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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 5, 1940, High Point, North Carolina 6mc Vou Fyfo to the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page ten monday. February it 1910 by Chic you by Fred Hakman Blondie the end of the line the Whistler and his dog Quot a ppm Iii. Well it was \ somebody go j i Daisy a was t it me daddy an 1nj0n my l after hic f Gettle up Papoose / Baster r we to 03 �?ofl/h0c.r. Voe Paakh escape asa4e> in Arne y bar ranch / Rry Al it Blondie a wow do you expect me to sleep atm you shop ing like a Quot Tea to Tempe it goes a again virile searching for Reo Ryder utile a Clave or Csc p. Me. Avis too horse oxen puknni/s<3 to ramp the y sgt a hours or barns. But Deap a i was t snoring r a Flap emf fun met or right wac cast Chance Hir know in tuo he Jim now we gift Mia j by Lee Falk and Phil Davi Mandrake the magician after you master maybe Quot we better not a a follow her footprints she was wearing rub8er-s0led l shoes they were Dusty a via sri i Quot left a print i in the Marble floor. What use nobody Here but i us and statues i and mummies Quot so Well a follow the prints a a Here s her camera smashed either she 0r0ppe0 it or something else smashed it John Naz vanished in the vast dark museum Hall i who ims it Como troutm where the prints Lead by Merrill Bloss freckles and his friends no camera no lard with major Hoople our boarding House lets get going. Lard grab your stuff Amo Murry lets follow them nutty Well get the shots we wanted after All i get lard x just got a Call j Tmey sent out an ambulance and a riot squad a prowl car is Comino to pick us s. Up i Vul u at s wrong. L Roop ? up Jake sure Jake will a amp veg be a caught you Wun moot of the curb with j nay in sour a the empty Tim cans Wair major in always r when be sold of Pino a sucker i that Barking \ \ willing to but / Beetle i near a the City mall i the Lewis and Clark v at a a expedition abandoned i bargain screw because j if be a y i of a keep up a Hll amp be dullard a co Impf a Croft of p be gone before i lose my debt paint and compress your Veat filled Heads a this Nutcracker where in they i apparently belong i by Walt his it in t polite to Point Donald Duck a mechanical turn indicator boys m Cven invention uhe old a of is still fighting a a and chewing i Quot Send a w. by Edgar Martin come on tip boots and her buddies Sovcy. Boob t 5lqsl v Bovann things i wan to say Bot a a a non \ cant they. Of a thing Cora a attn a int. Crovo Yoo Porto Start to nov t on to the flying Yelo a tsp Ano close along j a later t p a v wonder v r toe forgotten much a by j. R Williams out our Way he Nee he Bent Over to pick up his night shirt like this heard a Shi and a Yawp and a a he got the prettiest Rose and scroll j branded on him you Ever Siva i \ shouldst laugh j s. But but be Hee Wash Tubbs it a Jack Mattie pow test it a cwt j on. A it a Rcv Well have to use Voo Soat / i Kope i Cal so a Reva Vista 4\ avg acre i \ left it a v Thev Start a be arc Kivit ? tvs it tak in to Chavies of him Al Wie j a. A t Houpe list wast my Here . Poat j we Meo in the j 6rass fire. By Lank Leon Surprise Call Mickey finn Doc Wolf yes i just n you mean \ arrived there s you re Here some angles to in town your plan that v / i Don t Uke i m a / at the Bellmore \ hotel room 703 Hustle Over and \ come right Upwell we can to n Don t worst leave this hotel a about Doc hell until Quot of get \ Wock with me that letter you Rev and the letter expecting from old1 i m expecting Doc Wolff can we from him and suppose he got / ought get cold feet after a Here Toni / Readin the dope f you sent him / i la say i w a couple of did and it i weeks maybe gives me i the gotta Caise the creeps a Mustache so when i think none of our of Movin old pals will into it a How recognize me Long will / when my picture we Haft appears in the stay there i paper Dio you yeah As a \ get a / dishwasher l Job. \ in a greek cult restaurants did you get a cheap a / furnished room it a por us like i a a a v a told Jan he cunning scheme by which Cully Tice. A Man who lives by his wits Hopes to prove that Hes cyclones son. Is under Way Alley top Bronson the Martyr by Hamlin / Homer. Didst mention and / a i damage to it our Shir / by doing As \ cd Eki \ but reported you directed. Thought and Nour Crew us plugging our their i passed the Isle i i ears against / vessel v with no yrs the music of j Isi dire Jav difficulty need of he a Rera is. U Ulysses it warned by circe. # 4 or i dares Flor a \ not put Atka in at the r a of 4ili i Iii Irry i Island in that right. Even Tho Voo heard the sirens song. After making sour men j Kava tie you to r that u the Mast / just what s a Well do by Ham fish b i m Goin Onoffr Knob Van that s that if emf Docter save pm a weight a Mon a How examine a me i m Goin on Joe Paloska you shut up toe theres a hew wrinkle to comm is Hun says tit title s at stake All of a sudden t Day i d 60 thru even then but not in the co Dishun yep a h it a n now hey wait a Minite --1 can t a Tord t take to Chance the 0oxin comm shun says to title s at stake an r with him in this s co Dishun Jet nope we Rel aint go n a on a of / but or Walsh no i Suess you re right Well it so Tough but everything is a All ears plugged and the vessel its not leaking too badly i i same of. No. In order a Well Doc he re \ to Best serv e. It we co have you science it is \ got your ear expedient that \ j plugs ready e i hear this j / \ 2 re v fabled music /

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