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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 5, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Onday february 5, 1940the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Cern of a High Point North Carolina Page eleven How to raise Cash sell your Misc. Items cribs to pianos in the want ads they bring ready about our Low 7-time Economy rate. New York stocks new York feb. 5a �?2 p. In. Jacks Lam exp. 7 i chem and Dye. Keghany. La Chai mfg. 112 1 car Fly. N for pow. N pow and it. 4 re Rad and St 89 a n Roll Mill. 14h n smelt and ref. 48 a n Sug ref. 19 a t or t170a ii Tob b9027 m i. 55 t a it. La pow. Mont Ward. 51�?T4 Murray corp. Us Nash Kelv. 6>i Nat Blae. 237a Nat Cash rag. 153$ Nat Dairy plod. 16s� Nat Olat. 23 Nat Lead. 193� Nat pow and it. 8 n y cent. 16 no am Avian. 25 lilt corp lid win i of in so All. A Dix a tat the St Ping Airl men i we 53a 12. 303, 73\t 24 23 org Warner. 223. If get of it do wheel. Bra Mills or add much Burnet and Hee dry. In Pac Erpil Trae p s and o 8t p is p of. Rysler Lum Oak la credit ii solv a with and son it edit. Of. It can in prod Lark a. a chem. Pont. Lan Rod. Auto la pow and it. Blee. Foods. Mot lint Irish. Year. Tam Paige nor by of. Id m App Mot cent Harvest. Nick can Tel and Tel a Man Mercott. It for Roe a in Myers b i it i los and Nash k t20 it us 19 a 12 6�, 194, 5 Sou 393, �?~4 Hou 6>a 473, 14 in a 32 to 42 u 627, 47a 51 1491794 156 36 6u 38�?~, 47 4 52 u a a 17ta 22 a a 22 3� Sulla a 534 35 a 4 713� 347, 287, 1064 36 24. 58u North am nor Pac. Otis Elev. Pac gab. Packard. Param Pix. A ram of. Penney j c Penn Dix. Penn r r Phillip pet Pitt scr and b pub Sec n j Pullman. Pure Oil. Radio. Rad k Orem Rand. Rep St. Reynolds b Sears. Shell in. Socony vac. Sou Pac. Sou by. Sperry 21 a a. 17 337, 34 7u 86>� 88>a 34 213$ 39 634 41 257a 83a 534 ilk 934 194 40 3 834 la >3 u34 127. 17 45ta funeral services for hrs. Beamon conducted funeral services for mrs. Frances Louis Beamon. 25, wife of Howard Beamon. Who was killed in an automobile Accident at Biscoe Friday afternoon were conducted from the North main Street Baptist Church yesterday afternoon at 2 of clock by the pastor Rev. A. Lincoln Fulk and Rev. H. P. Williams pastor of the gospel Tabernacle. During the services the Church choir Sang a the old rugged Cross and Quot shall we gather at the River Quot and As a special num spa delegates i to visit Plant Atlanta feb. 5.�? in a the Lufkin Tex., Plant making newsprint from Southern slash Pine will be inspected by members of the Southern newspaper publishers association at their annual convention May 20-22 at Mineral Wells Tex. Mineral Wells was selected for the meeting yesterday at a one Day session of the Board of directors. Walter c. Johnson of Chattanooga tenn., Secretary Mana Ger said a personal invitation was hold everything by Clyde Lewis Ber a Trio from the Tabernacle extended the publishers by gov Sang a abide with the error w. Lee of Daniel of Texas Church Wilth a Odi Lnu no Church was filled to overflowing with relatives and friends and the flow ers were numerous and Beautiful. Pallbearers selected from the High Point fire department were w. P. Brown. W. L. Moser John t. Bennett jr., t. A Womack w. B. Wagner and p. W. Davis. Interment was made in the Floral Garden cemetery. Prior to leaving the Home at Norman a Short service was held at 10 30 o clock by Rev. A. B. Cranford pastor r the first Baptist Church of China Grove. Sui Brand. 7 so Oil Cal. So Oil ind. So Oil n Studebaker. Swift. Tex corp. Tex Gulf prod. Tex Gulf Sui. Timken det a Tran Amer Tran and West air in carb. In Pac. Unit Aire. Unit corp. Unit fruit it. Unit Oak Imp. U 6 ind Alco. U 8 rub. I u s smelt and ref. U s steel. Vanadium Warner pie. West Mary. I West Blee and mfg Wilson. Woolworth. Yell tac. Young s a Sale. 330.000 244 264 43 to 224 i 434 37, 344 214 34 i 14, j 794 93 484 24 814 144 214 i 357 j 63 364 i 304 34 i 34 1084 i 54 1 404 i 164 394 news of coloured people today s answer to cranium Cracker 1. Philip was hanged against a pillar in Hier Opolis Asia minor. 2. James was thrown from Pinnacle of the Temple beaten to death. 3. Judas Iscariot hanged himself after betraying his lord. 4. Matthew was killed with a sword in Ethiopia. 5. Peter was crucified head downward during Nero a reign. Chicago pro of Etc Chicago feb. 6�? pm butter 664.203, weak Creamery-93 score 30 1-4-4 92, 29 4 91. 294 90, 29 1-4 89. 29 88, 28 4 90 centralized carlot 29 4-eggs 6.516, firm fresh graded extra firsts local 23 1-4, cals 23 4 first local 22 4 cars cars 23 current receipts 22 4. Latest farm Market report Ruhs vegetables North Carolina shipping Point formation it it a i it a a it it Lars the principal wholesale mar its a reported by the United lies Agit irk a and lit men i of confined in 11 ii a i marketing North Carolina de agriculture. Prices to the ranges Al itch the Hulk of the in i Stork Good Merchantable Quality and id it Ion sold Ket pot shipment. Left Gilt new Der Toek february 3 Dela Inglr i Louisiana Ley 6 North Paro 7 South Carolina 5 ten i Virginia i total 36 Bai a a t \ i it s hanged North Carolina hush baskets Porto Picans 17. 8.i 75 to 90 cents ungraded to 60 cents ungraded Jer a Type to to 65 cents. Eastern lore Maryland Poi to Picans Lacy Halls hid White yams no. I 75 to 85 cents in if off 50 to 60 cents. Pittsburgh Market about Idy. Prices unchanged Porto leans. La. Frohna Bushel Banket. Is. Louisiana Bushel a a 0 to 1.60 new York Market Irto divans. I s no. I Irolina. Bushel Basket. 15, mostly i 15 to 1.2 crates 1.40 to 1.50. Irolina Bushel baskets. To Bushel crates 1.40 Cleveland Market Tonger tor Poco Khan. Her auck Louisiana a i is. Poi i o k ii ans i 1.75 to 1.85, Detroit Market about Mist Ana Bushel crates leans u. 8. No i 185. Virginia Bush. Ursey Type. In. 8 no Carolina i 4 Bushel hampers 1.374 to 1.50. Re hot to i Kabe new York Market Dull. South Carolina Eastern lettuce crates 1.124 to 1.25, few 1.25, few 1.37 4. Spinach new York Market steady. Tevas. Bushel baskets Savoy Type. 1.50 to 1.75, mostly 1.50 to 1.75, mostly 1.50 to 1 62 4. St a Hek it i Elk new York Market steady. Florida 36-pint crates per pint classified advertising rates 2c a word this size Type 8 Point 13 words 25c be As it 5 to 2�?~ cents. Its poorer Low Market Dull on Florida Eastern big Boston Type. Quality 1.25 to North 125 to crates steady. North i of to Bush South i to to to 1.50. Slightly Dull on Bushel 8. No. Steady. Polio1.75 to hampers i 1.50. Rumage Rochester n. A demand but Market about steady. Carid h and truckloads Friday by. Shipping Pointe based on slivered Anlas less All transposition charges danish Type irked per ton very Tew sales Loo to 40.00, some poorer i new York Market about Atea-1 on old Stock Dull and slightly Saker on Southern Stock. Florin 14 hampers Domestic round Roe 1.25 to 1.62 4. Mostly found r to. New York a Hind packs danish Type 90 lots to i la Philadelphia Market slightly a Aker on new Stork. South Trolina i 4 Bushel hampers Ivov Type generally fair qual 1.00 to 1.10. Alk new York ilk Section 0 to 2,25 85 cents. Market Dull. Nor Virginia barrels Bushel baskets 75 Allard new York Market slightly Diker. Norfolk Section Virginia ii i Els i 30 to 1.7 5 Bushel kiets 60 to 76 cents. South lettuce new York Southern Stock lettuce crates fair to Good 1.50. Snap Means new York Market about steady. Florida Bushel hampers. Bountiful mostly 4.00 to 4.75, Hayes few 5.00 to 5.50 string less Black Valentines mostly 4.00 to 4.50, few 5.00 Wax Flat Type 4.0 Oto 4.50. Potato Khz Presque Isle. Aroostook county. Points Maine demand slow Market Dull. Carloads and truckloads Friday . Usual terms and shipping Points based on delivered sales less All transportation charges. Presque Isle Tate 100-Pound sacks. Various varieties u. S. No. I. 2 in. Min., 1.48 to 1.54. Pompano fla., i Ake Okee j ent Cho Bee Section demand fair Market steady. Carloads . Cash track and truckloads Cash at packing houses Friday. Bushel crates. Bliss triumphs u. 8 no. I 1.40. New York Market steady on old Stock Dull on new Stock. 100-Pound sacks. 17. S. No i Maine Green mountains 2.00 to 2.05. Idaho russet Burh auks Bakers in 2,20 to 2.30. Florida Bushel crates. Bliss triumphs. U. S. No i few sales 1.85 to 2.00. Chicago old Stock Market about steady. 374 Rara on track 107 arrived total u. A shipments Friday 681 cars. Carlot track sales sacked per cwt. Idaho russet Burbanks u. S. No. I 1,75 to 2.00, mostly 1.83 4 to 1.86. Colorado red Mcclure few sales la. S. No. I Good color 1.75. Late sales Friday fair color 1.50 to 1.60. Nebraska 90 per cent or better no. I Quality Bliss triumphs washed 1.75 to 2.07 4 unwashed fair Quality i car 1.45. North Dakota red River Valley Section 65 to 75 per cent no. I cobblers. 1.15 to 1.20 65 to 75 per rent no. I Quality Bliss triumphs few sales. I. To to 1.15 late sales Friday 85 per cent no. I Quality i car 1.30. Wisconsin unclassified. Fatah Dius. I car 1.20. No new Stock sales reported. Fairview to observe history week a National negro history week Quot a time set aside by the association for the study of negro life and history for the dissemination of historical information on people of african descent will be observed by Fairview Street elementary school the week of feb j Mary la with three separate pro Grams. The programs will follow the general outlines of the famous negro historian. Or. Carter Godwin Woodson director of the association for the study of negro life and history and editor of the journal of negro history. The Fairview observances will be held monday wednesday and Friday mornings february 12. 14 and 16 at 10 45 o clock. The theme of monday s program will be Quot the negro in mrs. J. K. Williams Leader of group one will preside. The program will be As follows speaker mrs. A. M. Greenwood Well known local teacher of music musical number mrs. A. M. Greenwood musical selections. Leonard Street school glee club Fairview Street school Junior glee club senior glee club and toy orchestra and o. E. Simmons director of the first Baptist Church senior choir. The theme of wednesdays Observance will be a outstanding negroes in music and mrs. Pearl Parker Burford Leader of group two will preside. The program will be As follows selections by the William Penn High school chorus poem Sadie Maxwell Solo miss a b. Lomax Short talk and Reading mrs. Galatia Elizabeth Lynch teacher at Leonard Street school poem Zola Brown Solo s. E. Burford i the Friday Observance will take j the form of a pageant entitled j Quot Ethiopia at the bar of j miss a l. Jones Leader of group for three will preside. The characters in the pageant will he As follows Page James Clark Justice Garland Stinnett leniency Flora Hill oppression i Mary Lou Hill mercy Dorothy i Ross opposition. Dorothy Ander son Ethiopia Minnie Taylor his a tory. Fizzle Robbins first slave from Africa Robert Frye Haiti Wilhemena Holland Liberia Beulah Green Crispus Attucks Oliver Walker labor. James prophecy Clara Lassiter womanhood Marion Davis negro Church Decluster Gill. The Public is extended an invitation to attend each program. 4c a word this size Type to Point 13 words 50c 7 consecutive insertion for the Price of 5 minimum charge for want and 25c card of thanks 60c All ads Are Cash in Advance the Enterprise will not be responsible for More than one incorrect insertion of in so. Errors should be reported at once. 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Z just i Khz y Bank . 1111111 m n it i in 1 i 1 ii i Mirn ii i in 1111 Iii Orrl Atlantic ins. Amp realty co. Security Bank 2361 for rent 707 607 515 1113 314 500 a a you re Welcome to use the umbrella Jones hut i warn you if it Isnit returned in four Days that time bomb explodes a Scott. 6 rms. Heat. $30.oo fourth 7 rms. Heat. $45.00 Centennial 7 rms. .$30.00 Smith 5 rms $16.00 Howell 3 pm. Apt. $37.50 Richardson. 7 rms$27.50 Sinclair outside City 7rm8$15.00 Koonts-1 ujhit6 wanted wanted menus suit pants shirts shoes and overcoat highest Cash prices. 114 North Wren. 2-19-4 17 instructions rooms for rent nicely furnished room with heat. 203 Lindsay St. Phone 2449. 2-8-1 for rent to gentlemen Nice room steam heat Shower Baths. Beauty rest mattresses. 907 English. Phone 2726. 2-5-1. For rent two or three unfurnished rooms no children. 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Members of both clubs Are urged to be Prea women a auxiliary to meet wednesday the women a auxiliary of John i Mcclain Post 196, american Le-1 Gion will meet wednesday eve Ding in William Penn High school cafeteria at 8 of clock. The wives of Allex service men Are asked to be present. Recreation Council to meet the recreation Council will will meet in the Parish House of Brooks memorial methodist Church this evening at 7 30 of clock. Madison to play Here tuesday evening the boys and girls basketball teams of Madison High school we Ili play Here tuesday evening beginning at 7 30 of clock. H Virs Rov Wilkes honoured at joint birthday party misses Julia Phillips and Theresa Saunders delightfully entertained a group of friends at a birthday which they gave in Honor of Thomas Hairston Aud George Wilkes at the Home of or. And mrs. C. B. Hairston. 613 East Broad Street. Sunday afternoon at 5 o clock. Guests were misses Margaret Myers and Georgiana Hairston messes. Carl a Latvia Aud. 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Buy your Home site 2. Build your Home 3. Finance your Home through us and save Money. Commercial ins. Invest. Co. R. C. Welborn construction co. Ill4 Security rank building Roy c. Elboro pre. Phone 46j�1 b u i l d e r s o f w e l l c a a f t h o m e s 44% amp 5% int conventional Loans Mortimer and Charlie Well , i Trust those boys Aren t waiting up por me and now to have a look at this �?�200 costume / Bergen

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