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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - December 26, 1973, High Point, North Carolina Political problem High Point Enterprise wednesday december 261973 9c naming a child in Russia Tough shortages Good news for scientists by Stephens Broening associated presi writer Moscow a a Young couple recently went to an of fice Here called tags to Regis Ter the birth of their daughter they wanted to name her Anna Maria tags said yet Why not the couple wanted to know because its two names tags Well write it As one word the couple said yet said tags its not possible had they wanted they prob ably could have named her tags tags is an acronym from the russian initials standing for registry for acts of civil status it be the first time since the revolution that first names were made this Way there Are people walking around the soviet Union today with the name Villor de Rived from Vladimir Ilyitch Lenin Initiator of the october revolution and theres melor from on confirmation Marx Engels Lenin october revolution there Are even cases of a melor who used to be Melsor the missing s stood for Stalin and was cast away in the winds of desalinization less Able to adapt to sudden shifts in the political tides Are thousands of women named Stalina with Lenin though youre always right people named Lenina or from i Lenin Haven much to worry about another set of first names dates from the Early Days of industrialization and collective farms thus Domna the russian word for blast Furnace Elek Trina and tra Torina theres also Oktyabrina from the russian word for october in memory of the octo Ber revolution the official at tags accept Annamaria As one word or two but in the spirit of com Promise he proposed How about Marianna by John Cunniff a business analyst new York a Short Ages of Energy and other Basic products mean Good news for some of those physicists and engineers who found their talents in decreasing demand Dur ing the past few years a personnel search firm re ports a big increase since last Spring in demand workers with talents in the nuclear area and More recently for those capable of dealing with the use of Coal in Power generation Bill Breitmayer president of executive Register which charges Industry for a computerized search of its 15 000 up Odate resumes of executive and professional workers claims that salaries also Are soaring a nuclear Engineer or physicist with capabilities in Basic design and applications is now commanding a salary of above Breitmayer states compare with to 000 at the beginning of last year for highly talented and accomplished individuals with doctorates and the ability to manage Industrial physics or engineering departments the salaries might be As High As to Breitmayer records show for some physicists and Engi neers the renewed demand for their services is in Sharp con Trast to the gloom that pervaded their Fields just three years ago when Many of them were forced to seek employ ment outside their specialities As a result the search for qualified personnel today is somewhat More difficult than in previous years when search firms and Talent hungry companies knew where to look some Talent Rich companies became known in the 1960s As universities for example be cause they trained and graduated so Many specialists search firms regularly raided such staffs Breitmayer now finds that searchers must be More creat Ive in some instances they have to induce specialists to return to Industrial jobs from teaching or other pursuits among Job titles now in de Mand Breitmayer says Are project managers contract administrators design engineers safety specialists pressure vessel designers and computer systems analysts anyone who has design or project experience in Power generation is valuable he says whether its for nuclear Fossil fuel or electrical another area of demand this one resulting from the vast number of product shortages is for purchasing agents with International experience in buying foodstuffs Basic metals Cotton and other raw materials of manufacture issues surface at Ford hearing by George Kentera North american newspaper Alliance Washington some important Side issues surfaced in the congressional hearings on the confirmation of rep Gerald r Ford As vice president judging by the questions asked of Ford a number of House and Senate members perhaps a significant number Are coming to believe that the 25th amendment in use for the first time to select a vice president is inadequate the Federal Bureau of investigation Fri should be More responsive to congressional requests for information attorney general of the United states As the nations chief Law enforcement officer should not engage in partisan political activity members of both the Senate rules committee and the House judiciary committee in confirmation hearings suggested several times that present circumstances a vice president resigned and a president threatened with impeachment were not envisioned when the 25th amendment was passed by Congress in 1965 and ratified by a sufficient number of the states by 1967 the amendment provides that when the office of vice president is vacant the president shall nominate a vice president who shall take office after confirmation by both houses of Congress senator birth Bayh dind told the Senate committee he want even sure that a procedure could be devised for filling the vice presidency that would meet All contingencies As for the situation now he said these circumstances you could make a scalable Case for a special election he did not specify the circumstances but a few Days later rep Michael j Harrington mass did during a discussion before the House committee with rep John Conyers or Mich Conyers noted that Between 1792 and 1886 the Law of the land had been that a special presidential and vice presidential election would be held where vacancies existed in both those offices a Bill to provide again for such an election under such circumstances Conyers said had recently been introduced in the House in reply to a question from Conyers representative Harrington said that he would have voted in favor of a revised 25th amendment in 1965 he was not in Congress then had it contained a provision for a special election when both offices were vacant the situation now he added was that Congress might find itself selecting a vice president without the american people having a direct voice in the selection and that the same thing might happen again in the near future if Nixon resigned or was removed from office and Ford became president and bad to nominate a new vice president under the 25th amendment that was the procedure followed by the Senate rules committee but chairman Peter w Rodino in j of the House judiciary committee insisted that additional members of his 38 member committee be allowed to read the 1700 pages collected by the Fri in its investigation of Ford and acting atty Gen Robert h Bork of the Justice department finally agreed to allow four democrats and four republicans to see the files but Conyers in his own words has strenuously protested this arrangement and committee members of both democratic and Republican persuasion have criticized the Fri As a result Ford himself observed if there is material wanted from the Fri obviously it ought to be provided to the for whom is the Fri keeping these files Conyers asked if it is not for the body which is passing judgment on who should device president of the United states on the Senate Side of the Capitol the subject of the attorney general engaging in partisan politics was raised by chairman Howard w Cannon Nev of the rules committee in response to cannons question Ford said that certainly the secretaries of defense and of state should refrain from such activity the attorney general does not have the same responsibility he said but i do believe he should be circumspect Ford agreed that the attorney general should stay mostly out of partisan activity but when Cannon asked if raising funds and making political speeches does not cause the attorney general to cast reflections on the Justice department and its objective enforcement of the Law Ford said i could be but i dont think its absolutely certain that it has during the House committees deliberations rep George e Danielson d Calif remarked in thinking you Are going to be president within a year to Ford Conyers who has protested the committees action in proceeding with the Ford hearings without first dealing with the resolutions before it calling for Nixon impeachment or for an impeachment inquiry by the committee responded to Danielsons remark by saying some members of the committee feel that May not be an inaccurate assessment and if that is so he went on then the committee might find itself called Back shortly to consider a vice presidential nomination made by Ford As president and find itself cast in Concrete by having accepted Fri restrictions on the Way the committee could examine raw Fri files of an investigation of a vice 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