10 ii concentration 11 00 . 2 3 family affair 4 Granny d bewitched 5310 5 Sale of the Century 11 30 . 2 3 love of life cd that girl 33 to ii Hollywood squares 12 00 noon 3 where the heart is 3 scene at noon 4 Book beat 83 news 53 news to 5 jeopardy 12 30 . 333 search for tomorrow 4 the electric company is password 5x5 who what where game to news 1 00 . 33 today a woman Judy Walker 33 Betty Feezor 4 critic at Large go All my children 53 jeopardy 55>i Somerset 1 30 . 3333 As the world turns 4 physical science cd bets make a Deal 53 to 5 three on a match 2 00 . 333 love is a Many Splendore thing 4 math 8 newlywed game a. Iol Days of our lives 2 30 . 3 33 guiding Light cd bating game 53 to 5 the doctors 3 00 . 2 3 secret storm cd general Hospital 53 to 12 another world 3 30 . C3d33 Edge of night d one life to live 53 Lassie bib Bright promises 4 00 . 3 Comer Pyle 3, Daniel Boone 8 afternoon movie 3d Flintstones to Rifleman 12 love american style 4 30 . 33 Flintstones 4 Mist Erogers 53 Gilligan a Island 15 big Valley 5 the munsters 5 00 . Cd big Valley 33 Green acres 4 sesame Street 5 Petticoat Junction 5 Gilligan a Island 5 30 . 3 truth or consequence 8 news 53 Dick Van Dyke to what a my line 5 wild wild West capsule views of today s evening programs 7 00 . 2 Andy Griffith Comer Pyle decides to join the Marine corps and immediately Falls afoul of sgt. Carter. 7 30 . 2 National Geo. Graphic special a wild an exploration of americans great Waterways from the wild and unspoiled Salmon River to the polluted Potomac. The program includes a review of the 12 struggle to protect the Salmon River under the wild and Scenic Rivers act. 8 Mayberry red Sam and Emmett dance together 2 in a Spring pageant. 12 Green acres Elanor the cow is about to calve. Kab warns Oliver not to Tell this to Haney a the upshot of this is that Haney gets the idea that Lisa is pregnant. 8 00 . Alias Smith and Jones a Heyes and Curry Are victimized by a Beautiful but ruthless woman who owns and runs King City. Flip Wilson guests Are Sandy Duncan. Jim Nabors and Slappy White. # 9 00 . Lbs thursday movies a a Streetcar named de sire a with Vivien Leigh Kim Hunter Karl Malden and Marlor Brando. 8 Longstreet Mike investigates a Hospital fire in which three patients die. 12 i Winter olympics a highlights of the Winter games from Sapporo Japan. Ironside the Dean Martin show and the tonight show Are preempted 10 00 . 8 Owen Marshall Gale Freeman the sister of Marshall a Secretary Frieda Krause and Secretary to a prominent publisher i s charged with perjury

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