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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 28, 1973, High Point, North Carolina 10a High Point Enterprise Friday december 28, 1973 Comet discoverer take attention of astronauts by Howard Benedict a aerospace writer space Center. Houston apr the sight of a Comet streaking near the Sun has captured the attention of skylab 3 s astronauts at the midpoint in their Marathon space voyage. The Comet Kohoutek makes its closest approach to the Sun today and begins the Long climb Back to the far reaches of the solar system. Astronauts Gerald p. Carr. William r. Pogue and Edward g. Gibson also were to discuss the Comet with its discoverer. Czech born astronomer Lubos Kohoutek. Who was to be in Mission control in the late afternoon. Carr. Pogue and Gibson reach the Halfway Point in their Mission today and flight director Milton Winder told newsmen a i think the Odds Are very Good that Well Complete the full 84 Days both from the standpoint of the Crew and the during the night scientists in Mission control took charge of the stations telescopes to photograph Kohoutek As it hurtled toward the Sun at 250,000 Miles an hour. The Comet made its nearest approach to the Sun. 13.24 million Miles at 5 24 a m. Est while the Crew slept. It then began looping around the Sun on a a til that would take it beyond the orbit of Pluto. That s where it began its journey to the inner solar system an estimated two million years ago. It will be another 75.000 years before it again appears near the Sun. Thousands of scientists around the world have joined the Comet watch but the skylab astronauts have the Best View because they Are above the obscuring layers of Earth a atmosphere. Because of the brightness of the Sun. Most Earth observers can to see the Comet now. But about Jan. 2. They should begin glimpsing it at Twilight. Between Jan. 5 and to it should appear As Bright As Jupiter. Kohoutek and other comets Are believed to be chunks of matter left from the creation of the solar system 4.6 billion years ago. It is hoped the skylab photos taken in various spectral wavelengths will reveal constituents of the Comet to provide clues to the Early history of the solar system. Most Urban stations ration Gas Raleigh a the executive director of the North Carolina service stations association says about 75 per cent of All Urban service stations in the state Are using some form of voluntary gasoline rationing. Avery c. Upchurch said thursday his a Ballpark estimate Quot was based on visits and Telephone Calls to members of the association. Upchurch asked about reports that unlimited quantities of gasoline Are still available at stations along interstate highways said a the stations on the interstates Are in a different position from those in towns. They depend on High volume gasoline sales and they done to have repeat business. Once they sell their Gas they close up and go has embargo been offset Oil tankers thin out slow Down by Mck Tatro associated press writer fewer tankers have been . Offices closed fuel Oil saved Raleigh apr the supervisor of the Central heating Plant for North Carolina s state offices in Raleigh says the 11-Day Holiday for state employees is saving about 6.000 Gallons of fuel Oil daily. Robert Cooper said thursday heat was being maintained in Only two buildings in the downtown Raleigh state office Complex. These Are the Justice building. Which houses the state supreme court and the attorney general a office and the Revenue building. As a result of the shutdown More than 60,000 Gallons of fuel that normally would have been used during the Holiday period will be available next month. The state offices closed dec. 21 and reopen Jan. 2. Temperatures in the executive mansion Are being maintained at 50 degrees during the night hours and 55 degrees during the Day. Gov. Jim Holshouser and his family Are at his Home in Boone for the holidays. Quot chinese Quot professionals featuring the r Kuangfu beast iterate ii a a a a or plying the seas since the Arab Oil embargo began in october and those with cargoes have been slowing Down to save fuel shipping authorities say. Business was booming before the embargo but Industry sources and a Survey of a half dozen major Oil ports in the United states Point to a slow Down since october. By what extent the embargo has been offset by imports from non Arab countries is difficult to assess. But the level of Tanker traffic May indicate How successful the United states has been in making up the difference. Tankers Are the nation s chief Means of bringing in foreign Oil. Imports normally account for eight million of the 17 million barrels of Oil the nation needs daily. The Arab embargo should have reduced imports by about half. Government figures show average daily imports for the four week period ending dec. 14 were 6.2 million barrels of crude and refined Oil. Projected needs in that period f were 7.4 million barrels. An associated press Survey showed Tanker traffic was off 1972 Levels in some areas most noticeably new York and Philadelphia Between the Start of the embargo oct. 17 and dec. 26. A a 1 Fife the Barm dinner theatre with new York cast on the Quot magic stage Quot Stagecoach Trail near Airport reservations dial 813-7914 open 7 nights each week dinner 7 00 . Show 8 30 . The Survey showed Oil was being brought in from the Caribbean. West Africa Indonesia and South America. How much could not be determined. Tanker brokers who find ships for those with Oil to transport say there is less cargo to carry and less fuel to move it since october. Frank Desalvo of Poten amp partners inc., in new York said that after october Quot cargoes dried up. Rates for chartering tankers dropped off and prices of fuel for operating ships took As a result he said Quot a number of ships Are idled. Some by design and some because they have brokers say the Tanker business is used to volatile changes in Supply and demand. They say the embargo would have to last another six months to cripple the Industry. A the spot Market ships free for one trip has gone Down considerably Quot said another leading broker. A the decrease in activity has led to reduced Center i Pomn own s Mon it movie ratings for rvs ends and Young people to he o 0$ n Triforo a a at Chi a ability a a i # com for it a Fey it f Alt Ages admitted in a of to did in i in a Ages admitted 99ia�ol cd. T a. # so a a May fit by Obi in of r restricted i melt 17 i#3utf#t of it so of pop to to add a Gwozd a o oni us Der 17 admitted Ai q by is in Sui a a a in Eon new am Ai Sui a aim the above is published As a Public service by the High Point Enterprise How much Sho can you stand screaming Nightmare frenzied w fright x freezing terror y d0n t j5, dare come Valone of you score easily do not come alone. Do not be alarmed if something grabs you. We bet you can t stay to see two shockers. Begins at 11 30 . All a seats 2 of g Quot a risk Robin Hood released by Buena Vista distribution co. Inc april viral add i �1973 Well Disney reductions i Ollil .9 Harluk 5 features 1 45 3 35 5 30 a a 7 15 9 05 in i profoundly funny. One of the most important american films of the year. Pm color a Charles Champlin los Angeles Martin twins 3-5-7-9 i hoi Witch Cater 01 of to but. V 112283 Nixon first to Fly commercially Washington a the Energy crisis appears to have spurred a presidential first. When president Nixon flew to California wednesday he apparently became the first president to Fly a regularly scheduled commercial Airliner while in office. Saying he was acting to set an example in Energy conservation the president took a United air lines flight. A White House press aide Bruce Welihan said records there showed no earlier instances of an incumbent president travelling by commercial flights instead of private or government chartered Craft. Prior to this trip president Nixon has travelled aboard air Force jets. A Check with the Franklin d. Roosevelt Library indicated that during his presidency Roosevelt Only took three air read the classified trips. One of these was on a government air plane and the other two on commercial planes under contract to the Navy. During his presidency Dwight d. Eisenhower made no commercial flights. He occasionally used a Light plane for trips to his farm at Gettysburg pa., with air Force pilots at the controls. When he was president elect John f. Kennedy flew from Florida to Washington on a commercial plane but that was a charter flight. Kennedy used the plane which had been chartered by the press to return to Washington upon learning of the imminent birth of a Hild to his wife. Harry s. Truman also made no commercial flights As president. Center downtown i main if this is the final rates. For example the rate from the persian Gulf to Europe is Down about 75 per single haul carriers make up to to 20 per cent of the Market. They Are the first to be affected by a shortage of Oil because they pick up cargoes on Only a few weeks notice. But brokers say few Lon term lease agreements or contracts for building new ships have been signed since the Arab embargo. Piedmont Lodge 681 met gent communication of of Star Pri Oft nth 7 of Garland h. Knight master w00dr0e f. Haywood Sec y. From 9 30 until 11 30 no one Over 12 years of age Mcdonalds kiddie show so come and be with us this last saturday As we present the magic sword. Get your tickets at Mcdonalds or 50 at the Box office. See you saturday g a Security guards h2 a 3 equipped with two Way radio door Leal and a ghz watchman Florki will protect a a Quot do opt Quot Davis patrol a watchman service 126 n. Main High Point . Coll 886-4025 last 2 nights last 2 nights by Prive in theatre Don t dare miss seeing those super women of the Midway s giant screen. Copy by technicolor a tech scope plus hit no. 2 at 8 46 a Paul net Man my Robert Wagher w him neg is everything rated Quot pm Quot in color adults a sol All kids under 12 admitted free at the Midway coming sunday 1st run Quot raw meat Quot Quot a Energy chief William e. Simon said he applauded the presidents action in taking the commercial flight but said he had not recommended it. He noted that Quot it is a very Large Security senator William Proxmire dwis., said today president Nixon should Quot Mothball air Force one and travel commercial airlines on All his trips to san Clemente or key in a statement Proxmire credited Nixon with giving the nation a Good example in saving fuel by his commercial flight to the West coast wednesday and said the trip proved that communications is no problem. A a thh5s-158 # inflight a Cine theatre j Zaire shopping Center-2200 Westchester Orive a phone 885-4427 n n in in m in 4 n n 4 a movie that will make you feel Good All Over when it s All a Gen shall Etc to Ryan Mal a Quot Papu show times daily 3 30 5 20 7 10 9 00 As . Barnum it Quot there s a sucker born every a a a. . In Mac Hall Bartlett film it y a Jonathan Livingston Seagull everyone s Book is now everyone s motion and directed by Hall Bartlett from the Book by Richard Bach screenplay Richard Bach Hall Bartlett song written and performed by Neil Diamond cinematographer Jack Coulter production design Boris Levan photograph 970-ruffed Munton original found track by Heil Diamond on Columbia record and tape Usu Ai a i>0t in us Panagion a color by Delwine a. A Paramount picture relearn Bra 7 10 9 00 sat. And Sun. Matinees 1 20 3 10 5 10 it rn5 Brtown theatre Harris Ava �?T2 71 in inspector Harry Calahan. #1 on the list of the nations endangered this time the bullets Are hitting Clint Eastwood is dirty Harry in magnum Force pretty close to Home show times 1 16, 3 12, 5 08, 7 04, 9 00 adults children 2 00 .75 a i Center downtown a main so Tom Martin twin i 1801 Westchester 0r./8850097

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