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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 5, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Bondar., february 5, 1940the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page seven he Enterprise Page of entertainment for the family Cross word Puzzle a serial Story beast of Burden the Captain s daughter by Helen Worden copyright. 1840. Nea service. Inc. Uncle Ray s Corner Vitamin a prevents a night blindness horizontal la pictured beast of Burden. It it is a or crossbred an Mal n Sailor p Ai in add it Bent backward it sugar Sand. M to fail to hit. P composition for two performers. 0 it is la to gasp. Thought 3 Many a Reading room. 4 to yearn 5 afternoon it Road. 7 to diversify it to skip. 9 a t u a i happening. 0 Caribou 1 outspoken 3 Skeleton of a Structure. 4 Meek 5 pleased answer to previous Puzzle 21 Harbor. Or a r a a no a tsp Toa eel rape a Kijano Al do adeptly a pm no to i Tel a 3 r a 36 Southeast. 37 contest. 38 desert animal. 41 sound of pleasure. 42 bed lath. 43 Parrot. 44 above. 46 natural passage. 48 fairy. 49 data. 50 it is used to carry burdens in the a 51 it is a or steady animal. Amp Gnu vertical 1 males. 2 combined. 3 classical language. 4 does wrong. 5 pronoun Al to fetch. 7 to slumber. 8 contraction. 9 doctor. 10 genuine. 11 toward sea. 12 to soak flax. 14 myself. 16 queer. 18 divers. 22 manager of an opera company. 23 it is a pack or beast. 24 want. 25 ode. 27 weather cock. 28 Pate. 29 notoriety. 30 Strong Low cart. 32 slice of Bacon. 33 level. 35 turf. 37 influenza. 38 round handled Basket. 39 form of 40 Crescent shaped figure. 41 wine vessel. 42 Eye tumor. 43 sheltered place. 45 Tablet. 47 form of 48 pair. 49 preposition. Believe it or not Jeffrey Lynn is late or pitching woo Date with oomph girl by Imi i. Harrison it % ten or staff Corm Pond in i Hollywood. Feb 5 a Bend the a Reen hearing that in Sheridan was working in the la gallery at Warners i upped in to real my eyes and und Here in one of those Black Ming gown a waiting to do me a Clinch stuff with Jeffrey in. You a think that no min past a age of 3 could be late for cd a Thorp but or. wan. Hen he finally showed up he d miss Sheridan walked Over a brightly illuminated Couch the s lets get this Over with Ift Kneen and went into a co options embrace two cameras clicked and the Lye s altered their pose slight or. Lynn assumed his Ell re you Alwayn expression and in de his lips As close to those miss Sheridan As the Hays flee will allow. She half closed r eyes and looked soil of Sony. Their was a Brief delay the photographers. A does my right Arm look a a asked or by ii. Never Al lug his soulful gaze. A hurry up. You lugs in a due or at wardrobe right now a id miss so Cuidan through part. Expectant lips. The cameras eked some More and the iou i relaxed. Jeff impatient to get it Oyer while the a tor sat on the Couch. Miss Sheridan wriggled around so that she refined in his Aims. She registered rapture. Hie possessive clasp looked like a title illustration for a a heaven can wait a a you finished with the picture. Jeff a she sked. A nah a he snarled through a tender half smile of sheer ecstasy. A Cotta it outs retakes tomorrow. And i wanted to go to the races. Say. Haven to you Guys got enough stuff a just a Little longer a begged the Boss photographer. A Annie How about turning on a Little More of the we Ell kno a a Elf you say a oomph a 111 strangle you a warned Mise Sheridan. A Well done to strangle me a protested Lynn who was looking pretty Pink. Your correspondent tipped out. It was More disillusionment than i could Bear. A to won t hear Thih line in film j went around to stage 12. Where they re making a picture i titled a we shall meet George Brent Calls it a six Cha act Ere in search of a dire. i Edmund Goulding started it fell till. William Keighley substituted Farewell to Romance cast of characters Marik la Porter Mode in exclusive dress Shoppe lives on a Burge. Dan Donovan a Playboy son of a Rich irishman in love with Marie. Tommy Ryan Leader of the truckers fighting Marie Sfa tiler. Lynda Martin a society Debutante wants to marry Dan. Baptiste la Porter Marie a father owner of a Fleet of barges. Iii s saturday Mike Donovan Call on Bai when he sees Dan is determined to marry Marie. Hat is equally angered by the idea. A your songs not Good enough for my daughter a he Bellows at Mike. Finally or. La Porte stops the quarrel. Mike Calls Dan. A you la not marry Flint Barge Man s girl if i can prevent it a. Chapter Xii when Marie la Porte turned into the 59th Street Gate to Central Park with Tommy Ryan she Felt she had succeeded in putting Dan Donovan out of her mind her spirits Rote. There was actually music in the air. As a matter of fact it was Only a Street piano Ahe heard grinding out a the sidewalks of new it brought Back sunny Spring afternoons when holding tight to Tommy a hand she had raced Down South Street on roller skates the hurdy gurdy revived Early emotions. Ever since she d been a Little girl she had always thought she would grow up and marry Tommy Ryan. They never talked about it. Even when they were old enough to because Tommy Wasny to the talking kind but it had been understood. She remembered the sense of Security it had Given her to have life settled. Everything seemed simple until Dan Donovan came along or perhaps the change had occurred Benn that. Maybe going to work at Val net s. Wearing All those Beautiful clothes and seeing the luxurious easy life of the customers made her dissatisfied whatever it was she resented it a Varnett a. Dan and the whole complicated mess. She glanced at Tommy. If anything. He was better looking than when she first thought she loved him. Tall six feet and an Inch or two. He was deep chested and muscular. He had on his Hest Blu suit hut she wished he Hadnot picked a red Necktie. His skin was too Sun burned for that. His below hair dampened by perspiration. Lay Flat and smooth As he took off hts Felt hat and fanned his face. His hat was new. He handled it self consciously. He would have been much More at ease in his old Cap rough shirt and pants thought Marie. Then she chided herself for being Over critical. She slipped her hand in his. A let s pretend we re kids again. Tommy out for a Good time. The Only thing missing is our roller he grinned. His Blue eyes were Clear As a baby a no Trace of last nights fight with Dan in them. A a you re not much More than a kid now Marie but i get you a he squeezed her hand. A what about a boat ride a she nodded her Brown a eyes sparkling. Together they raced Down the Hill to the boat House or the South Side of the big Lake her dark curls flying in the Breeze. Tommy was right she was still a Little girl. The round White Collar of her Blue dress made her seem far younger than 18. The boat House was t crowded with customers. The prematurely warm weather had boomed business. They stopped at the lunch counter and had a hot dog then joined the waiting line. A ooh. Marie cried. A Weil ride in a red boat and take Popcorn and peanuts along. You can Row and Iti sit Back and feed the swans and Admire they climbed into a red Rowboat she picked and drifted lazily around the Lake saying Little but enjoying the Sun. The fresh warm Spring air and the brightness of the yellow forsythia Blooming on the Banks. Occasionally Marie threw peanuts to the swans and ducks. The lapping of the Cater against the Side of the boat relaxed her until she thought of Dan again and was Hurt. She was thankful for the Healing present. she said. Quot let s Stop the clock right Here. I Don t want to go Back to he smiled and pulled More slowly on the oars. He had taken off his coat Aud she could see the Muscles flex beneath his White shirt. She Felt the old thrill for him surge within her and she tried to hold it but it was gone when he spoke a sounds silly to me. So pose we did Stop the clocks the Sun would still set night would still come and i would still have to Start work no my truck again Iii the Mornin. Which reminds me a he glanced at his watch a a we be got to turn this boat in by 5.�?� Marie frowned now if Tommy had been Dan a she Drew herself up sharply. She must t think of Dan. He was going to marry Lynda Martin. He was out of her life. Tommy s word snapped her bark. A fall right. Lets take the boat in and get at least one ride on the she held up Ber hand. A hear it playing that funny old music a he pulled More briskly on the oars steering the2 boat towards Shore a Why do you we ant to do the same thing we did when we were kids a a because that was when we were the happiest she answered frankly. you Happy with me now a he slapped the water savagely with the oars making a re the Fahmy doctor Quality of first Aid May determine Accident victim Chance for recovery cranium crackers disciples deaths you May be Well informed on the lives and teaching of Jesus disciples but do you know How they Are supposed to have met their deaths from the Brief descriptions below identify the disciple who met his death in the manner indicated in each group 1. Hanged against a pillar in Hier polls a City in Asia minor 2. Thrown from Pinna Eie of the Temple and then beaten to death. 3. Hanged himself. 4. Slain with a sword in Ethiopia. 5 crucified head downward during terroristic reign of Nero inn Irr. On want and Page by or. Morris Fishbein editor journal of the american medical association and of Hygeia the health Magazine in Accident cases chances of the patient s eventual Complete recovery frequently depend on Early treatment of his injuries. The following advice concerning the ate a to be taken in first Aid May apply to red Cross workers attendants at Highway first Aid stations or to anyone who May find himself in the position of giving help to Accident victims dressings every care should be taken to handle dressing As Little As possible and to make certain that the surface of the dressings to be applied has not been touched. A dressing that has already been put on a wound should not be removed unless the patient is ready to be sent Home or there in some Good Reeson for taking it off Bever injury to soft tissues these May be present although there is no fracture and the injuries should be dressed after removal of foreign matter. Splints should be applied. Wounds of the larger Razac teen for example the upper thigh a May by associated with considerable Shock despite the absence of damage to Bone or severe Haemorrhage. Haemorrhage application of a Tourniquet is painful and it May seriously endanger the vitality of. The limb on which it is placed. A Tourniquet should therefore be applied Only after careful consideration. Ender Ordinary circumstances. The pressure should be released after 15 minutes to see whether the bleeding has stopped Ender no circumstances should a Tourniquet to left on for More than an hour it should be applied just tight enough to Stop the Haemorrhage. Abdominal wound the in trance wound in these cases May to insignificant. There is usually considerable pain but the Abdom a Nal Muscles May not be rigid. If a blood vessel has been ruptured the pulse rate w ill increase. Mer-1 Phine should he Given Only when j Tho pain is intense and the patient is restless. Chance of recovery in such cases usually a pends on Early operation. Rums no attempt should be made to clean Burns. They should a imply be covered with a suitable dressing. The picnic acid should be moistened before application. Picnic acid does not interfere with efficiency of tannic arid dressing applied later. Morphine will probably be required. Sounding splash. A ooh Tommy you re getting me wet a he went on rowing. A you did no to answer my she gazed thoughtfully at the tall buildings fringing the Southern Skyline their White Spires painted Rose by the setting Sun. I a i suppose in a Happy but in a different he guided the boat to the wooden Landing float. When the Dockman hooked it. He jumped ashore and reached out his hand. A Well pm not Happy a he said. As they left the boat House a and the Guy to blame in Dan he clutched her Arm until it Hurt. A Marie lets get married tonight. We can go to Jersey she Drew away. A please. Tommy done to be serious today. Lets go on having fun. Here s the she ran ahead to the platform. I want to ride the Pink Pony and get the brass ring. Remember the sunday afternoon you pulled six in succession and the Man who took the tickets would Lei you have Only five rides a the lights were twinkling on the mall when they left Central Park a a let a go to Diamond Jim s for dinner a Maria suggested. A mrs. Atwood that widow who owns those barges beyond the Molly went there the other night with the Flanagan. She told pop it was Tommy scowled. A to. Well go to Diamond Jim shut of this is going to be a Holiday Don t bring your dad into it a she jerked his Arm a they passed a news stand. A look. Tommy there a your name and Dan s in a headline Quot a wee together they read. A Young millionaire Dan Donovan diffs True Ster Tommy Ryan in waterfront bout Over Beautiful Model. Fight to be continued. The girl in the cae. Marie la Porte svelte Varnet Model cock tailed yesterday at Larue a with Donovan a Tommy clenched his fists. A so that s where you d been when i spotted you two last a that All Tommy paid no attention. A listen to this. A Donovan n engagement to Lynda Martin it is rumoured will be formally announced saturday night at a Blowout mrs. William Martin aunt of the Lucky Girt. Is giving in their triumphantly he a aught Marie sarm. A a cd Mon kid stick to you own gang Here a a bus. It la fake us to times Square and Diamond Jim a Yeti Well celebrate a Marie Aid but she was crying. To be continued when a person is driving an automobile in the dusk or at night it is important for his eyesight to be Sharp and Good. Else he might not see some object in the Road quickly enough. Those who go about on foot also need to see clearly in dim Light. A night blindness is a trouble with the eyes. It comes to a person who does not obtain enough Vitamin a in his food. Although he is not Blind he cannot see Well enough in dim Light. Many thousands of persons suffer from night blindness and most of them do not even know it in tests of typical groups of school children in Iowa it was found that a Large percentage suffered from this trouble. Other tests have shown that eating foods which contain a Good Deal of Vitamin a will end night blindness in almost every Case. It also has been Learned that if people cat enough of his Vitamin they will not become Blind pm night. 11 la worse Eye troubles appear to come from not having Vitamin a total blindness May be a one of the final results of going without Vitamin a for a Long time. If people choose their foods wisely they should obtain All the Vitamin a they need Here is a list of foods which have Good stores of it a trots yellow com meal Green peas fresh Squash dandelion greens Parsley string Beans yellow peaches Chard dried prunes Sweet my try toys Green lettuce spinach milk Cream Cream cheese Cheddar cheese butter egg Yolks liver and Salmon. That is not a Complete list but it gives most of he foods a College girl taking eyesight test for a night which Are Rich in Vitamin a. Notice How May of them Are Green or yellow. We might almost Call this a a Green and yellow meaning that most foods which Are Rich in it have one of these colors. Milk Ream and Cream cheese Are produced by cows which eat Green grass or yellow com or both. With so Many. Good foods to choose from it is strange that anyone should miss a Good daily Supply of Vitamin a. Yet test after test has proved thai Many persons suffer from not having enough Green or yellow vegetables or Dairy product or liver and Salmon. For science or Genera interest Section of your scrapbook if you want a five copy of the leaflet entitled a background of european War Send me a i stained self addressed envelope in rare of this new spa her Eny be rav. Tomorrow Vitamin b. Mckenney on Bridge an almanac in a deck of cards expert play beats by pm. E. Mckenney americans card authority Tbs words you Are about to look at. In the split seconds that they hit you a yes. Form s new kind of reporting this win take sixty second to read while you Are Reading theae facts the event they describe Are actually taking place what happens in one minute on Earth a world la in motion. A destiny unfolds itself How can i by Anne Ashley flapper Fanny by Sylvia a com. I so St pcs scan inc. Ute. T. In acc u. % sat. Orc few amp v a i m11 by aka Civ re a 2-5 of you want to teach him tricks you la have to have More patience or More q How can i make a Good soap Jelly a. This can be made from the a craps of soap around the House. Dissolve these Small pieces of soap in just enough water to cover them. Add que teaspoonful of Borax for each pint of the mixture. Q. How can i prevent pies from overflowing in the oven a. Insert a Short piece of uncooked Macaroni in the top of the Crest. This will Stop the overflow. Or do this at the Start to proven overflowing. Q How can i prepare a solution for chapped hands a. A Good lotion for chapped baud is one part of Aqua ammonia to two parts of Glycerine. Add enough Rosewater to obtain a might perfume for a while Goulding returned had a relapse and now the Job is in the hands of Anatole Lilia k. All the action takes place on shipboard and i watched a sequence in Merle Oberon a state i Coin the aet Rosa was in bed. And looking Fine Iii spite of a heart attack she was supposed to have had they rehearsed a scene in which Geraldine Fitzgerald sat on the Edge of the bed and concluded a few lines of dialog with. A Joan dear you must t talk like thi Quot then the was supposed to Rise and go out a door. For a better camera Angle in the close shot Tho bed was raised about a foot on wooden blocks then they made a take. A miss Fitzgerald finished speaking she Rose to make her exit forgot the bed had been elevated stumbled and Early fell. Here How her last in sounded a Joan dear you talk ii or thin t m a ? y 7 lessons in English by w. L. Gordon words often misused do not say. A a his Given name is John a a say a this Christian name is John i surname is often mispronounced Fiance pronoun e be an a. E a in me. First a a in a second a a in say secondary accent on first syllable. Principal accent on last syllable. Often misspelled aggravate Gra aggregate re. Synonym. Optimistic hopeful sanguine word study a yes a word three times and it is yours a let us in crease our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today word Loe note Redish an equivalent Power or Force acting in opposition a state of balance. A the every Day Caret and duties which men Call Drudgery Are the weight and counterpoise of the clock of . Modern etiquette by Roberta Lee q How should one regulate his tips and know whether to give a tip of a dime or a Dollar a a. Tipping must be regulated by the contents of one s purse. It is really vulgar to by ostentatious and overdo it. When a person skiing cycles travel Arctic front of i a a Quot a i amp i Start Reading americas National youth administration plants ten Trees every salvages an average of six garments every minute. Insanity is becoming so wide i spread in this country that it costs new York state alone Hoo a minute to maintain mental institutions. Cattle in slaughtered in american meat packing plants at an unbelievable rate. They kill weight on the Hoof in e. S. Abattoirs at an average rate of 3,000 pounds of calves 16,000 pounds of hogs and 3.000 pounds of sheep and Lamb every fio seconds to prevent epidemics the government of Siam is giving free Public inoculations now against cholera and typhoid every minute of every hour five More persons fake an inoculation there. That a a treatment every 12 seconds the nazis have Given Italy th1 use of the a is it holler process for making alcohol out of Wood. And the italians Are now consuming More than Iso pounds of Wood a minute for this trick process. Frame imported 900 francs Worth of luxuries each minute from the nazis and has failed a dead Stop to the Trade now. Stop Reading. Here is an interesting observation in connection with the deck of cards. The four suits match the four seasons of the year. The j 52 cards equal the number of weeks in a year the 13 Trumps correspond to the 13 lunar j months and the two suit colors seem to symbolize Day and night add up the spots on the cards mounting la for the Jack. 12 for tile Queen and it for the King. Plus i for the joker and you i will find they total b a the number of Days in a year. In i Here is a defensive play that i you might free Only in leap year i South took the opening Lead with the heart Ace and led the Jack of clubs which Rode to the Queen j another heart came Hack Knock log out the King and Haring tile heart loser. South cashed the King of Trumps and followed with a Small Trump to the Ace. Declarer now had to guess whether to play for the Ace or the to of club to fall in three Lead. He guessed right and so led the King from Dummy East. Being marked for the Ace. The j Ace went up and South trumped. He pulled the last Trump then led the Deuce of diamonds with th1 intention of finessing the to a a3 v 873 4 a 10 4 a k 9 7 4 2 8 4 a q j 94 a k 9 8 3 4b 10 5 3 a 972 a 1062 a 765 aq86 4b a a j 10 6 5 a aks a q j 2 j duplicate a. And s. Val. South West North East i 4b pass 2 x 3 4b pass 4 n. T. Pass 5 a pass 6 4b pass opening a q. A he needed at least two More entries to Dummy. Now ame the great defense West played the King of diamonds on the Deuce and this blocking of the Diamond suit prevented Declarer from getting into Dummy again later to Cash the clubs that he could establish by another Ruff. He had to yield a heart trick Aud go Down one next ally. The stronghold of look and learn by a to a Gurdon 1. Which five states Border on the Gulf of Mexico 2. In what year after marriages Are divorces most numerous 3. In which e. 8. Industry is the largest capital invested4. What other name is applied j to Crayon drawings j s. At what age did Alexander i the great die the conqueror of j the world 1 a n us ers 1.florida, Alabama. Louisiana Mississippi Aud Texas 2. Third year. 3. Iron and steel. 4. Pastels. 5. Thirty two years of age. Side glances even the motorcycles Wear skis in Northern Finland As the Arctic fighters adapt transport to severe Winter conditions by placing runners on the cycles and trailers. Carns say Sjo or $40 a week Ami goes around giving so cent and one Dollar tips he should have a guardian. Q. When giving an informal dinner in t it All right for the Host Ess to say. A just sit anywhere you wish a a. No. This is very confusing. Is too much like playing the id game of a musical the oat Ess should designate where each guest shall sit. Q would ii he proper for a Young woman to sign a business letter miss Alice Jones \ yes. But the miss should a ii. Ail in my in hts 4 u Asama com. Iwo a Nix Atsy ice inc t. M ate y a Pat on Quot there a nothing doing in this town on sundays a let s go in the dining room and have another

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