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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 30, 1973, High Point, North Carolina Ioc High Point Enterprise sunday december 30,1973 sunday crossword Puzzle news about books edited by Margaret Farrar corf Geo l feature corp. By b. Of. 50 possessive 92 tedious. 13 i. Peace. Kruse contraction. 93 swarmed. I 4 con game. 63 Drudge. Across 51 . Ii Battle 95 Legallienne. 15 orig native. 65 weeders. Site. 96 Headstrong. 16 Magna 67 boxed. I chiropodist 55 cinemas 97 vow. 19 indicate. 69 Rookie. Concern. Peter. 98 verifier 20 French 70 Sheik Dom of s african 56 Early Ameri Nash. Cathedral City. Tong. Nation. Can shelter. 99 Winter 21 hebrides Isle. "2 religion la attempts. 58 boor. Vehicle. 23 hinder. Degrees. 16 Perfecto. 59 horns wog too animates. 27 driven slant. 74 Boston menu 17 but me led. 102 old time 30 run Down. Item. 18 Drew. 60 Charlie s wife. Vaudeville Art. 31 evangelist 75 purple Sage 20 offshore 61 underwater 106 Coats with Mcpherson. Writer. Spanish areas. Prospectors. Tin and Lead. 34 it t t worship. 22 wild. 63 Webern 107 surpass in 36 victorian Era. To scholar. 21 in watered. Elevation. Vision. 37 rope material. 79 locks. 25 dispositions. 64 chemical 108 musical 39 Spanish Uncle. 80 move briskly. 26 to be in performance. La Mana site 81 colors France. 65 a hit Over 109 mean. Chief. Garment 28 Spanish w eight. I to Lead a tray. 42 historic . 84 French movie. 66 Lake and ill stitches. Rebellion. Perfume 29 greek letter. Canal. Dow n 43 untrammelled Center. Job blur a River. 6? mexican dial. 86 uncles 31 archaic mammal. I Rainbow Man. 44 dialect. Adverbs. 68 arbours. 2 mild expletive. Artist James. 88 eases again. 32 Clove hitch. To High level. 3 Pitcher 45 desk Rod specialist. 33 Garner Middle Quot i Valley of song handle. Accessory. 90 Paters. Name. 73 clarinet. 4 Walnut or 47 gallops. 92 propelled 35 scottish one. 74 Liszt. Hickory nut. 4r radio howl. Afloat. 36 Small things. 76 less fresh. 5 shaky. 49 Low tides. 93 body. 37 struck in 77 autumn Flora. 6 former 51 encourage. 94 Bagnold and Olden a. 89 Tran Art with. Supreme court 52 Back water. Other. 38 Newt. 82 Anne or Justice. 53 special 99 show agitation. 40 Phanta ired. Marie. 7 degrade. Sunday. 101 prefix with 42 selector. 83 Challenge. 8 is ter. 54 Robin _. Cycle or form. 43 reach. 84 loons Cousin. 9 dosage a �57 eave drop. 103 cry a com 46 i adhered. Fan 83 never in Germany. Brevia Tion. To agreed. 58 roman lot. 104 element. Catchall a tune 87 roofed. La reject. I stack. Brev nation. 48 once in a 91 cooking area. 12 airs. 62 Goddes of 103 Start an action. The television season can second half Salvage disastrous fall season by Jerry Buck associated press writer los Angeles a this is the half Way Point of the television season that has been widely denounced As the worst Ever. Can the second half be any better that a a moot Point but there is Little to do except Hope for the Best and prepare yourself for More of the same. The first half of the season was dominated by blockbuster movies and the Only hit among the new shows was starring Telly Sava Las. Most All of the new shows plummeted quickly to the Bottom of the ratings. The networks and the studios like to pct the blame for this season on the writers strike that virtually shut Down production for 16 weeks last Spring. Undoubtedly the writers strike does account for some of the poor Quality. Series were rushed into production with few of the wrinkles ironed out. There was Little time to rewrite and polish the scripts. It does seem however that the networks were too determined to stick to the Premier schedules thus forcing the Rush. The one show that took its time in getting to the air was a a Kojak a and you see where it is. Its hard to find any excuse for a show like abcs a Bob and Carol and ted and Alice a i suspect this show was bought simply on the title strength of a hit movie. But what made the movie a hit was its funny and racy sex. The network allow the sex and it Wasny to funny. A a Diana was an ill conceived show a one critic dubbed it a Mary Tyler less a that wasted the talents of Diana Rigg. It was tiresome watching her react to the so called zanies around her. A Perry Mason was a show that just did no to work the second time around a love Story was the most experimental show in a season otherwise devoid of innovation. It Rose and fell on the strength of its scripts. Mostly it fell. Two cancelled shows did not deserve their Fate. Cd so a Ca Luccius was the funniest new show of the year with bit ing satire brilliantly performed. A a Damn a rib a despite an occasional lapse into cuteness was a pleasing and Classy production that brought to television two of Broadways brightest Young faces Ken Howard and Blythe Danner. Among the veterans that got the a was a room 222,&Quot a show that never got the credit it deserved for introducing reality comedy to television. But the series had apparently run its course and Abc wanted to Clear the Way for a new show next year for Karen Valentine. Other cancellations include a Needles and pins a a in by follies a a Griff a a Roll out a and a the new temperatures the latter show however May be revived next year. Here Are the notable changes coming in january and february a a return after Many years to half hour dramatic series with three such shows on Abc. They Are a the cowboys a a chopper one and the trend in recent years has been toward longer series with Only �?oadam-12�?� holding Down the half hour dramatic format. A cd so a apples Way is the first contemporary dramatic series without a a franchised hero and if it is successful it will become a to landmark. Its hero is an architect rather than a detective or lawyer or doctor or someone who is in jeopardy. A no cd so music country will be the first wintertime showcase for the growing popularity of country Western music since the Johnny Cash show. A Quot Abc wednesday night at the movies Marks that networks return to original movies for the tube. Abc introduced that popular form to television but in the past several seasons has neglected it. The new shows in the order of their Premier dates Are a a dirty Sally a a half hour Western comedy starring Jeanette Nolan As a junk collector and Dack rambo As a Reform gunfighter. The show is a spinoff from an episode of lbs 8 . Friday debuts Jan. La. All times Are Eastern Daylight time. A a Happy Days a a 1950s nostalgic comedy starring Tom Bosley and Marion Ross Abc 8 . Tuesday debuts Jan. 15. A a in by wednesday night at the movies will include a number of original films. Among the titles Are a the execution of private Slovik a a a Case of rape a a a tree grows in Brooklyn a a three faces of love a a a Boselli sword and a a Little House on the Abc 9 p a wednesday debuts Jan. 16. A a Doc Elliot a an hour show that stars James Franciscus As a new York doctor who moves to a Small town in Colorado. The emphasis is on people rather than Medicine. In Graham Green country by Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer we Are in familiar Graham Greene country in a the honorary perhaps we should also say painful Graham Greene country for As in such previous novels As a the Power and the glory a a the heart of the matter and a the end of the matter and a the end of the Greene is. In a the honorary concerned with the mystery of evil in the human heart and the redemption from the evil that May be offered by the existence of Faith in the human heart. The qualifications Are deliberate. Who can speak with absolute certainty about evil or about Faith Greene does not. But he cuts deeply into their mysteries. As in his other novels in a the honorary consult Greene writes about the intermingled relationships among four people each of them Catholic in an out of the Way Corner of the world. In a provincial City in Argentina on West s new one Worth the Reading the Salamander. By Morris West. Morrow. 355 pages. $7.95. A Between Midnight and Daw n. W Hile his fellow romans were celebrating the end of carnival. Massimo count Pantaleone. General of the military staff died in his bed. A a deceptively simple sentence on the face of it. But when it opens a new novel by Morris West the Reader knows that there s got to be a lot More involved than just a dead Soldier a and there is. For West is incredibly Good at starting off easy and then step by gradual step becoming Ever More Complex until the Reader is deeply engrossed in a plot that seems unsolvable. It is of course and West professional that he is works everything out most competently. In a the West sets his novel in contemporary Italy and in a time very near today when the government threatens to splinter leaving the country open to a takeover by either the left or the right. When he is assigned to investigate the death of Gen. Pantaleone col. Dante Alighieri Matucci. An officer of the service of defense information has no idea that he is getting involved in uncovering and attempting to thwart a plot to overthrow the country s democratic government. It does no to take him too Long to find out however and from then on the stops Are out and the plot booms along to a unique and satisfactory ending. Phil Thomas a books editor the River Parana which separates Argentina from Paraguay a band of paraguayan guerrillas Kidnap Charlie is the honorary Consul for the British government in that Region of the world. The kidnapping of Fortnum is a mistake. The guerrillas had planned to capture the american ambassador to Argentina who was on a visit to the arca. Such a deed the guerrillas hoped would Force their government to release a number of political prisoners who had been rotting in the jails for years. Instead they have Charlie Fortnum. Attempting to escape Fortnum is wounded. Father Leon Rivas one of the guerrillas persuades or. Eduardo Plarr to come to their hideout to treat Fortnum. At one time in the past. Father Rivas and or. Plarr had been together at the Jesuit school in Asuncion. In the same Way. Or. Plarr is a Long time Friend to Jorge Julio Saaverda. A novelist who is now a revolutionary and a patient of the doctor. There is also of course a relationship Between Fortnum and or. Plarr. Fortnum a wife Clara is a former prostitute who has become the mistress of or. Plarr. She is pregnant. The child is or. Plarre a although Fortnum thinks it is his. 11 is when or. Plarr comes to the Barrio hideout of the guerrillas that the Core of a the honorary consult is reached. It is in this encounter among these friends and former friends under these circumstances that Greene cuts at the question of evil and of Faith. As already noted All of these people Are catholics who have in one Way or another compromised or shifted about the Burden of their belief. Their condition is expressed by or. Plarr. A that stupid banal word love. It s never meant anything to me. Like the word god. I done to know How to yet. All of these people in the circumstances under which they now meet come to see themselves and each other in a new Light. Greene writes of this change from the Catholic a a join us in new years blight ate service monday dec. 31st 9 Quot til midnite a special since a text Ruomei a message by Rev Gary Hill and the pastor Bill barn Eer one Welcome Sophia Baptist Church #u.s. Highway311 South Bills seafood Market 600 w. Green drive open All Day new years eve december 31 St closed new years Day a la l of cml eat 3 00 to 8 30 . I Vicki Barbecue amp catering service we specialize in fresh pit cooked Barbecue Fried Chicken Barbecue Chicken special orders. Call us for All your catering needs r phone 454-3313 filet of Perch children a plates 85 All you can eat served with French Fries Cole Slaw hush puppies also filet of flounder i seafood restaurant 1718 n. Main High Point 4619 West Market a 12 23 3 Greensboro viewpoint. He was himself brought up in the Catholic Church. His exposition of the insights and changes that occur among or. Plarr. Father Rivas and Fortnum especially Are not so narrow or confining however. Neither is his conclusion neatly packaged and filled with Hope. Nothing is done or achieved easily and without Cost in a Greene novel. Life is absurd and people Are absurd but that is not the whole Story. The Absurdity can be pierced with a Noble action a an illumination of something that is better. In an address he delivered in Brussels in january 1948. On the theme a is Christian civilization in peril a Greene quoted sir Thomas Browne a a a there a another Man within me that a angry with me a to say a this is the signature of a Christian civilization. Challenged by our enemies we can admit our crimes because throughout history it is possible to Point to our a we Are bound to believe that Faith cannot Greene continued. And he told of a Story he had never written about the execution of the last Pope by the dictator. A the granted the Pope a moment to Pray he had read in a Book that this was customary but he did no to listen to the prayer. Then he shot him in the left Side of the Chest and leaned Forward Over the body to give the coup de Grace. At that instant in the second Between the pressure on the trigger and the Skull cracking a thought crossed the dictators mind a is it just possible that what this Man believed is True a another Christian had been that is the nature of the Faith about which Greene writes in a the honorary television log a la it b Ltd a it i amp Ess fsr ill w Hart. ,12 ill. Min e Kontoko ton Sulom 12 00 12 Dean Smith 31 Fred Kirby s rascals 8 reaction 0 it the world tomorrow to insight 12 game of the week 12 30 . 2 3 nil football 8 help yourself of to 12 meet the press 1 00 . 8 directions 12 report to the people 1 30 . 8 issues amp answers 12 the champions 2 00 . 8>movie 2 39 . 12 then came Bronson 3 30 . 12 pre game show 1 00 . 3 Dean Smith i French chef 8 country place 12 acc championship 1 30 . 3 Daniel Boone i Folk guitar 8 it Wilburn Brothers a movie 5 00 . 2 Hazel i musician in residence 8 Nashville music 5 30 . 2 my favorite Martian i Wall Street 8 Porter Wagoner 0 00 . 2 3 73-television album i Book beat 8 Tarzan 0 30 . On c people 7 00 . 2 news 3 wives of Henry Chi i zoom 8 0 wild kingdom 12 Sale of the Century 7 30 . 2 Perry Mason i n a the arts Wolfram action report Jet a v it. I a i i % t \ a Jef Rutx of of a. W5-�?T 11 30 pm the Horm Sloan show 8 it f he Fri 0 i0 i2 Disney 8 00 . I Vienna philharmonic 8 30 . 2 3 Manx 8 movie 0 i i 12 movie 0 00 . I masterpiece theatre 9 30 . 2 3 Barnaby Jones 10 00 . 1 firing line to governors report 12 close up 10 30 . 2 Channel 2 reports 3 Black on White 8 accent 0 chronology to police surgeon 11 00 . 2 3 news 8 a i0 news 12 felony squad 11 30 . 2 3 late movie 8 Norm Sloan a to 12 tonight ugh pts inf Lyl la to . 2 Good morning 12 news 0 30 \.m. To on the farm 12 Arthur Smith 7 00 %.m. 3 lbs morning news 8 romper room 9 to 12 today show 7 30 %.m. 8 Pix Anne 8 00 \.m. 2 3 capt Kangaroo 8 Bill Boggs 9 00 \.m. 2 old rebel 3 Price is right 8 dealing for dollars 0 Mike Douglas 10 sleeping Beauty 12 today at Home 0 30 %.m. 2 Merv Griffin 3 match game 10 00 %.m. 3 the jokers wild 9 19 12 Dinah a place 10 30 \.m. 2 3 $10,000 Pyramid 0 Fox 12 baffle i 1 00 . 2 3 gambit 8 password 0 Fox 12 wizards of Odds i 1 30 . 2 3 love of life 18 the Brady Bunch 0 Fox 12 Hollywood squares 12 noon 2 the Young amp restless 3 news 8 a news 10 12 jeopardy 12 30 . 2 3 search for tomorrow 18 split second 0 Arthur Smith to news 12 who. What where 1 00 . 2 today s woman 3 Betty Feezor 8 All my children 0 jeopardy to Somerset 12 concentration 1 30 . 2 3 As the world turns 8 lets make a Deal 9 i0 i2 three on a match 2 00 . 2 3 guiding Light 8 newlywed game of Fox 12 Days of our lives 8 2 30 . 2 3 Edge of night 8 girl in my life 9x10x12 the doctors 3 00 . 2 Price is right a i secret storm 8 general Hospital 9 Fox 19 another world 3 30 . 2 match game 3 Lucy show 8 one life to live 0 the Flintstones i o x j 2 Peyton place 1 00 . 2 secret storm 3 Green acres 8 love american style 9 Batman 10 go Ligand a Island 12 munsters 1 30 . 2 to Comer Pyle 3 Jeannie 8 Lucy 9 Beverly Hillbillies 12 Gilligan Island 5 00 . 2 Andy Griffith 3 Bonanza 8 Jeannie 9 to Andy Griffith 12 Bonanza 5 30 . 2 dragnet 8 news 9 truth or consequences 10 what a my line capsule views of today s evening programs eat 3 12 30 . 2 pfc championship a Minnesota meets Dallas. 2 . 8 sunday flick a breaking the sound with Ann Todd Ralph Richardson John Justin and Nigel Patrick. Pioneering in Jet planes costs an inventors son in Law his life 4 . 12 acc championship Oakland meets Miami. 7 . 8 wild kingdom a Chase by Marlin Perkins and Jim Fowler take to the air in helicopters for two thrilling Hunts Over some of Canadas most Awe inspiring scenery. 7 30 . 2 Perry Mason private detective Paul Drake goes undercover As a prison convict 1a help Mason develop evidence in a murder Case. 8 the Fri Insp. Erskine suspects that a kidnapped College student May be in collusion with her kidnappers. 12 Disney when Gary Blaine adopts a baby Otter he adopts troubles for the family As Well in a an Otter in the 8 30 . 2 a Mannix a Mannix tries to save a girl whose murder has been foreseen by a clairvoyant. 8 movie a Earth with Gary Lockwood Anthony Franciosa Scott by cards Hari Rhodes and Gary Merrill. A science fic Tion adventure based on scientific fact outlined and projected by Nasa. 12 movie a the Detroit connection a with Richard Boone As Hee Ramsey. An Oil Wildcat ter s death is linked to a Detroit crime rings attempt to infiltrate a town on the Oklahoma Frontier. 9 30 . 2 a Barnaby Jones Barnaby proves a resort owner innocent of his wife a murder but then begins to doubt his own evidence. 10 . 12 close up a a discussion of Steps being taken by government private financial institutions and builders to meet the need for additional housing. This program will be followed by one on state and City government with members of the Winston Salem Board of aldermen participating. 10 30 . 2 you be come a Long Way baby in this Cial hostess Katherine Sebo and her guests take a look at the changing roles of women. 12 Midnight 8 Cinema eight a adventures of Frances famous Clown and great swordsman discovers his True identity to be a Nobleman who was kidnapped at birth

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