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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 18, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Monday do Cemke to. 1039tue High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of a High Point North Carolina Page three Sec. The War today one fundamental weakness shortage of efficient leaders taking toll in German and russian armed forces by Dewitt Mackenzie it s a far reach from the naval engagement which Cost the life of the German Graf spec in uruguayan Waters to the unprecedented warfare proceeding in Europe hut military experts incline to the belief that a fundamental weakness Lias shown itself in both these Fields of conflict. T refer to the claim which keeps cropping up that there is a Lack of experienced officers in the German and russian fighting services. We done to know yet How accurate these estimates Are but if the military and naval experts Are Correct it represents a serious situation for both these great Powers since the eur Engin of an army or a Navy is no greater than the strength o its leadership. By Kif ukr Var no do you recall the Brief statement made last Friday by the. Officer of the freighter doric Star in describing his experiences aboard the Graf Spee after his a Teamer had been sunk by the Raider he said most of the battleships Crew were Young and added a i done to think they Ever considered the possibility of having to fight another warship. They a reined to think their Job was a inking the freighters that probably is one reason Why Light cruisers were Able to damage the Graf Spee and Force her to that statement is of considerable importance though chiefly Ber guse it fits with similar things which have been coming out of the european a zone. In itself it certainly does t permit one to reach definite conclusions. Hut it does entitle us to make enquiries poor of. X dkksh11 lets take a glance first at Tho difficulties which the russian army has been experiencing with the usual warfare amidst the snows of Finland. The finns have reported that the red invaders have been suffering from poor leadership. There have been other difficulties not to dwell on the courage and skill of the Little finnish army. Rut inefficiency on the part of the officers if it really exists would he enough to court disaster. Why should a country so his As Russia Lack experienced officers that a not hard to an i ser. The soviet Union is new i just Over a score of years in age j the Veteran officers and soldiers who were in their prime j when the bolshevik its came into Power in 1917 have As a whole passed from the picture. Age has taken its toll. And Many officers have been either because of their czarist Conner dons or in subsequent j a sex Kar a hmm Quot the present Germany army has been created under a saudi i Cap. It has been built up in the i main since Hitler came to Power i six years ago and Tore tip the j Versailles treaty which had re a diced the Germany army to a Hundred thousand. Neutral military experts say i that experienced officers Are needed badly especially on the general staff. The old general a staff which made the Kaiser a j army one of the most formidable of All time has altered vastly. As in the Case of Russia age has taken Many and others have been a a purged because they see Eye to Eye with the j nazis. Scrambled legs capital shorts i to Hunky w Krill Raleigh dec. 18�?it probably would be a Surprise to president Roosevelt and some other liberals and even the conservatives done to think its True although they wish it were. Ronald Houett Highway safety director sent out a release the other Day to All newspapers in North Carolina among them a Kinston publication. It was addressed to a the new in a Day or so Back came the letter with the official Post office stamp on the outside in big red letters a out of South american business looks As War kills off Trade with european by >11 Lton Bron n Kab aka service staff correspondent London dec. 18 the spectacular naval fighting Between the British and germans off the coast of Uruguay Points up dramatically the Trade opportunities of the United states with her South american neigh Bors. Her two chief business competitors in that Rich Market Are at each others throats. Meanwhile u. S. Ships ply the commercial seas to the South without hindrance. La the past six years there has been a hitter salesmen a Battle for the business of the South americans. The British like the business men of the United states tried to. sell goods on their merits. But in crazy scramble of arms and legs practically the entire Oregon team fights one Long Island University player for the Ball in a wild moment of the basketball thriller at Madison Square Garden new York. Long Island u. W on 56 to 55 in overtime. British attempt at striking War loan refused in Spring White House hums with pre Holiday activities Jones turned Down representative for finance corporation Washington dec 18 it pm the Roosevelt administration turned Down flatly a War loan inquiry from the British government last Spring ii was Learned officially today. The a inside Story of pre War financial preparation showed that Jesse h. Jones and other told the British that such a loan from the reconstruction finance corporation was a out of the windows As a matter of policy despite the opinions of a half dozen lawyers that it legally could be made. Injured As to Loans the British wanted to know about government Loans because the Johnson act forbids private american hankers lending to world War Deb defaulters As Security for a loan of possibly $ 1,000,000,000. The British proposed their holdings of american a locks Aud Bonds one of the plans for guarding american markets in Case of War made at that time and carried out this fall came from Marriner a Eccles chairman of the Federal Reserve Board Eccles and George l Harrison president of the new York Federal Reserve Board won secret authority in april to buy $ wot the of government Bonds if War torpedoed the government Bond Market the purpose was to prevent a rapid Price change. 11 Imp Hasko Bonds in Hie first two months of War. Eccles group purchased for the 12 Federal Reserve Hanks 1405,000.000 of Treasury Bonds and 132.000,000 of Treasury Bote. The official Story of those tense Spring Days shows that Cabinet members and underlings alike few they Ogull to prepare for a War but were afraid their actions would be interpreted As expectation of a conflict set rotary Morgenthau offered a plan to prevent a War by buying tip virtually All the War materials in the world but dropped it. Japan opens River Trade Vive facilitates negotiation if expiring i. S. Treaty Tokyo dec. 18.a a a a High source disclosed today that japanese foreign minister Admiral a Kisaburo Nomura had told United states ambassador Joseph c. Grew the Yangtze River would he reopened to third Power Commerce. It was said this Promise figured largely today in their third conference aimed settlement of conflicting policies in China. It was seen As Concrete evidence that Japan would commit herself to refrain from interference with american rights and interests. The move also might facilitate negotiation of a new Trade understanding to succeed the treaty expiring january 26 As a result of the United states abrogation of last july. A a the government of Mexico has ruled that All packaged goods or beverages must be registered before they Are sold. While incomes of Farmers in China have increased during th-1 i a Pat Ess invasion their expenses for necessities have climbed it Lam a As fast. Weather Loga i Vav Kath kit today noon. 67 Low last night. 4 4 High yesterday. 66 North Carolina a increasing j cloudiness slightly warmer in West por i Hon tonight tuesday Cloudy Light showers in West slightly warmer in East portion. South Carolinas generally fair j slightly warmer in North Central por non tonight tuesday increasing Cloud i iness. Probably Light rate in extreme Northwest portion slightly warmer in a Northeast portion. Georgia a increasing cloudiness slightly warmer in i Central and North a West portions to a night tuesday j c i o u d a probably Light rain in went and extreme North portions Virginia a increasing Clouds prvs followed by Light rain tuesday and j in extreme West portions late to showers i night not much change in tempera a Ture winds Hatteras to Jacksonville a gentle variable winds becoming mod Erate South and Southwest winds fair i i weather tonight partly overcast tues j 1 Day. Sandy Hook to Hatteras a j moderate Northwest shifting to West. J winds tonight and to fresh Southwest j on tuesday weather fair tonight and tuesday. Charlotte no a dec. Llu apis j official weather Bureau records of the i temperature and rainfall for the 24 j hours ending at 7 30 a. Rn., in the Pron cd pal Cotton growing areas and elsewhere by both Amubai i. Washington. Dec. 18 the external quiet of the White House hid Busy preparations today fur the traditional Christmas Celebration to begin when the president and mrs. Roosevelt return from Hyde bark late this week. Menus have to he prepared and foodstuffs ordered for the Turkey dinners children a parties and regular meals incident to a four generation family reunion led by the presidents 86-year-old Mother. Mrs. Sara Delano Rozevelt Ards san i in t Christmas present and card for the family have begun to move rapidly through the mail room. A special Force is keeping account conference head station Max. fall w Asheville. 63 63 of Atlanta. 67 40 of Augusta. 72 45 of Birmingham. 65 41 of Charleston. 49 of Charlotte. 70 39 of Chicago. 54 40 of Columbia. 71 37 .00 i or Trott. 44 38 08 Evansville. 52 43 of Galveston. 72 60 of Greensboro. 66 34 of Hatteras. 63 47 of Jacksonville. 74 so of key West. 77 67 of i Little Rock. 68 56 of Ixo Angeles. 77 49 of Memphis. 63 53 of Meridian. 75 39 of Miami. 79 71 of mils St. Paul 63 36 .00 Mobil. 72 45 of i it Mitchell. 43 3j of new Orleans. 70 52 of new York. Is 40 of Raleigh. 68 44 of san Antonio. 70 so of j san Francisco 63 is of Spartanburg 70 40 of Tampa. 73 55 .00 Washington 64 35 of i Wilmington. 68 46 .00 or. Xxx it Liao mane Wall no maker lean of Duke t diversity was reelected president of tile Southern conf Nice collegiate athletic conference at a recent meeting Iii Rich Moisid. X a. I of the gifts w hich Are placed in storerooms and not opened until Christmas special roofs Are Heing made ready for the two youngest mein a her of the family nine month old John Roosevelt Bort Tiger of Seattle and 17-Inonths-old Franklin in Roosevelt 111. Especially exciting to the serv i ants is the expected return of the j president two oldest grandchildren. A Sis tie and a Buzz let Dali j with their Mother mrs. John i Boettiger and her husband i xxi pm Gay is Paima the first event on the Holiday program will he on Friday the annual party for employees at the executive offices. There will be la similar party saturday for secret i a ervice men. Chauffeurs household employees and their families on sunday the Roosevelt fam Jbv will attend Church in the morning and late in the afternoon will go Serosa the Street to i Lafayette Square. Where the president will Light the Community Christmas tree. On Christmas morning every body troop to the president i room to see w hat Santa brought. After Church there will be a Turkey dinner for the children wit i the More formal Christmas dinner at night following the opening of gifts around the family Quot Quot a. A House is destroyed by Pire Here Early today fire of undetermined origin deist roved a Frame House in the 1000 i Block of Tabor Street this morn Ling shortly after 5 30 of clock. Firemen said the Structure was owned by a. P. Brown and was occupied by a or. Barber but no occupant was found at the scene at the time of the file this morning. T he flames had attained a j Good Start w Hen firemen arrived. I firemen also answered two i false alarms and extinguished a j gras fire yesterday. A _ _ six japanese vessels operating Iii the Antarctic caught 7,499 i whales last season. Greensboro a always Sartori ally Correct John Caffey was a Raleigh visitor saturday. Always affable even before he became a candidate for Congress from the sixth District or. Caf a Fey fairly oozed optimism from i every pore. A i have really been surprised at the Fine reaction to my announcement and the favourable Progress of my Campaign since he said. The Guilford Man was a Mern-1 her of the last three general assemblies and this year was hair i Man of the important House a i propitiation committee. Without going into the statistics showing accurate sales figures its Safe to predict this City will have it on of its heaviest shopping christmases. Just try to get try to get waited on in one of the j stores which Are parked As they i Haven to been for years. The three Day conference now i going on in the Board room of the i state department of agriculture is something never before attempted in North Carolina according to Tho a who ought to know about such things. There probably won t lie a great Deal of talk about ships and shoes i and sealing Wax hut along the i line of things agricultural it apr pears that nothing much has been left out. Today the soil conservation and j Rural electrification programs j were discussed under leadership of e. B. Garrett. State coordinator i and Dudley Bagley Fra director i respectively. Tomorrow vocational agriculture t. K. Browne Roy in i Thomas and miss Catherine t j Dennis and the farm Sci Unity administration Howard h. Gor Don regional director will be on j tap in the morning and the triple a a k y. Floyd state administrator and the farm credit administration will he explained in the afternoon. Wednesday Dean i. O. Solis us will Lead the discussion of the Extension and research program for North Carolina. The program bears testimony to coordination of agricultural of i forts rather than of a a duplication Over which there has been so Long i and hard a fight. Things other than the Book and i the movie which have a gone with the wind the Hoey appointed commission to Settle the department state col a lege Row Over Powers and authorities. The committee to work out a program for rejuvenation of state College moribund school of Agri a culture. This was also named by the governor and had or. Clarence i Poe As chairman. It met once sol reports have it. Which was just i j once More than the other group mentioned. A. Condition i Nch x a god Washington. Dee. Is. 1 i the condition of comptroller a i general Fred h Brown was re j ported urn hanged today by aides of casualty Hospital where he is being treated after an attack of apoplexy. Nazi Germany often undercut them because the nazi government gave heavy subsidies to German industries in the efforts to grab the South american Market. # with the coining of War. Much of the Energy and resources of British manufacturers has gone into making of War material. But despite the War Many German factories kept turning stuff out for Export. They could not ship it in German vessels because the British and French navies controlled the seas. Hut they did ship considerable quantities of goods in Neutral vessels. As a reprisal for the nazi mine laying Campaign Britain and France have now plated an embargo on Neutral vessels carrying German goods. German exports by sea will now dwindle to a Mere trickle. South America will look to the United states and possibly Japan to fill the Gap. The new embargo order following upon German merchant Marine being swept from the seas will give German business and finance a terrific Wallop. Last year the sea borne Export Trade of Germany was about $500,000,000. Taking tile total volume of her sea borne and land borne Export Trade North and South America absorbed about 13 per cent of it. Owing to the voluntary Boycott of German goods and the discriminatory tariffs on German goods exports from Germany to the United states dropped to a Low figure even before War started. Since the War in Ber mad scramble to get foreign Exchange Germany a been especially anxious to keep up her Export Dade. With this foreign Exchange so Long As Neutral ships could get past British and French Contr band control the nazis hoped f buy and receive Cotton. Bolivia tin and other raw materials. But even with the Alii stopping this foreign exch an was a potent Factor in Germany favor. For instance suppose accumulated foreign exch an. In new York Banks in pay for exports to America sent ther in Neutral vessels. Suppose to swedish firms which have ii Ore for Sale refused to enter in any barter arrangement with be Many. In that Case the a could pay for the goods by an of Der on the new York Banks which Beld Germany a foreign exciting credits. C hic ago produce Chicago dec. 18. A up butter 705.66 4. Firm Creamery 93 score. Sol 9 2, 29 % i 9 2 s % 90, 28 89. 27%, 26% 90, a eni realized carlot 28 it. Eggs 5.952. Steady in graded extra firsts 20, firsts if current receipts 17 Refrigeri Tor extras 15, standards 14 firsts i 4 a. Pinhead Baths have Bern p video for 400.000 miners in Bra Tain. 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