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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 13, 1973, High Point, North Carolina Dunn sees need for gun control measure by Ven Carver Enterprise staff writer Thomasville North Carolina s chief Law enforcement official suggested tuesday that a limited form of gun control might help reduce the number of shootings that annually occur in the state. Charles Dunn head of the state Bureau of investigation said Quot i Don t want to prohibit people from owning guns. But i would like to be a Little bit More restrictive and make it a Little bit More difficult for people to own explaining that his suggestion would not entail gun registration Dunn recommended that All gun purchases be preceded by applying for a state permit. Obtaining the permit he said should be More than just a a i think that we re saturated with guns today a Dunn declared. A even if we had tight gun controls it would be too years before it would make any elaborating on his proposal the ski chief said he would like to see imported a saturday night specials banned. He also recommended a training program for All prospective gun owners to guard against accidental shootings. Dunn made his remarks after a speech he had delivered to the Thomasville my can a International management Council. He touched on other topics in the 15-minute question and answer session with press representatives. A i think that watergate has put everybody in Public service on the spot a Dunn asserted. He said the scandal would leave scars that might last for a generation and that loss of Public Confidence in government had already damaged Law enforcement efforts. Quot in Law enforcement a he pointed out a the very people who were the strongest East Central rezoning favored by Jim Hawkins Enterprise staff writer members of the High Point planning and zoning commission tuesday favourably recommended a request for rezoning of four tracts of land in the East Central Urban renewal area to bring zoning there into compliance with an approved plan for the area. In other activity connected with the work of the High Point housing authority commission members favourably recommended rezoning of property on Elizabeth and Grayson streets for multifamily uses. They also recommended that the portion of Redding Street that runs through this two acre tract be closed. The recommendations by the commission now go before the High Point City Council for action. Jerry Yarborough acting planning director said rezoning of the tracts in tracts in the East Central Urban renewal area would bring zoning in that area in compliance with an already approved zoning plan for that area. He said commissioners acted tuesday on four of five tracts requested for rezoning action on the other was deferred the request for rezoning of the two acre tract on Elizabeth and Grayson streets came trom the High Point housing fines court costs Given in Drunken driving cases a variety of sentences were handed Down wednesday in District court to defendants in Drunken driving cases. Billy Ray Joyce 25, of Whiteoak Street Elizabeth Greer buys. 29, of it. To Greensboro Brenda Lee Bennett 24, of Cross Street Ingram from Page id Industry and insufficient hearings held. The Case is pending in the n. C. Supreme court at this time Ingram explained. In his speech today Ingram also predicted that the 1974 general Assembly will pass the no fault insurance Bill. A a for True automobile insurance Reform to work there must be sacrifices a Ingram continued. A the lawyers must sacrifice the insurance companies must sacrifice and the insurance agents must sacrifice. A no fault in North Carolina because it will be a compulsory system must require insurance companies to pay Back a High percentage of the Premium Dollar to the consumer. A we have discovered that no fault coverages presently available in North Carolina return Only about to cents on the Dollar in some instances. This is not acceptable to the people of North Carolina a Ingram said the benefits of no fault insurance Ingram explained include a reduced rates for Safe Drivers a getting your car repaired without delay a a not have an adjuster pull out his a Blue Book and say he can Only pay so much for your car which is a total loss abolishing All cancellations so that just because you put in a claim or just because you live in a poor neighbourhood or the color of your skin happens to be Black some company cannot cancel you. A a first step a a giant step a toward our goal of a new spoon of fairness in All areas of insurance was the enactment by the 1973 general Assembly of the reinsurance plan which abolished the assigned risk a Ingram said. The reinsurance plan abolishes cancellations and non renewals and forces an agent to write an automobile liability insurance policy for a motorists if he has a valid Drivers License and can pay the premiums. Ingram says he sees Clear support in the 1974 general Assembly for his proposed insurance reforms. A when the companies tried to Knock your commissioner Down in in the 1973 legislature the legislators propped him up a he said. A the 1973 general Assembly held the line against the great special interest pressure of most insurance companies several Banks with captive collision carriers and Premium finance companies and abolished liability cancellations a he explained. A i am confident the 1974 general Assembly will again reject the superficial suggestions of these special interests and fashion into Law the Peoples concept of True no fault which must provide a rate reduction for All Safe Drivers a Young and old a and Johnny Dean Nelon 31. Of Beddington Road All were fined $100 and costs. Nelon also was charged with driving on the wrong Side of the Road but did not receive any additional Fine. A charge of driving under the influence of drugs against Teri Alice Welch 19, of Trinity was dismissed. Presley Barner 53, of Hickory Chapel Road got 90 Days suspended and was fined $100 and costs on a charge of Drunken driving and Troy Washington Mcgee 62, of Wheeler Avenue got 60 Days suspended and was taxed costs on a Drunken driving charge. A nol pros with leave was taken in a Drunken driving Case against Charles Eugene Davis jr., 35, of Fuller Street the reason was listed As a Low breathalyzer Reading. He was fined $25 and costs on a charge of violation of prohibition Laws and costs on a charge of carrying a concealed weapon nol crosses with leave also were taken against Grayson Worth Williams 31, of Charlotte charged with receiving stolen property Sally Ann Steelman of High Point College Possession of marijuana James Grayson Agnes of Garrison Street Possession of gambling devices and Timothy Ray Welch 17, of peach tree Street wilful Speed Competition. Charles Edard Archie. 23. Of Daniel Brooks apartments was Given 30 Days suspended and taxed costs on a charge of giving a false fire alarm. He also was ordered to pay $75 for use by the fire department. Rilma Koonts Graham 59, of w. Lexington Avenue was fined $1 and costs on a charge of leaving the scene of an Accident. Tuesday in District court Michael Thompson of Greensboro was Given 30 Days suspended and fined $10 and costs on two counts of assault and Battery on a juvenile. A charge of forcible entry was nol pressed with leave. Nol crosses with leave were taken in two charges of larceny after breaking and entering against Howard Keeling 17, of Greensboro. John w. Houck of it. I Boone was Given 30 Days suspended and fined $10 and costs in two counts of issuing a worthless Check. Ten other cases of issuing worthless checks were dismissed on condition the checks were paid. Monday Dianne t. Barber of s. Main Street was fined $1 each in six counts of issuing worthless checks. Nol crosses with leave were taken in two other cases. R. Maceo White of Gordon Street was fined $1 each in four cases of issuing worthless checks and Cost of court in one. County elections chairman resigning Greensboro Guilford county Board of elections chairman har Tipton Howerton of Greensboro announced wednesday plans to resign his Post effective in february 1974 Howerton has been serving As a member of the Board of elections Over the past nine years. He replaced a. L. Meyland. Lie has been one of two democratic members on the three member unit which presides Over election procedures in this county. The other two members Are Richard Tate of High Point a Democrat and Clifford Frazier or. Of Greensboro a Republican. Howerton said he was announcing his plans to leave Early in order to give sufficient time for his successor to become familiar with operations of he elections Board before the primary next May. The resignation was sent to James Turner chairman of the Guilford county democratic party. Members of the democratic executive committee Are expected to submit the name of a successor to the state Stoard of elections. The resignation of Howerton comes at a time when control of the Board of elections will soon shift from the democrats to the republicans. Officials said the change which will see two republicans placed on the Board one More than at presents expected sometime in March. Democrats Are expected to continue to have one member on the Board. Midnight cowboys t Whire Poppa the double Bill you be been waiting for the baddest dude meets the baddest Chick see both for Only the Mack starts today Coffy a 7 20 the Mack a 9 00 both rated he 2. And a a Coffyn to 13 3 0> Tow be y theatre capris ave. Authority which sought a change from Industrial and residential b-4 to a classification permitting Multi family uses. Yarborough said Redding Street runs in the area Between Elizabeth and Grayson streets bisecting the site. Commissioners deferred action on a request for rezoning of the Kirby we Hite Moore property on e. Green drive near Garrison Street from limited Industrial to Lndustrial-6, which would provide More flexibility. Yarborough said the deferral was made pending recommendations on revisions to Industrial zoning classifications. Plans Call for the planning and zoning commission to consider the revisions at a special meeting thursday he said. Explaining the difference Between the Industrial classifications. Yarborough said the limited Industrial use requires Sid Yards of specific sizes and allows no outside storage. The Industrial-6 use allows outside storage and More flexibility. Commission members favourably recommended a request by the Southern Chrysler Plymouth inc., for rezoning of an 18-acre tract on n. Main Street near the Northern City limits from residential purposes to a business classification which allows Highway oriented facilities. A request for rezoning of the a. H Towery property on . 70 Between Baker Road and Brentwood Street was withdrawn Yarborough said. Allen Jay debaters win honors an Allen Jay High school debate team took top honors in debate Competition in the second annual appalachian Mountain speech and debate tournament held last week in Boone. The team is composed of David Bodenheimer and Tommy Jarvis. Jarvis also received the fourth place speaker award. Students from Over 30 High school across the state took part in the contests. Thhh3 but or inflight Cine theatre in vat to mini i Ntim 2200 we ult he i. Dot a Sis 4427 walking tall the True Story of a Young Man who would t surrender to the system. Show times n daily 6 45 8 amp 9 of d held Over r proponents of Law and order a Agnew and Mitchell a Are the very ones who have been indicted. In effect they did us a lot of Good but they Hurt us. The Law and order phrase today does no to have the Luster or the Public sentiment that it had four years commenting on a supreme court decision handed Down tuesday Dunn indicated he does not feel it will make the policeman s Job easier. The court ruled that evidence seized in a personal search after an arrest was admissible whether the confiscated material related to the arrest or not. A i think probably As much As anything else it will be Protection for the officer a he said. A. The restrictions on Law enforcement. I Don t think they be been lifted and i Don t think they should on the same Issue he reiterated a Point that he made during his prepared remarks earlier in the evening. The answer to the problem he believes is adequate training for police officers so that an individual s rights will not be violated. A every supreme court decision came about because an officer made a Dunn explained in his address. A the made a mistake because he did t have the proper to combat this problem he proposed raising officers salaries to a minimum level and demanding better qualified personnel Dunn s topic tuesday was a crime in in his speech he pointed out Means that businessmen can employ to prevent criminal activity. Among the suggestions he made were drug education programs and specific plans each business might devise to counteract Industrial sabotage. The biggest problem though is apathy on the part of Law abiding citizens Dunn believes. In order to reduce crime there must be effective Law enforcement agencies he said and oftentimes people tend to take such agencies for granted. In addition Dunn went into the effects of organized crime in North Carolina. According to a chamber of Commerce report the influence of organized criminals in the state is pervasive. Some of these criminals Are mafiosi he said but Many of them Are Home grown. Among the crimes perpetrated by these elements Are cigarette smuggling truck hijacking heroin distribution and gambling. In some cases the criminals invest in legitimate businesses make a fast profit and then get out. The barn dinner theatre with new York cast on the magic stage Quot Stagecoach Trail near Airport reservations dial 883-7914 open 7 nights each week dinner 7 00 . Show 8 30 . Now playing a the drunkard a musical comedy 5 in i ii m i. Iii. I Taro non they re still chasing Kowalski the maximum to at maximum Speed . Oftha70�?Til my Central nil takes two wins High Point Central s National forensic league captured its third and fourth Overall tournament victories of the season in the Laird w. Lewis and appalachian Mountain forensic tournaments held recently. The league won its fourth consecutive sweepstakes award for forensic excellence. At the appalachian tournament dramatic interpreter Bill Allen captured another first place for his interpretation of Ean Wallace s a come he took second place in the Lewis tournament. First places were also won in the appalachian tournament by John Brandon in extemporaneous speaking the team of John Tobin and Kevin Creede in four Man debate and Sam Casino was named top speaker in two Man debate. Others capturing places were Lin Amos third in original oratory and Ann Beaver made the Semi finals Susan Mcfalls made semifinals of dramatic interpretation John David Hayworth fifth in extemporaneous speaking the team of Sam i Asine Richard Alexander second in two Man debate and the team of Keith Leeper Danny Fitzgerald third in two Man debate. A top finishers in the Lewis tournament were Ann Beaver in original oratory Ann Hayes receiving third place. In extemporaneous speaking Tom Latimer was fourth. Jim Cain fifth and John David Hayworth sixth. The Standard debate team of Jim Gooding and Scott Jensen took second and Jensen received second place speaker award. In Cross examination debate. Lasine Alexander captured first place and Lasine was named top speaker. Practice teaches Ronald David Simmons son of or. And mrs. A. R. Simmons of High Point is participating in the student teaching program at appalachian state University he is teaching at Watauga High school in Boone. High Point Enterprise thursday december 13,1973 3d 2 men charged with robbery 812 Greensboro Road armed robbery charges were lodged against two n. Centennial Street men wednesday. Arrested were Rufus Franklin Moore 29. And William t. Dockery 28. Matthew Johnson told police that two men entered his Home on dec. 3 and asked to use the bathroom he said one of the men pulled a sawed off Shotgun and he Johnson knocked it away causing it to discharge. Johnson said he took the gun away from the Man. Who then went into a bedroom of the House and got a pistol the Man then held the pistol on Johnson took the Shotgun and left the House the police report concluded Daniel Ray Ion Reece 38. And Ann Julia Reece. 37, both of Welborn Street were charged with assault on a minor child. Police said or. And mrs. Reece had reported that a crime against nature had been committed on their son by a 10-year-old boy while two other boys held him on the ground at Johnson Street school. The victim s parents allegedly went to the 10-year-old s House grabbed him by the sweater., and slapped according to the warrants against them police said they informed the Weeces they could file a petition in juvenile court and have both sides of the Story heard. Edmond Robinson of Whiteoak Street said that three guitars and two women capes valued at $1,250 were stolen from his Home after thieves forced open the Back door. Four office machines valued held Over at $1,234 were stolen from the High Point drug action Council building on Gatewood Avenue the building was entered by breaking a window Wayne Franklin Causey of a Fairfield Road told police that thieves forced open the Kitchen door to his Home and Cut the lock from a Utility shed. He said pistols tools and an outboard motor valued at $375 were stolen George Ray Kinlaw of Russell Avenue said tools and an Oil Heater valued at $51 were stolen from a House on Ennis Street Kinlaw said the items were left overnight in the House which he is remodelling Micki Walton Adams of Hickory Chapel Road reported someone Jimmie a Kitchen window and entered her Home she said about $25 in a Piggy Bank was stolen Ernest Franklin Taylor also of Hickory Chapel said he was returning Home wednesday about 8 pm. When he saw a person run from the direction of his House. He said he found that the front door had been pried open. Missing was about $3 in coins Michaelle Mcdowell of High Point said her purse containing three rings valued at $70 was stolen from the bleachers at Andrews High school v formals. Fresh looks pi.,., restored s&ttch4 cleaners launderers 1470 in Qash thus 11qi it >33 tighten your seat Belt. You never had a trip like this before. J technicolor features 6 50 amp 9.00 Martin twin i Imi West nested 087885 0097 movie ratings for harems and Young people All acis Admi Kong r All Ages admitted of a it a. So in of. A pm to if Eft the to restricted o no oni under 17 admitted 0 Cis s me a am ins Silt o or in a ohm men con m Sio x Cuc pm the above is published As a Public service by the High Point Enterprise 2a Point Cini Utt Ioa a i til now Center downtown v mans playing shows at "4 Elliott Kastner presents Cliff Gorman Joseph Bologna m shows 7 15 amp 9 of Martin twin s 1801 was Chester u my Msj United artists in last Dav of room of chains

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