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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 18, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Monday december 18, 1939the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page five Sec. Ii news of interest to Tho Farmers 5,200 studies of soil made slate College Experiment station wined sen ice profitable it Coll Kuk station Raleigh. Der i v til it it of mud a it station la upraised mot1 Titan 5.200 Sam pies of soil for Farmers of the state tin Ilia t ii pa-1 it of. Ii was reported today by prof. \ b Williams head of the agronomy Despai t mein i to ii i f a Lune and fertilizer recommendations were hide for Tho crops indicated to r i this service was made possible a ii Tiu Dinus to i a Iuvina i Ion con u i i ii a thorough familiarity with Tho re Hilts which have been obtained to oui. A i a 111 in punned and Liis Bon tinned Field experiments con pm Ted by the department with Lead Iuka a up. C i it it a n 11 ii til rn., Lor soil typos of the state prof Williams explained. Politically Iutok ski in his report the agronomist fledged that the department will join nine to by Iii Ilion it sat to id Quot n m i h v r i s i a pod t a i tit t o a i 11 1 a l a i i la i 111 it a u has in the past. In order to to of the greatest help to Farmers of Tho state with their fertilizer Lime and soil problems of a e iou. I not to use so much Lime pric Titzer when he Dot it led i a ai., to to More when he needs it. Our Only interest is in improving Topping conditions in the state a prof. Williams declared a the department has Well a been Worth thousands of Dollar in Mihly to a the Farmers in Ali my their soil Lime. And Fei tilt or problems a the agronomy Leader comm it d. Piedmont Dairy association to be formed in 20 counties result of soil conservation above is a Field of hobe growing Iii Helena Sandy Loam soil on the farm of of. To. Robertson High Point route three. I lie Field was used for tobacco prior to terracing. The Small gullies have tilled in. The yield of from this Field was three tons per a re. Of the right is or. Robertson himself. Field of gullies restored to life by conservationists r. Ii. Robertson. A Ijeh Point. Route three. See. Plot of a lid filled ditches turned into Beautiful drop of Robe Les Pesega by a. Robertson of High to served notice on Ell. Why thereby Bani caused pen ult Henry Hall a to ask the Enterprise if it terracing unit rums in Cabarrus Concord rec. Of Bines i starch the Ca bar terracing unit Lias Ope ated a ii of i continuously reports As 1st a it. Karin agent we a ii i work Bas been lined up for a Versi week in Advance the in or year with the demand for a services of the outfit in to easing constantly at present it least two months work has Jean scheduled. Ruling the past rear 214 Joie Lave been completed on Isi farms these jobs have included end. Ins. work. Heavy a lacing put Lub rolling. And Gully work. In it \ i it Unity. Sand to that a Rea Gate. W Hen Henry last year took a Over his work Here As assistant conservationist in the Federal soil conservation work aided by the state agricultural Extension serve and vocational education i teachers he pail of Robertson a visit and mix Ted to state i Tisi Ness. A or a held tip both hands As if the a a shoot him off told him to get off his property a Why a i said he. You and your crowd i have ruined me Henry hands on the steering wheel of his Ford Coupe was on the Point of Back j ing out and leaving forthwith. But he finally summoned it i enough courage to say Quot hold on now or Robertson what a your trouble i m Here to help Anio othe \. I Yix Point route 3, alb the Public that he a tale Aud it n Jay school has no More was just this Distant con Sci vat initial would not help him Arm demonstrations help Henderson county outputs Hendersonville dec. I 8 a recent Survey conducted in in out of re glowers have in leased their it up yields since recon tug demonstration far in Etc a ports p w Kennett assistant Barra agent of the state col leg Extension set v i e some of the improvements Hick the Survey brought out were an increase Iii Corn i id rom 2 bushels to met a i up it milk pro 11.8 Pound per cow daily in 936 to 13.s Pound is ulu. From three tuns be farm in 19rt6 to 15.fi ton this year. Columbus Farmers shipped 1,593 hogs during year get Ible my i the Whiteville. Pee. Is 111 Tubus county growers shipped j 1,693 hog through their Coop Leat Ive livestock association tilt rear. Receiving in return $fi4.-i ffg4.4�?~l reports a Guam farm agent c i Slape the hogs averaged 208 pounds ugh and brought an a Price of $6.4fi per let pounds More than of pc cent were top Crade animal highest i a c paid do my th1 it Ltd in w a $17 it per i it i or a or. T a Low it Prim thing out. Ii rw.,\\or. Robertson then gave him horse laugh. I just want to you i have no More Sand to sell your government men have showed me How to hold it and believe you me it s staying re on my farm and yielding Dot in everything. And i m telling you right now. Just like a Friend of mine told the governor not Long Avo when he introduced me to him in Raleigh in a a Roosevelt Hoe it Quaker Republican Don t care who knows it a lot of water a run Over a a lot of water Nee or. Robert son Coop Farmer cd to Thi reporter on said a before the see me for 3 n years i had worked on this farm year Iii and year out i tried to be careful about my ditches but Atter i bad cleaned them out Rains would come Sand would up outlet Gulley head wot choke up and it would not be Long before the floods would spread ova r the land. Gulley washing was nothing to be compared to the Sheet washing my a beat soil was thus i and no matter How dead my labor went nothing utile the of Bottom lands Aud is to i considered Simi not Iii i Quot Iii those spoke up one of or Robertson # sons a it was easy to find dead loads of Sand to cover a dead mule or horse in the ditches but there no Sand in la ditches now to cover so much As a this information of course Call i cd for a walk Over a portion of i the farm. Road terracing was i in evidence her As elsewhere in conservation projects. Terracing is nothing to re nor less than land building following natural Eon i Tours along hillsides ploughing latitude finally instead of up and i Down elevations pitches Are plac-1 cd where they should he not in hit and miss fashion and every out of full ditch is provided with a i series of Concrete dams to regulate and Cost fro the flow of water. Why were Farmers Ever so foolish tis to plow up and Down i Hills or. Robertson has an a Phi nation for that to the old i time Farmer that seemed to be the Way of nature flown Hill and a supposed to hold when Ort be crops and even during to son nature got Ahmer. And ruined result of heavy ran 120-mrf i Xii i the Robertson approximately f�0 acres Bein the rest pasture its t vet flow it a the he soil Ere a fix blowing id of the res were rut the Ion j dam better i hit fallen i signed up As j tuber 2, 1934 j wednesday h government Man Cattie to i i a plumb discouraged Civ a of to in Les world copied son t Thun in acc Cive v i Al Dei arc the Ion farm comprises 12o acres nearly under cultivation Ding of forests and i acres under oui terraced. Two acres and were recently put the finest feed in the i Alfalfa is to be re in g t it or Robert acres planted in Corn i nearly 35 bushels to is v a r almost Clon the fill lid Hie the yield prior to 19 3 4. Thir teen a h. In been drilled for Small j Grain Rye oat at id wheat a and a i Rea 1 y a bar in stand of ill 4 i Grain is provi dim k a Fine carpet of Ere in. Hut there s his t i e a Edom again. Or. I Tobert Sot i Ai Uva that the re a re 3 acre i in t Wavy ear St Anda and to it Janu Ary or fib Mary. Accord Ling to i or sea son. Re got the asked away reply i plow for almost building up Stream Betis will he another planting. I m Tifi to 7 acres were Given Over to it i is Ped eau Thi year and Good re suit obtained for the twelve months. The Kobe variety whirl he use is allowed to iced Ever grow to ear and appear t Rood voluntary next. Season. Weekly feed Market news Raleigh. Dec in. Wheat Hull i a Market Tut tied ome by to Vav to i Iii i it a i Iii. La i Quot trill ill id Flint ill imm pit ii Vav i k i i Quot Llie 1 mid nt-1 ii i defeat i nut agriculture in the weekly Market Siva m a i i. T v i Vav the demand was less urgent a in areas in favor blinding ratio and Effort of distributor to a Duce Stock to it re Story. Supplies it Fil seed Ake and in als for immediate shipment were still rather limited a roil us non of cottonseed meal. However totalled 2x8,030 ton in november. The Index number of wholesale feedstuff Price dropped about 2 Points to 12 0 s compared dts 122 2 last week and 1017 or Tho corresponding week lust rear. Market prices of Farmer s Stock and the Din i Many North fit receiving from i crate for Holly i i 25 for Misikei the demand St j and Many off it i sold Price of j Holly to we vet same As a year egg Market play weakness i markets held i i ing the period i Philadelphia Only fair and storage eggs moved slowly at i i i to 18 cents wholesale with some j poor Quality As Tow As 14 cents in comparison government graded Aud dated f. S. Extras Large i Whites realized 2fi cents a dozen i in Washington. At Chicago. Excepting the Light Supply of strictly Choice Light and medium weight steer which a Olina shippers Are 3.0ft to i of a and from i no to tie in new York. Far has been Light ring remain Hump ii Mistletoe i Are a lion t ago. Continue to lint live poultry i bout steady Dur under review. In the demand ruled was generally quiet. Virginia Type Peanut in Eastern j a a Long with it in e year line Corth Carolina mild steady Durns the past week and on it Delly by Point basis Best jumbos would o in Maud from 37 to 4 18 int Best Bunch front 2,a to .65 and shelling Stock mostly 1-4 to 3 h cent per Pound. I he cleaned and shelled goods irked quieted Down a Little this Eek but tin Trade is looking Tor i raid to the anticipated demand a suiting from the beginning of at Iona i Peanut week on Janu by 18, 19 4tto strengthen the jacket. Christmas greens Ait beginning a Pla it an important part on or a to 25 Celli orthere wholesale markets and i held steady. All weights held around steady tank and file of steer and yearling crop slumped 25 to 50 cents instances weighty Bullocks which were in Liberal quota dropping 7 5 cents. Revisions in existing Price Levels of a lesser degree were enforced on heifers cow and medium Short cd j to 7 5 e it it to downturn in the were from to Tims on Butcher weight Pueblo Vovk listed 25 to 35 it lits bulls although in if err nagged 5 tug the period Swine division tug lower i o 50 a i it lambs declined 35 yearling sold weak lower while sheep things ii ing d just about the time his report i it was through looking til the farm he happened to think about tobacco and so the Farmer a asked whether he railed the Weed. I a sure we do a he replied. And i just Bere was Learned something j very interesting about the project. Terracing and tobacco Row i demonstrations had not gone for nothing with Thi co operator. Prior to the coming of the Federal men. A yield of Soo Pound of to Bali to the a re was obtained on a strip of land near the Woods. I cultivation begun in 1927. But that eternal washing away began j also hence the pitiful yields the county demonstrator was j kind about giving advice but the i washing went on. Ami tiler was Little to earn Ami Many to keep i Well you a it bet your Bottom Dollar things have changed j for or. Robert son about tobacco j 1,200 pounds to the acre was the yield this year amt while he gut j a Low Price he has not uttered a wont of complaint since this year s crop came much easier than in thase lean years when he j had Little to sell. Rye plantings j follow the tobacco harvests no Deli Sions he has no delusion though j about Thi new Way of farming j he Hhd a Farmers got to be j Caret til. Year after year those Ter races must he looked after Ami j attention paid to crop rotation. Streamlined farming is not child # i play. But with the proper amount i of grit enthusiasm profiting by j knowledge gained keeping eyes j j opened Ami getting new fuel As i i they Rome from Experiment stallions then is still a Good living j i in fanning. I or Robertson is not by himself in making the most of his i farm project. Three Stalwart sons r. If Raymond and to Rob i Orison Are there to help him. Together they of ii four tobacco j barns. Carefully they prepare the i soil for plantings select the prep Rint will be set i p to Box. And girl Dairy business College station Raleigh dec. Is. Organization of a Piedmont Dairy cow production club to teach boys and girls Good Dairy practices and develop a sense of ownership combined with sound business procedure was announced today by John a. Arev. Dairy Extension specialist of state College. Membership is open to farm boys and girls Between the Ages of to and 21 who live on milk routes served by tile Carnation company in about 20 Piedmont North Carolina counties. Cooperating the milk company is cooperating with farm agents and Dairy specialists of the Extension service in sponsoring and conducting the <1 Inland is offering prizes for the Best production records Over a 300-Day period. Entries in Hie contest will close on april 30, 1940, Arey said that the milk company will loan each club member a can and Strainer and will Supply Strainer discs free. The milk sold by each boy or girl will be weighted and tested separately and a Cheek issued on the 1st and 15th of each month for the value of the milk sold. The company will keep records for each member and will assist boys and girls in obtaining Good Dairy cows wherever necessary. In Eft i nos Helo meeting will be held with club members from time to time at which instructions will be Given in care and feeding of Dairy rows. The Carnation company has announced plans to establish its third milk receiving station at Shelby to serve Farmers of Cleveland and surrounding counties the other two stations Are at Statesville and Albemarle and milk routes run out from these Points through Iredell stanly and surrounding counties. The company is also building a $250,000 condenser Plant at Statesville which will be in operation Early in 1940. Farm activities at High Speed spectacular jump in farm prices features business Industrial producers feel slight drop but gains in agricultural realm i i Mutual for this period of year Mill retain East Pace by sni Ith Row is new York dec. 18�? pm new business for the nation # Industrial producers dropped a Little the past week but a spectacular increase in the prices of agricultural commodities turned attention somewhat away from this Normal year end let Down. Manufacturers still had How a. Ever enough business booked from failure Charlotte dec. Is. Notable weather conditions set farm activities Iii Mecklenburg county humming along at a rate almost comparable to that ii Spring reports farm agent o. A Phillips not Only Are growers completing their Small Grain seeding anti turning land for 19 40 Row crops but they ate running terraces bearing thickets and putting their farms in a-1 condition. Those who were unable to sow soil conserving crops earlier in the season Are now completing this Job. Likewise an increased interest in poultry indicate that farm families plan to keep and sell More poultry and poultry products. Uve it Home because of present unsettled conditions North Carolina Farmer should adopt a Bener live at Home program in j940 than in previous Veals says or. I. O. Shauh director of the state College Extension Servile. The fall ordering Rush to keep factories and Mills going at the fastest Pace in years. The scramble to buy farm Staples Here reflected world wide demand As traders in Many land began to worry lest a shortage of j the Farmers making it More like ships later in the european War t la hat the recovery from the re might make commodities hard Toi est Ion which set in last May and adds plug la Asing Power 1 the importance of this said the analysts was that the steady employment and higher factory payrolls added purchasing Power in the Industrial centers to that of come by abroad. Was stimulated by the expectation of a business increase to result from tile War would be sustained despite variations in the rate of heat umps As a result in the futures markets where contracts for deliver ahead Are made wheat passed the v/j1 Dollar a Bushel Mark for the first time in two years Cotton went Well above la cent a Pound a Peak since 1 937 and silk rubber hides j sugar Cocoa and cottonseed Oil moved higher. Cash wholesale Price also gained sharply. To businessmen the interest Lay luxury lines such As furs higher in the prod the advances would i priced jewelry and the like made give to Rural purchasing Power Large gains in some centers. In enabling the Farmer to Aid retail other the average unit Sale of the widened ability of individuals to buy was a elected in retail Trade which maintained a Dollar volume Tilo to per cent above last year despite what storekeepers in Many sections of the country called unseasonable weather. Trade buy new implements add to electrification and thus do bus share toward the support of the expanded Industrial program Al i Nixb trim ski the last few months. Popular gift article such As lingerie. Gloves and hosiery was said to be about the same As last year. New orders of in some of the drought Region of 111 using pounds to the compos t w of ques got a i Boyish to Ryti a i id i la o w j d the bit to i h it they to Hill i t Hough i the Builtin month. A to i in cult a the tobacco Field approximately goo acre and spread needed. About wild life the game a plentiful or father sat that re so fat and Lazy ardly Fly. Still he ate should limit the r Quail to one on up ret re during the it a made to or. Robertson Home. There about a Good old time Wood fire there took place a general discussion the War in Europe a War babies in the matter of Trade in America and of on. Hip control praised crop control was touched upon and the consensus a that it was a Good thing in fact necessary and the opinion a expressed that meat should year control period instead of the present uncertainty and voting annually. But the time came when Henry and i had to Hie Back to town. On our return we spoke of the Good roads the alien Jay school the Springfield Friend Church. To which or. Robertson and i family belonged the year past when the Good people of the Community toiled faithfully and achieved much in spite of hardship. We Felt that they had richly deserved Thi new Day and who the Federal govern a i there to blame or. Robertson arrange for a ten-1 for being a Roosevelt Hoey Quaker Republican. The governor like hint and so do we. Life begins at 40? pshaw or. Robert a son will be 69 in january. There a some difference j buying was Shat it i it curtailed and among analysts a to the cause declined undo last yeat. For the decline in new orders. A Emage gains Over some said it was seasonal that 1938 were in the new England Many fabricators and wholesalers j Southern and Easton regions abstained from booking so that in j warm weather in Many sections ventries would not be too heavy i the National retail dry goods when year end statements Are association reported after a Tele compiled. It is usual at Thi hint i graphic Survey had kept sales in they asserted to Walt until after Many sections from reaching sex the Holiday to make More com j pet Aton but there were indict fitments for goods j ton that a surge of purchasing other thought the flood of would fill Tim remaining Days be Early War time buying in septem fore Christmas Ber and october had stocked con j however the association said. Burners for several month and a in Many cities buying a going that new purchasing would be de-1 Forward at an unprecedented Pace feared until the goods already or land some individual stores were de red had been delivered and i shattering not Only 1929 record worked off but Alt records in Thiv at any rate production itself wholesaling a restricted As gained Over the preceding week it alway i just before Christ and a at it Best level since no j Mas. Varn Ber 1929. The associated in tit heavier industries the press Index of activity jumped to irate of steel null output dropped 112.1 per cent of the 1929-30 aver-1 slightly for he second successive age compared with 11 ti.9 per j week. But was still at 91.2 percent a week before and 93.4 per cent of theoretical capacity a fast a year ago. It Pace. Make your Home and a a a 4mio tricycles Here s Santa # mod popular gift. They re made for 1.75 to 12.75 wagons 3.75 to 4.95 147-149 South Wrenn Street phone 4959

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