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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 2, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Physical society disagrees with racial theories television log sax Francisco apr society were present. More the american physical society than i too physicists Are Here has tentatively disavowed sup or a scientific ses port for Nobel prize winning. ,. Physicist William Shockley and a a a Quot a his theories that Blacks Are Ber did not attend mondays genetically inferior and less in meeting Tell Igent than Whites. The Resolution called on the the vote came during the society to publicly disavow dinner hour monday when few a any professional support for or than too members of the William Shockley in the promulgation of his racist to officially represent the position of the society to which most of the nation s physicists belong the Resolution must be approved by the society a governing Council composed of about 20 elected members. Officials of the society said they believed it was the first such action Ever taken against said he fears that social factors a society member especially which cause Blacks to have one As prominent As a Nobel More children than Whites prize Winner. Might enlarge a Pool of und Esi Shockey by is professor of Rable genes in the Black popu physics at Stanford University lation. In nearby Palo Alto and won reached at his Home for the prize in 1956. Comment Shockley said he had he claims Blacks Are Gen Confidence the aps Council ethically inferior to Whites and would not approve the resold As a result less intelligent. He Tion. The night of the escapist Wii iter c Leara Ince Saile All Winter goods most go a regardless a men s Winter suits our Complete Stock liner Quoit newest styles re Long amp Short Reg �?~60�� to a so. Now Price mens sport Coats our Complete Stock Fine Quality win ter coot. Mony styles amp colors. Beautiful fabrics Reg. Amp Long. Reg. »50 to �?~6ct. 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The show had a Cool villain trying to take even had some Swiss Bank account dealings even had some Swiss Bank account dealings. While truth is stranger and often More exciting than fiction the Howard Hughes Type character in a Hawaii five of was a coincidence because the program was shot before the current drama hit the front pages. It will be interesting to see what the fiction writers do with the current Hughes Story probably in next seasons action shows. A mod squad this season seems trapped in its format. It was the first a a relevant show and is the sole survivor of the Brief fad. Too often nowadays the undercover kids of the series Are the Only factors that seep the big City from blowing either from racial or drug tensions. This week. Another favorite theme got a working Over the War Veteran returning brutalized and embittered by his experiences and attempting to take Law into his own hands. It May have worked once but recently it has been overused and is a tired predictable theme. A a cannons concerned some violent nonsense about a woman scientist engaged in hepatitis research in a prison and threatened by a gangster who wanted a prisoner pal included in the program. The series for All its Battles usually has pretty Good scripts with As Many curves and twists As a Mountain Road. It really does t need All those judo chops and automobile crashes to keep the viewers awake. The networks probably will Start announcing their schedules for next season in a couple of weeks. Abc has already announced a Julie Andrews series and now another called a the streets of san this will be an hour action show entering around an older detective played by Karl Malden and a younger one. Still Unrast. Quinn Martin of a the Fri Quot and cd so so a of Harar us. Treasury a will produce the series. 8 30 the Abc comedy hour 9 30 the persuaders 10 30 this life ugh pts an j a my Greensboro j a Btu Charlotte 4j Wunch University station Toj Wols Roanoke 8j a Gap High Point it Wujs Winston Salem j soc Charlotte of a of . Ujj news weather sports 2, scene tonight 4 electric company 3 Abc news 9 news to 6 of clock news 4 30 pm. 2 lbs news 4 political science 8 to Tell the truth 9 to 12 neg news 7 00 pm 2 9 Andy Griffith show 13 new s 4 evening edition 8 10 Tuth or consequences 12 news 9 30 . 7 30 8 the persuaders cd stand i p 10 00 . 3 8 Mayberry red 27 3 Mannix 4 now 4 soul 9 Primus 9 to 12 Winter olympics id to Tell the truth 10 30 . J2 Green acres 8 this is your life 3 00 . 11 00 . 2 3 Carol Burnett a night beat news d eddies father a scene tonight 4 election 72 8 news 9to 12 adam�?12 of news final 3 30 . To news 47 this week i news weather. Sports 3 Abc comedy hour 11 30 . 9 10 12 mystery movie 2 Merv Griffin 9 00 . 3 movie 2 3 medical Center 8 Dick Cavett show 4 dream machine a loll tonight show Cis us is ii i Winter olympic games 10 00 . 4 00 . 2 Sunrise semester 4 30 am 2 Good morning to on the i 7 00 . 3 lbs morning news 8 in of Michigan 9 to ii inlay 730 . 2 lbs news v3 morning scene ,8 triad in perspective a 00 am. 2 Good morning 3 capt. Kangaroo 8 30 . 2 old rebel 8 romper room 9 1 Winter of it 9 00 . 3 a Apt. Kangaroo 3 Hazel 4 l a. History 8"i dealing for dollars a Mike Douglas 10 Virginia Graham a today at Home 9 30 . 3 Gomer Pyle 4 learn to think 12 famous jury trials 10 00 . 2 37 Lucy show 43 sesame St Quot Cejo la Dinah a place 10 30 . 2 3 my three sons 9 to 12 concentration 11 00 . 2 3 family affair 4 cultures 8 bewitched j 10 12 Sale of Century 11 30 . 3 love of life because we care that girl to 12 Hollywood squares 12 noon 21 where the heart is 3 the scene at noon 4 Folk guitar 8 91 news 10 12 jeopardy 12 30 . 3 search for tomorrow electric company password 12 who. What where 10 news 1 00 . Today a woman be to Feezor v s history All my children jeopardy to 12 Somerset 1 30 . 3 As the world turns images and things lets make a Deal 12 three on a match 2 00 3 Many Splendore thing newlywed game 9710 12 Days of our lives pc 4 8 9j 2 8 4 2 4 8 9 2 3 4 8 9 2 4 8 9 2 8 2 30 . 2. 3 guiding Light 4 cultures 8 dating game 9 to 12 the doctors 3 00 . 3 secret storm film general Hospital 10 12 another world 3 30 . 3 Edge of night one life to live eight Steps 9 Lassie 10 12 Bright Promise 4 00 . 2 Comer Pyle 4 Zixin 3 Daniel Boone is movie 9 i Flintstones 10 Rifleman me american style 4 30 . Flintstones i Ste a Rogers 9 Gilligan a Island 10 big Valley the munsters 5 00 . 10 big Valley Green acres sesame Street Petticoat Junction 121 Gilligan a Island 5 30 . 3 truth or consequences 8 eyewitness news 3d Dick Yan Dyke 10 what a my line 12 wild wild West 12 2 4 12 be 3 4 9 capsule views of today s evening programs 7 p. M. 2 Andy Griffith and comes Down with the flue and Goober takes Oer As his Deputy. 7 30 p. M. 2 a stand up and cheer a Pat Boone is guest Star. 8 Mayberry red Howard has been bragging about his Nephew to Sam and Emmett urging them to meet him. But when he finds that Young Spud is a school dropout who hates work he tries to hide him. 12 Green acres Oliver has difficulty with his blowing. And then is rescued. 8 p. M. 2 Carol Burnett Steve Lawrence and Carol Channing Are guests. 2 Eddie s father Ai renowned novelist encourages Tom to finish his Book. 12 Adam 12 officers Malloy and Reed halt a Black Market baby transaction and uncover a suspicious Pill program at a College while investigating a burglary. 8 30 p. M. 8 comedy hour Host Alan King pokes fun at everyone a troubles. Guests will include Art Carney David Frye Barbara Walters. Ron Carey. Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara. 12 mystery movie marshal Mccloud gets involved when modern politics and old world ties erupt in the form of a Gangland slaying. 9 p. M. 2 medical Center Michael Callan portrays a staff doctor trying to overcome a drinking problem who cannot find courage to Tell his wife she is dying of a rare nervous disease. 9 30 p. M. 8 the persuaders Wilde and Sinclair find a crashed plane with the Skeleton of an inventor who disappeared 12 years earlier and with him a secret formula. To p. M. 2 a Mannix a Joe goes Back to his Hometown to investigate a murder that not Only left a friends husband in an Iron lung but has marked the Man As a no. I suspect. 12 olympic Winter games a highlights of the Days most outstanding events via satellite from Sapporo Japan

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