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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 1, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Wednesday february1939the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page seven Gatter of extending Raleigh limits Klishes colourful Public hearing hearing assumes More Quot than local interest because of similarity of arguments in other communities Enterprise Bureau sir Walter hotel by Lynn is but Raleigh feb. In one of the lost colourful Public hearings of in session thus far was that belie the House committee on duties. Cities and towns yester a on the Issue of submitting to Oters the matter of extending the prorate limits of the capital Ity. Although the specific question i local to Raleigh the hearing gauged More than local interest because of the similarity of the arguments for and against to Hose advanced in other com unities. Wilmington particular of has almost an identical Situ Tion and several smaller towns re also faced with Extension of hts the Spring boiled Down the main question i will the Community As a whole profit by Extension or will it Cost lore than it comes to As to the opt of providing City services for h1 annexed Ai a thine was considerable difference of opinion mounting in Money to More than million dollars. Proponents of tension presented a Cost budget f about $70, for Street improvements water and sewer Rains Street lights and fire pro Section. They used figures premed by Roy i w a Liaison commissioner of Public works of rakish. Who is a graduate Engineer opponents of Extension hired anther Engineer and presented an estimate of approximately a Mil Ion and a half dollars. Both to address Medicos or. Baldwin Locke left and or. Francis Wood both of Hie University of Pennsylvania medical school who will address North n Roll no doctors at a weekly meeting wednesday evening of tile Post graduate course in Medicine which is being held in Durham. Their subject will lie a a Clinco pathological they will lecture at h of clock at the Washington Duke hotel after a dinner session there at 7 of clock. They will also conduct clinics at 4 of clock wednesday afternoon. Mates were called a a preposterous by the other Side. In Ith Epsom e i Kotkin one of the bothersome questions is what disposition is to be made of privately owned sewer systems. The City commissioners figures contemplates taking them into the City system without reimbursement to the present owners. In fact in Many instances it i is difficult to say who actually to owns them because they were in thursday specials i i pork chops in. 16 c Small lean conkers fish not. 5c select oysters it. 45ccountry Steak la. 19c Salt Macker amp a 3 lbs. 25c veal roast la 12 he dried beef \/4 la 7hc Lamb roast la. 15c Bologna 2 lbs. 25c sausage la. 10c Block Pepper 2 ibs.45c fat Back in 6 c United Market fresh fish and meats 206 North main St. Phone 2900 or. Kilgore is Given Honor for his work Raleigh feb. . B. W. Kilgore chief of the North Caroline department of agriculture a chemistry division was signally honoured this week by the association of Southern agricultural workers in session at new Orleans la., when he was presented a a Token of appreciation for Many years of faithful and distinguished service in Southern six other Southern agricultural leaders were voted a tokens of appreciation a but or. Kilgore was the Only representative from North Carolina honoured. The sessions of the association were held february i. 2 and 3. Or. Kilgore is a graduate of Mississippi agricultural College receiving his b. S. Degree in 1888 and m. S. Degree in 1891. He did special work in chemistry at Johns Hopkins University and was awarded the so. D. Degree by Davidson College n. A in 1918. During his career he taught at Mississippi agricultural College a serial Story no time to marry by Elinore Cowan Stone copyright. 1039., Nea service. Inc. Stalled by realty companies developing the property and the Cost was prorated in the Price charged for building lots. Raleigh a population has shown steady growth in the present boundaries. The 1930 census shows 37,348 people. Estimates last year were 41,000, and the Hill directory outfit estimates 53,-000 in the immediate Urban area. The proposed Extension of limits would bring in something More than five thousand people now outside and would add about five and a half million dollars to the $48,000,000 taxable valuation. But it would increase the area about 40 per cent. To outsiders this seems cockeyed to enlarge area 40 per cent population Only to per cent and taxable Only la per cent. Charges repeated the same charges were mad at this hearing As were advanced two years ago and that now figure in the discussion at Wilmington that the whole idea was sponsored by local daily newspapers whose interest was entirely selfish in that they would he Able to charge a higher National advertising rate in the City of larger population. Advocates of delusion countered by showing that costs of news services would increase More rapidly than advertising Revenue. Insurance rates were brought into the discussion claims being made that any increase in annexed area taxes would be offset by reduction in insurance premiums. That was denied by insurance men present who declared that rates wore based entirely on fire Protection and that no reduction could be expected until correspondingly Large sums had been spent for enlarging and improvement of fire fighting facilities. Opposition to Extension was voiced by several Large property owners inside who fear the Cost of servicing new areas will raise the tax rate. On the other hand a defies my hem s Why we put Orange Trust in the safest bottle under the Sun a we admit that sunlight is a grand thing a a. But it sure does play Hob with a lot of delicately la voted beverages it penetrates Ordinary White bottles and steals the flavor before the bottle is Ever opened that a Why we put Orange crush carbonated beverage in the new Brown flavor guarding bottle the bottle thai Sealskin All of Orange crush a delicate flavor until the very moment you drink it try Orange Grush in this new Brown bottle. Notice for yourself How you get every last hit of that frosty fresh fruit flavor and remember there is no increase in Price wholesome Orange Grush is still Only five cents a bottle. A approved by Good housekeeping Bureau or. B. W. Kilgore and was later professor of chemistry in 1897-99 served As Mississippi state chemist. In North Carolina or. Kilgore served As state chemist 1899-1919 director of n. Agricula ast of i h a caters Janet Gaynor heroine. She was engaged to handsome Young architect Lance Barstow hero. Lance had great dreams for tile future. So did Cyntina Cantrell or plumed granddaughter of great aunt Mary Cantrell. Still an other dreamer was Harney Mcknight Newspaperman. Rut Barney was More than a dreamer. A a yesterday Janet Gas House Hunting finds a modest apartment which is a far cry from lancers Beautiful House. Rut she is Happy. Then she meets Barney who is looking tired oven worried. Chapter xxii Janet would hardly wait to hurry Barney off to inspect the new apartment. Tired As he seemed his eyes danced in an otherwise respectful face As they inspected the tiny Bath tub and then travelled Over his own Long person. A nah a shaving Mug i see a he observed solemnly. �?�1 did no to know they a till made a ooh Barneys in a so sorry a Janet giggled. A but there is a Shower a she added hopefully. A that is if it works. I be just discovered that the door to the Cabinet As they went Back into the living room. She apologized. A of course it is a Little Tacky in spots. Barney hut it will do till we find something permanent wont it a a do a Barney a Aid. A i think you were darned smart to find All this elegance add luxury for what the old budget a Well a Janet admitted somewhat guiltily a was a matter of fact it did Cost a Little More.�?�. This was a subject she had meant to Lead up to. A you see. You have to pay $5 extra of you rent by the he seemed she thought unpleasantly startled at first. Then his Eye travelled Over her smart fur coat and expensive accessories and he laughed. A Elf you swept in looking As much like the Duke millions As you do now a he remarked a a it a a wonder they did t ask you twice As much. Well i Siuess $5 won t upset the International rate of Exchange. Of and Timothy Benton together she had found herself feeling doubly guilty that she was taking so much from Barney and giving so Little most guilty of All when he was least demanding. But Barney himself sometimes made it a Little hard. Once when out of the real affection she Felt for him she leaned Over behind his chair and put her Cheek against his. He said almost roughly a Wyo Don to have to pretend Jan. I went into this with my eyes and so something of the ease and naturalness of their earlier companionship had gone leaving nothing in its place. A next Day Janet had her own exquisite linens the things aunt Mary had monogrammed for her wedding to Lance Barstow sent Over from the Breckenridge together with her other possessions. Among other things there was the imported Creyonne she and aunt Mary had picked up at a Sale months ago because it would be perfect for the upstairs sitting room of the White House. She also asked Cynthia to Send along aunt Mary a sewing machine. In the Load Cynthia included besides several warm soft coloured rugs that Janet had bought for her own room her Reading lamp with the Cream Shade her White Onyx table lamp her Gold coloured silk Bedspread and draperies two of her favorite pictures the electric clock which had stood on her Mantle piece and a Silver bowl for Flowers with candlesticks to match. By a Prodigy of Effort for one unaccustomed to such work Janet Cut and made slip covers for the Dingy chairs. With the rugs covering the worst in the carpet the lamps softly burning and the 25-cent dozen of roses she bought at the Corner Market in the Silver bowl they transformed the Wrabness of the living room into intimate cosiness. The curtains Janet decided w Ould have to a a do for a while. At least they were clean and inoffensive. To be continued Gen or \ i. Chairman Asheville feb. I a it a George f. Phillips an attorney has been elected general chair Man of the arrangements committee for the 1939 Rhododendron festival Here. Student tour Greensboro feb. a Greensboro College will conduct a students tour of the British Isles june 27-aug. 5. The tour will be under direction of or. J. It. Miller professor of English. Will expand program a Charlotte feb. pm officials Sal today that the Southern Bell Telephone company would spend about $100,000 during 1 939 in an expansion program Here. You la a Cri Sade Winston Salem. Feb. Trp a Bishop Clare Purcell of the Carolinas methodist Church conferences will be the principal speaker at a methodist youth crusade rally Here feb. 28. A or Tlsoo-1 yes. Sire i you May win an automobile or $1,500.00 in Cash. That our Oiler to you. Tho Winner May have Choko of Lincoln Zephyr Chevrolet Ford Plymouth Pontiac. Do Soto Oldsmobile Dodge Buick. Studebaker Hudson. Nash. Or Chrysler. What could be a finer prise either your favorite automobile and enough extra in Cash for gasoline and supplies for two years or $1,500.00 Lump sum in Cash. Like Pussies Here s a Good one Cen you count 11 the Beane correctly in the bran Jar pictured Here try it t see it you can get the Correct answer. Fery Lew people have perfect eyesight. A you one of them Here s a simple easy test. Count the Beans in the bean a pictured Here. Looks easy. Does t it but say try it yourself. It is not a easy a it looks. Try it. You u enjoy it. They Are All visible in Plain sight. Count them and tend in your answer Ooth Coupon below and in to doing you will receive at once absolutely free a coloured map of the world showing u s. Europe and other countries and get a wonderful Opportunity to win an automobile or #1.500.00 in Cash. 2nd priie500.00 3rd prize. 400.00 4th prix. 300.00 5th Prin 200.00 Prises in Case of ties. Hurry done to delay Send now just your answer to the Puzzle above. Answer c. L. Smith manager 549 West Randolph Street. Chicago ill herewith my answer to your bean Pussies my answer number of Beans in Jar my name Street City. State rend me the free map key s. D. Tural Experiment station 1901, 07 Ort 1917.25 director Aptrl-1j1�iel �?~1 .�?o6w i cultural Extension service 1914 25 Dean of agriculture n. State College 1923-25 president of n. Cotton growers co operative association 1924-33 president o american Cotton growers Exchange 1924-26 president of association official agricultural chemists 1899-1900 editor of the progressive Farmer 1928-30. At present or. Kilgore is trustee peace Junior College Raj Leigh director progressive Farmer president of North Carolina Dairyman s association member of the rotary club and president of the Pine state Creamery company. He served As Secretary of the association of Southern agricultural workers from through 1911. Asheboro chamber Commerce obtains 175 memberships annual banquet meeting of organization will be held february 16 Asheboro feb. the annual chamber of Commerce membership drive closed tuesday with approximately 175 memberships obtained. Of these around 80 were were personal memberships and 95 were sustaining memberships. Last year the Roll included around 200 names. But More will probably be added to this years total before the close of the year. The meeting and banquet of this organisation will be held on thursday evening february 16, in the social room of the first m. E. Church. The ladies of the auxiliary will serve. Or. Sylvester Green president of Coker College Hartsville s. C., will speak. A a Quot in and Tablecloth and Forks and spoons a great wind sunday and monday in Randolph county bore Down approximately 18 Telephone poles blew away unstable fences and outbuildings and knocked chimneys off some houses and blew in the plate Glass window of one store in Asheboro. Very Little damage was done to the Power lines according to Cleveland Thayer manager of the local c. P. Amp l. Office but several poles were blown Down and broken limbs fell across other lines. Most of the damage to Telephone poles was around Candor and West end. The plate Glass window in the Cut rate House furnishing co. On Sunset Avenue was shattered to bits. Or. Harold d. Myer of the University of North Carolina will speak on observations gathered during his years sojourn in Germany recently when he comes to Asheboro on thursday february 9, to speak at an evening meeting of the teachers of Randolph county in the Asheboro High i school auditorium. Drink Ora age rust carbonated beverage in the new Brown flavor guarding bottle poultry Institute Lexington feb. up a i out ramen from several counties Are expected to attend a poultry Institute Here feb 20. Number of outsiders want in. Up i on the whole the insiders want Extension and the outsiders do not. Which according to the Secretary of the Raleigh chamber of Commerce is True of most cities. The Raleigh Bill provides for an election on March is in which All i citizens of the proposed enlarged area will participate. They promised me at the office we can begin to expand a Little. You know that Isnit what i d like for you done to you Janet a Janet turned hastily away before something Wistful in his eyes. A but i think ifs really swell a she declared staunchly. A i was just afraid you would t like it. I ook at the cute window seat and Barney you Haven to seen the ice see they collected from the Breckenridge what possessions they needed for immediate use and moved in. Upon taking inventory they found that a practically every 18991 thing furnished was a slight i overstatement. It ignored table j Silver for instance and a number of minor essentials. So they spent a diverting hour at the five and ten buying Wash rags. Paper Nail a and knife at to cents a throw. A a How Long do you bet it will take us to lick that to cents i Worth of plating off the spoons a Barney wondered. A few minutes later Janet finding him before another counter obviously enchanted by an assortment by gayly painted Kitchen gadgets was amused and unexpectedly touched. He instated on buying a memorandum pad for the Kitchen a wastebasket decorated with a Wise looking owl. Because the owl looked so much like his Boss that head get a lot of fun throwing things at it and a half dozen gadgets of mysterious Utility because. He said they looked it was amazing they found How much Money you i could spend at to Cento a throw. When they got Home. Barney set the wastebasket on the Livin i room table and pelted it with paper wads until he declared he Felt better. A the wants me to Cut some of Tho Best things out of my Story a he explained. A a we be been at it i Hammer and tongs All Day about i so that was v by Barney \ looked so tired. A but Barney a Janet cried i suddenly recognizing what this j meant to him a after you be spent All those months on it and Why should he if its True a i a a it a because its True. It begins to look a Barney said soberly a was if someone had got to him where he lives., you see they did t take it very seriously at first. Now they re beginning to realize that we actually have the goods and they la do anything they can to kill Janet started to cry out a Barney what do you mean by a anything a but she caught herself in time. Barney would hate that. She remembered that the suggestion that he might be in danger had always seemed to Embarrass and irritate him. Instead she laughed not quite naturally and said a that sounds to me As if one of those coat of Tail undershirts might be indicated the kind gangsters Wear of they really do and a six shooter. Think of Tho headlines a Ace news reporter forced to go armed. And Iti bet you can to even he grinned then said with a touch of Grimness Quot you la lose then a and changed the subject abruptly. But she had a feeling that she had somehow let him Down. It seemed to her that often these last few it lays there had been that something defensive about bar i neyts Grin. She had never noticed j that before. She wondered if she Only imagined it now because especially rime seeing Cynthia a la Oka i \ / i fair l Ady. You can to afford to Overlook our stocking fair. You i be walking Miles and Miles these next few months so better drop in to our stocking fair and Stock up now on stockings for the fair a wonderful values it s smart to get three of a kind so that Chance snags done to leave you with a flock of orphan Hose. Two threads for evening that Are sheer wisps of illusion. Three and four threads almost As sheer and with the life of service weights. Seven thread service weights that Are perfect for ail Active sports. A let the hosiery expert help you to select the most practical style color and size for any occasion. Frn y Isip miss Ethel Mae Wulff Lux hosiery expert in in v tsp will be Here this week to show you How to make a minute a Day get you Miles and Miles of extra Wear from your stockings a help you with any one fabric washing problem too. She will give a regular sized Box of Lux Only one to a customer to every customer who purchases stockings priced at 59c or More. We recommend Lux to help preserve the Beauty of these stockings Belk Stevens co a a High Points leading dept. Store

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