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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 3, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Skylab proves Man can work in space by Howard Benedict a aerospace writer space Center Houston a tie nine astronauts of skylab have roved that Quot America can do anything in tanned space flight that it so desires a ays the Man who has directed the program from near failure to Triumph. Quot skylab has been an affirmation that Man can live and do very useful work in the space Agency a William c. Chneider said in an interview. Quot it has Hown that a space station not Only is a Tessible and practical but that it can ring about excellent results for the action and the the $2,475 billion program ends its a ight phase Friday when skylab 3 astronauts Gerald p. Carr William r. Ogue and Edward g. Gibson leave the ouse size station after a record 84 Days i orbit and return to Earth in their polio ferry ship. The skylab i Crew earlier inhabited he same station for 28 Days after it performing repair jobs that became necessary when the Craft was crippled in launching. The skylab 2 team boarded or 59 Days. Before these Long duration flights Here was doubt about whether Man could adapt to the weightlessness of space for any length of time. Quot skylab has shown that we right now have no restriction on Man and his ability to perform in space a Schneider said. Quot the body is not the same As it had been Back on Earth but after a Given number of Days it reaches a plateau and there Are no subsequent changes nor effect on the Many a capability to function properly. Quot that says we Are free to do almost anything we want. It shows we Are free to proceed with the space shuttle. We re free to plan on a Long term space station. And eventually this same data will be used to assure ourselves that if we Ever want to go out to a Distant planet Why that too is the space shuttle is the next generation of manned spaceship for the United states. Set for flights late in this decade it will be launched like a rocket Fly like a spacecraft and land Back on Earth like an air plane. It will be reusable and each vehicle will be flown too or More times. The extensive research conducted by the skylab astronauts May also expand Many a knowledge of his Earth and his solar system. No one can predict the benefits. But the tens of thousands of photos and Miles of electronic tape could contain information that would Lead to an endless source of pollution free Energy a Catalon of the worlds resources and new metals and materials. The payoff May be slow in coming scan rider said. Quot much of the data from the first two flights is still being sorted and is just now starting to go to the principal investigators for evaluation a he said. Quot i guess it will be about a year before we get anything Concrete from the Earth resources data and the solar scientists expect to be studying the Sun data for the Earth resources information will be studied to determine if a space science can be developed for locating hidden Oil and Mineral reserves assessing agricultural potential arable land and diseased and healthy crops estimating Timber volume mapping Snow cover and assessing water Runoff charting air and water pollution and their sources forecasting weather and finding Good fishing grounds. Owen k. Garriott of skylab 2 and skylab 3�?Ts Gibson both solar physicists had exciting times viewing the Sun through a sophisticated $121 million array of six photographic telescopes. The Sun was observed in both Active and a quiet periods for the first time from above the obscuring Blanket of Earth a atmosphere. The same instruments were used to View the Comet Kohoutek. Quot we be never had data of this Superb Quality a said or. Neil r. Sheeley a solar scientist with the naval research Laboratory. A now we be got the possibility of answering questions that we be Only had clues to for he said the data could help in better understanding the Sun and How it affects the entire solar system. Solar flares spew Large doses of radiation into space influencing weather and disrupting communications on Earth by creating magnetic also Hope the data w ill help unlock the secret of controlled thermonuclear fusion which is the source of the suns Energy. This would Aid in the search for an unlimited and pollution free Power source on Earth. All three skylab Crews conducted metals processing experiments using a special Furnace a vacuum chamber and an Electron beam gun. Space offers a unique combination of weightlessness and vacuum where metallurgists believe materials and alloys can be manufactured free of contamination a unavoidable on Earth because of convection and Gravity. Quot one very positive result in be seen is that a Crystal was grown on order of magnitude larger and purer than crystals we be been Able to grow on Earth a Schneider reported. A crystals of this Type could be used As More efficient semiconductors in Power switching and control circuits and in Large integrated circuits for computer and communications systems. The skylab station almost met failure when it was launched May 14. A crash program of resourcefulness by engineers and managers on the ground and astronauts in space saved it. Sixty three seconds after the unmanned station was launched a heat shield ripped away exposing the vehicle to the searing rays of the Sun. In flying off the shield Tore away one of the Laboratory a two electricity producing Power panels and jammed the other against the Side of the vehicle. Temperatures inside soared to 125 degrees. The launching of astronauts Charles Conrad jr., Paul j. Weitz and Joseph p. Kerwin was postponed. Specialists decided that by erecting a giant fabric sunshade Over the exposed area of the lab the astronauts might be Able to lower the temperature. Three different types of shades were developed and tested and on May 25, the skylab astronauts were launched and linked up with the 118-foot-Long station. They successfully erected one of the sunshades and the lab cooled to about 70 degrees. But they would not be Able to operate Long unless they a jammed the solar panel to draw Power from the Sun. In a daring and dangerous space walk Conrad and Kerwin pulled it free. Quot on May 14 i was pretty Down a Schneider recalled. Quot i did not have any Hopes that we would even be Able to Man the station. By five Days later i was pretty confident that we were going to get up there and at least get a 28-Day Mission. Quot when Pete and Joe got the solar panel deployed. I was Able to say a yeah we re going to be Able to get 56-Day a skylab originally was to consist of one 28-Day and two 56-Day flights. With things working Well the last two were extended. Schneider credited the saving of the station to the dedication and drive of Nasa and contractor personnel and to the astronauts. Quot it showed to me that in times of crisis this element of our american technology can respond and do the Job a he said. Quot i think there a a lesson in there for All after the skylab 3 astronauts leave the 85-ton station will be abandoned in space to wander in orbit for to or la years when experts believe it will fall Back into Earth a atmosphere and Burn up. There is a possibility that three american astronauts will revisit the station for a Brief inspection next year. That would be after they Complete a. Joint linkup Mission with a manned soviet rat race for tropical Island 4dreams of Paradise come True for bureaucrat by str at Douthat associated press writer the Bay islands Hon iras apr five years ago Bill Lambert was an obscure biological technician at the a Valter Reed Institute of research a a minor cog in the massive machinery of the fed ral bureaucracy. He was 56, divorced childless and increasingly plagued by a meting that the Best was behind him. The Days piled up like com Uter cards programmed mainly with television and Raffic jams. The present was it predictable and Boring and head loomed the Prospect of a onely retirement in a country that reveres youth. Then one Day Lambert a in effect a folded stapled and mutilated the cards. He took an Early retirement sold the Cadillac and the television set said goodbye to his friends and stepped aboard a jetliner. The Dane whisked him away from he District of Columbia to a and where children still played with barrel hoops and Ooden tops where a lobster inner with the trimmings Cost i 50 and where that ecological and social disaster known As he automobile had Only begun o raise its High combustion head. The place was ratan a slumbering tropical Island at the Western Edge of the Caribbean a land that by Jet is just six hours away yet at the same time 60 years from Washington. And in this place of Palm Trees and parrots Bill Lambert reprogrammed his life. All around him was activity Little boys chattering among themselves As their tops danced in the dust mustachioed men in wide brimmed hats and Graceful women with Market baskets atop their Heads flirting with each other in Spanish and English. Underfoot a chorus of clucking chickens Barking dogs and linking pigs completed the Sun drenched symphony. This was his second trip to the Bay islands. He d visited ratan three years earlier while touring Central America Bill Lambert and his son Simon on Keyhole Beach on vacation. After travelling the length and breadth of the 30-mile Island he finally came upon a spot on a Low Bluff at the Western tip where a line of jagged Coral stands Sentinel Over the Bright Blue w aters of the Bay of Honduras. Quot i d found what i wanted. Got 65 acres and about a half mile of Shoreline and Beach for $40 an acre. There Wasny to even a tin can or bottle when i got Here. No White Man had Ever lived on this part of the Island with his savings and $500-a-month civil service annuity he began construction of a Home overlooking the Bay. Quot there was no Road and everything had to be brought in by boat. It took the local car Penters just eleven Days to build the Lambert made a few mistakes at first. Quot like cutting Down All the foliage Between the House and the sea and allowing the Salt air to come shooting in and kill All my plants. Quot it did no to take me Long to get tired of my own cooking a he chuckled. The solution was Dorothy a Lithe dark skinned girl in her mid-20s. She lived nearby with her parents and would walk out to his place each morning to do the cooking and household chores. Quot to make a Long Story Short a a Lambert said As Dorothy prepared lunch in the Kitchen a Yve fell in love and were Lambert bought Dorothy a cow for a wedding gift then took his Bride to the states for a honeymoon. Quot it Wasny to 24 hours until she was ready to come Back. I was delighted. I live in the United states again if they a pay me $1,000 a week just to sit. I wore out four Cadillac in Washington fighting that traffic. How stupid can you get a Quot you know a he says Quot although in a 35 years older than my wife we have an amazing rapport. She does no to have much formal education but she has a world of common sense. Quot obviously there Are areas where we can to Converse. The children have been the real unifying agent. Quot Dorothy and i talk about Many things about the children our friends happenings on the Island and so Forth but i also like to keep up on world affairs by Short wave radio a just then a Little Brown Arm tugged at his sleeve. It was it their eldest son Simon Bolivar a Lambert. Quot daddy swim. Daddy swim a a i swam a Lambert chuckled. Quot i was 59 before i had any children and in a not used to such in addition to four year old Simon there is Hiram 3, and Edgar Cayce i. Quot Dorothy a really proud of that baby a said Lambert. Behind him As he sat on the Patio the jagged peaks of the honduran Mountain Range stood out against the evening sky like a Gigantic Dinosaur. Quot i go Over to the Mainland about once a month for supplies a he said. Quot to live Here one must be financially secure. A couple needs a minimum of $200 a month and americans must have a special work permit to get a Job on the Island. I figure i be spent $35,000 in the six years in be been Why would an educated Man raised Middle class in the Carolinas and used to such luxuries As Cadillac and air conditioning Exchange that for life on a backward Island 2,000 Miles away Quot that a what my friends wanted to know. They thought i was crazy a replied Lambert who alludes to disillusionment with the . Military and a desire to escape the depersonalization of bureaucracy and technology. Better. Quot i Felt if i got away from the Hustle and Bustle. I might develop a greater awareness and some insight into Why we re Here and where we re going. What s really going on in this fistfights bring Call to police Madrid api police were called saturday to break up fistfights Between an estimated 4,000 workers at the Standard electric Plant Here a subsidiary of International Telephone and Telegraph. It was the second disturbance in a week at the Plant. The Plant was closed last tuesday for three Days following stoppages to protest a collective bargaining agreement which workers said failed to meet their claims for higher pay. Large groups of workers for or against a strike clashed in the Plant Early saturday. Those supporting the strike were also protesting dismissal of 20 workers As a result of earlier stoppages. Witnesses said some women workers fainted and needed first Aid treatment. Police reinforcements were called by the management. The workers left without further incidents and the Plant was closed until further notice. Standard is the Spanish subsidiary of itt. It has a payroll of about 20.000 in its four plants in Spain. T h e difference Black and Green teas differ Only in the curing process Green Tea being what Tea makers Call unfermented Tea and Black Tea is fermented. I m Var. Cup this and i to Ullin if of off family size pizza 5 to 9 sat. 5 to 8 . Sun. With and Greensboro re. At 5 Points 885-87 9 cup this to in i i i i i m a i a to admit this place is no Paradise but its Given me a fresh Start and in be never Felt. Chick s transmissions Quot All work guaranteed Quot we will rebuild your transmission for i i Don t buy a hearing Aid until you have seen this i i transmission seals for Ford and Chevrolet Miracle ear hearing aids made by Dahlberg electronics inc. Minneapolis Minn. Educators United against ban no cords no tubes no wires Miracle ear Point. Quot if they take Corporal punishment away. I m sure there would t be chaos but things would lean in a More permissive he said. What educators seem to most fear losing is the threat of Corporal punishment. According to teacher Frye from Page id Ferndale principal it s better that it Corporal punishment is not used but having it As a threat is a Good thing a numerous other principals voiced the same opinion. They feel that some children must be paddled a or threatened with a paddle a to be made to behave. Others they admit do not respond Well to such treatment. Most agree that after a certain age the use of Corporal punishment to control behaviour is hopeless. How old according to Frye depends upon Quot the particular child and How he s been treated at opponents cite harmful effects i Conli in Terrell said Quot Good teachers generally done to have problems with she said that it was Quot unrealistic to have one teacher in charge of 25 children and that such confined situations without aides or paraprofessionals is where most of the trouble erupts. She added that such set As open class rooms May better accommodate the from Page id naturally Active children. Or. Dean b. Pruette superintendent of the High Point City schools sees a Challenge in the classroom situation. Quot we need to anticipate the conditions that Are going to surround the child who misbehaves a he said. Quot we need to detect the tension developing a he said that teacher education in the Field of behaviour modification May be an answer. Behaviour modification is a psychological technique which reinforces satisfactory behaviour by rewarding it. Both sides in the argument do come to agreement on one Point however. They agree that what is really needed Are better parents so that children Are conditioned to respond to a logical explanation or a kind word. But no one knows How to go about educating the world in the Art of parenthood. Six reasons Why service for your Volkswagen should be done at authorized vow shop a genuine vow parti a warranted when installed in on authorized vow shop Only a latest technical servicing information is received weekly a Only to Ecol vow tools or used a Only vow trained mechanics used a specially designed lifts Ore used to handle your Cor with vow Cor. A Only Tim required it charge to customers from car Rote Manuel. Make your appointment by calling >69-2191 hours monday 7i30-9 . Tuesday through Friday 7 30-600 . Service dept. Closed saturday our service department works Only on Volkswagen Don Gilstrap inc. License 4782 Only authored vow dealer in High Point Lei 869-2191_2703 n. Main t>>4 r full facts writer Cern to Centro hearing Aid Center Styn. Mein St. Arced tidy. High feint n c. I i i i i an inclusive product or i Dahlberg a % k electronic a inc. . It i diocese Central hearing Aid Center 329 n. Main is. Arcade bldg. Telephone 883-6151 own your own hearing Aid for As Little As io47 per month fully guaranteed i i ii i i i a

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