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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 14, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page five Sec. B tre mgr Phim Enterprise a Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina tit malay re Pinarr la. To tip Russia reaches for economic stranglehold on Germany cranium crackers by John t. Flynn Nea service St a it writer every move Stalin has made since last August when the world was shocked by news of the russian German non aggression pact has been directed against Germany itself. Stalin is using Germany troubles to fortify himself against her in the future. In september 1938, when Hitler was threatening Czechoslovakia Russia was the most voluble of the european nations in demanding that she be stopped. Ever since the appearance of Hitler As dictator it has been known his ultimate dream was i he Conquest of Access to the russian Ukraine. This was not a matter of speculation because he had avowed his intentions Many it tues. Also he w anted the Oil of Romania. The seizure of Czechoslovakia was viewed merely As a prelude to this. The. Conquest of Danzig and the polish corridor were sentimental More than anything else. The real objective was the Ukraine and Romania. Russia recognized Germany As its Only real enemy in Europe. Therefore Hitler announcement of his pact with Russia was a stunning Surprise. What followed had All the look of an Alliance Between Stalin and the Man who had sworn to he the one bulwark against the flood of communism in Europe when Stalin marched into Poland after Hitler s invasion the whole thing had the appearance of a great league Between the two dictators. Certainly this was the obvious surface meaning of these events. A world s knowledge Man has Learned a lot since Adam s Day and the knowledge is All neatly categorized under hundreds of scientific teems. Match up the definitions Given below with the proper term. 1. The hypothesis that traits of character ate reflected in formation of the Skull Tai archaeology the anthropology. Ltd it phrenology Dot histology. 2. Collection and study of Stamps Tai biology i philately a i physics fit philology. 3. Science of earthquakes a palaeontology i zoology cd seismology d appendectomy. 4. Origin or derivation of wolds it at etymology by etymology c egyptology. Id i mineralogy. 5. Science of diseases their treatments and Progress at paediatrics i pathology in neurology id hypochondria. Answer on want and Page. Lessons in English by w. L. Ordon Alc View of the Harbor of Marl Chanin capital of Finland s Aland gland which Russia covets a the control of Entrance to the Gulf of bothnia and the Gulf of Finland. In i Eri Ostin Fri \ i. Impi Imai a but the actual meaning of them is far different. Stalin has had two great enemies a Germany Aud Japan. Japan had a1 i ready begun an attack in the East and Germany was moving i one step at a time to an attack j. In the West. Stalin was caught a a he Ween the Berlin Tokyo Axis. And if lie had been attacked by both together nothing perhaps could have saved him. At least the Odds were against him. He had to Deal with Japan without delay. Two armies russian and japanese faced the Gulf Here is what has happened. By her Paet with Russia Germany has foregone for the moment at least her two greatest objectives the Ukraine and Romania. Instead of getting closer to the Ukraine she must now provoke another War to reach it. The same thing is True of Romania and her Oil. These Are lost so far As this War is concerned. Which Means that the Moat important objectives of the the bite of a cobra is fatal to an elephant. Words often misused do not say a i think we can Engineer the transaction say. A i think we can manage the transaction often mispronounced malpractice pronounce both a Sas in of secondary accent on first syllable. Principal accent on second Sylla Hie often misspelled perspiration Snyder. Given jail release former he hand of Ruth kiting believes in St. Nick los Angeles. Dec. 14. I put Martin the Gimp Snyder sat she knows there is a Santa Claus. Only a week ago Snyder told a Superior court judge that jail life threatened to impair his eyesight. And won release on his own recognizance. He had been behind bars nearly a year awaiting action on his Appeal from conviction of attempting to murder Myrl Alderman. Who was pianist for Ruth etting when the blonde Singer was still Snyder a wife. Then yesterday the court of Appeal granted him a new trial. Quot now i am thankful to god almighty for answering my Snyder cried a now i know there is a. Santa Alderman and miss etting eloped to Las vegas nev., and were married daring Snyder trial. Very Little of Holland land surface rises More than 15 feet above sea level while some of it is As much As 6 feet Helow. Per not pie. Synonyms formerly previously heretofore. Word study a use a word three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today s word transcend to Rise above or beyond the limits or Powers of. A nothing can occur beyond the strength of Faith to sustain or transcending the resources of religion to relieve a Runney. Swedish Steamer downed by mine Copenhagen dec. 14 1 the 978-ton swedish Steamer 1 Gol was reported to have at maj mine today in the Straits Beth Denmark and Sweden. Swedish warship were sent the vessel s assistance. The cd struck the mine Between the p of fals Terbo and Trell ebors be diamonds his redouble seemed i he lower swedish coast it a i to indicate that he could win two i 1 a a ported. Tricks or More in a hurry. I extent of damage was it was a fair Gamble thai he j known immediately held a stopper in Spades. Thereunto suits too often Awe worn-1 fore. I hid one no Trump on the in into bidding and rebinding second round. Them repeatedly. As i said yes Mckenney on Bridge try to uncover partner s strength your suit May go better in no Trump but mrs. R. It it. Young As fold to win e. Mckenney America s curd Anthol if \ this is the fond ii of a series of 12 articles by Atis. In it Young of Philadelphia world no. I woman Bridge player. ¥953 a akqj10 62 q5 mrs. Young he q a a k 8 6 a 8 4 a j 8 6 4 a a 83 2 a q to 4 2 f a 9 7 a k to 3 duplicate none Vul. South West North East pass pass i a double red ble i a i n. T. 2 a 2n.t. Pass 3n.t. Double opening a k. 14 unconventionally As this hid May appear it really is practically forced in a situation where i one hand holds a Long suit and partner holds Bare stoppers in two or three suits but is too weak to initiate a no Trump bid against Adverse bidding. My partner co operated nobly by bidding two no Trump Over East s club hid. And then i had no hesitation in going to three no four thousand women in g Gow. Scotland Are air raid i caution wardens. To hold up the Siade Acet Quot since then the defenders Cav Cash the club Ace and i to h hearts. I put up the Spade and ran Hie diamonds at or discarding a club. A hearts the rest of the Spades from ant my. Owing to the Block in a Spade suit. East could then Only four tricks. Dummy a dump and sticking to it despite j ,0nnd to win either a club or ast s double. Heart for the ninth trick i he opening Lead looked like a _ killer because i could not afford next it often Wise top Ter Day. Look ahead in the bidding Analyse your partners probable holding and you May find that you Correct contract is no Trump rather than that Long suit you hold. Since South could not have a in consult try a by a the next Tim a headache it pounding away. When used at directed we think you la Agre that a by a work fait and relieve in a hurry. Alto relieve neuralgia muscular ache and functional periodic physician when paint Strong Trump support for my persist recur frequently. 10c, 25c sizes. Al % 10 Geste Tivi Row a a a sit a of a swe a Tail 0.%t spout Doc to a my to claw St a most its pc a pot teen costs a i a a a act a a fit 0f or co rut far worse than that la the result of Stalin s raid on the Baltic lacking Grain and Oil Germany also lacks Iron ores. She gets a Large part of her in i lofted Iron Orea from the Northern neck of the scandinavian Peninsula Norway and Sweden i. They come Down by sea through h it her on Tho i a tit ii a uni t rot Hanii in oth were actually it War. Stalin made up his mind that he could not depend on either England or France in Europe no one could i Tell whether they would fight or not. Certainly they would not i fight to Aid Russia. His most imperative Job was to get Germany off his Bai k. He had something to offer her. As she faced an immediate War with Britain and France he could make this offer agreeable re. Cause made an agreement which mean that she would have no attack from Russia. This freed Russia to Deal with Japan it cracked tip the Herlin Tokyo Rome Axis and Japan and Russia immediately entered into an armistice. They ate now trying to arrange their longstanding dispute. This was a tremendous diplomatic Victory for Russia it was an advantage for Germany purchased at a terrific Price the loss of italian support in Europe a it my Mones met k mate Naas rut it is far worse than that. Russia has since moved first into Labuan Ltd. Latvia and Estonia and now into Finland and All this appears to the Man in the Street As of Russia and Germany were supporting pm h other Iii raids on european territory but this is not quite True. Russia is indeed raiding rut the aids Are against Germany. Baltic to Germany. The Gulf of bothnia lies he tween Sweden and Finland. By getting Possession of the Toast j of Lithuania Estonia and Latvia. Russia has attained command of i that part of the Baltic most important to Germany. By getting Possession re Finland she will j have that part which dominate j the Gulf of bothnia. In that Gulf at its narrowest Point lie the Ariand islands he a weak she eagerly the by in Ftp a apr f this Highway As if in the Middle of a Street. Whoever dominate them holds the key to the Gulf of bothnia a Gibraltar control the Entrance to the Mediterranean. Of Russia takes them Germany a Access to her Iron Ore imports from Scandinavia will he completely at the mercy of Stalin. This is the mom terrible loss of All. The fact that Germany has had to sit or and see All this pass out of her hands must he galling indeed. How can i by in Neish Ley Many never suspect cause of backaches this old treatment often brine Happy Relief Uffre it a re relieve nagging a Karb it lick men they a he of the real cause it their tremble mat re tired kidneys. Are nature a a Hie a a it re taking the i Eek a Kiel and a it out it the Holt vhf. J Thev help in. At people pa1&Quot about 3 Pinta a Day. We Hen dior Ier of kidney unction Vermita j matter to Temmon in Jour blood it i May cause nagging Becket he t Benni a tic , i log pain i. Of Pep and Energy getting up j no it. Feel big. Up Fine under the eve head j a Cea Ami i in Ltd a frequent or a int it Pas j a age a Ith smarting Aud burning sometime j Hnz a there i i Nething wrong with Jour j kidneys or bladder. Dont Natl aaa Lour a tue i i or Doan Pill lined a uce of Lilly by in Iii Olla for Coli 41 Jean Thev gins Happi Relief and a ill help the is mile of kidney to idea Sinh oui poisonous i East a from your blood. Get Doan a v j is hat treatment can i give to a person who has fainted a i air Tho patient Flat on the i has a. Of possible with the head in Little lower than the feet and give plenty of fresh air Snell Jing Alt of May he held to the nostrils hut not too near. Q How can i set the colors j in handkerchiefs a add a teaspoonful of turpentine to a Basin of lukewarm j water and soak the handler a chief in Thi solution for ten a minutes before washing them then Wash in the usual manner q. How can i effect a Suh i statute for Cream ? a. When it becomes necessary 1 to use milk instead of or Sarn on cereals or in Coffee scald it first and then serve hot. It will Quot Ive the effect of Cream. . Oul capital invites you a wonderful thrilling adventure awed you in Washington d c in teeing end educational entertainment for your unit to the City of world a Hort vow will onion the location of hotel Anoopia convenient to All Point Al inter tit accommodation or mod in and Roto Ort Moderato air conditioned Guist rooms a Public spaces 400 outside Rooks Foj single from v with parking with Bath s9s�?T Mia hotel Annapolis in Washington of nth to 12th St. At h St modern etiquette by Roberta i of j is it necessary to a it knowledge Christina cards a. It is not necessary to write a note of acknowledgement. Hut one should try to remember when next coming in it intact with this person to acknowledge receipt of the card. Would t it lie All right to insist upon giving a tip in a restaurant that has a Quot no tipping Rule when some spacial service has been rendered a. Not when a no tipping la requested. However one May say. A thank you very much for your q. Is it necessary to answer h wedding invitation that includes an invitation to the Recap i Ion ? a. Yes look and learn by \. A. Gordon 1. How Many times was William Jennings Bryan Defeated in presidential elections 2. Which of the metals is most expensive 8. Under what Flag did Columbus sail 4. What the name of the astern of interpreting character by the contour of the head 5. What is the largest Inland port in the world answers 1, three times. 2, Radium. 3, Spanish Flat i. Phrenology j. Montreal. Canad. 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