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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 20, 1973, High Point, North Carolina By councilwoman parking space removal attacked architect s View of interim zoo with a three to four acre Lake dominating the scene this is the Way the architects picture the interim zoo on Purgatory Mountain near Asheboro which will be opened to the Public by May i. In the Center Are three main buildings that will serve As the temporary zoo until the first phase is finished in 1975 at a Cost of $10 million. The interim zoo is expected to Post $700,000. The modular buildings in the right Corner Are currently being used As the administrative office for the state zoological authority and society will be relocated to this site and become a part of the interim zoo. The Large building at the top of the picture will be used to House the animals on hand and the ones expected to arrive in february. The interim portion will become a service area for zoo personnel when the first phase is completed. Testimony is concluded in trial of patrolman by Howard Hayes Enterprise staff a Riler Greensboro the defense concluded its Case today in the Superior court manslaughter trial of Highway patrolman Jackie i. Stoner 25. Of Liberty Road in High Point and the Case was expected to go to the jury late this afternoon the prosecution completed its Case wednesday afternoon. Stoner is charged in connection with the death on nov. 12 of George Early Stanley 47. Of Brentwood Street in High Point. Stoner testified wednesday that he had arrested Stanley on nov. 9 on the Brentwood ramp at 1-83 on charges of Drunken driving and driving while his License was revoked according to the patrolman. Stanley s wife drove up after he had arrested Stanley and placed him in the Back seat of the patrol car. Stoner said he took the Kes from Stanley s pickup truck handed them to Stanley and saw Stanley Start to give them to his wife. Who was standing by the Side of the car talking with her husband through the window he said he did t actually see mrs. Stanley take the keys from her husband the keys were later to become the object of a search and misunderstanding that led to Stanley a death. Stoner said he took Stanley to the High Point police station after the arrest. He said Stanley threatened him twice saying he Quot would put a Shotgun in his face Quot Stoner testified that when he got off duty and arrived Home about 1 30 a in. Nov. To. He Learned from his wife that Stanley had come to his Home on Liberty Road with mrs. Stanley. The patrolman said his wife told Hun that Stanley was cursing and abusive and wanted the keys to his truck which he thought Stoner still had. Stoner said that Stanley called three times after 1 30 a in. And mrs. Stanley called a fourth time asking about the keys. Stoner said he responded to a request by mrs. Stanley and went out to his patrol car and searched for the keys. He said that when he returned to the phone. Stanley was again on the line. Stoner said the fourth time the phone rang and he found it was Stanley he Hung up without having any conversation. John and Nancy Herndon of it. I Trinity who testified for the prosecution said that Stanley called them at Home and got them out of bed about 1 30 a in. And asked them to come Over to his House. They said they arrived about 2 a in. And stayed until about 2 45 . During that 45 minutes they said Stanley tried phoning the Stoner residence but the phone was either out of order or off the Hook. Mrs. Herndon said she pc hosts annual prayer breakfast by Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer adoration in a this glad Christmas season was urged by or. Wilson o. Weldon in an address to the Community prayer breakfast at High Point College today. A we need to do less talking and less explaining a or. Weldon said. A we need to do some affirming we need to do some proclaiming and let the coming of Jesus in human form speak for the methodist minister editor of a the upper room a a publication of daily devotions was guest speaker for the third Community prayer breakfast sponsored by the Board of trustees at High Point College. The breakfast was held in the cafeteria in the Campus Center at the College. Holt Mcpherson chairman of trustees for the College presided. About 150 persons including a number of civic club leaders and ministers attended. Or. We Eldon formerly was minister of first United methodist Church in High Point and of memorial United methodist Church in Thomasville. He has been editor of a the upper room since 1967. Introduced by Mcpherson or. Weldon said in his talk that the a purpose of education goes beyond the accumulation of facts. It is to instill knowledge for the purpose of life. A god is always with or. Weldon continued. A your prayer should be that we be made aware of his presence what he wants from us what he desires us to be. A let us always Pray affirmatively. Let us Pray also As hungry men and women a he said. A was we leave this Hall let it be in a deeper involvement and commitment. Let us remember that his love is the fruit age that enable us to function for the glory of the audience was welcomed to the breakfast by or. Wendell m. Patton jr., president of High Point College. A your presence Here demonstrates our love for Jesus Christ and our love for each other this morning a he said. Also taking part in the program was miss Lindsey Peters vocalist from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro who Sang a the lord s prayer and an italian Christmas Carol. She was accompanied by miss Pat Marion at the piano. The Benediction was by the Rev. Richard Crowder pastor of first United methodist Church in High Point. By Ray Hubbard Enterprise staff writer a proposal to remove parking spaces from downtown High Point streets brought cries of anguish today from the distaff member of the City Council who has connections with a downtown business. Councilwoman Rachel Gray a member of the family which owns and operates High Point hardware co. At 239 s. Main St., accused the City of piecemeal planning and failure to consider economic matters when it agreed to the provisions of the topics project. Under the topics traffic operations program to improve capacity and safety agreement Between 50 and 60 parking spaces will be removed from s. Main Wrenn and Hamilton streets in the Vicinity of the Post office in order to provide additional turning lanes. Quot it concerns me that this decision removal of parking has been made and none of us were aware of it until we heard about it monday at the Council table a mrs. Gray said. A it concerns me because this is piecemeal planning. We Don t take into consideration the economics of moving traffic what it docs to our town a she added. A those of us who have worked All our lives downtown a Are dismayed at the action she said. A this does not spark Confidence by the people in government when you Don t go to the people before making such decisions she said. Mrs. Gray said that the City has made tremendous strides in moving traffic in the downtown area. A but you Are moving traffic through town it does not she lamented. The topics Issue arose As the result of a Resolution before Council approving the to in i is annual work program and a proposed ordinance which would remove parking from the aforementioned streets. Several councilmen expressed sympathy with mrs. Gray a views but none of them supported her in voting on the ordinance and Resolution mrs. Gray did not vote on the Resolution and cast the Only dissenting vote on the removal of parking ordinance the topics program has been under implementation for about two and a half years. Under the program the state and Federal government provide 74 per cent of the Cost of the program and the City the remaining 26 per cent state and Federal authorities have certain requirements which must be met before it will participate in the program removal of the parking in the disputed Case today is one of the requirements. The City has received about $700,000 from state and Federal authorities for topics projects thus far. Mrs. Gray said today that perhaps in the future the City ought to Quot look a gift horse in the telephoned the High Point police station in search of the keys and found that they were not there. The her dons said they took Stanley to where his truck was parked and tried some keys mrs. Stanley had Given them but that none of the keys would fit the truck. They said what concerned them and Stanley so much was that about $700 Worth of tools were in the Back of the truck and they were afraid they might be stolen. On Cross examination the her dons said there was no mention of putting the tools on Herndon struck Herndon testified that he did not want to put the tools on the Back of his truck because he Quot bought it for pleasure Riding and did t want to scratch after leaving the truck the Trio went to stoners House. With mrs. Herndon driving. According to the Herndonsr testimony Stanley got out and mrs. Herndon moved the truck from the driveway to the Side of the Road in front of Stoner s House. According to testimony. Stanley went to the door and Stoner answered it wearing Only his Slacks. Stoner and Stanley talked at the door for about five minutes. Stoner then went Back inside and Stanley returned to the truck. Here the testimony of the her dons and Stoner began to differ. The her dons said Stoner put on his coat and came out to the truck. They said Stoner threatened to Quot beat Stanley after Stoner had asked the her dons to take Stanley away and they refused they said Stoner then advanced on Stanley and hit him in the face with his fist causing Stanley to fall backward and strike his head on the pavement of the Highway. Stoner testified that when he went Back into the House to put on his coat and shoes his wife see testimony on 6d thursday afternoon december 20,1973 Section i under new ordinance Council approves House placarding by Ray Hubbard Enterprise staff writer City Council today adopted an ordinance authorizing the placarding of 32 rental dwelling units in High Point As being substandard in so doing. Council rejected the possibility of changing the new certificate of compliance provisions to the minimum housing code at least until it has had a trial run. Councilman Sam Burford. Chairman of the Law and Public safety committee told Council today that his committee had studied the new ordinance and found no need to change it. A we recommend no he said. The list of 32 units to be authorized for placarding was presented to Council two weeks ago. But when one proper to owner strongly objected on the basis that he was being unfairly tabbed As a slumlords Council deferred action and charged the Law and Public safety committee with taking another look at the new ordinance. Stolen automobile found in Lexington High Point police said today that a car belonging to is Illiam Darrell Mclver of it. 7, Greensboro had been recovered wednesday by Lexington police. Mclver had told police monday that a Hitchhiker he picked up near Spring Lake had forced him out of his car on Baker Road at 1-85 at gun Point and taken the vehicle. There was no mention of any further details on the unidentified gunman. Also recovered was a car belonging to Gene Kersey Osborn of Brentwood Street. Police found the car wednesday on Barbee Avenue at Sherrod Street. Osborn said the keys to his car were taken from the counter in the bus station restaurant and the car was stolen from the parking lot. David Lee Matthews of Prospect Street said he and three other persons were in his House wednesday night when three shots were fired into the Home. Nobody was hit. He said he saw a truck pull out of a parking lot next door after the shots. Police said they found spent shells for a 12 gauge Shotgun at the scene. Thieves entered the teachers lounge at Allen Jay High school and pried open a drink machine. An unknown amount of change was taken. Griffin Junior High also was the scene of a break in. After entering the first Aid room. The intruders scattered clothing around the floor. Nothing was missing. Reva Chisgar of Tipton Street said someone Cut a screen and entered her Home through a window. Nothing was missing. David Raymond Miller of Thomasville said he was at Church on Fraley Road wednesday when thieves Cut a tire on his car and took the gasoline from the tank. About $19 Worth of Gas was reportedly stolen from two vehicles parked in the lot at an upholstering and fabrics company on Progress Avenue. Sandra Kay Davis of it. I. Sophia said someone took a $100 tape player and did $25 see stolen on 6ds members of the committee in addition to Burford Are Roy Culler and Bob w Ells. Councilman Frank Woods questioned the committee today about the possibility of softening the language used in dealing with substandard housing. He said that the language which describes substandard housing As a unfit for human is what offends some of the property owners the most. Quot it seems to me that this could be toned he said. But Woods was informed that his language is derived from the state statute which deals with minimum housing codes and is necessary. Under the certificate of compliance amendment housing w hich fails to meet the Golf course leasing plan is rejected by Forrest Cates Enterprise staff writer a suggestion that High Point lease its two municipal Golf courses for private operation was rejected by City Council today. Council acted by a vote of 6-3, to strike the suggestion from its list of pending items. The three dissenting votes were by councilmen Arnold Kooncejr. And Jim Pearce both republicans and o. Arthur Kirkman a Democrat. They said they wanted to take another look at the matter before making a final decision. Pearce brought the matter to the attention of Council noting that it was on the pending list. A we ought to move one Way or the other on this a he said Sonny Ridenhour the Golf pro at Pine tree Golf course at Kernersville appeared before Council on oct. 4 to propose that he take Over operation of the City courses at Blair Park and Oak hollow on a lease basis. Ridenhour said that he Felt he could operate the two courses at a reasonable profit. Figures in the 1973-74 City budget show the two courses being operated at a fiscal loss. Income is projected at $160,000. While operation and maintenance costs Are placed see Golf on 60 minimum housing code is placarded whenever it becomes vacant. This Means that it is unlawful to rent again a unit which has been found to be substandard by the High Point inspections dept. The inspections department has several Hundred houses on file which have been found to be substandard and which Are eligible for placarding under the new ordinance unless they Are repaired Freeman Hill. Inspections dept chief says that lists will be prepared for Council action on a regular basis until eventually All substandard housing will be brought up to Standard. In another slum housing matter today. Council adopted an ordinance condemning three dwelling units for demolition. Property belonging to go Forth exterminators and located at 117 Vail St. Property owned by w a. Vail and located at 119 Vail St. And property owned by Plato Wilson and located at 506 w. Grimes St. Was condemned. In other action today Council rezoned property at the Southwest Corner of Eastchester drive and Jeannette Avenue from residential a-20 to residential c-3, Over the protests of a number of property owners living in the area. A petition bearing 27 signatures objecting to the rezoning was presented to Council dec. 6, causing a delay of the rezoning action until today. The planning and zoning commission had recommended approval of the rezoning. Duke Power rate hike is approved Duke Power co. Has been granted another interim boost in electric Power rates which Means that rates for High Point probably will be increased. The latest rate boost approved by the no. Utilities commission is for 2 25 per cent. To be effective on Bills of Jan. 19. The interim boost is in addition to an interim increase of 8 per cent allowed the company last october. The interim increases Are part of an Overall increase of 16 8 the company is seeking As the latest in a series of increases. Duke serves some Industrial customers in High Point but residential users buy Power from the City of High Point which the City purchases wholesale from Duke the City Council As a matter of policy keeps the City s rates identical with Dukes the City Council w hich was installed Jan 3. However has not raised the rates to include the last two interim increases granted Duke. The Council was slated to meet today. In addition to the interim increase the utilities commission also allowed Duke to temporarily raise its rates to reflect the increased Price of Coal. The commission placed no ceiling on the amount of this increase but the company can raise rates to cover Coal Price increases Between now and the time its Overall rate request is decided 73 cheer fund inching Forward this years Christmas cheer fund inched its Way closer to Success As today s contributions boosted the Campaign to w within $300 of the goal. After a slow Start and several Boom Days the 1973 fund has levelled off to a steady Pace for the past week and the passing of the $8,500 goal should occur Friday. Today a total of $475 jumped the total in hand to $8,244 37. This year s Campaign still remains Short of the Success of the past two years though. Fund officials were hoping Tor a last minute boost to Send the total toward the $9,000 Mark. Top contributors for the Day were $50 in Honor of Neal f. Austin in memory of Sally Moffitt and Joe Brinson and from Holiday motors. Donations can be sent to the cheer fund Box 5467, or to the Enterprise. Box 1009 All contributions will be acknowledged by the Enterprise. Today s contributors Are listed Here of the h hypo to Putter l Btry Iii a a it is 90 by i r Lacy or. 24 of jets Brinson to of Airth a Jordan end Jet is of car Ana or sturdy May 10 00 Poy a storm Soo Jaca and s a Alshet to of Mitch Post it employee of pig indoor in Ole a Vivon. 2090 Jam ted. Ginny end Kiili amp eth Johnson. 25 of Jake Ham. Woo in memory of Gilbert Bernerd 2000 or r h botch. 24 00 Dot. To of or end or Fred m Good. 1500 Robb e. Old end Billy Little. 500 a Friend. 500 anted Metal Stem Piny work. Inc. 25 90 or f r an Holme. 500 in memory of saw top a and Ben i Art to it j Soo Moody motor of h Yah Point inc. 50 00 hot Yah pop of Cherr Cal corp. 25 00 in memory of Sally Mott and Joe Brinson. By or and or Kenner am 50 00 in memory of e j hol Brook or by or Moisef cask woo Tel f St Bapt Church woo in memory of or j a peace or. Woo in memory of j t Boulton by employee it Houlton Auto part25 of today s total. Tits of previous total i in n total Iodate to 2u 31 chair City schools to Start later by Ven Carver Enterprise staff Byriter Thomasville As expected the Thomasville Board of education voted wednesday night to move the starting time for schools Back one half hour beginning Jan. 7. The new schedule a trial arrangement slated to expire at the end of january also Calls for school dismissal to be moved Back 15 minutes. Students will thus be required to be in class from 8 55 . Until 3 15 . Rather than the present period 8 25 a in. To 3 . Teachers however will continue working their current schedule coming to school to receive students at 8 . And leaving at 3 30 . Announcing his recommendations on the schedule revisions which the Board adopted in full superintendent Derwood Huneycutt advised that students continue to be allowed to arrive at the time they do now. This provision was suggested out of deference to working parents. In consequence students will still go to classes at 8 15 and school will informally begin at 8 25. No child will be counted tardy until after 8 55, though. Buses will run one half hour later in the morning than Normal under the new schedule. Concern about busing children in the dark prompted adjustment of the school starting time in the first place. The first bus will go out at 7 45 when the schedule goes into effect by Jan. 7, Daylight will be appearing just a few minutes later. In the afternoon the school Day was not extended the full 30 minutes in order that students not go Home during factory shift changes. As for the extra half hour that some students will spend in classes before the 8 55 tardy Bell Huneycutt suggested that the time could be utilized profitably. A they could certainly use the time for individualized work a he told the Board. Asked for comments on the recommended schedule revisions Kern Street school principal Jim Graham indicated his approval. He said he favored the idea of children going to classes at the regular 8 25 time though it will be difficult to Start formal instruction then. A one thing i Don t want is bedlam a children running up and Down the Halls a he declared referring to the 30-minute period before classes will officially begin. If the new schedule proves satisfactory it May be extended through february at the next meeting of the Board. In other business wednesday the Board voted to apply for state funds to open a special night school program for drop outs. The program which would probably meet three times a week would provide both vocational and academic instruction presently the Community College system operates an adult High school equivalency program but it is principally designed for those Over 21. The venture proposed by Huneycutt would specifically be for youths aged 16 to 21. By holding the classes at night the instructor will be Able to correlate with on the Job training at students daytime employment. In that respect the program would be similar to the Industrial cooperative training setup now being conducted during the regular school Day. Huneycutt said he is shooting for a starting Date for the program sometime at the end of january. State authorities must approve the school Board s application which will require financing mostly from state funds. Only $3,000 of the necessary $10,000 will come from local sources. Upon successful completion of the classes the student will be awarded a Thomasville High school diploma. The program will not be restricted to those living in the City however. Also on wednesday Huneycutt notified the Board that he May have to move recreation dept nighttime basketball league and classes being conducted by Davidson county Community College from main Street to Church Street school. The possibility of such a move is due to a statewide cutback in natural Gas the fuel that is used to heat main Street. Church Street like All the schools in the system but main Street is heated with Oil. Huneycutt said he now thinks that Oil supplies Are sufficient to permit use of the Church Street gymnasium building the two nights a week required by the recreation dept and the College. He pointed out furthermore that the gymnasium can be closed off from the rest of the school unlike at main Street and there Are facilities in the gym for both of the extra programs

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