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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 5, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Moe eight Sec. The High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of a High Point. North Carolina sunday february 19.1s yep does gov. He sure look like Allred observe birthdays judiciary committee expected to make Early favourable report on estates Bill hoi Ston tex., feb. 4�? apr former governor iame v. I ired. Who Ila been nominate a a Federal Jurist walked into a parking lot to get ids automobile. A Volt know said the rusher As in pah his storage Bill a you remind me of somebody. A is that so a the former governor risked politely. A yes a the Young woman continued a i done to know whether you consider it a compliment or not hut you remind me of pictures i have seen of that fellow Allred. Has anybody else Ever told you that Quot a yes. Several people have said the same mumbled the former governor As he hurried to his automobile. Project plans to be submitted to Bureau this week Liaise says commission will hold special let Ting i Bis month w. Vance raise chief Engineer of the state Highway and Public works commission told the Enterprise last night that plans and specifications for Bridge approaches and Street improvement work in connection with the High Point Grade crossing elimination project will be submitted to the Federal Bureau of Public in of revival will close tonight want ads roads next wednesday. The commission or. Baise said has Laid plans to hold a special contract letting some time in february but to indicated the commission could not be sure of this in View of the fact it would have to await approval of the plans by the Bureau. The project if finally approved. Will provide for Avreet approaches to the four Bridges erected by the commission and for improvements widening and reconditioning of several streets. Estimate place the Cost of the work at around . Sen. Bridges hits secret conference new Vork feb. 4�?opt-senator n styles Bridges Ltd Nhi today termed president Roosevelt secret foreign affairs conference of last tues Dav a an unheard of and added a a there a a hell of a mess Down there in Washington if released from the pledge it Sec to wha ton. Ecy imposed by the president the 18 senators who attendee conference. Bridges said would a talk plenty about it occurred at the conference. Hopping Ben Enro Ute to bos so Nator Bridges declared an it senator who attend military affair committee Nee with the president the voting Man in the Cowboy outfit a Jimmie Gordon Brown of or. And or. J. Brown 411s Lindsay Street whose sixth birthday will be celebrated tomorrow february Al. Below i. Pictured e. La. Hackler. Jr., who was four years of at on thurs Day. February 2. He is the son of or. And mrs. E. Ii. Hackler of this photos by Smith studio. Denton news Denton chapter o. E. S. 216, opened its regular meeting on Friday evening at the masonic Ball. After the chapter was opened in the regular form the worthy Matron. Mrs. Ruth j. Hoover extended Welcome to George r. Bennett of Greensboro. Past grand Patron and super it pendent of the masonic of the Eastern Star Home in Greensboro who was the speaker of Tho evening a special hour followed at which time slides of scenes at the Home were shown by a or. Bennett. Honor guests were mrs. Susie Kearns mrs. May Belle k ii Kins. Mrs Jessie Lanier whose birthdays occur in january. Delectable refreshments were served. A Good attendance was enjoyed and one petition was received. The Chap tre is looking Forward to the visit february 17 of mrs. Alii i ales Brown of Tarboro who is worthy grand Matron for North Carolina. The Confer cannot puzzled dents foreign Tho pied with lined Nelp be no extremely when he read the presi Public announcement of policy As expressed to is yesterday As contractile View which he Dit to the committee tuesday. A i still consider myself bound by the secrecy the president imposed on us. Hut of he will give his permission i will talk plenty Quot there is a hell of a mess Down there. This conference was an unheard of arthritis of you u8er with the aching piercing agonizing paint o rheumatism. Arthritic. Neuritis gout or Lumbago if restful sleep it impossible Bec Aust of the constantly recurring pains if you feel this affliction is slowly wearing your life away Don t fail to get my a in today no matter where you live or whether you have any Faith in any preparation under the Sun coma a not a package of pain killing Hyacin tablets. If you have suffered for a lifetime and have tried everything you could learn of without Relief even if you Are 2awrj. Li.,c0ur#d d0 not a London hone. Id Yac in is guaranteed to give amazingly Quick and cafe Relief or your Money will be cheerfully refunded. Put up in easy to take tablets. No narcotics no opiates. Liberal sue package Only 50c, Large Economy site Al. Mann drug storks Kevil stores. High paint 1 Rev. And mrs. Clarence Russell of Dobson spent the weekend Here with mrs. T. Russell. Or. And mrs. Boh Gallimore spent the week end in High Point with or. And mrs de Johnson. Edward Loftin of Greensboro spent the week end with his grandparents or. And or. E a Loftin. Or. And mrs. W. H. Rush spent sunday with or. And mrs. Garret picker of new London. Mrs. . L. G. Bingham has be a spending sometime in Islington with or. And mrs. J. I p. Bingham. Or. And mrs. Clay Loftin and i family of Greensboro spent the j week end Here with relatives. Mrs. Clarence Hawkins of Goldsboro spent the week end Here with her Mother mrs. J. J f. Cameron. Misses Pauline Sexton. Fannie i Wilkins spent saturday night in High Point with friends. Miss Eva Farr spent the weekend with friends in Winston Salem. Mrs Henry Gilcrest of Thompson. Ala., is spending sometime Here with her Mother mrs. J. F. Cameron. Mrs. Manas Linier of High measure prepared by state s Legal nabobs by by Vav Nisbet Enterprise Bureau sir Walter hotel Raleigh feb. 4.�?senator Thomas j. Gold a committee on judiciary no. I May or May not spend much time studying the longest Bill yet presented to the legislature but it is a Safe bet that there will be a favourable report. The Bill is officially titled a an act to Amend the Laws relating to the estates of deceased persons to conveyance by husband and wife. To the transmission of property by wills to the administration of estates to guardianship and the repeal of statutes in conflict therewith a j is popularly known As Quot the estates not a single member of the legislature has been found to admit that he has read it and j Only one promises to read it. The Bill with title and binding takes 142 pages 136 of them filled with words that will materially change existing Laws. Representative Clegg of Moore says he reads every word of every Hill introduced he May read this one. No one else is expected to because it will be considered by sections by subcommittees. The measure has been most carefully prepared by a commission authorized by the 1935 general Assembly and continued at the 1937 session. The personnel of that commission is guarantee of thorough study and careful preparation. Former senator Carl Bailey of Plymouth is chairman and there Are three other general practitioners Silas g. Bernard of Asheville Jones Fuller of Durham and Joseph b. Cheshire of Raleigh. There Are two clerks of court a. W. Cooke of Guilford and w. E. Church of Forsyth. Three professors of Law Fred b. Mccall of Chapel Hill. Processor r. B. White of Wake Forest and or. Malcolm Mcdermott of Duke University. Finally there is Laurence e. Watt a lawyer who limits his practice to the Trust department of the Wachovia Bank at Winston Salem. The Bill was written by lawyers for lawyers. Its verbiage is legally technical. Though it vitally affects almost every citizen of North Carolina few except graduates of Law school can understand it. Stripped of the Legal superfluity is the Bill if enacted would do the following things. Abolish As far As possible the present distinction Between real and personal property in estates concentrate distribution of an intestate s property in nearer and More dependent relatives place husband and wife on equal footing in sharing in estates of the other provide for a husband to convey realty other than the Home place without the wife s consent i and increase the widows claim upon Small estates. Further it provides for married persons Over 18 to make w ills a prerogative now reserved for those Over 21 provides for readjustment of property rights necessitated by discovery of new As sets after administration permits a testator to certify his own will before his death and file it with the clerk of court for safekeeping and shortens the time in which will May be probated or Cave Ted. Other sections of the act Confer on married minors above 18 almost the same privileges enjoyed by persons a vet 21, and extend the rights of wives and widows to property held in the husband s name. The Bill has been Given consideration Over four years by the very Abl commission and legislators who have expressed themselves at All seem entirely willing to accept their work. There will be More or less perfunctory study of the provisions which May have some personal interest for members of the committee. For the most part the longest Bill will be Given the shortest attention. Take for $5,-Pur-not the ask and for ome let us face facts in connection with the diversion of state Highway funds. Putting two and two together we get that the governor proposes to $7,000,000 from the fund general purposes and is Sun 000,000 of Bonds for Road posts but the answer is four. I done to know what answer is but i want to is it not dishonest a fraud an imposition upon unsuspecting people seems to me in be read somewhere in the Legal archives of the grand old state that it is unlawful in most if not All cases to Levy a tax for a specific purpose and then use the funds for some other purpose. Therefore is it possible that the governor and other diversion eds seek to legalize an illegal act the Constitution of does not purposely such but interpretations Are As varied As the types of roses or radishes and there May be a loophole. I am not a constitutional lawyer but just the Plain Garden Type and i am not conversant with the ramifications of of Legal procedure. But i do not have to be a lawyer to see that there being so Many lawyers in the legislature Laws Are made a of the lawyers by the lawyers for the lawyers a take for instance the Bills introduced to Date in the. General Assembly to North Carolina and count on the fingers of one hand those which Are in the interest of the people nine chairman of the communications commission and w. A. Bivins. My idea of nothing to do is representative Underwood of Hertford county a Bill in the North Carolina general Assembly providing for a tax of one Quarter of a cent per kilowatt hour on All electrical Energy produced or a old in the state by Public utilities. As if electric current did t already Cost plenty. Also my idea of nothing to do is the North Carolina general Assembly. O the abandonment of passenger service on certain Shoreline railroads Means More than just the stoppage of hauling folks Hack our state i and Forth. It Means a new Era. Monte Nance. And it mean that the automobiles and trucks have got the railroads by the Short Wool. Time w As and not so Long ago that some of us who prefer to Call ourselves Middle aged but it May be worse can to remember that the Only Way available to get from place to place was the Little old Dinkey trains with Oil lamps and pot bellied stoves. There were no automobiles and no Road of there had been automobiles. I used to go by train now and then to Sanford and to of. Airy it was a hard Days work but there was climaxing a work of revival serv-1 ices at the gospel Tabernacle miss Lexandria Wasilewska converted Broadway dancer will speak at three services 11 a. Rn., 3 and 7 30 i p. In. Today. At the night service the speaker will conclude her life Story a from Broadway to the narrow Large crowds have attended the services during the week and night after night miss Wasilewska has held the interest of the congregation in an unusual Way. Way same with Wilkesboro and no other Elkin and North Asheboro and it v or a Wawa 0 0 0 0 monday and tuesday any 2 Plain garments dry cleaned and pressed 24 Cash and carry sunny South cleaners 107 West Washington Street week end or. And Here mrs. Spent parents the in High Here mrs. Point with n. V. Spent the her a parents or. Carter of had Point spent the with her parents. Geo. T. Harris. Miss Eva Snow week end with her Pilot Mountain miss Sarah Boyd spent the week i and in Candor the guest of or. And mrs. Mcduffie. Mrs Mcduffie was the former miss Alice White. Misses Ruth Morris Josephine Hill spent the week end in Southmont the guest of miss a Orrigo parents or. And mrs g. Morris. Robert Johnson of spent the week end his parents or. And Johnson. Miss Grace Carter week end with and mrs. J. I Kinville. Or. And mrs. E. O. Cutting of High Point spent the weekend Here with or. And mrs. R. Ii. Peary Hill Henry is attending court at Lexington this week. Or. And mrs. Brice Morris it High Point spent the week end with or. And mrs. John Morris miss Salute Smith of greens Boro spent the week end with her bitter miss Margaret Smith. Miss Kivelin Turner of High Point was Tbs week end guest of or. And mrs. J. W. Griffis. Misses Sarah Mckeller Cora Dalton of Advance and Clide Krouse of Winston Salem spent sunday with miss Ruth Mckeller. A. Cd Kennedy of High Point spent the week end Here with Rev. And mrs. A. Kennedy. I or. And mrs. John Mitchel Atid family spent sunday near Clinton with or. Aud mrs. A Mon Daughtry and a a Uncle Jim a Rush. Miss Katheleen Surratt of Jackson Hill spent the week end with miss Wadene Morris. Miss Jenlyn Murray of greens Boro spent a Short time Here Friday evening with friends. And borrow some your neighbor to which pertain to court procedure of to the lawyers of our Laws Are so Complex so multiple and so confusing that hardly a Well meaning citizen goes about his business a single Day without violating one or More maybe a dozen. Right is not always Law nor is Law alway. Right. Automobile owners constitute a class which is More heavily taxed than any other. They Are heavily taxed because they do not Rise up against it. Hut the fact that they pay willingly is a poor excuse for taxing them More than is necessary and then finding a Way to spend i the Money of they support the j roads construction and maintenance have they not done their part if on the other hand More is collected from them than required should it j not be returned to them rather than used to build Fine office buildings and Purchase mahogany desks for state officials to put their feet on Giovanni potassium submits the following question a Why is it that no thought is Ever Given to a reduction of taxes a fatty called me up other Day with the intention of bawling Rny out because of something i Aid in this column More than a year ago about Carl coerce being a a a furrier a thought better of it and merely passed the time of Day. Said she Tell me who she was. That did no to phase me she sounded pretty Good so i was willing to take a i Chance. Rut what she wanted to know was. Since i had been i classed As an Waeny to i it sort of a Case of pot calling the Kettle Mack. Maybe it was. I done to know. But Carl Goerch 11amt from Pennsylvania so in a i told w Hile i come from ran Dolph county w hence most of j the High pointers came. There i is some difference in that. But. While on the subject of Carl i Goen h and his state Magazine i i noticed recently that he said j the daily newspapers have it All Over him As they come while his Magazine comes j by and he misspelled the i weakly. From applies to a number of other Sce hands a a count those dons of the state Durham to courts and j Keysville. Va., Asheboro to Aber interest Only Dean Warsaw to Clinton War saw to Kenansville on a motor Jar. Some of these a hotlines have been abandoned others have abandoned passenger service but still haul freight. Nowadays we drive to Asheboro in 30 minutes less if there happens to be no state Highway i patrolman about whereas it required in the old Days better i than an hour by train. We drive i to Sanford in an hour instead of taking the better part of a Day to make connections in Greensboro with a a y and then tedious ride Over a roadbed none j too Good. But the passing of these rail lines is sort of Uke i giving up an old Friend. If the railroads had been a on their toes the bus and truck would j never have got the better of them. News of coloured people classified advertising rates 2c a word this size Type 8 Point 13 words�?25c 4c a word this size to Point 13 words 50c to p. Consecutive insertions for the Price of 5 minimum want charge and 25c for card of thanks�?50c a ads Are Cash in Advance the Enterprise will not be responsible for More than one incorrect insertion of any and. Error should be reported at once. All keyed ads Are strictly confidential and can be reached by sealed letter Only. Ads must be in by 12 00 of clock week Days and 8 00 of clock Satur Lay no the for sundays paper. Phone 4566 rooms for rent nicely furnished heated bet room All modern convenience garage. 3 29 Woodrow ave phone 4377. 2-7 Foft rent one unfurnished downstairs be foot Clote in conveniences. 427 eat Washington. 2-7 beautifully furnished Roo close in modern convenience references required meals of Conal Chon 5184. 2-6i two furnished rooms for House keeping private Home Prival Bath. 302 Best St. 2-9 three Nice. Unfurnished rom for Light housekeeping idea location. 602 West Farraj Avenue. 2-6-1 too late to classify lost a pocketbook containing about $200 in Cash and Check for $24,01. Either on Washington or Wrenn Street. Liberal Reward. R. R. Holder 1405 Ragan Street. Ard of thanks we wish in thank out Many friends and neighbors for the sympathy shown us during the sickness and Dath of our dear a on and brother. We also wish to show our appreciation for the Many Beautiful Floral offerings. Or and Man. Balden Henderson and family o of Hara of the pull up a chair column a important vital statistics from Godwin n. A or. Stedman of Godwin married a miss Godwin of Stedman a and not a word a to whom mass Godwin married. Of Dally week word look alike Frank r. My i have wondered so Many times Why people crowd into a theatre As of their life depended upon their getting in with the least possible delay. I did t find out the other night when Hugh smart opened his Fine new theatre in High Point but there was i More jostling and pushing and i tramping of feet than i had teen in a Long time. And then when they All got in and the entertainment began there were still i a few vacant seat a not Many but a few. In the Jam. A lady in front of me turned around and said a a done to push to a Al it Ady a a Aid i a if you Stop this i pushing you la have to go Down to Randolph county and begin at the end of the there a too Many of us who seem to think that we have certain rights which must he exercised when we get into a Jam and then we find that we would have hem just As Well off if we Hadnot exercised them. Sam applies to motorists at Street intersection. Everybody has the right of Way when the Light is on Amber. But traffic officer would probably Tell you that no one has the right of Wray. J s. S. Filled Anil Vav. B. Steele by awarded scouting trophies this week Ushers in a varied program for local negro scouting. Beginning this morning two scout a masters w ill be honoured for Long j periods of service with fitting trophies. The two Are s. S. Whined principal of Leonard Street school and scoutmaster of troop 16, and i Warren b. Steele scoutmaster of troop 9, both pioneers in scouting j among negroes of the South. Scoutmaster whiffed will be honoured for the completion of fifteen years of service. The award j will lie made St the first Baptist j Church this morning by s. E. Bluford chairman of the negro District committee. Scoutmaster Steele will be honoured for ten years service the award will he made at is. Stephen a. M. E. Zion Church this morning by Thomas b. Smith District com Mia loner. Stanley Harris chairman of the inter racial committee of boy scouts of America will meet with District committeemen troop committeemen and others interested in negro scouting at William Penn High school tuesday afternoon at 5 of clock. Or. Harris has spent years of service in the interest of scouting among negroes especially in the South. He set up the first negro troop South of Washington d. C., in High Point. Or. Harris will speak for the Public at the first Baptist Church tuesday evening Al 8 o clock. At this time the Beacon Light choral club of which o. E. Simmons is director will appear in recital in the interest of troop 16. An invitation is extended to the Public to attend tuesday lecture and recital. Nth i rooms for rent two unfurnished rooms with breakfast room. Apply after 6 00 p. In. Hio Forrest a venue. 2-8-1 furnished or unfurnished Roo to gentleman or couple. Willowbrook. Phone 64 41. 2-9 two rooms furnished for list housekeeping garage no Chi Dren. 119 Taylor St. 2-9j gentleman desirable furnished bedroom modern Ranvei a tiers private Home Rowlain Park. Phone 2176. 2 for it Entz bedroom in Bach or apartment private entrant private Bath Ideal. Phone 2 5 40 for Kent a rooms. 1112 6246. Two a furnish it English St. Phox 2 for rent a furnished a a a air a drone. Quiet inca tic $2 50 per week single or $2 double. Phone 474 1 4 2-8 for rent a two or the re rot unfurnished for Light hot keeping. Phone 8237. 2 one furnished bedroom in i vat Home. Garage. 401 Al Farrias. Phone 4 1209. Of go furnished bedroom Gentil Man preferred heat Conven bad or nuo a he is i clop in. Phone 6173 2-5 Date of state Federated clubs meeting changed to have general head present Raleigh feb. 4.�?th� state convention of the North Carolina federation of women a clubs will meet in Raleigh april 16, 17 and 18 instead of april 26. 27 and 28, As formerly announced this change being made so As to insure the presence of mrs. Saidie Orr Dunbar president of the general federation Quot it would never do to disappoint the club women of the state who have been looking Forward to Muff. Dunbar a coming Ever since her election last year said the state president mrs. Howard g. Etheridge of Asheville in announcing this change a and their interest has been increased since her appearance in Charlotte last november too per the change was made because mrs. Dunbar who is to preside Over the Council sessions of the general federation in san Francisco Early in May will be compelled to leave Washington before the 26th of april in order to get across the continent in time to Complete arrangements with the local committees before the Council opens. Another change hinging upon this one is that of the Days of the week for the convention. Wednesday thursday and Friday have been the Long established time of meeting now monday. Tuesday and wednesday will to put into action with the opening session on monday evening. Some change in the usual order of meetings will be made also. Instead of the general federation representative featuring the closing evening which has always been in Tho form of a banquet mrs. Dunbar will speak on the first evening taking part in the processional and making the keynote address of the convention. The dosing evening wednesday will still have the banquet the speakers to be announced later. All this shake up has necessitated a hark to the original plan for the juniors who had hoped to have saturday As their Day. However miss Nancy Cox of Raleigh state president and mrs. Earl Bishopric of Spray their chairman Are falling in line with the new plans and have already outlined events for monday that will make it the biggest Junior Day in history they think. With practically two weeks Cut off of the club year by this change in convention Date the chairmen of departments Are sending out special appeals to the club to put Forth their Best Effort toward completing the activities As outlined for the year. Mrs. W. H. Davis of Asheville chairman of music is especially anxious that members of her department work on the original compositions for which prizes Are of feed again this year. She thinks there will be More Manus Crotts sent in than usual As no one contestant is limited to any certain number either vocal or instrumental and the Junior club women Are be tug urged to compete. Mrs. Davis has set March 15th As the time limit for All entries to be sent in which Are to go directly to her. Capable judges will decide upon the three winning compositions and a Silver Loving cup will be awarded each Winner at the state convention. Patricians Mae Rte anniversary the patrician club fittingly ob-1 i served its fifth anniversary with a banquet at William Penn High school cafeteria Friday evening. Those present for the delightful o i affair were members of the Dun and guests. The program began with the singing of the negro National Anthem. Followed by introductory remarks made by the toastmaster. E. Davis Camp Friend a member of the club Sang two solos a in the Garden of my heart a and a Jean a accompanied by mrs. E. G. Cobb. The following special i guests were introduced and made a few remarks mrs. O. T. Griffin mrs. Martha Parker Nightengale Thomas b. Smith and or. J. Christopher Morgan. The program was terminated with the annual address of the president James Ross. Or. Ross address was a retrospective glance at the year s work under his presidency and a suggestion for the future for the in coming president. Following the program and the banquet the guests enjoyed dancing. To investigate proposed reduction of rates for shipping booze into n. Charlotte. Feb. proposed reduced rites on motor truck shipments of alcoholic liquors from Baltimore and Philadelphia into North Carolina will be investigated at a hearing Here before a w. Mccaslin interstate Commerce commission examiner starting thursday. Recently the commission suspended the effective Date of the proposed rates after a protest was received from the Southern motor i carriers rate conference in Atlan j to. The proposed rates were prepared by r. L. Aslea of Wilson j agent for a number of Eastern j North Carolina motor truck operations. And social sciences and vocational Counselor at William Penn High school will address the february meeting of the High Point teachers forum which will he held thursday evening. February 16. At 7 30 in the Library of William Penn High school on a the place of the Public school in the socioeconomic advancement of the or. Yokely a address coming at this time National negro history week will serve a double purpose a Short qui on negro history will be Given during the evening. The meetings of the forum Are usually open to members Only but considering the importance of the topic or. Yokely is to discuss a special invitation is extended to local spa adult teacher those teaching in Church supported Day schools of the City and local Public school teacher who work outside the High Point City unit. They Are asked to come at 8 lock. The business part of thursdays meeting will take up the selection of artists to appear on the forum annual artists recital. Members Are asked to be present at 7 30 of clock. For rent two Nice unit Niche rooms lit Centen Elj Avenue 2-6-1 Large furnished bedroom settled lady or desirable part 126 West Russell Street. Kor rent a bedroom. 21 phone 5284. Nicely furnish a Lindsay sire 2-6 to permanent Roomer furnish bedroom heat private trance garage Floe in. Phi 4 1213 2-5 room furnished or a furnish with water. Rent reas Nabil phone 5 383 2 5 for rent three in furnish mens upstairs Fin in month 117 Vriginia Avenue. 2-5 for rent furnished Bedro with Meek connecting Bat 209 Lindsay. Phone 2035. 2-5 kor rent three unfurls it rooms for Light housekeeping 115 Richardson Street. Phoi 251 8 2-5 for rent nicely furnish Large front bedroom Adjoint Bath close in. Plenty heat Ai hot water suitable for but Ness couple or two men. 3 Steele St. Thon 9313. 2-1 2 houses. Apts for Al for rent four room Boul or i a a Bath. $1 6 00. Phoi 4615. 203 West Ray. 2-8 Rev. Arthur Muhmel to enter Yale Rev. Arthurs Marshall a product of local schools and Livingstone College Salisbury passed through the City this week end Enro Ute to Yale University to enter its famous school of divinity for the second semester. Rev. Marshall who graduated from Livingstone in 1937, received his first major advancement when he was elevated to presiding elder in the a. M. E. Zion Church at Pine Bluff Arkansas shortly after graduation. He is to pastor a Church in Providence Rhode Island we Hile attending Yale. Adult education class to teach cooking a the adult education classes conducted at the adult education Center 540 East High Street will teach cooking to the students in the near future. At a meeting of the advisory Board last tuesday evening the teachers reported $10.10 raised in the contest which will be used to buy cooking utensils for the classes in cooking. Mrs. Marion Manton raised the highest amount in the contest. E. Yokel to address teacher Cornin c. K. Yokely teacher of English Fairview Sci Nii to observe negro history week the following is the tentative program for the Observance of National negro history week at Fairview Street school monday morning at la of clock. Yrs. M. I. Scarlett supervisor and principal of Washington primary school. Greensboro will speak on a negro also j. F. Gunn principal of Alamance training school Burlington. Will speak on a famous negro music will be rendered by the choral club. Wednesday morning at la of clock mrs. Grayce w. Yokely. Supervisor of music will present the William Penn High glee clubs in a Short recital. Friday morning at la of clock two plays a Frederick Douglas a and Quot William and Ellen Craft a will be Given by the history classes. Music will be rendered by the choral clubs. Prizes for the Best scrapbooks and highest Marks in negro history tests will be awarded at this time. Leonard strict school news the Leonard Street school will sponsor a skating contest monday evening at 8 of clock in the school auditorium. A Small admission will be charged. Negro history week will be observed throughout the week in each classroom. Assembly programs will be held tuesday wednesday and Friday at la of clock. The Public is cordially invited to visit the school any time during the week As Well As during Assembly time. William Penn High school the tentative program for the Observance of National negro history week at William Penn High school is is follows wednesday afternoon at i of clock a literary program will be presented by Leonard Street school and thursday at 11 30 two plays will be presented by Fairview school. For rent a three room Apt menu first floor private Al trance garage close in. 6i English. 2-6 w a need a couple to live House with Man owner. Max nor. Burton Street ext bion beyond no. 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Also Kitchen Cabinet 202 North main St. 2-8 for Sale Singer sewing i Chine Good As new bargain 202 North main St. 2-8 for Sale a two new tires Good body. Phone 2189. Wheel Trail Chassis Ai 2-5 imported and Domestic window shades for All purposes. To Ark. Phone 9114. For Sale condition 7472. Upright piano got $25.00 Cash. Phot 2-5

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