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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 20, 1973, High Point, North Carolina Things answer to previous Puzzle across i Gibraltar for instance 5 lubricant 8 Heap 12 pain 13 fold 14 arabian Gulf 15 Hammer head left ventilate 17 hair 18 Island for i 3ft Stair Post 40 exudes 41 Placid 42 dual Zed 4.1 Little 4ft indonesian of Mindanao 47 Small Birds 4s hawaiian Pepper 50 related by blood 19 foot coverings is Martian 21 fruit drink i Tomb Fermi 22 f let bottomed boats 24 Cherna at com pouty 2ft Fil Ching Needle 27 manifests derision 2x lords Tab a 30summer 31 Samuel s teacher bib i 32 Spanish hero 33 Winter Apple 52 live assent 52 f Ather it Fri 54 certain european 55 c Compass Point Oft Utas \ blow Dohn 1 swat River Sun my 2 spotted feline 3 o a 4 insight 5 Marine fishes 6 ilium i comb. Form 7 musical instrument 8 i Lance step 9 imagine 10 conductor 11 penetrates 31 lariats 34 arbiter 35 baby a 37 fint Ceble 38 diminished 39 term in Horseshoe pitching 41 sole of a plow 44 lion s Pride i Lai King ovules 45 shakespearean 2u sentry River 2.1 sickest 48 cry 25 sower convulsively 27 dry. As wine 50 a i s address 29 be seated ni.s�-�0 not Dopa a.1 2 i 4 5 6 78 9 Roll 12 13 14 15 16 la 18 ni9 20h 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 s41 42 43 44 45 Al 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 ii 54 is 56 20 a g pm Jacoby on Bridge Luck plays part in duplicate by Oswald \ James Jacoby Here is another example of duplicate Luck. North and South really belong in five hearts. This is All they can make if the defense starts by taking their two Diamond tricks. The bidding in the Box shows How they can reach a heart Siam it North elects to open one club you can t find much fault with North s second round jump to four hearts of. Anything he has under bid a trifle and while South might not have Black a wooded to the heart slam he certainly has a pretty Good hand after his partner has jumped to the heart game. This series of bids leaves West on Lead he might open a Diamond but the Spade suit looks far better. Once he opens a Spade South is Home free he simply draws Trumps with three leads runs Oft tour clubs North d 4 a k 5 3 v a j 2 a q j a k j6 West 4 my 9 v 76 a 8s32 a 10974 South a q v k 1098 a 9764 aq52 both vulnerable went North East 14 pass 4v pats 5? pass pass pass 20 East 4 87642 v 543 a a Kio 483 Pas Pun Pas opening lead�?j4 in order to discard one of Dummy a diamonds concedes a Diamond trick and eventually ruffs one Diamond and discards the last two on the Ace and King of Spades. Where does the Luck come in suppose the bidding goes differently and North becomes Declarer at six hearts. Bast is on Lead with the Ace and King of diamonds and will be smart enough to Cash them. Bills seafood Market 600 e. Green drive open All Day Christmas eve december 24th closed Christmas Day to your Good health High Point Enterprise thursday december 20,1973 so v. Fluoroscopy and x Ray examination by George c. Thosteson . Dear or. Thosteson please explain a Ray and fluoroscopy. Is the fluoroscopy a Ray procedure had. The two Are basically the same except for the Means by which the picture becomes visible. With a Ray the rays Are sent through the body striking on a photographic plate which shows Bone Structure and other such information. With a fluoroscopy a rays similarly Are sent through the body or some part of it but instead of striking a photographic plate they strike a screen which glows where the rays hit. Likewise giving an image of what is inside the body. The advantage of regular a Ray is that you have a permanent film to study. With a fluoroscopy you can watch movement a but the length of time of course should be As Brief As possible to avoid too much exposure of the patient to a rays. Dear sir enclosed find 25 cents and a Long stamped self addressed envelope for your Booklet. Controlling your blood is there something i can buy in the drug store for my blood pressure or do i have to go to a doctor for a prescription i know i have High blood pressure but do not know the readings. Mem 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 new management at Xci i Lack Christmas special $ i 50 off family size pizza All week eat with us or Call in and carry out luncheon Buffet pizza Spaghetti lasagne All you can eat a includes salad i 50 Mon thru sat. Ham amp sausage biscuits homemade. 7 . 11 . Greensboro re. At 5 Points 11217-3 hours la . To 12 . . Fri. La to 1 30 am. Sat. La to 1 00 am. Sun. La am. Toll . Yes you need a prescription for medications potent enough to help you. Besides that you should see your doctor periodically to let him see How you Are responding whether your pressure is being lowered sufficiently so he can judge whether your dosage should be changed or even whether some different medication is needed. He also can Check for possible complications related to High blood pressure. Dear or. Thosteson i have a Darling granddaughter who will be 17 in a few months. She menstruate once last year and nothing since. She in t concerned but her Mother is worried sick. She was a medical Secretary and fears her daughter May have leukaemia. There Are no women .�?Ts that we know of. And my granddaughter is on the shy Side and will not go to a Man doctor. Any articles on the subject or a few words of Comfort?. It is not particularly unusual for some girls of 16 to be slow in having their menstrual periods become regular so i d be inclined to wait a bit longer. As to leukaemia a if your daughter has any genuine reason to worry about that i would take the girl to a doctor and find out forthwith instead of being a worried whether a Man doctor or a woman. About finding a woman . For other purposes i doubt if you be tried very hard. Call or write the county medical society and ask. If they Don t have any listed you re Only a Hoot and a holler from a Large City so Check there. Dear or. Thosteson i have osteoporosis. It seems to be a spot on the right Side of my spine right under the shoulder Blade. It is very painful and i was wondering if treatment by rubbing and heat would be harmful. Can it spread a mrs. A e s. Osteoporosis in t the Type of thing that a spreads Quot it can. However become More severe. It is a Bone condition a a loss of density in the Bone Structure. Heat May give you some Comfort i do not see that rubbing would be of any Benet it. I take it for granted that your doctor has you on a program of medication and a diet High in Calcium and protein. Television log better later than never for special by Jerry Buck associated press writer los Angeles a if the wheels of television moved faster the Abc Christmas eve special a a dream of Christmas would have been a thanksgiving special called a the new pilgrims,1 a the Basic Story did t change said John Mcgrievey the emmy award winning writer of the two hour movie. A the network machinery moves slowly. Even though we started on it in May with the Story treatment by the time we got an Okay it was too late for a a dream for Christmas a which will be aired by Abc in the spot lately occupied by monday night nil football is a 1950s period piece with an All Black cast. Hart Rhodes stars As the Rev. Will Douglas who arrives at his new pastorate in the Watts District of los Angeles to find the Church is about to be torn Down to make Way for a shopping Center. The dream of course is to save the Church. The special is a Pilot for a projected series and its journey to the screen was As winding As the journey of Rev. Douglas from Sweet Clover Arkton Watts. The special is from loriamae productions which turned a Christmas special two years ago a the Homecoming into a the the characters in the special were first created last year As a projected series called a Eros Earl Hammer who created a the Waltons a wrote a Pilot about a Black minister in contemporary Kentucky. Abc expressed doubts about a minister As a Lead character and it was changed to a social worker in Watts still contemporary after the question of the minister was resolved Mcgrievey was Given the assignment and the 1950s time period was elected. A this was the beginning of the Black emergence a said Mcgrievey. A it was a period of transition from Rural to Urban for Blacks. You Goto the City and you re faced with new Walter Coblenz the producer used his location experience from a the Blue Knight to shoot the film almost entirely in Watts to Date the area a few a a cheats were used such As an old traffic Light an old red car trolley and a bus to hide contemporary sights a real Church was used for Douglas pastorate. Coblenz said. A the Day we arrived the minister was meeting with conference officials on getting a loan. We painted the inside of the Church and gave them Money for rental. I done to want to say we were the answer to a prayer but we helped them when they needed it. Now they re hoping it will go As a Jay Sharbutt is on vacation. Rain Hereth of High Point 400 a main St. Sheraton hotel fight inflation Hayble s Hearth lunch and dinner specials from s1.35 Hearth cheesecake now available for take Home r q buys a great lunch at the buckaroo buckaroo chuch Wagon Steak Large seeded Bun baked potato or French Fries pickles lettuce amp onions luncheon a special ill . To4 . 6 of. Chopped sirloin Steak steaming baked potato with melted butter Crisp Green salad Choice of dressing tasty Texas Toast Steak ranch in High Point a 1711 North main St $1 19 buckaroo declares i a a a e4541w it the set or family. A Brilliant 23 Diagonal Solia Stele Chromo Olar la table of a a d you con put it on a Oil Abo it cart options tra As Welt of on top of a Tarde. Grained Kashmir Walnut Soler. Ioo0� solid state Tuan 300v hoists with Power sentry system. Solid Stote super video Rani tuning system chromatic one Button tuning. Acc. Sales amp service you re better off at Bob s 906 Lindsay St. Call 885-4721 d a my Greensboro is a Btu Charlotte s Wunch University station cd a Gap High Point cd soc Charlotte is Wols Roanoke a Wujs Winston Salem consequences i War and peace is what s my line 8 Kung fun 9 12 Ironside 9 00 , 7 3h . 2 Channel 2news 2 Ozzie girls 10 00 . I new % 3 the Wilton 8 streets of san 11 Bill Moyer i a tis the season Francisco h Abc news 8 Price is right 9 to 12 no follies 9i news 8 let s make a Deal to 12 news it to 12 to Tell the truth 11 of Imi 2 3 news 6 18 . 8 my 8 news i tis the season 2 the Waltons 9 news final 8 it anything you can do i i the adv in ates to news 2 9 16 12 news 8 Toma 12 news sports and 9 to 12 f lip Wilton weather 7 0 1 Imi. 2 beat the clock 8 3 1 . 11 30 . .1 new s 3 Bobby Goldsboro it 2 3 late movie i your future 8 Abc entertainment 9 to Tell the truth 9 00 Imi. 9 to 12 Johnny 8 to truth or 2 3 movie Carson 4 00 love american style 4 30 Lucy 5 00 i dream of Jeannie ugh pts Small <9 Fox 12 wizard of i math Odds 8 Tori in my life few. Ii 9 to 12 the doctors 0 00 l. 11 30 i m. 2 Good morning show 2x3 love of life 3 00 pm. 12 news 8 the Brady Bunch 2 Price is right 9 i0 i2 Hollywood 3 secret storm 0 30 %.m. Squares i dialogue Iii on the farm 8 general Hospital 12 Arthur Smith 9 lox 12 another 12 noon world 7 00 \.m. 2 the Young to restless 3 lbs new s 3 scene at noon 8 romper room 8 x 9 news 3 30 . 9 i0 12 today 10 12 jeopardy 2 match game it 3 Lucy 7 30 %.m. 12 30 . 8 one life to live 3 morning scene 2 x 3 search for 9 the Flintstones 8 Anne tomorrow 41 electric co. To 12 Peyton place 8 00 pm. 8 split second 1 00 . 2 3 capt. Kangaroo 9 Arthur Smith 2 secret storm 8 Southern exposure to news 3 Green acres 12 who w hat. Where i mister Rogers 9 00 \.m. 8 love. American Sty it 2 old rebel 1 00 . 9 Batman 3 Price is right 2 today s woman to Gilligan a Island 8 movie 3 Betty Feezor 12 the munsters 9 Mike Douglas i Ripples to Phil Donahue 8 All my children 1 30 . 12 today at Home 9 jeopardy 2 Gunter Pyle Iii Somerset 3 Jeannie 9 30 pm. 12 concentration i sesame Street 2 Mer Griffin 8 Lucy 3 match game la 30 . 9 Beverly Hillbillies i film 2 3 As the world turn to Gunter Pyle 4 8 film 12 Gilligan a Island 10 00 . 8 let s make a Deal 3 the jokers wild 9x10x12 three on a 5 00 . I sesame Street match 2 9 to Andy Griffith a a ii dinars 3 Bonanza place 2 00 . 8 Jeannie 2 3 guiding Light 12 Bonanza 10 30 . I Bill Moyer 2 3 $10,000 Pyramid 8 newlywed game 3 30 . 9 i0 i2 baffle 9 to 12 a Sof our 2 dragnet lives 4 electric co. 11 00 pm. 8 news 2 3 gambit 2 30 . 9 Tuth or consequences 8 password 2 3 Edge of night to what a my line capsule views of today s evening programs in 20 j Ltd a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a thu my my or my in my he or Mamm my my Mumm my my ? 3u p. A 2 Ozzie set Jiri s Ozzie and Harriet become mediators when both Brenda and Susie try out for the same part in a play and Only one gets it. 12 to Tell the truth a the panel seeks the real Kitty Baldasare Holder of the worlds deep dive record for women and the True Harry Raybin director of new York City a Poison control Center i . 2 the Waltons John boy suffers an injured ego when his teacher postpones helping him with an essay in favor of entertaining the minister. 12 flip Wilsom guests will be Mac Davis Bob Williams and Louie Burns and Schreiber and Bobby Sandler. I . 2 a movie a a gunfight at of Corral a with Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas in the gunfight that made legends of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. 8 Kung fun the a Beautiful woman a Independence a crippled Man s love for her and a jealous suitor provide a dangerous Challenge to Caine in . 8 streets of san Francisco a most feared in the Jungle a a Young girl s search for her Newborn baby son leads her to homicide and a bewildering Maze of contradictions. 12 Abc follies with Sammy Davis or. The guest list includes Jack Cassidy Ernie Ford Florence Henderson and Rodney Allen Rippy. 11 30 . 2 late movie fort Dobbs a with Clint Walker. An accused murderer makes his Way across the old West just one step ahead of the Law. 8 Abc entertainment a the Dick Cavett

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