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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - December 16, 1973, High Point, North Carolina Big hit leads to Good songs for Charlie Rich by Mary Campbell a new features writer Charlie Rich has found out by becoming one the Good things that come to a Success for one thing the number and Quality of songs sent to you increase a lot if youre not Selling too much you get like second rate songs i had a million Selling record with behind closed doors and everybody gives you the Best thing Treyve got that just business weve got plenty to choose from now the hard part is picking the ones to do this fall Rich won three important awards from the country music Assn Best male vocalist of the year Best single for behind closed doors and Best album for behind closed doors now another single is out from that same album the most Beautiful girl and its a hit also no 9 and climbing on the dec 8 pop bestselling Chart Rich is much More Akin to the new country sound practice by such singers As Kris Kristofferson and Mac Davis than he is tra Dional country he likes the Freedom the new country sound affords in subject matter of songs lyrics instrumentation and even in clothes you can dress like Kris or like Porter Wagoner he likes the country audience which is notably less fickle than the pop audience but he loves the trend toward Freedom and would like to see it go so far that he could play Paul Desmonds jazz take 5 followed by a straight ahead country song Rich says another single will follow the most Beautiful girl possibly a song by Tony Joe White and recording sessions in december should result in an album out in january or february at the present time i feel pretty Good when lonely weekends was out we didst have a followup when we had mohair Sam we put something out but it didst happen you lose a lot of Confidence i wished i haunt gotten a big one because i didst know what to do next this makes it better Rich who was 41 shortly after thanksgiving says i think i was 22 or 23 when i saw Kanin writes novel after film failure by Dick Kleiner Hollywood Aba Carson Kanin has written a new Book that not too sensational a bit of news Gar son Kanin always seems to have a new Book out there is something unusual about it this time the Book is a novel a thousand Summers and a warm and wonderful Little love Story and the reason Why Kanin elected to write the Book he says goes to the heart of whats the matter with motion pictures today i decided he says to go period and hed be better off to weather the period writing books he says in today film climate movies Are your Riskiest Art form this theory that movies Are in a transitional period is Worth a closer look its True he says i dont mean so much in an artistic sense As in the Means of distributing and exhibiting films i just came Back from a Long tour and i can Tell you that the downtown centers of cities Are dead there Are no big downtown Heaters doing any business the first few Little Whitelia irs by the time i was 32 or 35 it was pretty much White it want like overnight i want scared by something he has been in music a Long time but not in country music he was born in Colt Ark and started piano lessons in the third Grade in the seventh Grade he met a girl named Margaret Ann and they were sweethearts in High school in Forrest City Ark he went to the University of Arkansas for one semester went into the air Force during the korean War and after Basic training married Margaret Ann she Sang some but four children Cut that career so the couple started writing songs As away of sharing music when i came out of the service my Uncle set me up in farming i did pretty Well the first year the next year Soso the third year it rained and rained my Uncle said i dont see much future in Tifis i started playing clubs in Memphis Stan Kenton and Dave Brubeck were my cup of Tea my wife took some of my tapes to Bill Justice at Sun records who was a jazz Freak she had More desire than i did for me to get into show business at the time he said that Type stuff is too Good till never sell he played her some Jerry Lee Lewis and told her when i Learned to play that bad to come Over and hed audition me Rich went to work at Sun records in1958 As a session musician and songwriter Johnny Cash Cut the ways of a woman in love that i wrote with Bill Justice i think it was no 1 country he Cut thanks a lot and i just thought youd like to know i dont think they were no 1 Jerry Lee Lewis Cut til make it a up to you it High Point Enterprise sunday december 1c 1172 13c whats going on religious arts series on exhibit in Raleigh Charlie Rich Hurt me so and break up that record was taking off it was the followup something that sold Well Over a million and it was going to just be great then he married his 13 year old Cousin and that killed the record and Hurt Jerry for years Lucky old Char that hit me like i of bricks id never or pop thing that had done t Nuch i could see it going right to no 1 Jerry has always been a Good Friend he Cut my wife song lifes Little ups and Downs on the record he Cut in London the session that just came out last summer i wrote lonely weekends and Cut it primarily As a demo for Jerry Lee in 1960 they decided for me to do it myself i dont know if i wanted to id been pretty Well satisfied with what i was doing i could stay Home with my family that did Start the travelling situation quite a bit then i Cut Sittin and a thinking which was strictly country in Nashville i never did go Back to Memphis to Cut Ive been cutting in Nashville Ever since i had a Rock n Roll hit mohair Sam about 1965 on smash i didst Cut any country on that Label the smash stuff was real Good Way ahead of its time it was hard Rock by Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer two series of religious arts by two French artists Are on exhibit at the North Carolina museum of Art in Raleigh through Jan 6 included in the exhibition Are the a series of 105 etchings based on old testament characters and events by Marc Chagall and miserere a series of 58 etchings with religious themes by Georges Rouault the Chagall series opens with the creation of Man depicts the spiritual fathers of the jewish people and reproduces the path of the jewish people through the desert to the promised land the series concludes with the visions of the prophets and the forecasts of the new Jerusalem Chagall worked on the series from 1931 to 1956 the miserere done by Rouault during the years from 1922 to 1927 represents the different forms of human misery and mans confrontation of that misery both portfolios of etchings Are a gift to the state museum of co Kenneth b Bland of Arlington a also included in the exhibition Are two color lithographs Lent by or and mrs George w Paschal or of Raleigh and an aquatint Lent by the Ackland Art Center of Chapel Hill open House an open House will be held in the High Point arts Council office today from 2 pm to 4 pm occasion for the open House is an exhibition of paintings and prints of work by artist Bob Timberlake of Lexington some of the prints in the exhibition Are for Sale the arts Council office is on the sixth floor of the North Carolina National Bank building Nutcracker the Greensboro symphony orchestra in cooperation with the school of dance of the North Carolina school of the arts in Winston Salem will present the Complete Nutcracker Ballet at 2 pm today in the Greensboro War memorial auditorium All seats for the performance Are reserved Cinema cafe How one Farmer kept alive a tradition followed through six generations of making Maple syrup is told in the film to be shown at the Cinema cafe program tuesday at the High Point Public Library Maple sugar Farmer gives the life and observations of an old Farmer and his heritage of making Maple syrup in the Illinois Woods the film will be shown at pm and again at pm in the Community room formerly the audiovisual room of the Library on s main Street concert the Academy glee club will present its annual Christmas concert wednesday at pm in Hanes auditorium of the Fine arts Center at Salem College in Winston Salem the 82member group is under the direction of mrs Jean Burroughs special selections will be performed by the Madrigal singers and the spirit ensemble Mary Anne Stoupe will play guitar accompaniment Lamb Karen Merritt a Salem College Junior will be the piano accompanist Fairfax concert Fairfax private school in High Point will present its annual Christmas concert tuesday at pm in memorial auditorium at High Point College Cousteau trips Are combination of documentation and science by Jay Sharbutt a television writer new York a with months of Antarctic exploration safely trapped on film Jacques Cousteau sat with his morning Coffee at his hotel quietly watching the a fondness for each other Back to pure literature after a any More what movie going movie project i was involved with collapsed he had planned to film the Golden years caper but the whole project was junked by Mem most of Mem has been junked too by the Way he says that when that Pic Ture folded he realized that movies were in a transitional there is in Drivins and shop Ping Center Heaters not in the downtown areas i feel the movies of the future will somehow be shown in the Home either Cable or pay to or cassettes he thinks cassettes will be a big thing in tomorrows entertainment picture a for in stance by Dick Kleiner Hollywood Aba Dinah Shore looked like a Cherry float her Strawberry blonde hair Topping an Allpin outfit Pink Slacks Pink Blouse Pink sweater As she rehearsed her songs for her daytime to show dinars place but there was nothing Pink about her attitude toward fan magazines which have been snooping around her Romance with Burt Reynolds with dedicated cosiness fans Are fascinated by the fact that she is at least 15 years older Burt and i made a pact Coffus new film is a Semi sequel by Dick Kleiner Hollywood Nea when is a sequel not a sequel when they use the same character but change the name that whats happening now with an american International film called foxy Brown it stars Pam Grier As the same sort of rough Tough Gal she played in the successful rough Tough film Coffy that was such a hit for the studio they wanted something to follow it up but they had had bitter experiences with sequels to Slaughter and Lacula the followups didst do nearly As Well As the originals so this time they got smart the sequel has the same character but she has a new name foxy Brown Call it a Semi sequel i watched As foxy Brown took her lumps from a couple of bad Guys behind a seedy restaurant in the Alley she was kicked and socked and threatened with a broken bottle they told me i should have been there the Day before when it was foxy turn she wiped up a roomful of toughs dont get the idea this is just violence said the writer director Jack Hill but it was too late i had that idea after watching an hour of violence no its More than violence Hill persisted the film has a lot of social message you just happened to come on a Day when people were hitting each Othen but we have a lot to say about the role of Blacks in our society Hill incidentally is he says he has one message his own pet message which he gets across in his films nobody smokes on camera he made one exception in this one one Man smokes but he has a horrible cough he went Back to work to supervise a scene where Pam Grier turned the tables on her attackers and conked heavy across the Back of the head with a trash can Pam Doest mind the violence Label she says there will always be room in our society for whats come to be called Black exploitation Al films our culture loves violence Pam says and likes to see it its Good that there Are other kinds of Black pictures now but this kind of movie will always be popular Shes getting a reputation As a Beautiful girl with a Lovely figure and a Handy Gal to have around in a Brawl but that not what she wants for the Long Range future my goal she says is to win an Oscar and i will i May be 80 when it happens but twill artistic recognition Hast come her Way yet but she is reaping the financial rewards of Success she says however that she Hast been changed by it she still gets a a week allowance from her business manager and says that if she wants something she has to save for it 10 at a time but she pointed out her new Corvette with Pride she said she used to have a porsche but it want powerful enough to pull her horse trailer Complete with her purebred arabian she is not suffering she says that we just read those stories of once in a while somebody sends us one and we read it mostly lies what is the truth we feel that people who know us know the truth1 she says and the truth is simple were very fond of each other that All she says that recently a Friend sent her a copy of a fan Magazine that didst have one word about her and Burt i showed it to him she says and i said look theres not a word about us in it anywhere so he said to me do you think weve had it obviously they Haven had it the Public appears to be terribly excited about the Shore Reynolds Romance Dinah says she gets lots of mail about it and the mail is very warm she says of theres the occasional Crank but you always get that it Hast Hurt either of their careers Burt is rolling along in High gear Dinah on the strength of her daytime show is hotter than Shes been in years she also put together her nov 18 Abc special Dinah in search of the Ideal Man she says she loves her daytime show except that it is a lot of work and ties her Down pretty Good i love my time off she says i love to play Tennis and Golf and i love to sit in the Sun she also uses the time off to write Shes turned out a Cookbook and presently is working on another Book this time about entertaining the Cook Book almost turned into a disaster area she and seven of her Tennis playing pals tried All the recipes personally the eight gained a total of 123 pounds you might expect that Dinah one of the veterans of pop music would look Down her Tennessee nose at much of today music but she Doest she likes most of it dont she says Grey blustery skies he smiled slightly when asked if he stays with his expeditions from Start to finish almost never he said then began laughing except for example the Antarctic shows there was absolutely no commuting possibility there a thin Silver haired some what frail looking Man of 63 Cousteau is in his sixth season of regularly making under water specials for television 24 of them since 1968 alone they have drawn critical and popular acclaim both Here and abroad and made him a unique kind of television Star a status he bears with a gentle detached air of amusement a retired French naval offi cer and graduate of the French naval acad Myat Brest he has explored nearly every Ocean area in the world most of his travels aboard the Calypso a former minesweeper he has converted to an oceanographic research ship do he and his colleagues make the expeditions primarily As scientists or As documentarian that a very Good question but its there that lies the originality of this setup he said this is the first time i think in the world that a lasting research organization is entirely funded by television normally you have a scientific expedition funded by a government or an institution and whatever photographic or cinematographic work is done is a byproduct but Here it is exactly the reverse science is a by product of television in my expeditions Ever since its funding by television in 1967 before that i had other ways but since 1967 Ive had a financial setup which combines All the Money i can get from this country or England or France Germany and Italy its about enough to finance the expeditions we make its not profit making organization and in not going to get Rich by it but we Are very satisfied when we Are successful in both research and our film work what scientific results do the expeditions yield quite a lot said Cousteau who is i of the oceanographic Institute of Monaco whatever findings or experiments or measurements we make during the expeditions Are exploited he said he also gets Many re search requests from other organizations at expedition time but i cannot satisfy them All if by Chance some requests fall into line with what were doing yes we take them on Cousteau interest in the undersea world got its biggest impetus after world War ii when while still in the Navy he helped found an undersea research group for the Navy he was asked Why he now concentrates on documentaries for television rather than pure oceanographic research i do it because this is a Basic philosophical approach that i have he said its substantiated my conviction that Sci Nece should never Drift away from the understanding by the people his place the believers Book store open monday thru saturday am to pm Lindale Plaza 118 w Lexington ave High Point no Dinah Shore that i started out As a beat Singer to me the beat and Lyric were always the most important things to a song and today songs have a beat you just have to get used to the fact that they Are unorthodox that they dont stick to the traditional Structure of songs there hard to sing but there great and 8897867 to report All drug pushers j Call Day or night report any facts to help identify a Pusher you dont have to identify yourself and Calls cannot be traced Vicks Barbecue it catering service we specialize in fresh pit cooked Barbecue Fried Chicken Barbecue Chicken special orders Call for All your catering phom 4543313 free tickets to the Mack at the Towne theatre with every number one Steak dinner monday at buckaroo sk5 High Point 1711 n main Street 1man you can eat to pm delicious soft ice Cream 1412 n main St filet of Perch childrens plates All you can eat served with French Fries Cote Slaw hush puppies weekend special zest hamburger with lettuce Tomato Mayonnaise Golden French Fries Pepsi cola All for 88 zest hot dogs with All the trimmings 5 for i seafood restaurant 1718 n Point 4619 West Market Greensboro specials Good Fri sat Sun new store hours tues wed thurs pm Fri and sat pm sunday pm

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