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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - December 12, 1973, High Point, North Carolina City school Bells May be ringing one hour later Byra Hubbard Enterprise staff writer it appears highly probable that school Bells in High Point City school will begin ringing somewhat later in the mornings after the first of the year u s Senate House conferees agreed monday on legislation that would put the nation on year round Daylight saving time St As Parton the Effort to save Energy it is expected that the Bill will be on president Nixon desk sometime this week and could be signed before the week is out the Bill provides that St will become effective on the fourth sunday after signing meaning the St could become effective As Early As Jan 6 on the Agenda for the thursday meeting of the High Point Board of education is consideration of school schedules under the new time change or Dean b Pruette superintendent is expected to recommend that the school Day be moved Back probably one hour when St becomes effective Pruette says that unless the school schedules Are changed children will be leaving their Homes for school during hours of darkness and during the coldest part of the Day this just Doest make sense Pruette said the elementary school Day now begins at a m buses begin picking up children for elementary schools at Pruette says that on Jan 2 Sunrise is estimated at and that weather authorities say that the coldest part of the Day is at Sunrise or shortly thereafter under St Pruette said children will be picked up by school buses about 45 minutes before Sunrise and this would mean that schools would be operating during a longer portion of the cold part of the Day i dont see How this could save fuel he said school Board chairman a Laurin Welborn indicated that he also favors setting Back the starting time for school by perhaps 30 to 45 minutes both Pruette and Welborn expressed concern Over How changing the school schedules would affect working mothers i just dont have any data on this and dont know How widespread in convenience will be from changing the schedule Pruette said Welborn indicated that he believes other schedules will have to be adjusted because of St Welborn is in the plumbing and heating contracting business and he predicted that construction workers will have to adjust their work Day to accommodate St in the Winter months you cant do any work outside on construction Sites before Daylight he said probably have to change working hours to 9 to 5 rather than 8 to 4 he said school Board member or John Bridgers has suggested that the Board consider going to a fou Day school week with the school Day extended by an hour and a half in order to conserve fuel but Pruette says that he is of the opinion that such a change would require legislative action by the general Assembly he also questions the advisability of extending the school Day from an educational standpoint he con tends that the present six hour school Day about exhausts the learning capacity for youngsters and to extend the Day would be self defeating in another Energy crisis related matter the Board will reconsider a Deci Sion to Purchase fuel Oil storage tanks the Board in november authorized the Purchase of four 20000gallon tanks to be installed at the school warehouse site it was estimated at that time that it would Cost about each to install the tanks which would be purchased through the slate contract system it has since been Learned however that the state cannot provide the tanks in the foreseeable future a private firm quotes a delivery Price of about per tank which Means that the installed Cost would be about each Pruette indicates he will recommend against purchasing the tanks he pointed out that it could be that the schools could not Purchase the Oil to fill the tanks after they Are installed and that such storage might in the Longrun Only serve to aggravate the fuel crisis the Board also will consider bids for development of Tomlinso High Point Central grounds this is a rebinding of a contract to develop parking and playground facilities turned Down last april because of High bids new bids Are below those submitted last april at the height of the construction season but still far above original estimates Ogk of Burlington is the apparent Low bidder this time with a bid of Ogk bid for the Job last april engineers for the project acknowledge that the new bids Are above their estimates but recommend acceptance the original estimate on the Job was about housing Board restructuring under one director favored by Cathy Packer Enterprise staff writer the Board of commissioners of the High Point housing authority today indicated their approval of the restructuring of the authority within the proposed Struc Ture the two divisions of the authority Urban renewal and Public housing would come under the direction of one executive director at this time there is an executive director for each division also the operations of the two divisions will be consolidated where feasible the action came about As the result of a management study of the authority conducted by Costley Miller and associates inc of Atlanta a the study was presented to the monthly meeting of the housing authority in two parts the first is an Overall study of the operation of the housing authority the second consists of five possible organizational alternatives the first being the present set up other alternatives include Tolje following the appointment of one executive director to supervise the existing Urban renewal and Public housing divisions the City take Over the Urban renewal division the City take Over the entire authority in which Case it would be on a status similar to that of the Parks and recreation department the alternative chosen by the commissioners that there be one director would allow for the consolidation of fiscal technical housing and property maintenance Community service and program planning and research functions of the divisions according to Steve Carlson one of the researchers presen Ting the study the Only problem inherent in this plan is keeping track of whether Money is being spent for Urban renewal or Public housing functions butt ont consider it a Burden that is extremely difficult to overcome he said Carlson explained that having the City take Over Urban activities really looks More in the direction of Federal policy the City can take Over part or All of the authority at any time upon action by the City Council the commissioners however indicated that they feel they and the authority Are doing a satisfactory Job and do not want to relinquish their Powers to the City they asked the researchers to consider the feasibility of maintaining two advisory positions similar to the pre sent executive directors to Aid the new Overall executive director during a one or two year transition period the present authority was criticized by Carlson As being inefficient because of duplicate lines of authority and the Lack of a one head spokesman accountability is currently split Between two directors Carlson said the commissioners then authorized the researchers to prepare a second detailed study of the proposed reorganization the study which should be ready in about two weeks will outline Job descriptions and salary ranges they also authorized pay ment of for the completed portion of the study to have a management study conducted was originally agreed upon by the commis Sion several months ago in a closed meeting they agreed upon the payment of up to for the study if they should decide to have All the phases of the study completed the commission again today considered adjourning the Public meeting in order to move into executive session instead acting chairman f Curtis Morehead called for a recess during which the com missioners met briefly in one Corner of the room they then resumed the Public meeting and discussed the report museum celebrates an old fashioned Holiday mrs James Marlow at left and mrs Irving Fox depict life in the Haley House in the 18th Century to show How people then prepared for the Observance of the Holiday season this scene occurred tuesday night during a program at the High Point museum when Folk Singer Clark Jones appeared in a concert both the Haley House and the Blacksmith shop where or John Andrews demonstrated the operation of the forge were open to the Public before the concert about 150 persons attended the program sponsored by the High Point historical society and the museum Guild staff photo by Art Richardson Urban renewal program draws Strong criticism by Cathy Packer Enterprise staff writer the Urban renewal division of the High Point housing authority today Strong criticism from Joseph bran son a former staff member on the old redevelopment commission at the regular monthly meeting of the housing authority Branson said he wanted to make a formal com plaint to the commissioners concerning the inactivity in ability and the scrawny Way in which work is being performed in the redevelopment com Mission he charged that the com Mission now the Urban renewal division of the High Point housing authority acted illegally in some of its acquisitions and sales of land he complained we have people who dont know where people live or where the streets Are without the guidance of another member of the staff they Are one of the sorries groups of employees according to Branson he asked the Board for the Opportunity to present his com plaints at a Public meeting in december 1972 he said the commissioners denied him this Opportunity but heard him in a private meeting since then he said he has heard nothing from them i want to know whether they investigated As they promised he said what Are they hiding commissioner w Roy Frazier or said he remembered the meeting with Branson but did not recall any specific charges made the commissioners agreed to answer Bra sons charges at their january meeting if he would submit them in writing he indicated approval of their plan also at the meeting today the Urban renewal division conducted a Public hearing on changes in plans for the Harrison Center project most of the changes involved the elimination of sidewalks in areas where there Are few Homes or or where the Topography would hinder the laying of sidewalks several residents of the Harrison Center area appeared to protest the placing of sidewalks in their Yards one Man said he originally had a 35foot front Yard the widening of the Street took 20 feet he said and the sidewalk would take up five or six More feet Ken Martin executive director of the Urban renewal Divi Sion said that All residents requests were being taken into consideration he added that the Money saved by eliminating sidewalks would help cover increases in the project costs since they were estimated in 1967 there Are no More funds available so we have to make it with what we have he said gift suggestions for the office Here Are some unique gifts in different Price ranges from the wide selection of desk accessories from Park Sherman and Pat products from the top stamp cube200 Battery powered Pencil Sharpener 650 revolving Cork bulletin cube750 Calendar cube 300 bulletin wedge 1000 electric envelope opener800 open evenings til9 wills Book store Westchester mall fret gift wrapping 73 cheer fund passes Halfway wednesday afternoon december 121973 Section c the 1973 Christmas cheer fund continued its upswing today As Large contributions that had been slow in coming in so far gave the fund a decided boost sending the total vaulting past the Halfway Mark three donations of by the Westchester mall merchants Assn Henley paper co and High Point Ambuss and a donation by clients and employees of Aetna business credit inc the largest of the Campaign undergirded the biggest one Day total for the 1973 fund a donation of by the life of Carolina employees club and the continued flow of personal contributions ran today total to added on to the previous total of the 1973 fund now has in hand Christmas cheer officials set a goal of As the minimum amount needed to furnish toys to deserving children and meals to families contributions can be mailed to the cheer fund Box 5467 or to the Enterprise Box 1009 the Enterprise will acknowledge All contributions Here is a list of the latest contributors or and mrs m m Schwartz or an mrs i l Marshall or and mrs a w Dunbar mrs John Peacock Westchester mall Mer chants Assn is 000 1500 1000 500 10000 or and mrs Max Fri Connan Rev and mrs Wimmiam p Price a cloy Papor co High Pomi Ambuss Elizabeth Bowne Wall Joan Christy Circle of Spring Hill uni co Church or and mrs Jack h Campbell or and mrs Charles h Brown Anne Banks and Lobaugh j Mccrary or and mrs Charles h Risch Paraleo a Brinson Nancy k and Laurel Blanchard or and mrs Edgar o Johnson or Ana mrs a Scott Parker or Sally Lynch Leslie Juliea Dmichael or and mrs Woodroe f Haywood Superior sign co inc in memory of w j pick ii and Tony picket Roy r Hedgecock or and mrs Amos r 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