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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 5, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Monday. February 5, in to the High Point enter or Isey Piedmont Center of High Point North Carolina Page nine news of interest to Farmers build lip the soil then choose Spring crops urges agronomist i water for Sale in Ohio head of state College agronomy department recommends growing of leguminous plants to do to \ Alae of land College station Raleigh feb. 5.�?while North Carolina growers Are selecting the crops they will Plant this Spring i b Williams head of the state College agronomy department minded them today that the maintenance and building of soil Fertility is the first essential in Good fanning. Ilk station aids Aston dairymen Gastonia. Feb. 5.�?the Dairy Industry of Gaston counts is due or a definite boost with the petting of a milk receiving Sta Ion in Shelby says Maury Cason farm agent of the state t of Ege Extension service. A we have talked with growers bout Selling their milk to this Miely Plant and they seem Dan utely interested in supplementing heir farm income through his dded source of Revenue. Agent Baston said. One milk route terminating in he Statesville receiving station is Heady drawing a Large amount f milk from the county Otton production posted in Bertie Windsor feb. 5 the preset tobacco situation has forced Vivat of interest in Cotton growing among Bertie county n Mer reports farm. Grant. In id sections of thrower Are indicating Blant their full it it Rte h Many plan Uii led seed i placed for joker i us in a in not Only a Vila Ted they will to that the agent b. P county. They Quot ill it a a hut ment to use Cert week a order 300 bushels of no 2. Owe is invite Good seed hut plan to use eve therefore a he said a it is of hic highest importance that the soil be handled and cropped As far As practicable in a manner that will retain its Fertility if the land is productive if the i soil is poor or moderately poor. It should be handled and cropped j in such a Way As to increase its soil Blini eth in order to meet this end1 most economic ally. Williams recommended the growing of Begum i Incus crops which when properly handled will add considerable organic matter and nitrogen to the soil. Since nitrogen is fairly High in Price the state College Agron j omis said it is doubly important at that time that growers use such legume crops As clovers j soybeans and cowpeas to As great an extent As possible. A this he said a a Spe j Cia i Effort should be put Forth by every grower to Plant More adapted varieties of legumes than he Ever Lias before. Where ,.ry. It would be the part a 1 ,.Ted from of Wisdom to Cut Down the acre pork cutting exhibits held Twenty two orations Morehead Murphy Demon from City to College station. Raleigh feb. 3. A since the Middle of december pork t utting and curing demonstrations have been held in in North Carolina counties e. V. Vestal assistant Extension Swine specialist at state i College announced today j the 22 demonstrations to show Rural people How better to prepare their pork have attracted a total of 553 persons. One i meeting was held As far East As i Morehead City Iii Carteret coun a to. While another took place in i Murphy in the extreme Western j part of the state. Because of mid Winter drouth water is being sold to Farmers in Lorain county Ohio at prices ranging from 2 cents a gallon to 7 cents for certified drinking water. Water is mauled in malt and whey trucks. Like this Ane from nearby Wellington q. Application o Lime will increase soybean Benefit College station. Rai. Pounds for a six year average by Kich. Feb 5.�? because soybeans the application of one ton of Lime Are Quot Lime Loving a plants Best re a every three years. Soybeans form nodules on the w Eli spa i Jed a we have spotted these cutting and curing demonstrations pm in All parts of the Vestal explained a and interest seems to be equally High everywhere. A Farmers generally appear Aux ions to learn better methods of producing killing cutting and j Curg pork on the farm a he j continued. A they have paid strict attention to the methods As j outlined by the Swine office of the Extension service and have entered freely into the russians use armoured sleds in sledges were used As Surpri weapon by russian troops attacking the Mannerheim line on karelian isthmus. Sledges we pushed tear finnish lines where red soldiers armed with automatic guns and Light Machi were let out to take cover and push the attack. Picture shows artist s Conception of sled attack. Liquor violations Lead indictments is in it the ave and give what Best possible it arc a a Lime soil of tile land a not been limed it should receive an application of this material at the rate of one ton to the acre where the soils Are highly acid. Although to a tiling materials Are fairly High in Price it will he Wise before putting crops on the pouter soils to use at least 250 pounds of a 2-8-4 mixture in the oat commercial fertilisers until the Calcium or Lime requirements of this legume Are met. According to or Emerson r. Collins agronomist of the Experiment i Cion at state College. In the three year rotation Experiment of Corn Oats and vetch. And soybeans on a Dunbar tin1 Sandy Loam the application of one ton of Lime Ever three years increased the yield of soybeans i i Quot i bushels for the average of five ability to air Ami fix for Plant inoculated organisms v mailable los. Method to it to Mil Tai Plain in the a count in. And a 2 Lu-4 mixture a Dmont and Mountain Taley will Battle Ranklin in class Here wednesday Semi finals in it District St for High Point College go menu cum Kansan is still greatest Miler however Levi As Chuck Fenske that set the Mill Rose it Barnes on fire roots which have tin take nitrogen from the it in a form suitable use when the soil is with the right kind of Poi i e Vit seed or Collins explained that these organisms Are usually present in Fields where soybeans have Bei n growing but it is advisable to inoculate the seed before planting when soybeans to in be grown in a Field which has not been in soy Esna for several years. Because legumes can fix their own nitrogen from the soil. Fertilizers Are usually recommended which do not contain nitrogen. Crops for All the treatments. Lime aids Fertility in another Experiment on a Wickham Sandy Loam soil. The application of one ton of Lime every such As 0-105 on the heavier soil three years in a Corn and soybean to ofies on the Well drained Sandy rotation increased die yield of so Loams and fairly Well drained Beans 1,4 bushels tor a 12-year Sandy Loams to Silt Loams of the average. In another series the coastal Plain Region the inclusion Hay yields were increased 274 j of nitrogen is recommended. Id rag by to uns Oft the largest attendance at any line demonstration a at Burgaw in Pender county in Here to people attended. However 50 or More attended the meetings in Swain Clay person and Iredell counties. Other counties where demonstrations were held included Cumberland Franklin and Greene in the Eastern part of the state Burke in the Piedmont and Macon. Jackson Hay a Wood. Bolk. Watauga Avery rend 2 a Henderson counties in the we Quot penal to the f a Terpene Thomasville feb 3 a the report of til Thomasville Polit department for january shows that j some a John Barleycorn is still the contributor of tile Large number of pos mistress retired mail Rovt i pro Mem comes by Coop carriers each i Bolton enter conn., feb. 5. It pts residents of this Villi Iii hip taking turns playing mailman. Daily since the Bolton Center office was discontinued six i. N. Cd students Volunteer to in Trust Lorn ids Post Ollie e was Ai con Nuru. I representative of the 25 i nannies it served dim approx ,.rn.,. In Iivo Milin Andover mid 11 .j1?&Quot&Quot i"�?�"1 a Lunt Chapel Hill feb. 5. Asea Trie it he local court. The p up he Ive exhibit Swine growers from Alt sections of the state Are expected to attend the first annual Sale and show of purebred hogs undue Ted by the North Carolina breeders association in Rocky i mount february 16 and it indictments during the month Are its follows drunkenness 52 drunk and disorderly 2 liquor Law violations 8 assault 2 Simps As aul 2 assault on a female. 5 assault with intent to kill. 8 carrying concealed weapon. I worthless checks i disorderly House 2 injury to prop i larceny i prostitution rape or attempt 4 receiving stolen property i vagrancy 2 motor vehicle Laws 5 Drunken driving a a speeding. 5 reckless driving 4 City ordinance to and traffic violations i. Run it the Mui years re retirement fire. Opened 200 years a when miss Adelfia n pos mistress for 20 a ached the compulsory o la mail for the of t>d1,� Ltd re or 1"�nf,r, i prison c amp Ai Hillsboro eve thursday evening it was i nout Ted Here today. The students work is being i reded by die Extension Divi and miss Rebecca Wall. Head Al a cult education in Orange count the group will instruct the Pri owners in agriculture eur Reni events history geography aril noetic and elementary subjects students volunteering Are did criminal files 62 picture for the criminal files seven fingerprints were made personal files one escaped vict identified by fingerprint returned to serve sentence mad for con and not Edkins Chapel Hui Roy Clark one negro wanted for armed Rob Chapel Hill Moses Mulkin Brook James Howard de d. B Powell. Rock Steve Piller hemp the report of t Bureau of the to which is in charge Richardson show i fingerprints were Bury identified by fingerprints and line mass delivered to a neighbor police de me. Texas a it mein. Mount and identification the report also shows that 89 a Tead n. Y. Ii department persons were placed in the Thorn a a of sgt. E. R Asville during the month and 183 Iran increased its import hat 4 6 sets of meals were served to prisoners in american rubber product to nearly made for the the jail. A 9 too per cent in a recent month do new York Dural lame in or firs class c Western be played in the Liege gymnasium no Franklin High find had me d of i ii for i i in Horeb mile ii a them if half Lap won a i Don from for Fob. 5. A a it a Hie Jimmy Herbert Hill three tenths of a own world s indoor the �?o600&Quot and later d new York uni veracity team to a new of 4 i 9.8�?hut he still enough to Praise a fellow competitor in 11 Iii use Ltd Mes. Min Glia in. Did you see tot beat All right but a that kick of Iii a Mer he would have Iota but take anything that cunning Ham is still the worlds greatest a a Tut dual i strict of the conference will a ii so Point co Ween Sta Ley a schools wednesday night the Winner of the game will sleet Currie for the District chum ship i Day night. The West half of the Slat is divided into four districts the 1st his id embraces Randolph Rock Ogham. Guilford Alamance sur Ikea Forsyth and Yadkin ounce. The Staley team is coached by a l. Brinkley High Point col j Miler lege graduate and has won 12 might games. Boasting it a it ran team intact from lust years aggregation that went to the ame place last year the following High school teams Hae fallen before coach Brinkley s charges Landsman Liberty Gray s Chapel twice Sumner Mcleansville Vanklink ill it Bonier Providence Ole Ridge and pleasant Garden wire. A forfeit Over Wentworth Aho. Walked up to the if Staley Only one Reserve has broken into the lineup of Staley this sea on Max Abl Rich a guard has Wen 0ug�d As a regular by Odell in Ebert except for that Chance t is the same team hat represented Sisley lust year. The other embers of the starting quintet re Jam s Hicks Wilbert Cooper George Poe and Hobart Wilson t w Estes a lanky Center who cored 200 Points last year is excreted in be the Franklin main j pm Railroad Lay tot h years a. 1 the age of 63. Troughton at Greensboro Greensboro fell in a too a hot Luis a Broughton Raleigh acor approximately 55.000 North eve who is a candidate for the j Carolina form boys Aud girl Are democratic nomination for Gover expected to enrol in t la clubs or will speak Here tonight at a this year according to a r. F the Greensboro t la Robeson Farmers look to payments Lumberton Felt 5 a w d Reynold farm agent of the Sta College Extension service reports that Robeson county Farmer Are becoming More Intel a Ted in earning their Soli building payments for Imo. One induction is that growers have already placed orders for 752 tons of Lime enough the i Riple a Grant of Aid program. In addition Farmers have ordered More than 60,oo� Forest Trees to be delivered from the state Forest Nursery at Clayton Cotton gaining favor in various sections of the state Cotton is again coming into prominence As a Cash crop with the highly unfavourable Prospect for tobacco in 19 1b As the chief contributing reason. Of Herbert Felt that Way he mood alone among the 16.goo in Madison Square Garden w to howled themselves hoarse Ai what must have been the Best of All the 33 i a a Mill Rose games potato train fur Fenske. The Wisconsin Wiz to a sji0w Eastern North Caro Aid carefully rating himself while Jjuan Farmers How Best to handle Blaine Rideout of Lexas guided and Market their Irish potatoes the Field through a terrifically a special potato Cain will be fast three quarters took the Lea Damn through the coastal Plain at the seventh Lap. Stretched those counties february 12-23. Wiry legs of his and roiled Home a a a a a a in 4 u7,4�? second fastest indoor Goor Chick Saleh mile Ever run to heat cunning North Carolina hatcheries have Ham. Who was seeking his last reports that sales of baby Chicks Wanamaker mile trophy up to the present time have a a a. I been unusually Good reports c. Of Parrish Extension poultry Man at state College. Retired head of mid Western railway passes in Chicago Chicago. Feh 5 a cd it a Fred w sat gent w to less than a year ago retired a president of the Chicago and North West a Post he had held died yesterday at a a coast Ivory Hunters pass up Good shot of Ruhs Newland Han Francisco. Feb 5. A pm a did you know scouts of tile 16 major league baseball clubs passed up a draft tagged player4 w to la i season cracked a Pacific coast league record of 26 year leering of room teacher asset tat Ion us i 11 Arri 11, 4-h club Leader at stat standing Ulleg xxx xxx pork chops Pound fat Back these prices effective All week delivery charge Loc extra United Market h a 206 North main phone 2900 Tim player is Brooks Holder san Francisco Seal outfielder. Ile hit 24 triples lat season. The old record was 23, established jointly in 19 13 by Dan Howard and hurl Meggett of the los Angeles club and tied in 1 923 by Pete Schneider of Vernon. In 173 games Holder hit for an average of .314, he knocked in 87 runs had s9 has on Ball stole 14 bases hit 16 sacrifices five Home runs and 34 two Bagg in. Young useful and fast Holder could have been had for $7,500. Charley Graham president of the seals a More surprised Over the fact Holder Wasny to drafted than in would have been if Dominic i Imaggio Hadnot been hold. The ease of Holder recalls to Graham those of two earlier coast league Star. One was Ray Wiz Kremer. W to pitched for Oakland for to years in full View of a parading army of big league Talent detect v is. It remained for Joe divine in his first assignment As a Pittsburgh scout pick up Kremer Case no. I involve Curt Dave. Who pitched five years for Tho seals in colourless but decidedly i effective fashion. Finally drafted i by the lowest club in the National i league Philadelphia he became the twirling Star of the Phillies j Dipont official to Spiak Charlotte. Feb. 5 i l. F. Livingston of Wilmington Del manager of the agricultural Extension division of the in i Dupont de Nemours and cum starting tonight promptly at 8 00 o clock the High Point Enterprise brings you an interest packed series of four free lectures mpg of m by h o a r d j. Wisehaupt the Man who makes Selling a science a timely Opportunity. A rare intellectual bargain. An inspirational feast. That is How we term this series of lectures of Howard j. Wisehaupt nationally known business analyst and merchandising Counselor. In times like these it is Wise to employ Means to help you in your every Day business. Don t a personality to lie dormant. Put it to work for you. La Aid j. W Wisehaupt As he attacks these Quot a sue ure Quot an insight into the realm of a Success Quot a what makes it what deter it. V in Ever now ear a Ess of your Low fail and mon., feb. 5 tues., feb. 6 wed., feb. 7-thur., feb. 8 a make your Job pay a How to influence people a a a personality in Busine a a How to make More Money it admission is free. But by ticket Only. Secure tickets at the Enterprise business office Call 4566 for reservations. Lectures begin promptly each evening at 8 of clock doors open at 7 00 p. M. High Point Junior High school auditorium

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