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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 6, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise Section i. Sunday morning february 6, 1972 for pc students journey into history is living experience Mackeen Oakes tries Amee ride his friends remember Clifford Irving is a writer who has lived in controversy by Arthur Greenspan North american newspaper Alliance new York Clifford Irving was telling How he came to write a fake a the Story of Art forger Elmyr de Hory. But he could just As Well have been introducing what May some Day be known As a the Howard Hughes Capers a which May be one of this Century s great hoaxes or a Bona fide Story a beyond the current reach of ones whichever Way it goes the Story began As Irving tells it when he sent a copy of a fake a to Hughes who had known Irving s father. That according to Irving led to More than too secret meetings with Hughes and that out of this came what must he history s most famous unpublished autobiography. Hughes invisible claims the whole thing is indeed a fraud. He does t know Irving never met him. Never dictated his memoirs so with two grand juries investigating the Hughes Deal and $55 million in civil suits involving Irving s a a fake there remains yet one More question who is Clifford Irving and what is he up to Clifford Irving is a a very Sweet straight Guy who wanted to be a writer a says Irving his College classmate and onetime editor at Mcgraw Hill Robert Gutwillig. A zip was a very interesting in in to talk with a says David distort who hired him to w rite one episode of Abc s a the was a first rate writer in several of my writing classes a says John sessions h s English instructor at Cornell. A a very dedicated hardworking Guy. I still care about him very said actress Nina Wilcox the first of his four wives. But Irving is also a Man whose a fake a had a More than to per cent of its Content changed a former look Magazine researcher said because of inaccuracies. And whose children a Book. A the Battle of was assailed by a reviewer in the Jerusalem Post As having errors Quot on every Page Quot perhaps one Way to understand Clifford Michael Irving is to look at him through the eyes of attorney Robert Youdelman. Who worked at the William Morris Agency and handled the film rights to a fake a for Irving. The author was living on the Island of Ibiza off the Spanish coast and at dinner in new York one night suggested an idea for a television show a the idea was this a said Youdelman. A they have a trash problem on Ibiza and the question is How to dispose of it. Someone there had a Contact in India who could get an elephant. If they could get the elephant to Ibiza it would pay for itself in crushing trash. A but How to get the elephant across India Cliff said if you could get somebody to put up the Money for a to documentary on moving an elephant across India you could do it. A a this is the Range of Cliffy a imagination. Starting with the trash problem you could turn it into a business idea and then turn it into an hour television series. Of course it was half joking and half serious. But Cliff is Able to accomplish things other people can Only dream David Dortort created a a Bonanza and is still its executive producer. U was the fall of 1961 Irving was living in Venice. Southern California a i remember when Cliff came in to see me a Dortort recalled. A but was a very attractive and interesting Guy. He had just written a Book called the it had a Western theme but it was an interesting philosophical study the classic greek drama approach using the Western Motif. A it had a great Deal of style and a great Deal of flair. He was interested in doing a motion picture on it but i Wasny to prepared to do one at that time we naturally moved into the area of whether he would be interested in writing a Bonanza for me he said he might he had an idea in his head he came Back a few Days later i put him to work and he did a v e r y w Workmanlike craftsman like script which we in an affidavit filed against Rosemont enterprises inc. A Hughes owned firm which claims it owns All rights to so a Clifford Page 2-d by Ray Alley pc news director someone once remarked that ancient history in t any fun because its five High Point College students can testify All ancient history in t a a dead Quot and it can be fun if you make it come alive. These students did make ancient history come alive As they took part in a 10-Day tour of Israel and Greece during the interim term at High Point College during the month of january. After some classroom time luring the month Long study period the students their instructor. Or. William r. Locke professor of religion and philosophy at High in mini College. Mrs i Icke James Brown a student at Wake Forest University and six other High pointers began their journey which was to give them first hand visual illustrations of places and things which before had Only been names and things in a history Book. A a it was a very interesting ant rewarding experience offered Maureen Oakes a religion major from Roanoke rapids a but if you go Over there Wilh the idea that you Are going to walk where Jesus walked you Are badly mistaken. A Jerusa pm has been destroyed Many times and it would be impossible to determine just where everything was at the time of Christ tire Are actually two locations for the holy sepulchre a the Carien Tomb and the Church of the holy sepulchre. A however that a not As important As the Many other things to be seen and is overshadowed by the realization that the country is so very very old and filled with so much history and a a Diann surrounded by ancient history As they walked among the ruins of the acropolis of Athens and the ancient City of Jerusalem the students were also surrounded by relics of the 20th Century a the grim reminders of the six Day War. As they drove North from Jericho the students were within sight of the barbed wire Security line near the Jordan River which is the current cease fire line they also looked up to the Golan Heights which arc along the East Shore of the sea of Galilee and saw where the israeli soldiers took the Hills that had been head by their enemies. A we saw a lot of soldiers and there was military equipment All around but there Wasny to any tension it it r apprehension in the apparent everyday life of the people. A remarked Miriam Helderman another religion major from Winston Salem a actual a. We stayed in an Arab Section of Jerusalem and did t sense any hostility of the arabs toward the jewish people a we saw a lot of phantom jets Fly Over and saw some soldiers on Maneu vers. The Prospect of War is always a reality Over there and they appear to be ready but it does no to overshadow everything else. Of All the sights the group saw on the trip almost everyone was most impressed with Masada a Large Rock which rises out of the desert near the dead sea Masada was the setting of a popular novel the antagonists Quot by Ernest Gann. Masada which was accessible Only a a a Snake path Quot was assailed by the romans about 73 a d after the fall of Jerusalem the romans built a huge ramp up the sheer 500-foot face of the Rock stormed the Garrison and found everyone inside dead the ramp is still there and it seems almost inconceivable that the romans could have built this ramp and dragged their battering ram up it by hand until recently the Only record of this event was found in the writings of Josephus and until to years ago it was a dead Quot history. However excavations of buildings on the Masada have validated All of the history and make it come alive today new israeli soldiers arc sworn in at the Rock pledging that Masada will never fall again. A we thought that the Masada was most impressive not Only for the size. But for its importance to the jewish commented Al Var i a religion major from Durham a this and the wailing Wall in old Jerusalem were most impressive a when we visited the wailing Wall there were throngs of people there on the Sabbath i guess this is one of the most important parts of Jerusalem to the jews. And they have vowed never to let Jerusalem be divided again. When we left Tho wailing Wall you could see Little slips of paper sticking from the cracks in the Wall. We were told that these Are prayers which were being offered by different people Quot a it was easy to see that this wailing Walli is a great Center of devotional loyalty to the offer or Locke. For this group of Young pc Ople the most moving experience spiritually was the visit to the mount of olives. A your group stood in the Garden of Gethsemane and the Rev Richard Crowder offered a prayer there under the Olive Trees that Are said to be 2.000 years commented Rex Gibbs a religion major from Asheville who along with Bruce Reynolds of Baltimore. Md., made up the two remaining High Point College students on the trip. A if this is True then we were seeing Trees that were alive and in this place when Christ was there Quot a too Short Quot was the Way the group described the trip. There were taxi rides in Athens which surpass a taxi rile in new York for excitement trips to the acropolis and the ruins of ancient Corinth visits to the dead sea which is drying up and is somewhat pollute and shopping in Jerusalem a i think we All got a great Deal from the concluded miss Helderman. A for myself. I know that the places that i be read about in ancient Greece and Israel w ill always be very much real to me now because i had an Opportunity to see them firsthand after peace proposals revealed wives families of War prisoners hopeful confused by Kathryn Johnson associated press writer Virginia Beach v a. Api a among the people in this Small coastal town with its nearby naval base Are 32 women whose husbands Are among the 1.500 americans listed As either prisoners of War or missing in action. These women have lived through years of Paris peace talks. Through campaigns by private and Public individuals. They have banded together and have flown to Paris in futile efforts to talk to envoys from Hanoi and they have written thousands of letters Only to see them callously burned and refused by North Vietnam. Now they face another development in the Campaign to obtain the release of a Merican pow so president Nixon a latest peace proposals and the women have mixed views about the Chance of Success. Louise Mulligan whose husband cmdr. James Mulligan has been a pow Tor nearly seven years says a i feel Hope for the first but another woman says a a it a too late already. Too much has gone out of too Many the first american airman was captured by the Viet Cong in 1964. No prisoner of world War ii was held this Long. A i Felt nobody really cared that Mike was just sitting there rotting in prison a said tall red haired Charlotte Christian whose Navy commander husband was shot Down in april 1967. I done to think now the United states will abandon our pos. There was a time though when i wondered. There were times when i Felt Nixon was digging in y husband s grave. I no longer feel this Way. I feel Hope but when the president announced a speech about the plight of the captured americans Many pow wives did not even ask their children to watch him on television. A a we be had so Many Hopes raised by other peace plans Only to be dashed a said Louise Brady whose husband Navy cmdr. A. C. Brady has been held prisoner five years. A i did t want to raise the children a most of the women s husbands sailed from Here for Vietnam on aircraft carriers. The wives stayed on after the men were shot Down drawn by Mutual Navy ties and sharing of a common Fate. At first they were afraid to speak out. Afraid of what the enemy forces in North Vietnam would do to their husbands if they were still alive. Two years ago however they started talking about their plight encouraged in part by the administration because they Felt time was running out. None is afraid to speak out now. Some even have picketed the White House. The National league of families of american prisoners and missing in Southeast Asia which once spoke As one for its 3,000 members All relatives o f pos or Mia a now is divided. The administration s failure to win Freedom for the men has led to disillusionment among Many pow wives Over the handling of the prisoner Issue and has caused deep divisions Over the terms of peace. A some of the wives distrust Nixon feel he was doing nothing a said mrs. Christian. A others have backed him and feel the onus is on Hanoi to act. A s Ime Are at the Point of desperation. There is the Man they love. They want him Home. They done to care about South Vietnam they want their husbands Home like mrs. Christian smartly Clad in White and Black plaid skirt and Black boots said a Hanoi is going to look for All sorts of loopholes in Nixon s proposals. They re not going to want to make him look like a Saviour. A Nixon s proposal was a very gracious offer a added mrs. Christian the Mother of three Young girls. A i did no to expect us to withdraw lock Stock and barrel out of Vietnam. This is unrealistic. I done to want the men Home at any Cost. I Don t think our men would want but some wives feel More bitter. They just want the suffering to end. Mrs. Jeremiah a. Denton a southerner of gentle Charm and Beauty has devoted her life to her seven children since Navy capt Denton of Mobile Ala. Was shot Down in july 1965. A your patience is running out. Any solution seems too Long. It s been too Long already. So much has gone out of so Many the pow wives have now acquired a certain touch iness. A we were naive before a said mrs. Mulligan t h e Mother of six sons. A North Vietnam has used us horribly the administration has used us horribly and so have the Antiwar groups Quot she said. Of Nixon s peace proposals mrs. Mulligan said a i think its the most comprehensive program he s Ever set Forth. I think he took the Issue out of politics. But in a afraid our politicians Are going to use it. If Only everyone would Bury personal ambition and the families who be been split would Bend Louise Mulligan a handsome woman with High cheekbones and a steady look. First heard about her husband when she was preparing lunch in 1965. The Doorbell rang. When she saw the uniformed officer wearing the Gold Cross of a chaplain she knew her husband had been shot Down her 11-year-old boy ran screaming into the Street. Louise chased after him. When they returned the boy was Calm. Later she had a letter from her husband who was forced to bail out after flak crippled his a4 skyhawk he was then 40 years Oil he Snow nearing 47 and the son who was la is now More than 17, a tall handsome youth with longish Blond hair. A i done to have any Radical says mrs. Mulligan whose sons Range from a fourth grader to two College students. A like any other teenagers my older boys have the same feeling about the War they done to believe in it or the Way its run a sitting in the Den of their Home the Walls lined with pictures of Jet aircraft and a handsome Large photograph of the Carrier the Saratoga mrs. Mulligan mused a Jim was such a family Man. He always enjoyed the children changing them bathing the strains of a piano played by one of the boys sounded in the background. A a he a missing All this a said Louise wistfully of her husband. A when he comes Home All be Young just before Nixon began his talk mrs. Brady sat near the fireplace in her Den and said a you must realize we be been through this kind of thing so Many mrs. Brady her Short cropped hair frosted sat composed on a sofa Only her hands betraying any tension As she twisted her husbands Annapolis ring about listening to the president speak. Mks. 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