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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - December 19, 1973, High Point, North Carolina Ride pm Cowboy top Cowboy for a key Mem you Gettin off our Fec Orci winnings in 1972 Mohan is rodeos hammering Hank by Murray Olderman san Francisco Jmeal the life of Larry Mahan is wrapped up in eight second spurts Hes a Rodeo Cowboy the Best Goldur Ned Cowboy in the whole wide world and maybe the Best Ever who bounced his buttocks on the Bare Back of a bucking bronc or Bull it takes just eight seconds put of the Chute to determine if Hes going to last the ride or dig his snout into the dirt under the animals pawing hooves its dangerous and its exciting and for Larry Mahan at least it is rewarding be cause at the age of 29 he has made in prize Money pilots his own air plane a 310 Cessna and drives seven cars ranging from a 32 Chevy his Pride to an Al Dorado heading for the National finals in Oklahoma City the first week in december Larry had already clinched his sixth world Allaround cow boy championship which is a Little like Henry Aaron breaking babe ruths Home run record its a helluva comeback Story too because Larry won the first five in a Row until he was sidetracked the last couple of years by a broken leg and a torn bicep muscle and the Beautiful thing about this Cowboy who has a lopsided Grin and a tousled mane is that Hes still essentially a Cowboy even in a session what would you be if you we rent a Rodeo performer anything from a truck Driver to a porthole Digger i went to my first Rodeo when i was 13 and won the calf rid ing event got a Belt buckle and and said in going to be a Cowboy the rest of my How do you psyche yourself up for a Rodeo ride i draw a mental picture of what i should do behind the Cannon from Page 4c but was his trademark the plainest of women look exciting in polka dotted dress in my neighbourhood an old Man shake hands with an undertaker Ive never caught a circus Clown i thought was funny when i knew Jimmy he seemed alone a lot he was a lifelong Bachelor and there is always a sadness about such men As if they Are miss ing a dimension Jimmy would Tell you about a column he just wrote and make you feel it was very important until you walked away then you realized that it was his telling you about it that was so important or maybe it was your listening to his telling that was so important in some ways he reminded me of the panhandler he once described who worked Park Avenue wearing a Bouton Riziere much of what he wrote Dies with him if it is not already Long buried for it is True that yesterdays newspapers Are used to wrap fish but jimmys memory lives at least with me he and those Hells Angels on bicycles chutes the last hour or two youre walking around going through the physical moves that it takes to ride a really Tough animal you see your self with a free hand and How you move your Arm to keep the body in the Correct Posi Tion you cant predict an animal like say a Bull that spins to the right because if he reacts the other Way then in on the ground i draw the picture of this Bull if Hes spinning right and also have plan b if he goes to the left you think about it enough so that it happens automatically its like a Boxer if he trains enough so that when the other Guys drops one hand you know what youre going to do what goes through your mind the few seconds youre on an animal if in right mentally aggressive and determined i have a goal for that eight second ride like in Bull rid ing when the Gate comes open its important to get tapped off with the animal i know in going to scoot up there and have my body tilted ahead a certain num ber of degrees so that when he jumps out and kicks its going to set me Back within the first jump if Ive miscalculated and get too far Back i have to go to scram bling and you can think about All of this while its happen ing has there been one memorable ride my Best ride was at Denver a few years ago when i marked 93 Points on a really rank Bull this was in 1966 and the first time i really realized you draw out this mental picture whats been the Low spot when 1 was six inches into the mud in Sidney Iowa Ive been there a few times that one thing about Rodeo you might get a big head but till always put everything Back into its proper perspective if you keep getting on bulls youre suddenly on the ground a Little wobbly and heavy does a Rodeo performer Ever lose his guts of definitely in a sport where the element of danger is As great As it is in Rodeo in football when a Guy gets wiped out they Stop they dont run Over him a lot of the older Fellows you notice there not trying As hard be cause there thinking about self preservation Ive seen old tuners Back there throw ing up because they were so frightened that Why its so important to get it All together before you get out of that Chute How Long can you keep on of i dont know if i quit tomorrow i can sell All my cars i should Gross maybe and live for two years on that but seriously you do have a different life style than other cowboys yes i do Ive been Lucky i worked in a grocery store in High school in Oregon to make enough Money to prac Tice All of a sudden i got married so i had to split that a month Between my practice and my wife Ive changed he has for one thing Iden Tity on halloween night Larry was sitting with friends in a cafe when an old beat up car covered with Jesus signs pulled up he was in a Corner Plimpton from page4c men have about facing cons Tant physical Contact he transcribes the tapes of a game in which both Gordy and Karras were wired for sound nervous chatter is interspersed with obscene expletives there is organized confusion on the Field and Karras is the most confused without his glasses he is nearly Blind and he wails from time to time what happened what the hell happened salts the pages of his Book with football humor what did begin to emerge he writes when we got together to work on fhe Book was an irreverent roguish account on their lives As football players full of anecdote reminiscence and Story often tempered by grievance but always with an underlying attitude of humor As if their occupations were Only acceptable in that Light it is the humor that makes the players and the game come alive humor has always been a major and somewhat neglected constant in professional sports Plimpton observes yet the humor was everywhere in the Good stones one heard in the Quick riposte and the on liners the constant jobbing and put Downs invariably Bawdy and raucous All of it a hedge against the boredom and regimen perhaps because George Plimpton in his own inept Way actually played the game first with the Detroit Lions and later with the Baltimore Colts ducks and bears and tvs great quarterback he won Friendship with the men about whom he writes he is at once a writer a fan and a participant but his Charm is mostly i think that he sees the men As they Are and he loves them for being themselves his Book mad ducks and bears is a classic open seven 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