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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 6, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Some stars Graves things of splendor Marilyn Monroe a crypt nameplate six red roses replaced every two Days Al Jolson a Monument Bronze is half life size by Gene Handsaker associated press writer Hollywood a swashbuckler Lover Errol Flynn sleeps in an unmarked grave. For 12 years Ethel Barrymore Queen of the theater s Royal family has lain in an unmarked crypt apart from her Brothers John and Lionel. Clara bowls epitaph recalls her reign As the silent screen s sex goddess a Hollywood s a it a Halmi resize Bronze figure of Al Jolson in smiling. A a Mammy a singing pose kneels beside a 30-foot Marble Tower that shelters h i s sarcophagus. But such oddities and standout memorials Are exceptions. Most stars rest under simple epitaphs. Names on Heaters i n blazing lights Are replaced now by modest marquees consisting most often of just names and dates cast in Bronze or engraved o n Marble a Marilyn Monroe 1926-1962�?�. A Nelson Eddy june 29, 1901-March 6. 1967�?�. A Clifton Webb. 1889-1966�?�. A Nat Cole. 1919-1965�?�a Humphrey Deforest Bogart dec. 25. 1899-Jan. 14, 1957.�?� a somber seven cemetery Survey of 76 resting places to determine stars final Billings was suggested by a Reader s query concerning w. C. Fields. The comedian was said to have once quipped that his Marker would read. A on the whole i d rather be Here than in does it no. A brass plate on Marble in a Wall of Many niches containing ashes at Forest Lawn memorial Park reads merely a a w c. Fields 1880-1346.�?� the Survey show d that occasional epitaph embellishment is More often familiar than theatrical a Alan Ladd 1 9 1 3 1 9 6 4. Beloyed husband and father. A John Hodiak 1914-1955, Loving father son brother. A beloved husband father Grandfather Eddie Cantor. 1892-1964.�?� Only an informed fan would know that a Louis Francis Cristillo. 1906-1959. Beloved husband and father a was comedian Lou costello. A Forest Lawn source says the cemetery does t know Why Errol Flynn a grave is unmarked among the 200.000 Graves on its 318 acres in suburban Glendale. But a Veteran publicist Friend of Flynn a says a my guess is that he just did t care about any monuments. Head have said when you live you live and when you re dead you re dead and who cares a the Barrymore Are entombed in the Catholic Calvary cemetery a mausoleum on los Angeles East Side. At floor level adjoining the Chapel is a John Barrymore 1942�?� a just the year of his death a and next above a Lionel Barrymore a with no dates. A cemetery Counselor speculates they were a sensitive about their John the suave a great died at 60. Gruff Lionel died in 1954 at 76. To his left is a Irene Fenwick Barrymore beloved wife of Lionel Barry to buffers need guide by Cynthia Lowry a Tai vision radio writer new York apr a new Aid in the acquisition of instant status at a Price almost anyone can afford is a set of slim paperback books each with a title beginning a the Bluffer s guide to. For a Buck a Book followed by a Short cram course anyone Able to read and remember can emerge with enough jargon and Pat phrases to pose for Brief moments As something of an expert in Fields such As Art. Literature music wine and Cinema. There Are obviously other culture areas needing some help from future a a Bluffer a guide a but there can never never be a a Bluffer s guide to television that companionable Box f of n d in nearly every american House and apartment just in t considered an Art form. 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A guide leads the Way through the Chavel then leftward Down a Hall where he Points to the unmarked Marble face of an apparently empty floor level script and says a a that a Ethel Why no inscription a i can t understand it a he says. A it could be temporary ? regal Ethel 79. Born a year after Lionel and three years before John died june 18. 1959. Her son Samuel Barrymore Colt cleared up the mystery. Colt who has done some movie acting but said he is now retired explained Why Ethel is entombed separately from John and Lionel a whoever held the crypt next to the Brothers asked some outrageous Price we afford a he said. And the inscription a a we be been waiting to put something on. In a glad you reminded me. I Don t think it will be an epitaph probably just the the from Hamlet Good night Sweet appears on the markers of Douglas Fairbanks or. Tyrone i Power and John Barrymore whose biography by the late Gene Fowler bears that title. Powers and Fairbanks inscriptions add the next line a and flights of Angels sing thee to thy Fairbanks 1883-1939 lies in a sarcophagus at Hollywood memorial Park under a magnificent Marble proscenium Arch facing a Long reflecting Pool. Nearby is Power 1914-1958, under a Marble Bench on which weary cemetery visitors can rest. A few Steps away is Marion Davies Square mausoleum marked a Douras a her original name. About too friends and fans gathered nov. 15 at Power s grave for tributes on the 13th anniversary of his death. The rite is now apparently an established tradition like that for Rudolph Valentino a a Rodolfo Valentino 1895-1926�?� As his crypt is inscribed in the cemetery s Cathedral mausoleum. Enterprise classified bring results to rental rent to own 882-8319 Bra to tend stereos Wong s a Muse restaurant 2872 n. Main Tel. 885-8862 open 7 Days week serving the finest in chinese and american food orders to go Call 885-8862 in person sunday fed. 20 2 shows 2 . Ai 8 . 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Be help yourself a eyewitness news id House Hunting 33 Jack Mccloskey 1 00 . A outdoors a Nashville music d directions �10� meet the press 1 30 . A Dean Smith j Wilburn Bros. Of issues amp answers a Sherlock Holmes re movies Ltd one step beyond 2 00 . Of Nat. Hockey league d sunday picture of secret agent a Aba basketball 2 30 . To sunday movies 3 . A lost in space Idis Winter olympics 3 30 . A great decisions 4 00 . A Star trek $ French chef 5 Bacharach music 4 30 . A a amp to report a now Chi Nashville music 5 00 . 3x3 kid talk a Ericourt forum a Porter Wagoner a movie re movie 3 China documentary 5 30 . 3 $ animal world of a Wilburn Brothers a Folk guitar 4 00 . 3x3 60 minutes a Book beat a or. De. B comment 4 30 . A . People a f troop Rah Abc news 7 00 . 3 3 news a science 71 a a Lassie a w ild kingdom h circus 7 30 . 3x3 sunday movie a wild kingdom ��3d Walt Disney 1 00 . A firing line a Fri 1 30 . A j0 of Jimmy Stewart 9 00 . A masterpiece theatre a sunday movie a a Kurt Bonanza 9 30 . 2x3 cadets county 10 00 . ®�3d bold ones 10 30 . A Channel 2 report q for the record 11 00 pm. A news 3 scene tonight a news a news m news by felony squad 11 30 . A Merv Griffin 3 Al Capp a Perry Mason a the Saint in s Winter olympics is Judd in . Circus with Burt Parks 7 30 . Wonderful world it i Suzy a 31 4 am 2 Sunrise semester 4 30 . A on the farm 3 Good morning show 7 00 . 3 lbs morning news a u. Of Michigan a to if today show 7 30 . A lbs news 3 the morning scene to triad in perspective 8 00 . 3 Good morning show a capt. Kangaroo 8 30 . 3 did rebel show a romper room a today b Winter olympics 9 00 . A capt. Kangaroo 3 Hazel to Virginia Graham 8 dealing for dollars movie a Mike Douglas i today at Home a 30 . 3 Gomer Pyle b Virginia Graham 0 00 . 3 3 Lucy show a sesame Street 35 33 Dinah a place 10 30 . 3 3 my three sons �q<5 concentration 11 00 . 3 3 family affair a because we care a bewitched ��33 Sale of the Century la 30 . 3 3 love of life a math a 15x33 Hollywood squares a that girl 12 00 no i 3 where the heart is is the scene at noon a consultation cd eyewitness news a news a a a jeopardy 12 30 . 3 a search for a Morrow a electric company a password to news �33 who what where game 1 00 . 3 today a woman 3 Betty Feezor a weeds workshop b i All my children a jeopardy 33 Somerset 1 30 . 3x3 As the world turns i lets make a Deal ��33 three on a match 2 00 . 3x3 Many Splendore thing a ready set go cd newlywed game a �35 33 Days of 0ur live 2 30 . ®3 guiding Light a dating game ��33 doctors 3 00 . ®3 secret storm a world of science 8 general Hospital a to 13 another world Bay City 3 30 . A 3 Edge of night a film a one life to live a Lassie �13 Bright Promise. 4 00 . 3 Comer Pyle j a Daniel Boone a because we care cd movie a Flintstones 3 a love american Stylow 4 30 . A Flintstones a Mist Erogers a Gilligan a Island 12 the monsters 5 00 . 3 to big Valley 3 Green acres 4i sesame Street a Petticoat Junction i Gilligan s Island 5 30 . 3 truth or cons. A Dick Van Dyke j 5 30 news Ltd wild wild West capsule views of today s evening programs specify 2 . Or 8 . Show 12 noon 2 lbs Golf Dave Stockton and Al Geiberger meet Dale Douglass and Hale Irwin. 2 _ National hockey league a Toronto is at new York. 12 i olympics highlights of the Winter olympics from Sapporo Japan. 4 00 . 12 comment a Abc news series aimed at presenting the widest spectrum of personal opinion. 7 00 . 8 _ Lassie a the second part of a peace is our profession a Lassie remains on Vigil for a Snow Goose nested in a launch facility. 7 30 . 2 lbs sunday movies a the brotherhood of the Bell a with Glenn Ford Rosemary Forsyth and Dean Jagger. The Story of a secret fraternity whose Power is equated Only by its determination to punish those who stand in the Way. Ull n kingdom Tho capture and relocation of a Bengal Tiger whose Hunting territory has been so reduced that he has become a threat to cattle herds. 12 Disney the first half of a Justin Morgan had a horse a with Don Murray r. G. Armstrong Lana Wood and Gary Crosby. Morgan acquires and develops a horse Only to lose the exceptional animal to a ruthless creditor. 6 00 . 8 the Fri the Fri learns that organized crime is involved in the theft of securities from a brokerage office. 1 30 . 12 Jimmy Stewart a student prank results in the jailing of prof. Howard and a fan dancer. Stewart plays the accordion in tonight a episode. 9 00 . 8 Abc sunday movie a Nice station Zebra a part i. Rock Hudson Ernest Borg nine Patrick Mcgoohan Jim Brown Tony Bill and Lloyd Nolan appear in the chilling adventure of an american nuclear sub under the Arctic ice Cap. 12 Bonanza when Joe ii delayed on a trip across Tho mexican Border Hoss Searles for him and finds him in jail a living in the Lap of luxury. 9 30 . 2 Cade county part la Cade fights a Battle against time to prove a Young Indian innocent of double murder charges even though he has been convicted 10 00 . 12 the bold ones or. Stuart gets deeply involved in the private life of a nurse when he learns she plans to give up her expected child for adoption. 11 15 . 8 the a i n t a nun wearing High heeled shoes leads the Saint into an unexpected adventure aboard a stolen plane. 11 30 . 12 i olympics highlights of the Winter olympics from Sapporo Japan. The Johnny Carson tonight show is preempted

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