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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - February 6, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Election fails to measure reaction against Nixon by William Dimascio a outed Preif writer Johnstown Paap Democrat John p Murtha or has won a narrow Victory in a special congressional election in which the watergate scandal played a shadowy role marthas unofficial 220vote winning margin Over Republican Harry m Fox on tuesday snapped a 25year Republican hold on the states 12th con Gressional District Murtha a 41yearold Viet Nam Veteran and state Legisla Tor will finish out the unexpired term of the late Republican rep John p Saylor say Lor who served l2vz terms died of a heart attack last october Fox 49 was Saylors administrative assistant Complete unofficial returns gave Murtha 60530votes and Fox 60310 constitutional party candidate Duane h Mccormick a 70yearold retired businessman trailed with less than 1000 the ballots were put under guard until the official count Friday the race the first Federal election this year Drew nation Al attention As a possible indicator of watergate Impact on of year congressional elections this november the close balloting made it virtually impossible to Tell whether there was a voter re action against the Nixon administration Murtha who operates a car Wash said the economic issues facing this appalachian Region of Sof Coal mines truck farms and steel Mills were the Over Riding concerns of the voters but he also acknowledged watergate i know the people were very disgruntled with what was going on in Washington and in sure it helped me some Murtha said Fox on the other hand said the National news Media had distorted the election they came in Here and brought watergate into this Campaign Fox said this election clearly showed that watergate was not involved at All vice president Gerald r Ford had cautioned during a Campaign visit for Fox against Reading a watergate reaction into a Murtha Triumph because republicans were outnumbered by almost 8000 voters in the District 70 Miles East of Pittsburgh despite the registration Edge the District went for president Nixon in 1968 and 1972 and sent Saylor to Congress 13 times he won by a 21 margin in 1972 in 1968 Saylor trounced Murtha then making his first try for elective office by 27000 votes pressure put on Heath London a the order for a National Coal strike Start ing sunday revived talk today that prime minister Edward Heath will Call a general elec Tion soon sources in heaths conservative party said the min ers decision to strike in an at tempt to break heaths ant in Flatiron ceiling on wage raises left the prime minister no alternative but an Appeal to the voters to demonstrate their support of and his policies members of heaths Cabinet who recently had been damping Down election speculation were doing nothing to discourage it today feb 28 or March were the dates most mentioned in Politi Cal circles if Heath chooses feb 28 he must make the announcement by thursday to Al Low the three weeks of campaigning required by Law members of the House of commons detected an election hint from Heath himself when he told them tuesday it is to our infinite regret that the miners have not accepted the will of parliament but with recent Public Opin Ion polls indicating the country is evenly divided Between the conservative and labor Par ties it is an open question whether the will of Parlia ment would remain conservative after an election Heath does not have to Call an election until june 1975 unless he is Defeated in commons on a major Issue but he can go to the country at any time and Many of his backers think his chances will be better now than they will be after a Long and divisive strike that could wreck Britain Economy an election Campaign now would be bitterly fought with the country probably dividing along class lines other labor unions to Date have Given solid support to the miners and the opposition Labur party accuses the conservatives of causing the strike by taking an inflexible position Joe Gormley president of the 280000 Coal miners said his men want a Short Sharp Battle rather than a Long drawn out affair but the miners appeared to be getting ready for a Long siege South Carolina on dec 20 i860 South Carolina became the first state to secede from the Union limited tape use requested Washington a Spe Cial watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski asked a Federal judge today to consider limiting the Senate watergate committees use of any presidential tapes it receives from the White House in response to an order is sued Jan 25 by us District judge Gerard Gesell Jaworski submitted a memorandum on the possible effects on future prosecutions if the Senate com Mittee is Given Access to White House tapes Gesell also asked the presi Dent to submit a letter outlining his reasons for continuing to refuse to comply with a committee subpoena demanding the tapes of five conversations Gesell took the action in connection with the committees request for a civil judgment upholding its authority to subpoena the tapes and Nixon responsibility to comply Jaworski said he expects the grand jury investigating the watergate breaking and cover up to return any indictments by the end of this month and that the tapes will be important and material evidence at any future trials resulting from the grand Jurys investigations Jaworski said that playing the tapes during committee hearings would increase the risk that those indicted could contend with More Force than presently available that wide spread pretrial publicity pre vents the government from in panelling an unbiased jury Flowers for All occasions High Points leading Florist Grace Flower shop North a Tennis Witt Wood phone 6bb40s5 and ss7161 10 3e 3 Hegji Point Enterprise wednesday february 61974 5a say the secret word in gifts say the secret word win in gifts say the secret word in gifts say the secret word 70000 in gifts Over 5007 items to rent thanks to your patronage the rental Mart is proud to announce the opening of our new Archdale Branch 3508 s main St Tel 4311711 the Archdale Branch rental Mart will make it More convenient for All that live in this area to have the service and equipment that is available at our North main St location free free gift certificate from the poppy tree the first person that comes in and says the secret word by saturday february 9th will win this gift certificate Winner must be sixteen years of age or older authorized haul truck and trailer dealer remember renting saves 1244 Moorer blames Yeoman for leaks by Lawrence l Knutson associated Preis writer Washington a adm Thomas h Moorer chairman of the joint chiefs of staff told the Senate armed services committee in a letter released today that a Navy Yeoman had the Opportunity and the possible desire to leak highly classified diplomatic documents to the press Moorer also told the com Mittee in a statement he never ordered or encouraged unauthorized Transfer of documents from the National Security Council headed by Henry a Kissinger but he acknowledged he had twice two years ago scanned such documents without knowing their unauthorized nature in the letter from Moorer to the Senate armed services committee chairman sen John c Stennis miss the Admiral said the Navy clerk Yeoman la Charles e Rad Ford not Only had Access to the documents but was known to have had dinner on at least one occasion with columnist Jack Anderson the newsman to whom some of the documents were leaked one of Andersons columns published the minutes of a National Security Council meeting in which the official us posture was described As a diplomatic tilt toward Charles e Radford Pakistan and away from India Moorer said no Anderson column dealing with documents to which Radford had Access were published after Radford was denied further Access in his statement Moorer said the evidence against Radford is circumstantial and does not under military judicial standards establish guilt he said he twice recommended an investigation to determine Radford guilt or innocence i was advised that no disciplinary proceedings would be conducted and that Yeoman Radford would be transferred from Washington Moorer said statements by Moorer and Kissinger were made Public prior to their closed testimony before the committee Kissinger also repeated de Nials that he had anything to do with material taken in an unauthorized manner from the National Security Council in 1971 Kissinger now Secretary of state said that to the Best of his knowledge none of the documents published that year by columnist Jack Anderson came from Security Council files in a statement Given the sen ate armed services committee Moorer said these insinuations and allegations sicken me As a Man concern me As a military officer and deeply disturb me As the nations senior uniformed official i gave no orders issued no instructions gave no encouragement either direct or implied to anyone to collect or retain in any irregular or unauthorized manner any information papers or documents from the National Security Council in a statement prepared for Public release after Moorer be Gan his testimony in closed session before the committee the Admiral said he never had any need to spy on Kissinger because he has never failed to support National policies and enjoyed a Complete and free flow of information Between Kissinger and himself committee chairman John c Stennis miss has promised that transcripts will be made available after today executive session after National Security information is removed the Pentagon has blamed overzealous subordinates for the incidents they occurred during a period in which the nations military chiefs report edly were uneasy because they were not fully informed about the Nixon administrations diplomatic initiatives especially toward China and the soviet Union special of will be unable to service your tax returns from sat feb 9th until thurs feb huh would appreciate your cooperation then i will be glad to 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